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Bareerah @S_Bareerah she/her | 23 | UK

English Lang/Lit graduate, writer/editor. I talk about words and fiction a lot. Dragons.

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Retweeted by BareerahI feel like at first the feeling is “thank god we never have to hear about Trump again” but the reality is the oppo…
Retweeted by Bareerahʀᴇᴀʟʟʏ ᴍᴀᴋᴇꜱ ʏᴏᴜ ᴛʜɪɴᴋ.
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@sniperofmyheart Blessed, thriving, skin clear, crops flourishingI’ve seen more pictures of Dr. King in color on Twitter than I ever have in history books
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No wonder it took two weeks to get that chapter out.
my mom: we’re just gonna have a few people over, I’ll make something simple also my mom:
Retweeted by BareerahThis is still so funny to me
Retweeted by BareerahSaw someone tweet that Black women are not allowed to be introverts at work and wow do I have a story for that!!!
Retweeted by BareerahPeople on the outside sure do dress badly.真島の兄さん
Retweeted by BareerahI'm on the Outside today.
To some of my colleagues who clearly need the reminder: the Confederacy were traitors to our democracy and white su…
Retweeted by Bareerahok now reduce your fraction
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Retweeted by Bareerah💫🌙🌟✨
Retweeted by BareerahI -- ::just rubs face and sits down instead::
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What I like to see
Retweeted by Bareerahdid a study to get used to drawing again ehe
Retweeted by BareerahYou know that part in the movie where the killer is injured and is calling for a truce and then the protag lets the…
Retweeted by BareerahImagine 9/11, only no press conferences explaining what happened or what was ongoing, and a third of Congress expre…
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Still think about this from time to time
Retweeted by BareerahThe Conservative Party has closed nearly 800 libraries in the decade since it came to power.
Retweeted by BareerahIf an author wants to write a character who happily does awful things, they can. It's up to the audience to realise… author shouldn't have to add a footnote every time something untoward happens that reminds the reader, "By the w… is not a creator's responsibility to educate you. They don't have to present both sides of a story. Fiction is i… app the fear
Retweeted by BareerahRaise your hand if you realized before January 6th.
Retweeted by Bareerah::rubs face:: This did not start with Oklahoma City. Jan 6 was not "our Kristallnacht." Folks really need to rememb…
Retweeted by Bareerah @haldrauve I think my insight comes from having grown up in an asian household in the west, consuming mixed media f… @haldrauve Oh for sure, I came across people when I was studying (white men, unsurprisingly) who were so confounded…'m really having trouble reconciling this new FBI that is suddenly bound by due process and red tape with the one…
Retweeted by Bareerah @haldrauve In essence I think Eastern media seems to prefer, "tired of being nice, want to go apeshit" and even the… @haldrauve It's interesting that in Western media, kindness is treated almost as a heroic novelty that only a few… @haldrauve Of course. I also think Asian culture places emphasis on the needs of the many, stomping down your indiv… hate the word "insurrection." It legitimizes these people's beliefs and validates their underdog feelings. But th…
Retweeted by Bareerah @haldrauve Sorry to reply out of the blue, but I completely agree. Western media portrays 'selfless' as something t…
Retweeted by BareerahSome of those that work forces are apparently the same that burn crosses.
Retweeted by BareerahYakuza is a franchise that its basically the godfather but every other scene is interrupted by an episode of the simpsons
Retweeted by BareerahThey wore Auschwitz shirts, erected gallows, and tried to hang the Vice President. Your continued excusal and deni…
Retweeted by Bareerah""The Basilisk can melt through metal, stone and flesh with ease. These evergrowing creatures will swallow a knight…
Retweeted by BareerahToday, 12 former "comfort women" sued the Japanese government for wartime sexual slavery and won. The Seoul Central…
Retweeted by Bareerahthis is my new fav tiktok
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Retweeted by BareerahIt's almost like, devaluing the humanities in favour of subjects that produce 'jobs' is stripping consecutive gener…
Retweeted by BareerahFor anyone who had trouble understanding 1984, here are the SparkNotes: No reason, just because!
Retweeted by BareerahAll set.
Retweeted by BareerahI still touch my hair a lot. 😄 #mulan
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Continuing to dogpile someone when they've sincerely acknowledged and apologized for a mistake with the promise to…
Retweeted by BareerahTheatricality and performance is at the heart of every regime ever. Tyrants throughout history have been dressing u…
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For reference, there were 14,000+ arrests at the George Floyd protests.
