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There is no evidence to suggest the raccoon was politically motivated.
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NJ: Bears need your help! Unless @GovMurphy stops the 2020 bear hunt, 100's of bears will be needlessly slaughtered…
Retweeted by SarahABC: His taxes CNN: His taxes Animal Planet: His taxes Cartoon Network: His taxes FOX News: Hearty fall soup rec…
Retweeted by SarahStrong Pawnee vibes at White House this morning as a raccoon attacked multiple news crews on North Lawn. 🦝 allegedl…
Retweeted by SarahTrump and his tax bill vs me and my tax bill
Retweeted by SarahHonestly is there any better food than food wrapped in other food
Retweeted by SarahTrump is the dude who says "I only ate appetizers" when the waiter brings the bill
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2020 @wahoocup Typo. @SheliaWeimer Omg I thought I was so original with this hahahah. But also glad I’m not alone!Coincidence that “statue of limitations” and “shit outta luck” have the same initials? I think not!
Isn't it delightful that there are at least **two** different extremist religious organizations that are freakishly…"Then a hurricane came, and devastation reigned/Our man saw his future drip, dripping down the drain/Put a pencil t…
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This will never not hurt a little
Retweeted by Sarah @clubtrillion You gotta make shots to win at this level. Crazy but true!
Again, someone PLEASE identify another career in which it is totally and completely acceptable to not do your job A…
My boy Alex’s remote learning has been good a for a few welcome laughs this morning. Spanish class starts with 10 m…
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a woman’s place is inside a rainforest café
Retweeted by Sarah @ogfiki agreed to be an overnight guest in The Woods™️ with @ogfiki , and with ads & fun facts like these, I'm sure it… mean they attacked a porcupine and the porcupine defended itself. Porcupines are shy creatures who don’t go out…
Retweeted by Sarah @KlearlyKristal IT ISThe best karaoke song is Mr. Brightside and if you disagree that's your right but you should know that you are wrong.
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@booboojeffrys I is not the hill I will die on, but it is a hill I have *considered* dying on before wasn't it during the last equinox that we all tried to balance brooms on their bristles and this sorcery probs… object!’s all fun and games until he put that blue mask on and rob you for everything you own
Retweeted by SarahGlowing, Cackling McConnell Levitates Above Senate After Realizing Chamber’s Rules Only Self-Imposed Mental Constru…
Retweeted by SarahSounds completely and totally and 100% sane!
My experience and the experience of my staff underscore the need for a nat’l testing strategy with a coherent way t…
Retweeted by SarahGreat day to have a great day with @ogfiki 🌵🍑 cc: @PrecariousBeer
**weather approaches 50 degree range** **me** @LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump @senatemajldr asked: When the time comes, what would you like to be remembered for? "Someone who used whatever talent she had t…
Retweeted by SarahFor context: President Obama nominated Merrick Garland in March of 2016. There are now 46 days until Election Day 2020.
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Only the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote some of its most notable opinions on…
Retweeted by Sarah🤍 @EmbracePaceUVA @lilmsawkward this’ll be early voting for the first time this year! I encourage other young people to do the same to (1) decrease st… professor forgot to post a Zoom link for class today and I really thought we were about to have a high school…
So I turned on the sound recognition feature from iOS 14 and
Retweeted by SarahBlackburn is currently a co-sponsor of three different proposed constitutional amendments in the Senate
Retweeted by SarahToday in 1979, ABBA play their first live concert in the US in Seattle🙌 #ABBA
Retweeted by Sarah @lailstales I periodically like then unlike this so I can have the thrill of liking it again just FYICarried my law school trivia team tonight through the pop culture round by knowing (obviously) that “exile” feature… OUTFIT, HER VOCALS, HER GUITAR, EVERYTHING ABOUT TAYLOR SWIFT SINGING BETTY LIVE IS PERFECT
Retweeted by SarahBut but but can @taylorswift13 show up at allll of the party’s 🥺🙌🏼🤍 WEVE MISSED YOU AND YOUR CARDIGAN
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@ChrisColligan Thanks! IMO, much better to have less computer time when all our classes are already online @KlearlyKristal :') an honored title to hold, wow Bomb Pop juice on my notes is starting to become a recurring problem of you have never dragged your daughter's boyfriend through the sewers of Paris and it shows
Retweeted by SarahIt’s 67 degrees in WBurg right now and yet again I know that I’m absolutely doomed for winter because this feels legitimately cold...
