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I still cant believe that my @Dance_Central videos STILL get views to this day. Its crazy. @Greenskull now if only Twitch would do the same/similar... oh right @ImMatElfring My dad was down to 2-3 days a week just being in the mall he works at alone since he works maintenanc… @Gliitchy Ill take some of it off your hand.If you just listen to the opening maybe 5 minutes of RE3 Remake you can easily get it confused for current news. @ImMatElfring My family lives in the area and they've been told me that my sister and dad currently arent working.… @TimVargulish Beets. @Nick_Mudry @Rocksmithgame Bandsmith here we come! Ive already got the drums just let me play! @k_f4m maybe gamers have always been a mistake.After a long hard day as a cat all you can do is bury your head in a lunch box and pass out. more time can lead to a game being better? WHAAAAA????!?!??!?! @assassinscreed requiescat in pace @vApathyv @CandiceLikesYou Im pretty close and I havent been playing THAT much. Its just knowing what to do and foc… trust can be murder. @BrianPShea oof @EposVox As opposed to old Facebook which was also terrible? 😋Guess this RE3 video will go up sometime tomorrow. Buncha problems with this one, had to toss out the first maybe 5… why after all these years do @elgatogaming and Adobe not like each other :( @mistermegative Im an hour in and only did it once and it was on accident. @SteveMightSay first I was like "13gb, thats not too bad" then I realizedwhy in 2020 does a game from a big publisher not have preload. Will I get to play RE3 today or not? @DaveOshry getting ideas for the next DUSK patch?and then this one just started out as duos. @Fobwashed @giantbomb Jeff's face in the first one knows that that day was one of their last in the office.You gotta be fucking shitting me Sometimes dropping at Mirage's voyage works out for you. 2. Remember what I said earlier about my games turning… @rowtendo most days I dream of sleeping in a sensory deprivation tank @Storm360 one of the Simpsons games on 360 had an achievement fot hitting start.
@SarahTheRebel its all I strive to be. @SarahTheRebel i dont need my youtubers to be nice just not shit bags. Does that say more about me or the state of… @EntroposHD @Cest_Klaire watch out, Klarie is gonna steal cookie from you just like that tumblr post @OMGitsfirefoxx how much of that water did you spill all over yourself? @ImMatElfring Gamespot had(has?) like a 60sec radio games news thing so why not interviews in 30 seconds? @GBDudersFeed @giantbomb I changed my major after one PHP class. You are gonna trick me that easily DecoyOctopusX! @ImMatElfring check on Cameo? @garywhitta "He has no expertise, no experience, no qualifications, but he’s running the show." Sounds like someone… @SarahTheRebel make sense! Enjoy, I've done the switch multiple times so if something comes up I'll help where I can @SarahTheRebel what made you make the jump? @PikminGuts92 a March release date would be handy. Getting that tax refund and spending on both consoles and games. mmmm @SUPERZOMGBBQ specifically for Last of Us 2 its marketing/sales as the reason why its delayed. They had said the ga… know what I hate? Youtube removing dashes from my video titles when I upload them. Just stop plzIts crazy how many people there are at my work that dont own a computer, while im over here with 3. @mistermegative Man Cyberpunk is gonna sting! @SteveMightSay Just wait for the Cyberpunk delay. @jasonschreier 👀Last of Us Part 2 is never coming outIMO Duos do not make enough of a change to make it worth its own mode. Give me solos. Id say maybe 20-30% of my gam… is a mistake here. There are no fish in the sea, just eggs. its taking me multiple passes and different sites and shit to get things down small enough. Its really a slogDoes anyone have suggestions for resizing and compressing images in bulk? I get images that are sometimes 5-10mb+ a… @karokat_ My favorite is when my cats scream at me to feed them and then when I put food out they dont even go eat… 79% match to Munch, my childhood hero! @Cest_Klaire @CassMoneyLive Maybe the event would trigger if you time traveled back and not forward? I feel like we… @Cest_Klaire @CassMoneyLive I thought that changing times would kick you off the internet? @Cest_Klaire @CassMoneyLive You have to connect to the internet to get the event which wont happen when time traveling I think? @DaveOshry Dante's Inferno was a good game. People need to remember shows the dailies on the map screen for apex! How did I miss that?#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch L hole method on bamboo island is making things SO much more manageable.took 8k miles this time but I got bamboo island. Flick is gonna pay up todayIve been thinking this whole time that Nook shorted me on a room upgradeApparently I had a room back there this whole time #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch me bamboo island or tarantula island OR GIVE ME DEATH @Nick_Mudry I did the same thing. Left is now the residential area, right is the business area. Got one orchard goi… @GreenEyedZeke Hey just wanna say you're amazing. You got an entire game dev company set up to work remotely. Im ov… tip for anyone setting up a windows PC for themselves or someone else. Do not connect it to the internet until…
@grrlaction go to the airport and you can sent a letter with a gift on it, costs 200 bells. You can just sell fossi… I do It is Wednesday, Dolph, you know what that means. @JakeBaldino They should re-remake one so I can play and enjoy it :( @winnersusedrugs what singing do you do instead? @grrlaction I like a club cracker if im just gonna sit down and eat some(an entire box) on its own but I agree that… @grrlaction whats your take on ritz vs club crackers? @Delibird444 We all know why the US isnt underlock down yet ;) @DirtyEffinHippy @teripanda so is this gonna make the cut? It should. :D @Pandaax92 I paid like $90 for mine when I bought it which is actually a good price relative to what they are going for now. Its crazy @GravityPixel @MrPope I recently set up accounts so everyone could remote into their work PC if our state ends up l… @GravityPixel @MrPope You use those within teams? All our files are stored on a shared networked server so I have f… @GravityPixel @MrPope So the big thing for you is the chatting aspect and how it handles that? What apps are you using within teams? @GravityPixel @MrPope What are some things you use teams for that you couldnt do or was more difficult to do before? @MrPope Man I DO NOT like Teams and my work is trying to get me(the only IT person) to get as much stuff as possible moved over to teams. @DirtyEffinHippy Has he ever played Sonic Forces or Sonic 06? @JosephJBroni dave dave dave. Dont say things you cant take back.Traffic was pretty much the same as its been coming into work today. Good to see the stay at home "order" here really made a difference. @uhfrank I absolutely loved P5 and I've been super back and forth on if I should pickup P5R right now or wait. Dump… @mistermegative @EricVBailey @NachosSoSpicy was it? That is SUPER surprising seeing how fast they dropped the price… @DanHevia Paul Giamatti 100% has his nipples piercedHow is everyone's March 32nd going?Photogenic and majestic. @SarahTheRebel if youre gonna get horny on main you cant just leave us hangin :PIts cute that you guys think March is ending. couldn't put Axel's house where I wanted to because the shop was in the way but I was moving Axel's house because… #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @seancannell This wasnt my first every but its the oldest one on my current account. I stupidly deleted my old acco… ISLAND ON TURN ONE. FUCK YEAR DOODS. #AnimalCrossingNewHorizonsI wish I could turn grids on in #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons it would make planning my town a lot easier @SarahTheRebel that you like attractive men with no pants? Well who doesnt?why in the fuck do I have to pay for people to move to Tom Nook's Island? You guys keep saying how cool Tom Nook is… Prison Mike look is coming together nicely #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
@Futterish he got the freak part right at least. disgusting.