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mike @rzn_mike San Francisco, CA

@SHGames QA Lead | @Twitch Partner | 🖤💗 Lisa | Known for my competitive WoW Rogue, now I stream Valorant | Hardstuck Immortal | Tweets are my own

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@PlayVALORANT ❤️ @quitoxo don’t forget to use code “PLOO” @Juuki_ @quitoxo LMFAOOO @quitoxo on that black on black on black today luck to the homies playing in Valorant Twitch Rivals today! GO TEAM PLOO!!!! don’t forget to use code “ploo” a… @nastytrashx pls no... we already have to deal with drunk triqq. not tryna have him cawing in my ear man @quitoxo @DekyFPS I forgot he has twitter now so we can tag his ass @triqqdb @quitoxo LMFAOcrispy ghost ace + triqq team flashes on Skye @wuzzbae really hate when that happens @DekyFPS got my pom poms ready 😌PLEASE CAN PEOPLE USE THEIR MICS WHEN THEY PLAY COMPETITIVE MAN!!!!!!! IT'S 2021. BUY A MIC OR SAY WORDS FFS @SammayTV this is why you’re goated 🐐ah haa haaaa
@EvilPhlanthrpst Texas & Mississippi say otherwise @quitoxo are trash’s ready to get goomba stomped with these? @papieileeen I ask myself this everyday 😔smh I BUY IT???? I'M SO CONFLICTED!!!! @shroud @riotgames got em @PlayVALORANT @DekyFPS @SammayTV @plooful v squad is back? 🧐🤔 @Hiko @Average_Jonas“I’m done spending money on Valorant, I’m happy with my current weapon skin collection” so much cap 😭😭😭 the season as Immortal for the 3rd time in a row. Officially hardstuck 🥲👏 @Cataractz unforch @Cataractz just admit you like the game manNo one's flanking.... -@jcStani
Retweeted by mike @WedidOfficial @jcStani you're so gross wtfalt account with the homies, finished IMMORTAL this season on main acct. I'm officially hardstuck IMT @Lindiedayo do it for her ⬇️
@SammayTV wait did that Omen drop with his smoke? that play was sick @sojyoo this is so good @Juuki_ who said anything about third wheel? @Juuki_ Grind Plat 3 ---> Diamond 3 with us. Then we'll have to kick you off the boat because riot won't let us 3 stack =( @ArrumieShannon W @BubblyDreamJenn W @quitoxo @DekyFPS @quitoxo honestly would not surprise me man... @rzn_mike @nastytrashx 🥰
Retweeted by mike @gracetwong @nastytrashx it's beautiful @nastytrashx @nastytrashx @gracetwong 👀s/o to the best duo @SammayTVhe said yes 💍 @Juuki_ @quitoxo 😎 @quitoxo your dm’s😔 @Maineyxc Seriously man. I don’t understand how they think these changes are good for the game. It’s a head scratcher for sure @notjaydee she’ll never notice me 😔damn this tweet popped off. nothing to promote but kindness in your ranked matches. don’t be an asshole & communicate with your team 🗣🎙 @DekyFPS bruh this ain’t it. what are they doing?????Stoked to finally see a LAN! I can’t wait for the first LAN weekend in LA! Can’t wait to meet all the amazing peopl… @kabooseCS Valorant LAN? When & where?! :O @playitshady the worst @plooful @DekyFPS fr man it’s too late on a Sunday for this kind of cappin
@DekyFPS should start charging Super Followers for these tweets ⛽️me when covid is over & friends force me out Shroud cover the new agent...she's SO good. 100% she makes it into the meta day 1. she actually has a useful kitreally wish Valorant skins were shared across all accounts you own...I’ve definitely played way more games on my al… @DekyFPS can i have a crumb of that aim pls sir @quitoxo man don’t you have some date you need to worry about today smh @quitoxo LMFAOOOOgod i wish this was me 🧎🏻‍♂️ @WoundmanTV oh I probably should have worded this differently, but I took it somewhere to get washed :Dfinally washed my car today 🧼 @sx6_magnusz We live, learn & grow. Respect brother. Nothing but good things coming from you now! It’ll be fun to watch! 📈👊 @kwistenkim such a weird combo...but I dig it 😂
@XSETGAMING easy. @WedidOfficialTook two days off Valorant...has anyone seen my aim? It’s missing @milkphire 100% buy @DekyFPS LMFAOOOO @PlayVALORANT 👀👀👀 @shaaawtiiee @nastytrashx ^ @quitoxo Wgn @quitoxo @quitoxo go to bed man @DekyFPS literally me the whole gladez set @DekyFPS how do you not have the gf buff????? crazy @papieileeen fr 😭😭😭 mans gotta get more aimlabs reps in @Juuki_ the bot said: @Juuki_ bro I feel so bad for this guy LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO I'd uninstall for at least a day or two
@GreshyPoo found it on tik tok tho romba got mad moves @BubblyDreamJenn 😂😂😂😂 @BubblyDreamJenn lol I found it in tik tok...but I can totally see this happening to me 😩 it’s just my kind of luckyo fr this is the kind of boom bots that come after me 😭😭SHEEEEEEEEEESH MANS GOT CROSSED @PlayVALORANT new agents ultimate: @brkyos @notjaydee it’s cool man. we get it... you have a gf @notjaydee @brkyos tbh I didn’t see the tag. so he outed himself 😬 @lunarkats facts. i try to take a day or two off Val each week @plooful they truly are 🥺 this is my friends corgi... i am strongly considering getting one 😭😭😭