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@ivahngka thank you pretty bby 🥺🥰be patient with yourself & don’t measure your growth to others’ it’s you vs youit’s good to be aware of your thoughts the negative ones or ideas you don’t like, you can change them over time @Joeybrezz @justinsknight not at ALL no one said dat lmaooooyou ain’t no angel but you got a halo(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡🚺<3 @exquisite_eye 🚺<3
oh MY 🥺💕 around cool ass girls like me rlly get that serotonin jumpin boii need to leave the country for a few weeks i’m not fkin playin❤️🇩🇴❤️🇩🇴❤️🇩🇴❤️
Retweeted by @mannequinmoving you are the heat 🥵 lions talkinnn -bb tf up or stfu
Retweeted by @justinsknight oh yeah Filipino men big machismo it’s culture thoFilipino moms just different y’alltook over @AdolescentUS’s instagram story yesterday for @slugagency x @footlockerla event highlighting black women…’m up & WOW social media is really work really a job whew chile
2020 @jessicaapadron don’t play wit me 🥺😍doesn’t hurt to pray for your friends niggas always wanna date a bad bih 🙄every time i listen to B2K i can’t help but giggle & think about where Omarion & Lil Fizz at now lmaoThis is how God looks down on me when I’m having a mental breakdown and he already has a plan for me.....
Retweeted by moral of the story do what You want be You. more often that not people gravitate toward you or want to hire you, be… homegirl in my fashion illustration class asked me a question about a moodboard we have to make, i told her girl… just always knows what i need when i need it it’s brazy <3i will miss school for a bag idgaf lmaoReading books is like living multiple lives.
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me vs me babyLEARNING WORKING CREATING @alexxawavy thank yew c:bare pharrells
Retweeted by any girls who smoke & snowboard!? let’s be friendsss c:🏂<3 @m00dyx 🤣🤣🤣
@hearzair on meeee imma work on it 😥 @hearzair IM TRYING THIS THANK YOU! if this fucks up my sneakers more i’m coming for you sir lmao @ILoveMyCulture @mannequinmovingmy favorite sneakers are so creased.. i feel sicksame energy but DRUNK & with drink in HAND lmao @ISSASMOKES like WHAT? 😗look how cute 🥺
Retweeted by so excited for this weekend i can’t even sleepplates all full @ericmendoza2424 love you love you love you 💕 @chinakellyy i text yew c:i love love but if you treat my friends like trash i’m STOMPING ON YOU. @chinakellyy girl yes!! are you back in LA?DUH @xo_niya 🤪 @taylurmoon thank you sweet bby c: @cruFUNKSHION WOW!! i see it lmao i love Touch ty ty ty 🥺🥰<3in my bag... in my bed... in my business. ion be nowhere else.
Retweeted by more booty on the tl plsWorking hard to shift my thoughts and focus simply on love.
Retweeted by i’m naturally a distant person..i do not want to fw mfs everyday lol
Retweeted by won’t tho be throwin back some room temp water
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@ebonylivv @KillerBreees 🥵😰😰Aaron Gordon look like handsome squidward lmfaooo
@alixcvii @_YoungNas thank you mamas hope your day was filled with so much love & light 💕 @jessicaapadron @_YoungNas YOU ARE 🥺 @innnndys @_YoungNas hehehe thank you indy <3 c: @m0chamami thank you c:stressing out about things only make matters worse, it really affects our bodies & makes our outlooks consistently negative. special (*♡∀♡)*:・゚✧.*・becoming a better lover every day
the only gift i ever really want tbh! VALENTINE’S DAY TO THE LIBRAS <3she showed me love & I became it @samistram @ChickfilA PORQUE NO LOS DOS!¿going to school & castings/auditions in a day is so tiring but I DO IT! I LOVE IT!for everybody niggas are thee worst! LEAVE ME ALONE lmaono one like me, no one like you.
2020 Jewel on film, by Monica Zulema. hawk you have 24 hours to respond
Retweeted by yes, i will come dressed up to my 50 min class bc college is depressing & fashion = self expression & self expressi…
Retweeted by i don’t know why i don’t just give everything to God right away.. i always wait until it’s so much that i literally breakdown.
@sapphirealexiis :3 <3damn bih you been a fan
2020 i’m reading rn me in the meadow been buried in books <33
Eastside Long Beach ‘BRIQ’ Filmed/Edit @goldsilkB
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y'all remember that game we'd play on here where someone dm'd us a number with a question then we'd tweet the number with the answer LMAO
need to reprocess & realign