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Rylan Clark-Neal @Rylan The Big Brother House /EssexUK

Started off as the joke.... and still laughing..... Owner of @Luxenoa . Represented by @ymugroup

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@Rylan such a trooper!! Well done on such a successful #TSV today 👏🏼 can’t wait to receive mine! na’night babe ❤️ x…
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-NealI’m up for best presenter at @OfficialNTAs but so are actually really good presenters so..... yeah vote if u want..… could of been step-dad has done alright for himself! @LozzaFox x over 45%* on Today’s Special Value home fragrance collection from @Rylan's @Luxenoa range >…
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See u at MIDNIGHT! @qvcuk over 45%* on Today’s Special Value Pre-Launch home fragrance collection from @Rylan @Luxenoa range >…
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-Neal❤️ @laney25 Spa xJoin me LIVE AT 9pm on @qvcuk I’m launching my TSV!!!!! And it’s a goodun!!!!! @Luxenoa please vote for @Rylan as your best presenter at the @OfficialNTAs 2020 ! The closing Date is on Rylan’s b…
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-NealTonight I’m learning to dance on @bbcstrictly #ItTakesTwo with “The Dancemaster” nerve! @Jonny_RedBeard @ITV Gets donated to food banks every few days 👍🏼
PROUD LAYDEH @CharityShopSue ❤️❤️❤️ for watching xWow happy bday! EXCITED to tell you that my @Luxenoa TSV is now live on @qvcuk online!!! Been keeping this one quiet! Officially…
@timlovejoy LOVE ITGutted for @dev_101 and @dbuzz6589 was a great dance off! I’ll see you both tomorrow in #ItTakesTwo ❤️ @scott_mills Orna-na Whats ya name ....Lovely meeting you all x did u get this footage of us this is a breach of privacy @ZoeTheBall Can this be our Halloween lewk? XAPPLICATIONS are now open For Ready Steady Cook! Come and join us and follow @RSCookTV for updates x for having me @SundayBrunchC4 @timlovejoy @simonrim @AndyBizarre @TomThorogood It literally just fell off got it the day it came out ive had a good run need to get a new’un @AndyBizarre @TomThorogood My whole screen fell off I feel naked @AndyBizarre @TomThorogood Done my series 1 the other night I’m gutted! @brimble_steve @SundayBrunchC4 Cheap to book @Rylan @ZoeTheBall That’ll be in the paper now they’ll cut out the bottom half of the tweet “Rylan Clark-Neal brand…
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-NealMorning @ZoeTheBall . You evil witch 😂😂😂😂 (this isn’t true btw but made me giggle) x to @SundayBrunchC4
@GabrielleUk @AlbumDayUK And you literally still look 12 @Rylan @BBCRadio2 on my way back from Hampton Court Googling a Hake with my gorgeous boyfriend. We agree - terrifying!
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-NealThe finest people in the country you cabbies! X was AMAZING!!!!! brother just told me that my mum asked some guy for directions last week and the man said “sure Linda it’s just…’s a clip from @Rylan ‘s first ever DJ set last night 👏🏼 well done DJ Rylan 👏🏼
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-NealAmazing xx @Charlottesayshi Always xx @StuartHoward74 I probably won’t be, so apologies in adavance, from myself and my horse teeth have a great weekend @StuartHoward74 That’s next weeks questionJust caught up on @dragraceukbbc . And seeing as I was a day behind, I now feel..... as I’m doing my 24hour Ka”RY”oke soon, today I will be joined by Lee Ryan for a song song and get some tips!…
Made it mate 🙂 been told I was an answer on mastermind ... can I actually put that on my CV? 👍🏼What a Friday panel! 😂😂😂 #ItTakesTwoHow I love a flight delay
Been in training for a while with a @PioneerDJglobal legend and tonight is my first DJ gig. None of that press play…❤️
Just watched @bbcapprentice I can’t watch this show anymore without genuinely wanting to send each contestant a car…
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-NealAhhhhh so cute! 🛒🛒🛒 just got my dates wrong . #SaveBBUK @MidMoaning I wish it was freeLols 😂
After 7 years..... we’re good ❤️ @GaryBarlow @chriskmann @BBCCiN @BBCRadio2 Ka-RY(lan)-oke @CharityShopSue @BBCCiN @BBCRadio2 YOU ARE COMING DOWN FOR THISThe news is out! I’ll be doing a 24hour KaRYoke-athon for @BBCCiN on Tuesday 12th November on @BBCRadio2 and stream…🎤 @Rylan will take part in a 24 hour karaoke challenge with @BBCRadio2 for #ChildrenInNeed:
