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RJ🩸 @RYOT328 Los Angeles, CA

The Coldest Story Ever Told 🥀 🇦🇸🇲🇽

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I think my sister is broken y’all @DamJannet Shoot themyoung ass kids wanna tell me about Twitter bitch I been on this app since 2009 off a sidekick LX 😂
Retweeted by RJ🩸Shawty by Plie ft T Pain is my life story lolMe losing Slime Climb on Fall Guys
I hate my sleeping schedule.
Retweeted by RJ🩸😪Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at @whoissd What the fuck?! Lol @Paulmartinez16_ That part lol @RYOT328
Retweeted by RJ🩸 @DanielTaughtYou Where’s the games?Getting a GoPro was probably the stupidest shit I’ve could’ve done smh lol
If y’all haven’t listened to John Legend’s live at the SOB’s it’s an oldie but 🔥🔥🔥 @frostedaline There’s a right way to play? LolI never played monopoly the right way, ever.
Retweeted by RJ🩸 @FatKidDeals @bbbyveeeDiary by Alicia Keys is a shhhhhhlapper! Don’t @ me @Paulmartinez16_ @TooManyVictors 🤣🤣🤣This is me when @Paulmartinez16_ passes me the ball LOL is Chris Bosh 🤣🤣🤣 @Paulmartinez16_ @TooManyVictors @RYOT328 @TooManyVictors Fucking facts !!!!
Retweeted by RJ🩸& this is @TooManyVictors after @Paulmartinez16_ cussed him out LOL is @Paulmartinez16_ to @TooManyVictors on 2K lmfaooooo of these days imma stream all of us playing Rec on 2k just so people could see how fucking toxic shit gets lol @Paulmartinez16_Me to @TooManyVictors on 2k could never play rec with his ass ! @RYOT328
Retweeted by RJ🩸 @Ayala2kB shoot that clip lol @LxGarcell23x man I wish 2k was cross play lolCome get dropped off #PS4live (NBA 2K20) live at @ceeJare @SFGiants Don’t ever tweet them ever again!
@bbbyveee Don’t worry I’m in the club too lol 😖 @bbbyveee Lol you can’t have a disclaimer on your hoe-tivities lol @bbbyveee 🤣🤣🤣 some people have ALLLLLL THE LUCK! LolClean that bih lol @whoissd Or the “get up, you’re alright” 😂😂My right fucking knee is killing me 😖 @whoissd Story of my life 😪The way my anxiety is set up..
Retweeted by RJ🩸 @__Randizzle Watch Last Chance UToday’s Saturday?! Wtf I thought yesterday was Wednesday @tstunna10 Exactly my thought lolThis @bbbyveee 🤣🤣🤣 like he never left.
Retweeted by RJ🩸Just looked up a law to see if I can shoot someone stealing my car.. I can’t.. I hate CaliforniaFINALLY home in bed! Raptor lined my primos truck all day today & fixed the fucking lights on my bike. If that wire… @bbbyveee I literally can see this happening 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @RYOT328 My dog and I acting up in my room 😂.
Retweeted by RJ🩸 @bbbyveee LOL hoe out sis! Hahah @bbbyveee Lmaooo stfu 🤣😭 @bbbyveee Honestly, I haven’t heard it lol not a fan of neither tbh @bbbyveee It’s the Cardi B in it lol
Me when my mom tells me before we go into the story “If you touch anything in the store imma beat your ass where yo… @legolesly Se amable! Son las 10:30 de la noche!I’m bored. Someone FaceTime meSophomore year science teacher: “Don’t put to much of it, you’ll create a chemical reaction & something might catch… COME THRU WEARIN THAT MINK
Retweeted by RJ🩸
@whoissd Samoan food lol @Paulmartinez16_ I 🍩 recall @Paulmartinez16_ Let’s go
@RYOT328 lol im dying this is me 🤷🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by RJ🩸Proposal* @Anuuhyellee_15 @RYOT328 😂😂you’re really gonna piss people off with this one
Retweeted by RJ🩸 @RYOT328 🤣😂
Retweeted by RJ🩸Lmfaooooooo!
Retweeted by RJ🩸I’m hype
Retweeted by RJ🩸Republicans have made a propose to increasing unemployment benefits from $200/week to $500/week but democrats are h… ain’t shit lolThis is how the Lebanese PEOPLE respond. 👏🏼🇱🇧
Retweeted by RJ🩸Oh ya I be making videos
Retweeted by RJ🩸I finished Mayans last night & im pissed af season 3 ain’t on HuluWhen I went to pick up my Beamer from my Pop’s house he gave me some holy water that my Grandpa (Deacon) blesses before he passed away 😭🙏🏽 @jaytaj PSN?Bout to pick up my 3 series tonight WOOOOOOOPSomeone come over & move my motorcycle to the backYou’re bad get good
Retweeted by RJ🩸 @momosolodolo Forreal. Ain’t we supposed to stay at home!? 🤣ugh I hate when I go out in public and the public really be there
Retweeted by RJ🩸 @momosolodolo Lmfaoooo stfu @__Randizzle This is the first time I’m hearing it from you tbh
@itwasbeautifull I saw this yesterday lol I was very intrigued @whoissd Where do I fill out an application? LolI’m ready for @whoissd to be my best friend with all these low riders on her IGLebanon & Ways to Help.
Retweeted by RJ🩸Fortunes inside fortune cookies don’t apply to Aries. We literally don’t give a fuck about shit lolI’m a 13 if anyone tryna cop me a pair @bevinmartinez @bevinmartinez You’ll change your mind one day Kalvin, just wait & see! @Paulmartinez16_ Neta dahhh lol @Paulmartinez16_ Lmaoo no cap I was talking mad shit to victor lol @Paulmartinez16_ Lol I’m still muted & niggas ain’t even turned on the PS4 yet lol @Paulmartinez16_ Hahaha you down tonight? Lol Victor’s still mad at me hahaha @RYOT328 Forreal lmao then we go to game chat & be toxic some more 😂
Retweeted by RJ🩸 @Paulmartinez16_ Hahah or 2k lmaooo we both toxic af hahaLmao @RYOT328 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by RJ🩸I’m surprised our prospects are still around lolThe Wolf Pack be so active niggas leave the group lol. If you can’t handle our shit talking we not for you lol 🏍 @CrossoverGod Not 6.4 nice lol