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Kashmiri || Working for a consulting firm || Spends some time in reading || Latecomer || Nature and animal lover || Prefers logic

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Oh no! What did I just see. @surabhitrehan That’s the greatest advice I have been given in years. I am gonna do that #feelinglikeabadass @surabhitrehan Oh thanks! Some appreciation will do some good. Otherwise people are so mean on twitter 😢When u r the youngest in family, there are obvious advantages,but there are more disadvantages. I never knew how to… there any Mr. World competitions as well and are they as glamorous? Just curious? who are too decent to think and overthink about the boundaries are going to die alone one day! #RandomThought 😢Suffering is not always lack of recourses or the injustices that people do to others. Saying that everyone who has… @Raheelk @Olacabs @ola_supports @olamoney_in @bhash They did the same with me. I don’t use @Olacabs anymore.Pandits are just tools for raising Hindutva sentiments. Nothing more than that. still somehow identify ourselves as “Kashmiri’s”- raised in multiple rented houses outside. Our generation is th… people say that KP’s are doing well, migration was a blessing in disguise for them. Have they ever thought abo… @Sohanbansode @yehlog There are no easy solutions.I was reading wrong newspapers in the 90s .Bharat ke log read newspaper which cried for KPs . This realisation is m…
Retweeted by Shivani Pandita @yehlog And I agree with your point your point plight of displaced in Surat and Mumbai. Just a course correction about KP’s.No! Mainstream media has not carried it fwd. There are some voices(mostly from community itself)that are vocal abou…“Demanded” is actually a wrong word. Right word if “Requested”. Those who know KP’s would understand this. @koshurkot Exactly! They don’t even want to know - brushing it aside saying KP’s carry too much of victimhood!I’m not sure how much you knw about post migration trauma that KP’s faced. So many died and our childhood wasn’t gr… @yehlog I don’t disagree. I am of the opinion that Hindutva is as bad as any other religious fanaticism. It’s polit…! No one knew few years back about KPs. And some people are already tired of hearing us out! @yehlog I agree with you that there are internal displacements. Hindutva is on rise but what happened in Kashmir wa… the first decade of KP exodus, no one heard us. You hear all this now on twitter because a few voices have been… @NamrataWakhloo Omg! This is the bestThese still aren’t over 😂 @deepsealioness My office culture is such that if I wear it, people are gonna ask me “Shadi ho gayi kya” but I so s… @deepsealioness If saree is properly pinned up, it can be more comfortable than anything else. But skilling the art…
@SaraHayatShah @Ashrafb25613572 My dad used to love it. But the smell when it’s cooked 😬 @TORUKH_MAKTO @aaqibmajeed_ Gurgawa vala address 🙌 @uttamkaul Yeah I know. I haven’t seen any of my male friends liking it and all the women I know just love them. Du… @uttamkaul Thanks for the honest expression! Btw why do guys hate Dumplings? @aaqibmajeed_ @TORUKH_MAKTO Yes yes! I want @MinimalSharma @nihang @NetflixIndia @gurdasmaan This scene was the saddest part of the Movie @ArdDeep People do watch GOT in Germany right? I can’t imagine that no one there does.Now some would argue “Tea”. It’s a fair argument and I am also confused now. So leaving this thread now.China’s greatest contribution to the world till now has to be the invention of “Dumplings”. @ArdDeep @YouTube Use vpn @ArdDeep @YouTube Hotstar?April is not that far away! Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Dragonstone (HBO) via @YouTube @aaqibmajeed_ They make songs just in Kashmiri?If you have 5 min, do read this poignant story of a #KashmiriPandit. How can these wounds ever heal, how can one ev…
Retweeted by Shivani Pandita @NamrataWakhloo You are so right."Down in the village the din of flute and drum, here deep in the mountain everywhere the sound of the pines." Ryo…
Retweeted by Shivani Pandita @Laamukk @NamrataWakhloo @Yakjite @Samiyaguroo @Shazia @shehryar_khanum @darakshanmahaa @fatimafiles @AliyaNazki @wakashmir @yemberzal @wazirsunil @Laamukk @Shiveta14 @FaaizDijoo Yea starts in the morning itself 😂Few years back my reporting senior was a CA, CFA and something’s more. During the file review — Audit Partner to M… @RS_dilli I should get out of bed then..