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Brilliant 😂 at #ItTakesTwo are proud to announce @bbcstrictly's first induction to the 🏆'Fall of Fame' 🏆 @Mrs_katjones 👏
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-NealYAY! X for watching! XJoining me live on #ittakestwo @AnnekaRice and @keviclifton with their first Interview post elimination. Hope she h…
Obsessed with @CTilburyMakeup calling everyone darlings. @jack_sibbett @LewisCapaldi HBD beautiful x
@CherylHoleQueen Saaaaammmmeee xMy TikTok is rylanclarknealJust did a Tik tok. Who am I?MOVIE WEEK!!!! @bbcstrictlyGot my cuddle off Liza 👍🏼 @BBCRadio2The requests are FLYING IN 😂😂 that section @Rylan and #Lottie on @BBCRadio2! I was getting some serious looks from the dog as I sang along! 🤣 #RollOutTheBarrel
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-NealBloody love @Rylan radio show! Driving along singing to Roll Out The Barrel in my best cockney accent! 😂
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-NealCracking up at @Rylan and #Lottie as they #rolloutthebarrell on @BBCRadio2 #toofunny
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-Neal @BBCRadio2 @Rylan travelling back from visiting my 97yr old grandad who is poorly in hospital. Your karaoke has mad…
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-Neal @Rylan channeling Nan with #RollOutTheBarrel @BBCRadio2
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-Neal @Rylan Christmas #No1 EastEnd Megamix #Radio2 Brilliant!! I was singing🤩 partner was not 🤦🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-Neal @Rylan you need to release that as a single. I'm thinking Christmas number one...? :) jolly good fun!
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-Neal @Rylan this is what I tune in for!! A right jolly old knees up! Family from Bow and Mile End so I’m feeling this.
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-Neal @Rylan I’m making apple and blackberry crumble whilst having a good old sing-a-long 😂😂
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-Neal❤️ @Tesco need your stories for my @BBCRadio2 show what have you accidentally sent to someone? Did you leave a soppy messag…
What a way to end the series! 🌟🎉 #SupermarketSweep
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-NealFinally done shopping. Thank you everyone who’s watched @SuperSweepTV fingers crossed for more xxxTHE FINAL @SuperSweepTV on @itv2 at 8pm. It’s time to stop shopping now x tonight is the FINAL episode of #SupermarketSweep . Thank you to the amazing crew, contestants and you lovely lo…
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-NealHere's the GIF you requested, @Rylan 😂 @GabyRoslin #Strictly #ItTakesTwo
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-NealI have a date for movie night #ItTakesTwo. But you’re all welcome, right @Rylan?! The gorgeous @ZoeTheBall still s…
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-NealSo tonight is the FINAL episode of #SupermarketSweep . Thank you to the amazing crew, contestants and you lovely lo… @shirlspussy @Channel4 @Rylan Here’s your #SupermarketSweep Best bits!! Congratulations to you & the whole @SuperSweepTV team on a fantast…
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Just watched @dragraceukbbc in the car and OH MY GOD ITS MOTHER-TUCKING GREAT! I love them all it’s brilliant and j…’s a wrap on #BuyItNow for Christmas. As ever thank you everyone at @dock10 and the Manchester lot. En route ba…“Whether you want to do something exhilarating like jumping out of a plane, or something simpler like spending the…
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-Neal @alexander_olly ERM SWING SOME MY WAY PLEASE @rylan you're one in a melon! 🤣🍈A brand new episode of #SupermarketSweep is less than one hour away @itv2
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@rylan, does #SupermarketSweep start in less than one hour on @itv2? 🛒
Retweeted by Rylan Clark-Neal @GethincJones @AlexScott @Mr_NJones @dev_101 @dbuzz6589 @WillBayleytt @JManrara @ZoeTheBall @BBCOne Have a great one x