We must protect Alex at all costs 💙🤍💙 this restless, screen-centric time, a virtual cast reunion of "The Princess Bride" drew an audience of more than…
Retweeted by SarahMy favorite part of football season is back! medicine is amazing
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@Jus10Watts Finally they wised up and listened to the experts!!! @WMCampusRec hi! Quick question - for students who want to use the pool, do we need to make a different type of res… @loco_C0C0 Truly I do not understand?? Does the virus stop at the turnstile entrances?? It must...I mean clearly the only explanation....Didn’t realize the NFL season was being played until today, happy Sunday? found this pic today and I've decided this animal is my true essence
I always wear a mask when I go outside. But something about it was leaving me anxious and unsettled. I thought abou…
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This trend is great 😂 (via stays_fosterr/IG, damion_thomas7/IG, iamakiadanielle/IG, pearlvizion/TikTok, bossladyni…
Retweeted by SarahAnnnnnd the social distancing champion is the grizzly bear 🐻😂
Retweeted by SarahWhy we still need Bruce Springsteen's 'The Rising' on the 19th anniversary of 9/11
Retweeted by SarahEvery year on 9/11 this video is the most important 14 minutes of my day. I think ordinary people doing extraordina… you guys are impressed with the NFL's contact tracing wristbands, make sure you download Virginia's COVIDWISE ap…
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hint it’s not me stop being goofy
Retweeted by Sarah @KlearlyKristal omg :( @KlearlyKristal beautiful; inspiring"Amethyst Scandinavian Swimmer," coming to theaters Feb 2021
It's noon in San Francisco.
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Created this masterpiece in between Zoom U lectures today! Lemon cake with homemade chocolate buttercream frosting… to my favorite hiking buddy and bear fighter 💚 may this year bring fewer ursine encounters! @lailstales How did I miss this fashion star???? @lailstales @ogfiki A classic move!!! I should’ve knownThat’s not what I heard
Retweeted by Sarah @ogfiki It you!Been super nice having my favorite reading buddy around the past few days while suffering through Zoom U Law School… last time this happened children died
Retweeted by Sarah @elsa_a_t You have advanced taste and I approve.
You are always allowed to be the creature you are. I am a bear.
Retweeted by Sarah“Fluffy Cows”
The bar for what I find humorous four weeks into law school is now very very very low
my dog doing the bare minimum to chase his tail and then giving up entirely.... love a good metaphor
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Shoutout to the Commonwealth of VA for sponsoring all of my higher ed papier sur le "e-learning" en physique, avec une biblio sur les bonnes pratiques et outils, et cq fois, les + e…
Retweeted by SarahCalm, reasonable, non-antagonistic—this was jarring to read in 2020!
Retweeted by Sarah#TBThursday 🐂 baby Cru 🐂nightly Crouton
Retweeted by Sarah @realDonaldTrump Just keep digging a deeper hole, President Bone Spurs
Dr. Fauci has debunked the false claim—retweeted by the president—that only about 9,000 people have actually died f…
Retweeted by Sarah @TheWilderThings @clubtrillion @FOXSports I'm not exaggerating when I say this is the best thing that's happened to sports all year
Expert says: "The launch of Impossible Burger in Kroger, the biggest grocery chain in the U.S., could help hasten t…
Retweeted by SarahBest part about living alone = no one eats my baked treats except me 😋 Worst part about living alone = no one empt… I’ll cry myself to sleep now 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