Retweeted by Bareerahdon't know who needs to hear this but there are several orders of magnitude between "smashing a starbucks window in…
Retweeted by BareerahNone of my public school US history classes taught this.. which is not surprising at this point
Retweeted by BareerahMAGA TWITTER: “The cops shouldn’t have used lethal force on an unarmed woman!” Me:
Retweeted by Bareerahwow haha that's so weird that in the middle of this global pandemic a bunch of already-rich people have made so muc…
Retweeted by Bareerahdamn turns out the fascists were the fascists all along
Retweeted by BareerahDo not listen to people telling you to just move on. They’re wrong. Listen to the people who predicted this. Listen…
Retweeted by BareerahGood time to revisit this thread of ~1000 videos of cops beating the shit out of peaceful protestors
Retweeted by Bareerahuhhhhhh
Retweeted by BareerahSwitched to Fox News to see what the conversation for that half of America and the first thing I heard was “Unlike…
Retweeted by BareerahI am now on the phone with my cable company. I am demanding that all Fox-related channels come off my lineup and t…
Retweeted by BareerahWe were tear gassed, shot with rubber bullets, and murdered for peacefully protesting for Black lives. Trump supp…
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Never forget. This riot was INCITED by trump, because he didn’t like the results of our votes. That is what dictato…
Retweeted by BareerahWhat I would give to never have to see a non-Boricua asking for Puerto Rican statehood ever again.
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"I would like to make a film to tell children it's good to be alive." Happy birthday, Hayao Miyazaki! 80 today.
Retweeted by Bareerahワンピおめでとう!!!!! そして、尾田先生ありがとう!!!!! #ONEPIECE1000LOGS #ONEPIECE1000 #ONEPIECE1000話 #THANKYOUODA
Retweeted by BareerahI am side-eyeing all of you.
Greeza concept art from Ultraman X
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2021 HERE WE GO!!!⚡️⚡️
Retweeted by Bareerah @grantthethief Have fun but also, good luck @grantthethief Oh. Boy.At some point we all started yelling back, "YES YOU WILL," as if he can hear us.The amount of people I know (and I'm sure there are plenty more who I don't know) who can't speak a word of Japanes…'s crazy to think that at some point, "I'm gonna be King of the Pirates," stopped being just the catchphrase of a…, every Sunday at 4PM: "Oh boy, here comes that pic spam again." commission for one of my lovely Patreons, thank you for being so patient with me while I worked on this 💖…
Retweeted by BareerahIs anyone else rocking back and forth waiting for the chapter to drop orStarting this video with Luffy vs Katakuri is the smartest possible idea the One Piece staff has ever had. Vote Kat… @okamikasama THANKS KYOUDAI ❤
I maintain that it does not matter how bluntly you delineate the good and the evil in a story. Every audience membe…
Retweeted by Bareerahthinking about the dragon age art
Retweeted by BareerahIt's now the second of January so happy 2nd Yakuzaversary to me! year, new me
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Happy new year baby 🐉
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Every zombie story is now obsolete. There won't be hordes of scavengers fighting neck and neck for dwindling resour…
Retweeted by Bareerah @LiamNTasker @louiseyhannah Shhhh not so loudMe, a person from Wuhan, watching white British people complain about the variant being called the uk covid 19 vari…
Retweeted by BareerahA lot of stuff is entering the public domain tomorrow including The Great Gatsby, Mrs Dalloway, and compositions by…
Retweeted by BareerahHere's a dragon Aku from warm-ups I did a bit ago~
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The vaccine is only 52% effective starting two weeks after the first dose. When you get the second dose, the vaccin…
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“Why are you dressed like that?” “like what?”
Retweeted by BareerahThe speed with which the uk has travelled from “did you notice number 55 wasn’t clapping for the NHS last Thursday,…
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Retweeted by Bareerahi made my boyfriend a lord of the rings chess board from (almost) scratch for christmas because i love him a lot
Retweeted by BareerahA SOLIVAGANT is someone who likes to walk or wander alone.
Retweeted by BareerahSOCIETY: $2000 is the minimum we need to live each month DISABLED PEOPLE: So you agree disability should be raised…
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thinking about these 1920s newspaper excerpts
Retweeted by BareerahThis feels like weird advice to give on social media where less opinions would actually be nice. #selfcarecreeps
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