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Executive Producer @EA (Previously @Guerrilla, @Ubisoft) Far Cry 6//Horizon Zero Dawn//Killzone//GR//FIFA. Views are my own and you can't have them. He/Him.

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This makes all of you lovely weirdos job creators.
Retweeted by Sam Sharma @satorudo Likely. The cultural cachet of watching something current and discussing with your mates at work has also been removed. @satorudo Yeah cable has built in ways to stop attrition. (Like you have to call the cable provider, and they try a… @chris_page HBO subscriptions work through cable providers, so the data isn’t super clear, and they’ve in built pro… @DaveMilbo Bang on. And maybe a board game of the Queen’s Gambit. @DaveMilbo Hear me out: a videogame adaptation of the Witcher show. @six6jiang It would appear so yeah! Like this is business 101 stuff but all they knew was the cinema business and d… @TheSugarVenom WTF. The cheeto golfed on public dime almost every weekend. He has an exercise bike. What’s going on?!Anyone who’s worked on live or online games could’ve told you to solve for churn before you did anything, Hollywood… @lauriecrosswell It’s an incredible film. Carey Mulligan is next level great in it. @annlemay @MOOMANiBE @six6jiang @osamadorias 100% here to back it up and add that the textural differences are also… @osamadorias I’m only lawful good and chaotic evil, no middle ground. @Greenfaery @JurieHorneman siiiiiighhh @JurieHorneman Shit now I want a broodje kroket @JurieHorneman I will never recommend FEBO to anyone but secretly it was the best when drunk
@Greenfaery Congrats and all the best on the next chapter! Can’t wait to play whatever you make next. :) @Z_Cooperstown No matter the reason, this is a poor choice of words for a young child. I hope she knows she can add… @osamadorias @qorquiq what the actual hell @girlfromcanada O h n o @amazoniancos All the best 🤞🏽 @innesmck These lies are too much; no American, nor Canadian owns an egg cup. @Valskuiken Just wtf @Wiisak @Spac3Gh0s7_ @GameResTrez @GangstHannah @AnthonyBarranco @Gamedev_Rose @Devon_Wiersma Ha! Joke’s on you bec…
@Rajio This one is my Franklin Christoph with a custom nib by Mike Masuyama. @Rajio Don’t hate me. @gamedev_fitness @Spac3Gh0s7_ @AnthonyBarranco @Wiisak @Gamedev_Rose @GangstHannah @GameResTrez @Devon_Wiersma Hard same. @Spac3Gh0s7_ @AnthonyBarranco @Wiisak @Gamedev_Rose @GangstHannah @GameResTrez @Devon_Wiersma Lovely people, just a… @Devon_Wiersma pretty sure i know what this means, no thx @Soederhuysen h o w @HazelMonforton I know, I absolutely KNOW there is no conspiracy to upsell you covers by making them slippery. And… @DownieSeb hard same @TheCodeViking it's also the sound i make when i hear that term @reina_sabah @nameshiv @girlfromcanada screw em @Rajio @NaanThis I’m dying here this is absolute gold.I would like to bring to your attention @NaanThis (This Charming Naan), a Smiths themed Indian restaurant in Manche…
Retweeted by Sam Sharma @Rajio @NaanThis Oh. My. God. @nameshiv Excuse me the tiger is called Tiger KHAN. @javierabegazo Javi, bravo on saying it publicly and bravely. You're a wonderful person, and this is objectively awesome. Congrats💖Nintendo Explosion
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@LeeCash @MelRambles He provides you with a free power move when he feels like it I can respect that @qorquiq I don’t know why a lot of my clever mutuals are having to affirm fanfic again, but I hope whoever brought… have no idea why fanfic is in the discourse today but I have a hot take: Let people enjoy things, you absolute ghoul. We in a panorama.
@MichelleMHyde Just... the outright statement that they “deserve” a pardon. The outright privilege is astonishing. @nicolas_najm She’s straight up demanding it. Like she’s owed a pardon. Wow. @AlannaMode The way she’s demanding a presidential pardon is... is this how they live their lives?! @coleycaves Hey congrats!I will never in my life understand, much less acquire, this level of entitlement. When I tell you I’m shook — @OhMyMithrandir Kate.I don't know who made this but bravo
Retweeted by Sam Sharma @JeanLeggett Jean no. Too early on a Friday night to get existential for me.
@tokyo_bat @Chunkanator_ @jeroenroding No 50 cents fine for meeee! @FooBear408 how IS the new Disney show? People keep talking about One Division. @V_Ben Jesus Ben it’s 3 o clock here. @V_Ben very yes @lisyk I did not! I do like collecting weird stories about countries I move to, and I was sitting on this one, but… @V_Ben no @lizardengland All the best for whatever's next, Liz! @PolygonsIsaac Presumably the soldiers. @BjornToftMadsen Ah we seem to have run into differences in tone. I obviously meant it in jest. The Whisky War, as… @casskhaw bloody hell. 2021 fixing to be 2020 with makeup @jeroenroding @TamTu @allVishal :( sterkte @jeroenroding @TamTu @allVishal Is this how the Dutch secretly win? @TamTu @allVishal @jeroenroding You guys should join in and leave Jenever on the rock. World Whisky War! @allVishal @TamTu @jeroenroding Could be Crown Royal or Pendleton, but one hopes someone has the taste to leave For… @Ubi_Frank then alternatively both countries fight this war by raising their flag and leaving a bottle of whisky. Diplom… 1984, Canada provoked Denmark by raising the Canadian flag and leaving a bottle of Canadian whisky. Denmark reta… war is called The Whisky War, and its over a territory dispute on Hans Island, a small 0.5 sq mi barren rock. I… you know Canada and Denmark have been at war with each other since 1984 with zero casualties? No? Buckle up. Story time. 🇨🇦 🥃 ⚔️ 🇩🇰 🍸 @Luiseach 10 months in: we can’t even get out of the house and the fish are in the middle of a bloody rave. @superginrai liesWe are excited to announce the launch of our new program -- the Black Video Game Scholars Program – aimed at increa…
Retweeted by Sam Sharma @studioanisa thsnks @bethlovesbolly Yeah it’s the only one that stands out to me because of that. I also can’t imagine it being released today sadly. @NikkiDeryl NEVER! With that horrifically eco-disaster name? @bethlovesbolly The only film (of the so many!) that leans into his communist leanings and Marxist/Trotsky-ist thinking. @NikkiDeryl Oh noooo I don’t watch the hockey but I do know they don’t like Canucks. I ... like the Canucks. @joemag_games I love this content @NikkiDeryl G..go maple leaves? Is that a thing? @NikkiDeryl o h n o
@Marri In this economy?! I’d rather seize the memes of production. @Marri Wow how do I remove my picture from this websiteBehavioural Synchrony is why Tik Tok is immensely popular in the first place, and why Ratatouille The Musical was t… @nuhanotnoah I'm both! it depends on context and what I'm responding to.Come work with us! Feel free to DM me any questions an pls RT if you can 💞 Looking ideally for Canadian based GP pr…
Retweeted by Sam Sharma @catacalypto Wut @AlannaMode @AlannaMode ONE DAY WHEN THE TONGUIN’ IS DONE @joemag_games that’s when we take our leave and gosoon may the wellerman come
I’m even more confused than when I was when they announced the lockdown. Everyone makes their own decision on what… @Wonder_Phoenix This is brilliant @bethlovesbolly it's very very wholesome and very very Toronto