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Games Producer, unannounced (Previously @Guerrilla, @Ubisoft) Horizon Zero Dawn//Ghost Recon//Killzone Views are my own and you can't have them. He/Him.

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@PayneKiller75 Cheers Sean @pandachew Thanks Rich! Hope you guys are doing well in the new WFH world. Catch you on slack one of these days! @superginrai Thanks Vic! @Techuman Thank Yannick! I did have some cake, thankfully. And a sneaky walk in the park. @TorontoGaymers @Rajio Goodness. 😳 I normally don’t approve of puns but that’s applaud worthy. @TorontoGaymers Thanks! @TorontoGaymers @Rajio Hi Toronto Gaymers! 10/10 pun name, highly approve. @Rajio that what that was? Total failure. Lad’s pug is abject misery on head also. @bethlovesbolly Thank you!!!! @bethlovesbolly 🥰 😍 @Rajio 🤦🏽‍♂️ 🤦🏽‍♂️ 🤦🏽‍♂️ Indian people actually don’t mind when you wear their clothes, take part in their traditi… @tuurluur79 @WLF359 I love him. @Just_Ge0 Honestly I wouldn’t blame ya @nuhanotnoah He’s the cutest! 😍 @jeroenroding Thanks man! 10/10 gif of what my birthday feels like. @silverbulletph 🎂 Thanks so much Esmeralda! @manan_ritwik Hey thanks man! @deepthiprasad Indeed. A Maltese @synaesthesiajp Maltese Shih Tzu! @LinkDmitriLink @mistertodd He is super tiny. @mistertodd He’s the cutest, honestly. My self isolated ass is a bit happier now. @danmcmurray @AlannaMode He’s genuinely such a derp sometimes. @jlalleve I mean I’m not complaining! @anniearcade Yes you will. 💪🏽 @danmcmurray @AlannaMode 😍 and I cannot stress his enough, 😍 @AlannaMode @danmcmurray Rudy is an amazing floof though Danny is pretty miserly with ongoing exploits on twitter.… @Squiddiez Already on it!! @Squiddiez Honestly I’m so enamoured. @bethlovesbolly Yay! Himalayan Bark Lions are the best. @LyolyoLK Thanks! @bethlovesbolly Yes he is!
@ndeonarine Tess is amazing. So majestic. @ndeonarine So much squeee @scorpion_gurl He’s the best. @ndeonarine I was weak. I caved. @danmcmurray @AlannaMode Look at him trying yoga! Excellent Dog Pose. 14/10. @AlannaMode Happy to join the lovely camp. @AlannaMode OKAY IM IN @bethlovesbolly Squeeeee!!! @AlannaMode 🙂🙂🙂 I’ll be honest most of the photos will be of him napping. @AlannaMode He’s the best Alanna he really is. So floofy. REGULARLY NAPS AT MY FEET I’M SO HAPPY. @DilshadBurman Squeeee! @AlannaMode THIS IS MY FLOOF SON!!1) GONE HOME 2) ALIEN ISOLATION 3) QUARANTINE @Greenfaery I mean I would’ve understood. (And given chase and arrested you) @Greenfaery He’s the cutest and it sucks I can’t bring him to show you guys. @V_Ben It’s the best! @ScrambledStill Baby! @V_Ben ME TOO HE’S CUTENESS IN FUR. @V_Ben BEN! @Greenfaery The eyes are pretty great! He’s a Maltese Shih Tzu. @Greenfaery He is isn’t he!! I love him. @Greenfaery Yes, yes it is. @ugobananas Thank you! I’m so excited. @KristalPlain I caved. @LyolyoLK Yessir. Just got it this week.Othello. @jeroenroding If a NJ woman is buying alcohol and TP exclusively, you better hope she can’t find matches.New Jersey is gangsta. @javeighyw hello i ha e this.On this day in 2019, Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed in front of his clothing store in Los Angeles. He was only 3…
Retweeted by Sam SharmaUniversal health care saved the most precious Americans. @lilmissphillips Happy Birthday! @EscoBlades ANDY WHY @Romainfricaud I DONT KNOW BUT I HOPE SO!! @NidaAhmad_ Add meeeeee @CritterOfHabit Ah! Makes way more sense now. @CritterOfHabit As in the city? @UbiJustin FOMZ @KLeoPullin Your high school mascot was a slug?!My school didn’t have a mascot, but we had houses. Call me Ramen Tagore. is 100% the setup to a horror movie.
Retweeted by Sam Sharma @AlexMethot450 😂 😂 😂 @Jacobashworth09 Right?!
@DownieSeb That checks out. @mistertodd Yay, we win. (Really, you win) Phew, eh?Whaaaattt!! @mistertodd His delivery of “Son, I think you might have a condition” kills. 10/10 would watch this movie on loop. @BeauOckers HONKEverything about this is Oscar-worthy #CoronaLockdown
Retweeted by Sam Sharma @casskhaw Jfc @UbiJustin Pain au chocolat. This Quebec nonsense will not stand. @EscoBlades All of Africa, Asia and South America plus the many MANY black and brown players in European leagues an… @Rajio So... WALL*E.You were the harbinger of the plague., Lachesis, Atropos. Monday, you grumps. just founded the Trash Church of DeVito on my Animal Crossing island
Retweeted by Sam Sharma
@AlannaMode Bang on. @AlannaMode Shows very clearly the difference: we are fighting for representation, while they’re thinking of it as… @Greenfaery Lol at buttmeg. Auto correct knows me too well. @Greenfaery But meg is largely lost to me. Though I have no sense of smell so those foods that trigger taste purely… @twitgera Although he HAS United people in a pure way, in that we all now hate all of the celebrities. @Greenfaery Just having rice without it is such a poorer experience sometimes. It could be genetic, though - like… @PointerFunction @Cherryzard Champion @Greenfaery Indian and Persian cuisines are incomplete without saffron. Those who can’t taste it are missing out. @jeroenroding (Thank you so much) @jeroenroding