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no internet upload :) :) Comcast why do you hate me 🔪 @riyuukiii In my defense it’s udon
I will be late to my own unscheduled stream because I decided to make soupI was rlly tired then just remember I can have coffee whenever I want @pictobeam Hope things get better :) @riyuukiii It had to be done I understand @riyuukiii :(
Sab Studios Finds New Spots are you ok? you’ve barely touched your Red Bull Sugarfree sealant gun
Retweeted by sabbify @gemfullyttv I’m so glad ur on the death note train as well now!! @riyuukiii I laughedIf I was a vampire who didn’t have to sleep I would simply play Pokémon snap all night
back and better than ever (i hope) my way back from my mini vacation I missed my stream
I can’t wait to play games again
I just took a nap and woke up like ughhh I have work now but really it’s my weekend @xChouri It’s pretty mysterious to me @thebexxleigh I’ve established myself as an extreme introvert so expectations are low @thebexxleigh It’s too good!!
@riyuukiii Pain @riyuukiii I am cackling @riyuukiii Show me yours 😤😤 @business_qt W @riyuukiii Not yet!! I’m determined though!That raichu is all I need in life all I care about are plants and games how am I expected to have a social life irl??Am I addicted to snap? Yes. Do I have multiple 4 star diamonds? Yes bc I’m a god tier gamer @gemfullyttv This just reminded me I have to fold my laundry still 🥲guyyyyys we had a great stream!!! appreciate everyone so much and we beat Comcast!!
FIGHTING C0MCAST LETS GO took a nap but gonna force myself to go out then I low key wanna keep playing snap on stream @_FireKicks Be safe!! @pictobeam it’s chilll gotta learn how to live without internet even if it’s killing my stream dreams :(Didn’t think upload speeds could get worse than yesterday’s 0.01 but Comcast loves to continuously impress and rai…
its grind time bb !socials !discord @pictobeam Get ur baggggg!!!I shall try again tonight!!I was so close to reaching a goal I had in mind but my internet has made it impossible to stream and be consistent… AAPI month to us! *whispers* Celebrate all Asians, please. Remember that SEA exists. Don’t leave out South A…
Retweeted by sabbify @glitterpixi3 @FantasticDeli I just watched the vod you’re the sweetest angel @riyuukiii 💀💀 @aireebeartv I would love that @Peterhchau Let’s do a race and if she wins I get free internet for the monthOn a high note I’m fully caffeinated now and will be enjoying Pokémon snapIt’s so fast :) :) @glitterpixi3 @FantasticDeli my internet wouldn’t let me type or watch streams which was super neat buttttt I hope you’re having a good one!Internet just crashed so hard I can’t even chat in people’s streams after my stream failed :)Dex Completion and Follower Raids :) !socials !discord
@glitterpixi3 Ur power ✨Actually signed up for a gym membership we on our fitness grind to outweigh the gamer grind @sux0rz21 Winter was tuffWent outside today, touched some grass
Nap hit too hard I’m back biddies
Maybe it’s the long bike ride this morning sapping my energy lulTaking a nap then going back online I think idk why I just got tired all of a sudden @gemfullyttv I went for a bike ride even though it’s cold and windy but I hope you have an excellent day palSab Studios For All Your Photo Needs
stop complimenting me after i make self deprecating half jokes !!! what happened to saying "mood" or "same" & conti…
Retweeted by sabbify @gemfullyttv 🥲 @Loeybug this shirt is so cute!!I stay listening to the turnip boy ending theme to boost my serotonin levels @aireebeartv felt dat @aireebeartv I wish I was good at oils! I do watercolor and too many paintings have colors bleeding into each other…
@aireebeartv Waiting for it to dry between layers is why I have so many unfinished paintings 🥲 @aireebeartv it doooooes give me time to read and paint though and do other things I neglect for the internetno internet still and that means no watching new episodes of handmaids tale, streaming, or watching my friends stream @aireebeartv Nope I guess they’re basically the only option here @sux0rz21 This is now a Comcast hate account 😤😤 @tamzsyn Congrats!! @JENNYLAGO I’m in the Midwest but the service overall is constantly bad 💀💀My internet is worse in the city than it was in my small town in the middle of nowhere make it make sensepretty sure Comcast is down for my area this is the most frustrating service ever I haven’t had one month without an outage it feels like @S_to_the_O I went to the lake!!
Jk my internet is too slow today for no reason
Retweeted by sabbifytorn between wanting a nap after work, posting on YouTube, and streaming but I bet I streamI don't understand why people get offended when a streamer says no to playing w/ a viewer. I've had so many people…
Retweeted by sabbify @glitterpixi3 no you @glitterpixi3 @SnoozyKazoo @glitterpixi3 you’re amazing thank youuuuWE WONT PAY OUR TAXES BOY BEST GAME EVER
Checking out @LittleMouseEnc tonight and chilling out’m cackling looking at pics I took im literally squinting and scowling at the screen like a little demonYes I take selfie’s for insta no I don’t remember to make my face look nice in them @S_to_the_O 📝📝 @S_to_the_O Okay you may be on to something I will grab some at the grocery store next time!!Finally posted my new YouTube video and will try to be more consistent over there :)Wait maybe @redbullgaming 👽 @redbull please help megot it :) I try white monster thoI NEED MORE SUGAR FREE REDBULL
Gonna make the switch to obs wish me luck @tamzsyn so exciting!!!Stun seed is just dees nuts backwards
Retweeted by sabbify @tamzsyn Ahhh thank you 💕💕 time to force myself tosomeone yell at me to edit for YouTube I just hate looking at myself for hoursClick Heads Get Hype
Woke up like this but less hot