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ちぃたん☆&ガガちゃん&アリアナちゃんのMV解禁ですっ☆ちぃたん☆ですっ☆ I'm ready to collaborate with world class musicians. @ArianaGrande @ladygaga
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan @shinohara_kentaおもちゃコマ撮り【カービィ】を2本分繋ぎました✨ #StopMotion
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidanメタルギニャ #ネタを本気で
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidanアルト:プロ ジャグラー スピアヘッド小隊5番機。 両肩のツインガトリングは広い射角を持つだけでなく、短時間なら自立飛行が可能。背部には高出力ビーム砲を備えるなど、火力支援に特化されている。 多彩な火器を曲芸のように扱い、友軍の突…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanUnsurprisingly, Republicans are "furious" that Joe Biden chose to divide America by becoming president. And if that…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanDon’t forget that during reconstruction, racist white mobs lynched and killed almost all newly Black politicians in…
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this is heart-breaking Trump never understood or cared to understand Qanon. He knew that it was full of people who…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanI want republican people (not politicians), to hear this. It’s going to be ok. They have made you scared of us fo…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanAs someone who personally knows just how terrified Republicans are right now, this is 150% correct.’s advertisement about patriots trusting Russia to house Parler seems sus. (I mean, YIKES.)
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanJust like that...Mike Pence turns babyface! On a day when it would have been so EASY to do the right thing, Donald…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanIt was just 4 years ago that my daughter went to work and a co-worker screamed “We’re going to deport you” to her face.
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanJust wait until you hear about Melania.
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanI was hoping for everything to go dark and we see JFK Jr. suddenly burst out and storm the stage a la WWE Give. Up.
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan#ダンボール戦機W9周年 LBXをひたすら作って作って そのままプロになった奴は私です…🤔
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanThis is The Best photo
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanAww Cute 😘😻💕
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@MrBarryLewis Always glad to see the election lie exposed more and more 2. Mitch is running for political cover, and he’s pi…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan“The mob was fed lies by the president and enabled by me.”
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanIn May 2020, Trump retweeted a video of New Mexico politician Cuoy Griffin saying "The only good Democrat is a dead…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanJUST IN: Less than 24 hours before Biden is sworn in, Sidney POWELL voluntarily drops her lawsuit to overturn resul…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanFuck the NYPD
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanJust the NYPD brutalizing demonstrators at a peaceful protest held in honor of reverend Martin Luther King Jr and i…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidanという訳で!!激戦を制して一位を手に掴み取りました!!!! 応援してくださった方々、本当にありがとうございました!! 後程このツイートに没カットや塗装前写真や小ネタなどを上げていきますので、よろしければご覧下さい #30MM
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Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanTrump planted his own 'deep state' partisans in government agencies to undermine Biden: report
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan @curlymario @edgewrths this one is my fave
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan @edgewrths
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan @edgewrths
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidancompilation of These posts
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanI was a happier person before I realised these exist.
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan#白黒にするとかっこいいって聞いた
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan#白黒にするとかっこいいって聞いた
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan @gooddeniceウチで盾といったらこの辺ですね。 #あなたの自慢の盾見せてください
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanA seesaw for kids on the US-Mexico Border has won the 2020 Beazley Design of the Year award. The installation cons…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanFacts Carefully Redacted From Travel Story To Avoid Revealing It Mission Trip
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan地球滅亡のピンチがきたらちぃジョーカーが救いますっ☆ちぃたん☆ですっ☆ I'm a Joker
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan @AdamSculthorpe @kelly2277 Something is rotten in America.
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanParler is back online now by routing 100% of its user traffic through servers located within the Russian Federation…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan#Megaman X9 #conceptart number 2: #Axl 🔫🔫💖 I really enjoyed painting this one, Axl has great colors.…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan#カッコ悪く見せようコンペ
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@ArtzieJoe94 First thing I remembered is what you said so I'm replying to it of Parler's wife. No, I'm not kidding.
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanParler website is back up. With a DDos-Guard IP, exactly as I predicted the day it went offline. DDoS Guard is th…
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Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanThis Navy vet has something to say about the inauguration...
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan#あなたの自慢の盾見せてください これくらいしかなかった
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan @Nowacking The fact that world hunger could be fixed and we just don't do it is one of the biggest blows on my optimism for humanity
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan @Nowacking Now watch someone go "If Bill Clinton passed that law then I'm against it."It was the worst part of my day when I worked at Dunkin and we had to do this
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanThis is depressing 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanChina’s vaccine diplomacy appears to be not just about promoting its own vaccine, but also irresponsibly spreading…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanIncreasing the minimum wage to $15/hour would lift 1.3 million workers out of poverty. The time to act is now.