@Haider_Hyd Oye hoye. Compliment de diya. Aaj neend acchi aayegi 🤓 @Haider_Hyd Haan I need it. Bahut zaroori hai. Vaise Padne likhne mein toh thode hoshyaar hi the Bachpan se. @Haider_Hyd Oh no! Aab kya karein! @direwolfey No it’s not offensive and I am not offended. Also may be because I am little drunk right now. But okay bye :)Have been reading my tweets. I make so many spelling and grammatical mistakes that I am a bit ashamed. But then it’… @saimaovi Haha okay 😂This is on highway - NH8 right now. I am so late for work and uber driving is playing saddest Haryanvi songs. My la… @deepankerkaul I know, that’s why even I am skeptical @Drqasba Thanks for the suggestion. I am now inclined to go to Gulmarg, because now we are not used to extreme cold… @juneymb Yes, let me first get confident on this plan. I will get in touch with you. :) @FaaizDijoo @NamrataWakhloo Thanks Faaiz. Will look these up @NamrataWakhloo Any hotel suggestions there which I can book?How is Kashmir to visit in December end? My mother says that’s the worst time to be there. I know it’s gonna be col… @kavita_krishnan Awesome and love 👍 @satisht1967 @DharRenuka Kuch bhi @DharRenuka I know. That’s why most of elderly KP’s are diabetic along with lack of exercise. @RS_dilli @juneymb 14th and yours? @RS_dilli @juneymb Im noon chai too :)
@Achari_Nimboo I was in a girls college and I know what you are talking about. @koshurkot Now how do I explain that in a tweet? @RiderGipper thanksAt a certain age, the more useless a person is, the more attractive he/she seems to be. Thank God, i have passed that age. #Hopefully @Haider_Hyd Yes I know. South Indians eat rice as much as we do @FaaizDijoo So nothingOne of the motivations to come office. Garam Garam parantha is awesome but butter can be better - par aab humne itn… @ReyanJ1 Hawww! Nahi quit kaise Kar sakti hoon 😮Overheard someone saying “Poha is super healthy” - meaning that rice is healthier as Poha is processed rice. Now I…दिल दूँदता है फिर वहीं फ़ुरसत के रात दिन! @Ajaykou56441738 We used to live very close to Nagbal @koshurBatti Where was it? Which place in Kashmir?the best and long lasting way of enjoying something really beautiful is by never owning it.
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Name one ‘thing’ that reminds you of a very fond memory from the past? @nihang Haha. Half sleeves shirt ke upar full sleeves blazerMitron! Sardiyon mein moisturiser utna hi zaroori hai jitna garmiyon mein air-conditioner. @uttamkaul Exactly! So how would you know which country is safe and which is not. Probably through some surveys - here is one! @uttamkaul I knew you would say that - but women safety has nothing to do with religion and these Islamic states. K… @uttamkaul Yes @Sohanbansode Have to read this. Thanks for sharing 🙏
@Banzaaraaa @surabhitrehan So that she can have her chai on time 🤓 @shammybaweja @htTweets 😂😂Amidst his busy schedule as prime minister *read - lead election campaigner for BJP and a globe trekker* Mr. Modi t…* @surabhitrehan Yeah I guess every little girls dream. I wish you get a good one like jab we met @Maryam_N_Alavi @surabhitrehan My mother has a Banarasi bottle green colour saree which she wore for marriage. They… @surabhitrehan Invite me as well. Will have adrak hai together ☺️I don’t fancy marraige at all. Neither the event nor the arrangementIsn’t it a bit too much? Why do people fancy all this? Too much money - how many people were employed to arrange ev… traditional thaal. I have one reserved at home too. Looks yummy :) @shraddhapoojari Yup it’s good :)Always number-1 here. Congratulations! @Ikumar7 Haha! Hota hai 😂Kya timing hai! Wah wah 🙏 Youth tends to make such small mistakes - Mulayam Singh once said this on a totally different issue.