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It is an inescapable truth that jingoism and talk of war limit our options. Reason and not emotions must guide Indi…
Retweeted by Shivani PanditaYou shouldn’t be. India and it’s ethos is more forgiving than Kashmir ever was. put arguments and detailed account of the #PulwamaMassacre by @AdityaRajKaul finally! outraged Hindus are intimidating Kashmiri Muslims & anyone who disagrees with their ways or views. This is wha…
Retweeted by Shivani PanditaThe contrast between CRPF running a helpline for any Kashmiri needing help versus twitter genocidal maniacs is the…
Retweeted by Shivani Pandita
There is something deeply troubling this country is going through now. People can’t think straight. It’s not a plac… and it’s zombie type supporter base are the worst thing that has happened to India in last 70 years. They have… : Pakistan and its new patron, China, share the blame for this terrorist attack but India must intro…
Retweeted by Shivani PanditaOh God! @koshurkot Karlo @koshurkot Haha! Yeah I make spelling mistakes. That’s my problem, but Rotis. Seriously 🙄Make no mistake. When it comes to acting on terror, undertaking any military action or in matters of national secur…
Retweeted by Shivani PanditaNo. Blood of all those is in the hands of easily gullible men who think their religion is above everything or in is…
What’s with this whole debate that people carry on over monogamy. I mean seriously - you have a problem with it, yo… @rahulpandita Idiots are always less on hosh and high on josh.2. Collapsing & died of heart attack. But what’s worse is that the CCTV footage is circulated & re-circulated in mu… Extremely disturbing incident happened in one of prominent housing societies in Hyderabad. A 6 year old kid got… is the count. This is so bad, and worse things will follow are the best 😂 you think crying babies can be the worst travel companions, wait till you meet huge groups of Gujjus travellin… @TypoMantri It’s everywhere. There is a Gandhi store where they sell all books related to him along with hand spun… @TypoMantri Yup. Should have mentioned that.Gujarat airport has overdose of Mahatma Gandhi’s pictures and messages. The same Gandhi whose ideology BJP supporte… @Bhikusingh01 @YoursLegallyy @ladkidyutiful @Shehla_Rashid @taapsee @ChachraManisha @jeenasingh5 Yes! Masala cutting chai it is ❤️Oh it’s drizzling in Delhi ❤️
Feelings are usually calculations - which we don’t understand.So many dilemmas. Always always there. I’m tired of them, aren’t they of me?The biggest platform for fake news is I believe “whatsapp”. But technology is an enabler which is just spreading th… is this Twitter’s responsibility that someone is being abusive? The only thing probably they can do in this mat… if this french toast is more beautiful than you will ever be
Retweeted by Shivani PanditaWatch a single cell become a complete organism in six pulsing minutes of timelapse
Retweeted by Shivani PanditaHaha okay! Back to work now. @kpnewschannel Sir/Mam, neither I am against nor with NDTV. I just dislike thoughtlessness which I clearly saw in y… @kpnewschannel No you should comment. Is context important to you?Do you really think that violence of such kind is because man belongs to X religion? NDTV has ‘ not’ quoted the nam…
No one denies this. The real question is: why procure far fewer aircraft at a higher price per plane and at a deliv…
Retweeted by Shivani Pandita @Traluk thats the only reason people go to shadis, food!I could have skipped this day if it was up to me. Today was so bland, I didn’t want to live this day from morning i… @Eee2daMoon @ColdCigar @kohlrimmedeyes Yup!Kahani Ghar Ghar ki Korea is mad for digital coins. Coffee shops print their own. There's a cryptocurrency game show. But it’s th…
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@ColdCigar @kohlrimmedeyes Actually there is one more way! But I’m not Sharing it with anyone 😂😂😂 @kohlrimmedeyes @ColdCigar Yeah doesn’t it make it less bitter. I thought it did 😬 @SarthakaSingh Kuch paana kuch khonaThe best way to deal with Monday morning blues is to skip work on Monday. Tuesday mornings are better! @sagarpathak91 Haan I am also joining. I can’t see anyone happy when I am not 😂 @sagarpathak91 Legit reason hain. You should join now. Aaj-Kal vacancies are filling fastOh God! Look at the condition. The weather has been really bad this year @koshurkot Sahi baat! Good morning 😂Valentine’s Day is near and Bajrang Dal is recruiting, anyone interested? Bajrang Dal Spring Internship [np]
