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@santhrowtf WTF @jinFNBR @JynFNBR assist @JynFNBR Lemme give you this ratio instead
Retweeted by code rуswtf #ad @Bullywyd ONG MAN WE WOULD GET STRAIGHT 240 ON THEM, RYS APPROVED @Tundvra @spdyqt lol. @allmizy dual pc messed up rn @chubzqt ur on ur phone chubz @OkisFN Hey @TakenedTV @Ac7ionMan yo @Rqzer9 @gabefn_ @AdamxYouTube nah adam tweaks last for a long time he disabled all the updates and stuff @DevourTkay chill man @G2Coop 😁 @paper_fn jojis shadow @SpaydeOT if ajay 200 pumped me at the end i would’ve cried @checfn hbd ❤️ @MeroFN @opsqt @Parmbtw @Donieefn @KeenySZN nah bro you're actually different, gs @dawinfps @UserzFN @JayFNBR bad joke @UserzFN @JayFNBR assist @Lucaqtpriv ok @Lucaqtpriv Do u want to play vlaorant @ThreatsFN @RiseFn huge v @bhronosFN @ItsZlem @Sparebow @MarqHz @narwhaalbtw @yungcalc @FelixLive_ jajaja ratio entire thread @jinFNBR nvm it’s not alphabetical @jinFNBR ❤️
@itsJerian @BuckeFPS bucke and jerian noti @CoreyPilat its 1k points maybe less if jerian can get me enough placement points @WafflesFN @jadekimberleyy @breadfn_ @jadekimberleyy LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO @forpzy @pichxn i have played more valorant in one week than fortnite in two months @ripdevv $30 or a migraine and probably have to get a new desk, lmk @TheWintersFox @riftmull please man we need you @narwhaalbtw jajajaja @narwhaalbtw cringe + ratio @MooseGGsFN @HovFN ??? @HovFN u peer pressures me into doing it @iannwall @angiey i have a restraining order from Angie @rezonay_ @FNCompetitive need some verified people to reply 🙏🙏 @1PBrady this is by far the least entertaining season to hit this game as of yet. @HovFN like 1.5k or less @Jaroiwnl my duo @code_abe @ebankslolss DOWN @HovFN do u want to play @Cented7 @FNCompetitive can we go back 2 seasons to stark szn @SEBBY1X how are you not completely raging LOL id be screaming @StableRonaldo @Cented7 That's it, im fed up. Ratio entire thread. @pinquk @RysHypeman IM SAYING LOL @RysHypeman @Cented7 ?? @Ozirvo @Jaroiwnl @noobteyo lmk @Ozirvo @Jaroiwnl Yo @dukezfn @FusionFSgg LFG @StableRonaldo @corruptedray001 🚀 @333dun @Bjorlulu ur just a hater @Mavolant @SolidSanders @adeptthebest Ratiod @TakenedTV @Ac7ionMan OK FINE LETS PLAY @ClixHimself @thekidlaroi WHAT @SeemTV @StableRonaldo @adinross @corruptedray001 u will not be using them anytime soon, Seem. @ZorqFN @StableRonaldo @adinross @corruptedray001 ong lemme get some @StableRonaldo @adinross @corruptedray001 BRO THAT LOOKS SO FIRE @blainefnbr bruh ur aim is so good @DlCTATING ur best one yet @TabzGTV @StableRonaldo gonna need that triple XL ready @dxrkwtf @StableRonaldo i think so too @skillsfn WTF @ZorqFN @StableRonaldo noti @StableRonaldo can i have some @DlCTATING . @rezonay_ top 132 from cc play dreamhack thursday ? @mvgicaI all of his clips are very zoomed in with fake arena points, i’ll overtake him 😈 @NotLucFN someone link @GfxPayne @DeyyFN fire @rezonay_ it’s the reason so many people are quitting and taking breaks right now @1PBrady @Vumpkin1 i need that radius header in my life @fakeifys @Vumpkin1 @1PBrady ITS SO GOOD RIGHT @Vumpkin1 @1PBrady BRO THAT RADIUS ONE IS SO FIRE MAN I NEED ONE @ItzJustAli @1PBrady @1PBrady u gonna take that?? @pichxn @FNCompetitive LOL @stablecherry @AsunaZK @cxltures @fakeifys 🕊🖤 @033Joell @1PBrady no i’m saying his twitter looks like he’s an eclipse member bro this man does not stop with the impression tweets @1PBrady eclipse member twitter @xF_Time @adinross u can’t be real u can’t be real u can’t be real @cxltures @1PBrady im saying @adinross @TwitchSupport get it together man @adinross #freeadin @teqin1x @ZitoFN_ @adinross bro that is the most false statement i’ve read all day. @StreamerBans @adinross BRUH @prowoked_ @noelggs @adinross nahh no way @adinross WTFF NO WAY BRO @Avivv5 v @RiseFn v @itsJerian @benjyfishy Counter noti + ratio @StableRonaldo Same
@ShyoWager u have good music taste @dreqf oh @cxltures LMFAO THE CUTOFF @Gaannzo donald what @Connoreo_ whatever makes you happy man ❤️ genuinely don’t see anyone enjoying the game recently and it’s going down a bad path. @Lowfur this is so good