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700! @bobel__ Frsorry for res changes|@SequenceSynergy|
GET ME 700Clean 4k to post later #synssoojun @6tsuu From u🙄 @ARTlKUNO this is platlow elo valorant be like satisfying aim looks like in VALORANT
Retweeted by soojun @elijah8k FUCK @d9imyo why did u end2k views! @grusome_ U still need help? @novmbr 💯 @s3xylatin0 Site?Go vouch me again:=) @BCUZMAYBE @ENCH4NTS VVVV @NRGgg daddy @s0mcs @45kasu @luckifan223 CAD @chaz75 im on my laptop, i need to aim train @flickzxo @chaz75 who are you?? @chaz75 yeah im not tweeting on my pc at all @chaz75 wait im at this game no cap im in tampa rnDo you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary @t9ler @TeamSynergy put me in sequence coach
New valorant update clipdump #1 like & rt
Retweeted by soojun @mvyru fair @mvyru Dm who @mvyru ^ @45kasu meow @Klashpad @SequenceSynergy WHAT GOOD STUFF KLASH @kiraival :((( @SequenceSynergy @TeamSynergy @IconC4D @glytchenergy fr @TeamSynergy @cIapsie @flickzxoTHANKSGIVING CHAMPIONS VALORANT BUNDLE GIVEAWAY! ✅follow @TeamSynergy ✅like and retweet ✅tag 2 friends winner an…
Retweeted by soojunbro gave up @kerouv wait how many impressions does this have @kerouv LOL @kerouv howd it go @devinfangirl Thankful for u even know its not my Thanksgiving in canada @wrviths @SequenceSynergy HOLY FUCK WTF @S0OJUN 👀
Retweeted by soojun @URlSU THat kid is so incompetent @shawno @SequenceSynergy Ly @NorCalTavs @kyuniaa @SequenceSynergy Ily @VIRANll @SequenceSynergy THANKS <33 @cIapsie @xxxkarilol @cIapsie @xxxkarilol Bro ur built like snorlax, mf "GUESS THAT POKÉMON!!!" AND ITS A PIC OF U, everyone Finna say slow bro, or snorlax @cIapsie @xxxkarilol Stfu I evolved @uri48s @NoirMaxy Tf is that go back to turkey @NoirMaxy @uri48s Tf?!?! @NoirMaxy @uri48s Fym bro, shits gas @cIapsie That's not me @serval6k 😁😁🔫 @devinfangirl Dms if u need @J33BY GreyGn:) @ANGRRRval @SequenceSynergy I'll come to ur school and kiss u @chaz75 @SequenceSynergy <3 @Acity1k Playing with my irlVOUCH MEE @soaruhlovesyou w @florscnt so good.3X YOUNGEST FEMALE RADIANT LFGGG
Retweeted by soojun @FatCoochieBoy @SequenceSynergy ily @d9imyo @SequenceSynergy hgsdhshshs ily @J33BY @zuckrs @SequenceSynergy @t9ler ily @cIapsie @SequenceSynergy RT @tallboitea IM SO JELOUS @soaruhlovesyou @SequenceSynergy <3GRINDING FOR| @SequenceSynergy | VALORANT clip dump | ♥️+♻️|
Announcement at 7pm @f8lconz Thxx @BCUZMAYBE @ECHOALTERNATlVE @ECHOALTERNATlVE @flickzxo @tallboitea Pre sure its thanks giving @elluhval All g dms open if u need @zxrr44 @ECHOALTERNATlVE have a 3 day weekend this week, super needed and will help a lot with what's coming next! @zxrr44 @Rewind1K @J33BY W @URlSU Remember when I hit the stinkiest shot on this8 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @elluhval Nvm just one guy still weird @elluhval Why people hit on you after you say this, no empathy at all @elluhval Replies @elluhval These reies are gross @ECHOALTERNATlVE Zarr tweet fs @flickzxo @jinxifys @xPrepyism @RUlNDAGGER The I in "ruin" is an L so it's ass @jinxifys STFU THIS LOOKS LIKE CONTROLLER WTF @jinxifys IS THIS MNK??? @achillesvz Welp, that's not what I was talking abtGonna clean up my profile, never know next clip dump I might announce my next grind:) @zxrr44