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Our attitude is the only reason, thank you for enlightening me. I think you care more about KP’s than we do for our… @peerashiq @shahfaesal @narendramodi @ImranKhanPTI Hopefully! Many powerful men become more powerful by these atavistic narratives :)People voted for Modi, not Pragya. If BJP had made Mickey Mouse run for the elections, he would have won too. But t… @RS_dilli Yeah! Women that are more suited for bearing children, younger that is. Women go for security that comes… @peerashiq @shahfaesal @narendramodi @ImranKhanPTI The onus lies more with Pakistan. India can’t help much with all… @RS_dilli Reason behind it is simple, physical appearances really matter, especially for men! Reasons I believe are… @Adityaspeakss @afbutt @shahfaesal @narendramodi @ImranKhanPTI Exactly my point! @sonaliranade Secular chudail, this is a new one. I couldn’t stop laughing honestly 😂 @sabeaux Exactly! @shahfaesal @narendramodi @ImranKhanPTI Yes, dialogue is required. But Pakistan needs to be stable, progressive. We…, 1890 #cezanne #frenchart
Retweeted by S* @Naa_Cheese Congress is gone now. TotallyAfter a shameful defeat, twice, our congress party refuses to take resignation of party president. This is shameful… the fact that they did touch upon those things which a poverty struck country badly needs - toilets, gas cylin… Sen is so wrong here, totally unaware of the ground realities. BJP won because of opposition also. They won bec…
Ek-do baar elections hi toh haare hai, koi baat nahi! headline gives me a headache and tells exactly a lot about what’s wrong with Congress.!
Those times when you question your own sanity, your opinions about reality and realisation that it doesn’t matter.
Accompanied a dear friend to Mata Khirbhawani in Tulmulla Kashmir. Prayed for everlasting peace and tranquility in…
Retweeted by S* @shafqatkhan09 @Traluk @rainaamit @NamrataWakhloo @PoojaShali @khalidbshah 🙏🙏🙏 ❤️So there is almost no opposition. Why even spend so much effort and money on elections in future? @Joydas Future looks very very bright! @kaul_vivek Yeh kya hua, kaise hua, kyon hua, oh chodo yeh na socho.... @Ikumar7 Haan, but aaise. Yeh dekhke I have lost hopes for 2024 also. Theek hai. I don’t care anymore. @Ikumar7 Sahi baat!India looks more like Saffron now. In next 5 years, it will look more. Everyone against this has failed to convince…
@_AimA_ @Naa_Cheese Exactly. I don’t understand this fascination, and then can’t even take care!1 year old Saint Bernard is up for adoption. The family wants to leave him in some shelter which is really sad. Ple…
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@surabhitrehan Haan that too. Even the moment when dragons were born!! @surabhitrehan Yeah mine too. That was so brilliantly captured. The best scene of GOT! Ok- second last, after killi…, it wasn’t just a personal flying plane for the queen. The last episode was good and unexpected in every wa… must admit that in the last season a lot happened in last 3 episodes, too much to intake together. There were som… was not just great sets but also good story telling. The characters were interesting, especially of Kings Landin… wasn’t PeakTV that time - 2011, I believe, so #GOT was more special. The most extraordinary part of this show wa… generation doesn’t even understand the meaning of home, due to displacement, or may be the world in present f… is a replica of Kheer Bhawani temple, located in a crowded part of Jammu, where KP’s still reside in large num…“After a certain age our memories are so intertwined with one another that what we are thinking of, the book we are…
Retweeted by S*It must not die, it can’t, it shouldn’t. But it must come out as a strong force, come out of the paralytic state wh… blossoms. thread is for everyone, those with old parents, ailing relatives...Also for those who are themselves going thr…
@Naa_Cheese Dany went mad there, whose going mad here? @peerashiq Welcome to the club. It’s quite exciting here 😖Why do Exit polls exist now? Can’t anyone wait just for 3-4 days?वाह वाह ... !! साइयंटिफ़िक टेम्प्रमंट वाले वैसे लोग जो सब उँगलियों में पत्थर वाली अँगूठियाँ पहन कर प्रगति की बात कर…
Retweeted by S*Absolutely! news!! The Guardian has stopped using the misleading phrase “climate change” and will as from now call it “c…
Retweeted by S*Any comments? I think this index says a lot.