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan#カッコいい銃の構え方 #30MM 大好きSEED撃ち👍
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@bluepuffinmedia @TheCheapShowPod Who else thinks its price is the first thing the wearer will point out every time the watch comes up?30 things you can do that might help #autistic people in your lives. A thread. Please read and share widely, and a…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidanこの度模型サークル【我楽鷹-がらくた-】を設立致しました。 コロナ禍で展示会等が見受けられない状況ですが開催された暁にはサークルとして意欲的に参加していきます。 模型界に微風を巻き起こしていこうと思います。今後ともよろしくお願…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidanコマ撮り格闘シーン。#ストリートファイター #フィギュアーツ
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan @JennyENicholson I had to pause and re-read that twice to make sure I wasn't having an aneurysm.and every one always says im a fucking Moron for leaving my dms open .
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan#凜パパフォロワー6500人祭り きっかけはかっこいいサザビーでした。その後展示会の参加に混ぜてもらって仲良しに(* 'ᵕ' ) 今は超大物になってしまった🤣早めに仲良くなっといて良かった🤣 また早く集まりたいね!
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanI heard #Dachshunds are trending. This is my wirehaired nephew, Iggy.
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanWhat if Parl*r was an RP Server and the incident at the Capitol was just a LARPing session gone wrong.
“Trial by combat” - Rudy Giuliani January 6, 2021 They say a picture is worth a thousand words. 👀
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanI dare you to give this to your wife
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidansame energy
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanIt might help if you’d call them what they are: “terrorists”
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanAm I even allowed to eat this?
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan"She has a staple remover for panties which eliminates all fiction of functionality. This woman ruptures her liver…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanPlease enjoy It Won't Last Forever, the darkest, clumsiest book about depression any of us will ever see.…
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Wait WHAT. Thanks for the follow @Seanbabydotcom! Prepare to see your timeline get filled with retweets of Japane…「当ったれ~!」瞳の中のファーラウェイ #アニろーぜ
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidanセンター試験の結果がみなさん良いものになるように、落ちないよう紐付きバンジーしておきますねっ☆ オプションで紐なしもokですっ☆ちぃたん☆ですっ☆ let's go!
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan @stevenspohn Trick question. It's all of the above.I'm not much of a morning person. But for the last five months I've been waking up to this...and things are startin…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan煉獄さんは憧れですっ☆今日も煉獄ちぃ寿郎☆で走り込みですっ☆ run! #鬼滅の刃 #DemonSlayer #煉獄杏寿郎 #PROPLICA日輪刀
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidanキレイ?
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan4分割できてる?
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan今日も妖精界に報告連絡相談ですっ☆ちぃたん☆ですっ☆ I found a phone booth that I can enter
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidanラウドゲイル&ウォーメイジ無事完成致しました。 今回は某香港玩具のオマージュという事でスポンジによる叩き塗りをメインにいつもより豪快にウェザリングを施しています。 #ヘキサギア #HEXAGEAR #ACIDRAIN
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan @for_riner らいなーまんさん! 今日は背面をメインに勉強させていただきました!!! 360度死角なしに迫力のある作品を、自分も作っていきたいです✨
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanThis is all @Seanbabydotcom's fault.
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanNew: Warp Speed leaders waited more than two months to approve a plan to distribute & administer vaccines proposed…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanOur Kickstarter campaign is coming to an end! Still a week left to order your very own signed copy of the ZombieCag…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanWe’re LIVE!! It’s been over ten years in the making! Support our Kickstarter and get the ZombieCageFighter graphic…
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Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanPRO-TIP: Never lie about what you did in a building with over a thousand video cameras.
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-EidanThe new Post poll has some awful findings among Republicans: 51% say GOP leaders didn't go far enough in nullifyin…
Retweeted by Jaber 'S-Ranker' Al-Eidan @bluepuffinmedia Ah well, it's a learning process lmao @bluepuffinmedia Doubt you'd find it on pdf though now that I think about it @bluepuffinmedia If you can salvage the audio post it along with a pdf like a read-along if that works 🤔🤔 @_AGOTO @akeboshi_03 valkyrie
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