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The hidden homeless: Not guys sleeping in tents but kids sleeping on buses and floors - @TheWashingtonPost
Retweeted by Sarah @GlobeChadFinn Agree. I'm a fan, not a journalist, not a sabermetrician, not an analyst, not someone who obsesses o…
Retweeted by Sarah @loco_C0C0 texting you!!jumping into the potomac goodbye @rahtgee this tells us Victoria is SKETCHY because why would you be so incredibly upset about an ex meeting someone you'r… BEST thing about buying running shoes a cycle behind the current model is getting dope shoes--like TURKEY SHOES… 4 law schools to respond 2 me
Spectacular sunrise over the Anacostia River this morning. Absolutely breathtaking. @CapitolRvrFront
Retweeted by SarahToday is #HolocaustMemorialDay  If we held 1 minute of silence for every victim we would be silent for 11.5 years.
Retweeted by Sarah @SurvivingGrady Your Grammys takes are the only ones I care about tbch!! tribute to Prince is a stark reminder that the only musician equipped to properly capture the magic of Prince is Prince. #TheGrammys
Retweeted by SarahAnyway, The 1975 didn’t win so I’m just calling bullshit on #TheGrammys for the rest of the night.
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One day you’re making defense mechanism jokes about the Wuhan pathogen and the next it’s across the Potomac coming…’s president has spoken about the country’s ability to show leadership on global issues, such as public health…
Retweeted by SarahQUIZ: Is This Cat Chunky, *C H O N K Y*, or Very, Very Sick?:
Retweeted by SarahI'd say they should sell the XL Center for parts but nobody needs parts from 1974
Retweeted by SarahCan we get Gabi Butler adopted into a new family???????? at least the time of Greek philosophers, many writers have discovered a deep, intuitive connection between wa…
Retweeted by SarahHis name's not Rick! Patrick Star: 1999 and now
Retweeted by SarahGod Admits Humans Not Most Impressive Creation
Retweeted by Sarah"He was a very good passenger" ❤️
Retweeted by SarahYep. Gritty is magnificent and terrifying at the same time.
Retweeted by SarahMe starting #CheerNetflix: I don't know anything about cheerleading. Me 1.5 episodes later:
Retweeted by SarahYo these coaches do not give an EFF about their athletes’ physical health!!!!! Noooooo one is showing an ounce of c… “Cheer” so I can be involved in pop culture, will report back @cwdarney So poised!
@LeeJacksonME 👏 👏 good job!Here’s a baby Harp Seal (Photo: Keren Su
Retweeted by Sarah4A**Graphic warning** The Netherlands are known to have some of the highest standards on earth. If this happens there…
Retweeted by SarahDON’T TRADE HIM! @redsox
Retweeted by SarahTaking a nap/going to sleep when you’re sad or blue is the human equivalent of unplugging an appliance and then plu… in middle school when I realized it was pizza day in the cafeteria
Retweeted by Sarah @brianbeatonjr Good cover pic friend @mrshopkinson So I want an adult or senior kitty butttttttt methinks this logic still applies!!!!!white ppl will have a son named Rex they walk on a leash but have a dog named Steven they keep in a stroller
Retweeted by SarahHonestly still torn after these results so maybe the conclusion is that I need two furry children so I can use both…
@mansbums @barredindc KIWI 😭😭 what a precious pair of names!!!!’re committing tax fraud :) 💵🦆 💰🦔 📈🐢 💰🐀…
Retweeted by Sarah @rahtgee Tofu is p cute not gonna lie 🐱If I were to adopt an orange cat, which of these names is better????? Serious responses only pls, thank uThis is Teddy and Rusty. They have a symbiotic relationship in which all parties benefit, including anyone who happ…
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People settling into their jobs: Children playing in a schoolyard: Fire fighters tending to fires: The Church of En…
Retweeted by Sarahfirst email to landlord: “hey dave I’m sure you’re busy and I hate to be a bother but we noticed...” third email t…
Retweeted by SarahGritty's entire existence is an act of violence
Retweeted by Sarah @tonestradamus @clubtrillion Can we get a final ruling on this great debate on the next pod? cc: @titusandtate @AirMax11267 @BarstoolBigCat DELETE IMMEDIATELYI just want to adopt an orange cat and name her or him Pringles. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK!!!!!!Only 23 days until Valentine’s! Make your escape to the country now!