@RS_dilli I think everyone has to much going on in their personal lives. I have done that earlier with my roommate.… @RS_dilli Same here! It’s too tiring. Shoot those who over do and raise the stupid bar!! *i’m being too extreme* @RS_dilli Exactly! Makes you less conscious of yourself all the time, in certain ways! No waxing, no threading and… @RS_dilli It’s okay. Value mind more than looks * I remind this to myself everyday* 😖 @RS_dilli Mine are even shorter and thin. Delhi air screws everything @scotchism This is power yoga ( just like power nap) with instant gratification 😂 @RS_dilli This looks good on you :) @RS_dilli Haha, yeah so grind harder may be and change time zones 😂Grind now so that your dogs can have all the backyard they deserve later😂 #copiedOver worked, over stressed, over thinking in progress and i’m sure sleepless. This Saturday needs serious introspection.
Retweeted by S* @EkMishr New MetGala in the hills?Honestly, in present context, there is no genuine leader. There is a great void in political discourse. No national… who to choose - probably the one who doesn’t create these fissures deeper. Because if we do, we will all fall in… people have to choose b/w bad & worse this time. Every party has used communal card in last 70 yrs, that’s… @YPSSikarwar84 Only if it was that simple.Now everyone is debating - who was a patriot - Gandhi or Godse? Really? Yes the country is giving me a lot of hope. #insanityrules
@Ikumar7 Yaar that’s highly super unreliable. Plus so many different versions get saved. I get confused.What’s the most important work related thing that you learn with time, after some screw ups - “Save the work” . Do…
and influencers that can change the way people look at religion. Hindutva is very much Hinduism - religion also goe… @NuncPerLudum I don’t agree. Religions which spread are too political in nature. Violence has nothing to do with it.Is Hinduism a violent religion - May be, may be not. The answer can not be simple but a lot depends on power holder…
@SalmanSoz @ECISVEEP He will win mostly. But he has def. found his match in Bengal.If situation in Bengal is so bad, then why hasn’t @ECISVEEP stopped the campaign immediately? Why wait till 10pm to…
Retweeted by S*Jor Bagh. @panditaAPMCC63 Gogji razma!!!
@SANDIPANMITRA6 It’s called Knol khol in English. It’s like our staple @vineetkaul Who makes these gifs 😂 @ColdCigar Coconut valeI am having haakh monj craving. I never thought that’s ever going to happen with me, I was special that way 😖, but… @AdityaRajKaul I think they have modified the order now?Fact! sense. Supreme Court dispenses apology. Frankly if apology was a condition, almost half the Indians should be… @RS_dilli I am really scared of any political conversations at office and even with my parents sometimes. I mostly…
@juneymb Sooras diyav naar. Aate neer soun *i don’t know what I am talking about* @juneymb Chenei cha maklemich?Oh I almost forgot that I have to watch GOT episode today, and now it’s late. My memory is as good as memory foam. Ok. Bye. @SANDIPANMITRA6 Why don’t you start with “chowkidaar” thing. I dare you! @SANDIPANMITRA6 You said the F word, OMG!’s cloudy, dilli walon, Pakistan ka hawai attack kabhi bhi ho sakta hai. Phir mat bolna!Legend! @nashh11 Haha! The level is so low now. I should take Sanyaas. @Ikumar7 Haan yaar! Bahut saare.. @sonaliranade *did not give it to the world* . He doesn’t want to act so intelligent all the time. Downplays you kn… @sonaliranade Haha! @Vishesh4 Haha! Thank God it’s not cloudy in Delhi these days.Frankly Vir Das comedy is the worst. I don’t want to tag anyone because it discourages in some ways. But yeah, it’s the worst! @Retributions Exactly my thoughts. These guys can’t think straight. Haar cheez mein activism and victimhood. @sidpan99 Oh no, no spoilers plssss!
Them: "Can you just explain cats in one gif?" Me:
Retweeted by S* @surabhitrehan This. somehow reminds me of the Ambani weddings that just passed by.