Now that I am watching #GOT again - all seasons, I can say this with conviction that Daenerys and John Snow make th… @Eee2daMoon Aap Silicon Valley wale log hi karogeyGovt’s have been dumb or fascist. They are both! And they take people also to be dumb. @deepankerkaul Preparedness which is never there ☺️Don’t know, but definitely changes will be irreversible. Good or bad, we will have to live with it. @deepankerkaul Yeah, right now things are distant but seeing the exponential trend of technology evolution and the… @deepankerkaul I don’t agree. I think otherwise but only time will tell. Who knows the futureOn a completely different note, “Her” is the most relevant movie I have seen on AI integration with human lives. Watch it if you haven’t. @paurikhal_ki Yup! Me too now @S_cintillating Niti Aayog is just a Govt's mouthpiece, should be disbanded if UPA comes back and planning commissi…
Retweeted by Shivani PanditaIndia will have to attract foreign investments, make corruption less feasible through social and tech. means and ra… universal health converge looks way to optimistic for a country like a india by 2022 along with the min. Incom… @RiderGipper Complex thing like others. No easy way outAnd when this happens - it might breakdown the existing democratic world order. Why give political power to people… am actually very scared of AI and blockchains. What will be it’s human impact - there is be no jobs in already jo…, they took it as a joke. A dumb joke and declined. are talking the language people understand now. BJP has very successfully created something which didn’t exist… is the worst game invented by humankind. I am not sure why people pay for getting bored. Sitting at home an…
@deepankerkaul @RoopKoul @kathbakwas Don’t worry, next time will be perfect. I am also learning 🙌 @deepankerkaul @RoopKoul @kathbakwas Arey wah. Were they good? @Ikumar7 Have Crocin today before sleeping. @Ikumar7 What is stopping you?The best thread I’ve read lately. Talks about un-employment in India with such clarity and most of them are obvious…
@AnandzWorld Yup!Tough day ends. Phewwww!
I love my phone and other things which I’m dependent upon. I find it so so difficult to replace them. I use an iPho… @YoursLegallyy @deepsealioness You should reply “ that’s not much”. That’s the only thing that will hurt him. @sabeaux only we happen to be a sad tropical country. this scene is crazyEnough February. Enough! @_AimA_ Haha! Yup I know 🤦‍♀️Individualism also can lead to self obsession and narcissism. Not debating, just a general observation I made.being in love whilst dealing with crippling anxiety is like needing glasses to find your glasses
Retweeted by Shivani PanditaWhich ones are irrelevant? Let me start with them first. @s_ac_hi_n Yes I know. This was meant to be a jokeSome where in Canada. Trump is right - where is global warming? 😂
@peerashiq Warm socks, nachos, dreams of snow outside and yes ginns too if they are nice. Night night! @peerashiq I think I am today. Some days should be like these. Jinn peers are always welcome but, life is too boring otherwiseWhen you are in general satisfied with your day - you haven’t had any junk n less carbs during the entire day. Also… are days when you don’t want to think or talk serious, don’t feel stressed out, laugh more on idiotic things… @RS_dilli Neither animal nor plant. But a different one. @RS_dilli Haha no. It’s a Different kingdom al together @surabhitrehan I agree! Completely. Kya hi Bolein aaise logo ko @RS_dilli It’s not actually @jameelyusuf @PawanDurani Haan naturally grown things are tastier @AdityaRajKaul Haan and then you compromised your ethics for the sake of rogan josh Phol. Kuss tawan 😂 @Retributions I can! *confidence shaking now that you have pointed it out* @chirag Haan they confuse biologists also. @RS_dilli Haan! I love Delhi Haat types shopping ❤️One of my friends doesn’t eat mushrooms because it’s not vegetarian. I told her it’s more vegetarian than milk, but…