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Sabaton @sabaton Falun, Sweden

The Official account for heavy metal band Sabaton. PRE-ORDER "THE WAR TO END ALL WARS" NOW! 👉🏻

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The LIMITED Halloween T-shirts are soon sold out! Do like Pär, secure one while they last... Find them here: 👉🏻… @VTHokie2007 Thank you Wade! @KNAC Thanks for the shout-out!-Do you find the track list interesting for THE WAR TO END ALL WARS? ❗️Read more, and Pre-Order: 👉🏻…
Do you like board games, history and Heavy Metal? -Then this game would be right up your alley! 😎 Pre-Order it now:… @RedGraveGaming Thank you very much for coming! @Ryndras_ Fantastic, thanks! @GregThorntonCO Thanks for coming Greg! @MetalRanga Excellent news there 😎THE TOUR TO END ALL TOURS❗️ With support from The HU & LORDI. -Secure Your ticket now: 👉🏻
Tell us. Have you already grabbed something from the "THE WAR TO END ALL WARS" collection? 👉🏻… @meganropa6 Thanks a lot for coming! @Jennife38882385 As long as it was sent through our official website, we got it 😎 @monsterhunt166 Thank you so much Keith“Over 2 and a half hours of music, a night that will be on my all time favorites list. I’m betting it’s the same fo…
Together with our partner Scribabs we present you: "A Battle Through History" - An Adventure with Sabaton! 🔥 @rachhlul @jonmahonn See you there!On this day, in 1617: Gustavus Adolphus was crowned. He was "The Lion From The North"!
On our last show in Denver we were honoured by the visit of the WW2 veteran Elmer "Lucky" McGinty who served with C… @CindyVerreault1 As soon as we can! @GlenBarker1 Thank you very much for your words Glen. See you there! @Defenestrator Thanks! @SeanNor68827915 Thanks for sharing that @HubersRAGE Thanks for coming!
To be continued, on OCTOBER 12... is where you find all information about upcoming tour dates. + Official tickets!
-Which Sabaton song made you a fan? Bianca Kelders answer is: "Great War was the song, and it still is." She also o… hallo to Mr. Pumpkin Brodén. 👉🏻
OCTOBER 12❗️ this day, in 1941: Stalin orders deployment of Night Witches. Watch the Animated Story Video for "Night Witches"… this day, in 1918: The Lost Battalion survivors were rescued. Watch the live video for "Lost Battalion" from Stu… @MichMo10 Great idea 😉 @Rebekah65950565 We better 😎 @Distorted_Mag @nuclearblast @TheNoiseCartel Thanks for the shout-out!
Coat of Arms is ALL OVER you with this one.. 😎 And, with 20% OFF for 24 hours it's also this week's pick! -Get it h… this day, in 1915: First day of the defence of Belgrade. Learn more from our History Episode on "Last Dying Brea…
No matter what device you have, we have a version for it! THE WAR TO END ALL WARS can be Pre-Ordered now: -Go get i… @Metaltrip1 Thanks for the shout-out!
Here's THE WAR TO END ALL WARS collection! Have a look here: 👉🏻 -Did you Pre-Order the albu… @latesthydra4577 Not really... @BeccaPeachtree See you there! @wormholeextreme @Dhaneye @Amaranthemetal Thank you!PRE-ORDER OUR NEW ALBUM NOW! 👉🏻 Here is the EARBOOK. The mother of all THE WAR TO END ALL W…
THE WAR TO END ALL WARS - available for Pre-Order! 🤘 -Grab it NOW: 👉🏻 This is the album you… WAR TO END ALL WARS - available for Pre-Order! 🤘 -Grab it NOW: 👉🏻 This is the album you… @UlcarAnzej Lucky you! @smacnaul84 They are quite aggressive! @gonzdie00 Stay away from him! @Folkkamrat Even more epic than the winged ones? @Rudolf_Du_Toit Attacking the one who destroys sounds legit. @ZeaZolf We have some ideas for that one @OkaraBooboos12 The war itself can also attack @latesthydra4577 Keep away from him 😉 @martinjbuscemi Gracias por apoyarnos! @HobbsMob See you as soon as possible! @BookLady85 @ManMadeMoon @FullyChargedShw Yeah, check us there ;) @Qirki_ See you there!
THE TOUR TO END ALL TOURS❗️ With support from The HU & LORDI. -Secure Your ticket now: 👉🏻 not start your Sunday with our covers❓
"Up against all odds, Sabaton took a huge tactical chance playing a show with only 24 hours’ notice. It seemed like… this day, in 1941: The Battle for Moscow started. Blast of this evening with our official video for Defence Of M… this day, in 1918: The first day of Lost Battalion incident. Learn more from our History episode on this song &… this day, in 1944, the Warsaw Uprising ended. We have 2 episodes based on the Warsaw Uprising on Sabaton History…
-Here's the playlist you seek today❗️ Do you agree with the songs chosen for this playlist? PLAY IT LOUD 😎 = FunDay! 🤘 Let's see what Your Sabaton song would be called based on your birth date. 😂 @bigeuzi @PlaylistWars Thanks for the support Ewan! @khittee52 Thanks Beth! @MathBeer See you there!
The WAR NEVER ENDS t-shirt is PICK OF THE WEEK! For 24h we offer 20% off on this design. And you know you want it..… @DeadlessHick Thank you very much! @nena_obermier Thank you very much! @jetslover00 Thanks a lot for coming! @Doug_Collinge You look good! Thank you 😉 @ArterezSpeizer Thank you very much for your support 😎 @SPatrickRoss We will as soon as we can @Vlad31446043 Thank you!-Do you think you can look as bad-ass as Joakim? 😎 Well, then you should consider a pair of the RE-STOCKED signatur…
BRING ON 2022! 🔥 Here they are, all re-confirmed bands from the 2 postponed years! -More festival info, and tickets…, in Denver, CO 🤘 @MathBeer Yeah! Please check the dates here: @GeoffShakespear Maybe next time, GeoffThe Great Tour ends TONIGHT, and we will do THE LAST SHOW❗️ Right here in Denver, CO. It will be A VERY SPECIAL SHO…
The end of The Great Tour - The Last Show! Denver, Colorado. Sept 29 2021. 🔥 Read more: 👉🏻 tourmate and friend Richie in Judas Priest just had a major medical heart condition issue. We are all shocked a…
Today we wonder which song on "The Great War" you love best? 👉 -Give it another full listen… @bat_erik Same to you! @eoindalybsc We'll get to you guys as soon as we can! @DavidGTato @ResurrectionESP Gracias David! @Vanessa_sousaC As soon as it is possible @firesouldiers Thanks! @Knight_Schulz Thanks for the support! @Th0ttySc0tty See you very soon! @NielsOnDrum See you soon! @AhmadAl3nzi98 Thanks a lot, see you there! @Painey_Pants Thank you very much! @saxmansaxagram We loved that you were there 😉 @Scrubyton Thank you for coming and welcome on board! @GlenFJMackenzie Just a few months away! @OkamiRyuji We'll get there as soon as we can!
-Who will attend THE TOUR TO END ALL TOURS? 🤘 For all dates and tickets: 👉🏻