Retweeted by SarahSign me UP
it’s true. I had Alzheimer’s as baby. I can’t remember anything from when I was 1, 2, even 3 years old. and it’s al…
Retweeted by SarahI know he played a villain but he’s a hero in my eyes. ❤️ #BeKindToAllKinds
Retweeted by SarahHas anyone spotted a fast-trotting husky without a collar named Gunnar tonight in NW DC (near LeDroit/14th St area)…
Retweeted by Sarah @barredindc Unreal pic and unreal (accurate) commentary. 10/10
These vids never get old to me. Give me these gems all day every day
Retweeted by SarahLooking for “more information about two good samaritans who administered CPR and saved my friend’s life at the Colu…
Retweeted by SarahIf this picture upsets you, tell your friends not to wear those absolutely heinous @canadagoose jackets. Because th… news: #RedSox 2B Dustin Pedroia has suffered what sources say was a significant setback with his left knee…
Retweeted by SarahWalked into my office and thought someone must have broken in because it looks trashed... and then I saw this littl…
Retweeted by SarahSometimes, the most profound and far-reaching stories don’t make the front page because they’re just another data p…
Retweeted by SarahDogg Father & Large Father 📷 @davidortiz IG
Retweeted by Sarah @KlearlyKristal One would hope, and yet!!!! @EmbracePaceUVA ScreamingIM NOT A CHAMPAGNE STEALER #TheBachelor @TheUVAFool OMG @31nader It was a temporary structure UVa put up during newcomb’s renovation in fall 2012...legit a collapsible bui…
@lailstales No!!!!! To be fair I did follow all of the schools I’m applying to months ago, but they only found me this weekend......scared @hal_pal06 My clearest memory of N2 is when it had to be shut down for a weekend because they thought it’d blow awa… out this collector’s item I just rediscovered 👀 👀 @DWolfRVA @barredindc @DWolfRVA i admit i did indeed follow them first...but months ago! now i must remain incognito!omg one of my potential law schools has requested to follow me on insta...i feel like i have to stay hidden right??… @EmbracePaceUVA @EmbracePaceUVA looks GORG. will run it up the flagpole!Planning a bachelorette trip to Miami is super easy and straightforward when you've never been on a bachelorette an… @natsegb @stringoflites13 U have won twitter ma’amme n the girls pulling up to see little women
Retweeted by Sarah @TheWilderThings No freaking way!!!!! This is so dope
Happiest I’ve ever felt in my life is sprinting the last song to “Let’s Go Crazy” (only slight hyperbole I swear) up to a text from my mom about how a wild elephant went into a Sri Lankan hotel and gently wandered around whi…
Retweeted by Sarah @bobbywestside_ @bobbywestside_ cannot decide if prince would be alarmed or deeply alarmed...Taking a Prince-themed SoulCycle class tonight and may cry if Raspberry Beret is featured not gonna lie!!!!!The woman has certainly lived a life.
Retweeted by SarahI’m gonna need a bigger boat ❄️❄️❄️ #nlwx
Retweeted by SarahInteresting to note that the Hoos have resumed not losingAlmost as if riding the same 6 players with no rest isn’t sustainable.
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To be clear there is one absolutely correct answer and one absolutely correct answer onlyIs it rude to go to a winery and order a beerEXCLUSIVE: With a single photo, hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the U.S. can learn your name, where you liv…
Retweeted by SarahA full explanation from the National Archives is warranted. The slippery slope of the post-factual era can be seen…
Retweeted by Sarah @EmbracePaceUVA What a cutie! 😍😍😍❄️ ❄️ Let's party! #snowstorm #weekendvibes 🐺❄️
Retweeted by SarahWaking up to even a lil bit of snow always makes me :’) FBI arrested two groups of neo-Nazis this week who planned to converge on a Richmond gun rally. Authorities say…
Retweeted by SarahHarvey Weinstein's lawyer asked, "Do you root for the prosecution or the defense when you watch ‘Law & Order?'” to…
Retweeted by Sarah @loco_C0C0 Thank u for ur unwavering support during this timetakin a break ... workin off the kibble
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