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rуs @ryswtf 17 they

^_^ @antifiber @frystsama ( REAL @yukiaim )

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@kumifps @sarah_frags this is the person you thought was ange
@Connoreo_ happy birthday connor <3 @itsJerian happy birthday to the man that made me @novmbersmoxy he. can dm me if he wants @lailacwp @AtIantro imm3 rn @scourge_val :3💝 omg new valorant video >__>
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@sevvn LMFAOOOOOO @florscnt “ this guys rap god on our team “ @LaroFPS @lolmochiiii when will it be my turn @sarah_frags how do i become you. @pohluhr tyler @pohluhr you okay? with hello kitty
Retweeted by rуs @parrrrrot always. @Acsnds_ delete this immediately please what am i reading @Acsnds_ dawg what
@Thoom1n happy birthday <3 @MeroFN pick me pick me @glizzwald it’s common for them to feel like they’re above everyone else so they just get massive egos :p @monthsofyou aot reference @Abdeznuts what rank is it cz im trynna q w my goat @Znorux and he’s ascendant 2 @sevvn HAPPY BIRTHDAY 7
@StableRonaldo goat status @Add3rTV why do you hate me @Add3rTV hop on for 1 more pal trust me you're seeing 400 acs from the big R Y, no s. @Add3rTV wanna fuck up some q's or what, just downed 300mg and im not talking caffeine @Add3rTV ADDDERRRRRRRRRR @dukezfn happy birthday little bro @Znorux @VALORANTLATAM @PlayVALORANT god ur so sexy @h2nnyu breeze is the best and easiest map
@Evs2x lol @kaitowyd .35 800 dpi @Abdeznuts you’re so talented abde @Tkaylol <3 @Eryc1x good timing @StableRonaldoO_o @AussieValorant uninstall the game you are terrible @Acsnds_ not gonna make the same mistake as last time im sorry but no @Nighty10k @sevvn :3 @roqz @SHYNEFORME sure just dm me cz ill forget @Nighty10k @sevvn my time to shine @SHYNEFORME i want a duo above immortal 2 @sitelmao bro i quit fortnite 8 months ago @fIuffyzx YEAYEAYEAYEAYEA @Evs2x YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @unst9ble bro is talented @fIuffyzx @unst9ble that is CRAZYYYYYYYY @aprilmatic_ do you want to buiy me the reaver karambit @scourge_val holy shit.? @ospnum69420 I CANT STOP WATCHING AND LAUGHING @ospnum69420 LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO @av8ry @florscnt HAHAHAHA
@ToothlessAim @Ved_fn ain’t shit else to do @Ved_fn :3 @Acsnds_ i fucking knew it LMFAOOOOO @notjxdo goat @TroyTheprofet youre literally bill gates, figure it out pal. @TroyTheprofet troy im so serious ill play so muich with you if you buy me it i will literally boost you from plat to ascendant idc @tripval_ you got me or what,. @Abdeznuts boy stop lying @cowffeeeee yeah but i am rys so like Everyone loves me @cowffeeeee mid. @Abdeznuts i am down 400 rr i dont care anymore i am not playing on the mainvalorant valorant valorant valorant valorant valorant valorant valorant valorant valorant @super_sophia11 LMFAOOO @khanartistval holy duck @florscnt GOOD JOBBBBBB @TroyTheprofet no @TroyTheprofet troy you are plat we cant q even if i wanted to @TroyTheprofet I would love to gain some RR on the main account Troy @TroyTheprofet troy. @codiissuicidal codi.
@av8ry @florscnt @KnightsArena HAHAHA @BERE14_ happy birthdayi’m a >_< :3 v_v ^_^ kinda guy
Retweeted by rуs @Abdeznuts @h2nnyu pretty good at it too @h2nnyu ? @scarminion101 i got u @revvFPS @1Recoil @luckixyz @luckixyz haii :3 @luckixyz Lucki. @StunnaValo @elladxy 💀 @daisirot my bad gang @sitelmao @ktbugy i was getting jiggy on funnyfish @Frystsama @daisirot WE CONFIRMED SUSSY @luckixyz @daisirot LMFASOOO @daisirot guy called me a sussy homosexual and then flexxed his unlimited rizz method
@Shiro_Rz HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYY @0xvhel @codiissuicidal :3 @Nayht_ @A1Cid @mikesterval ON GOD THE REACTION MADE IT SO GOOD @Acsnds_ @1Recoil @Evs2x @Abdeznuts @Evs2x @1Recoil you should come Join our team @daisirot 😱 @1Recoil job ? @CoachJoe__ @MeroFN that boy mero is COLD @ignovercook @Evs2x you better know your place and respect me Bob. @ignovercook @Evs2x mute up 10 immortal buddies hardstuck green rank, you respect that boy you understand me? @Evs2x that boy get a vouch from me