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Twitch streamer and anime lover. starting artist. More then happy to make new friends for discord DMs please add me at Saber_Superbia#1604

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@_Aralene_ MEH!!! @_Aralene_ It’s happening! I have the imagination factory and dingus support to make it happen!! 🤣🤣 @Lillian_ArchDem Definitely a great way to wake up @/////@ @Lillian_ArchDem Reverse sleeping beauty situation *dead asleep*(2/2) tells me to turn all this shit off. I look at her confused like what the hell did I do wrong? I’m making a ph… was the weirdest reason to get yelled at. I’m still not feeling good but feel the need to re-establish my… @DandyflossVT Capn I’m not a delivery driver but I work for them across the seas and apologize for them 🤣 @_Aralene_ Gotta clean mine up firstI want very few things from my friends. But please rule #1 don’t be a complete ass to me for no reason, if I did so… @_Aralene_ First confirmed Ara merch, Boo hoodies :3 @_Aralene_ There there love, I got you it’s ok
@rose_shielder This calls for punishment @rose_shielder Yea agreed not to play it unless I was in your ear @rose_shielder Nevermind then @rose_shielder We had a deal >_> @_Aralene_ @_Aralene_ Flirting with your husband? You wouldn’t dare 😝 @_Aralene_ I know but I’ve always wanted to learn snow sports so I’d happily learn either one! @_Aralene_ I gotta learn to snowboard then to keep up then! @_Aralene_ Nope that won’t show up on me either 💙 @rose_shielder Bad @_Aralene_ Haha! Jokes on you even in winter you won’t see me blush 🤣🤣 @_Aralene_ It’s a pro gamer/streamer hoodie of someone I love 💙💕☁️✨ ART RAFFLE ✨☁️ I'm thinking of opening commissions for VROID models soon, but to practice, I'm doing this Art R…
Retweeted by Saber_Superbia (Streaming Hiatus until ???) @RethalyVT It’s an honor to take part! Thank you for the chance sent home after an hour of work, my chest and back started hurting and people could see I wasn’t feeling well….… @BubbleYuru Rich and taken…… hard to believe @_Aralene_ Of course I would
@UsaUsaChu I already have Zhongli so Hu Tao and Ganyu are my 5* focuses when it’s rerun season @_Aralene_ Love you too ❤️💕 @_Aralene_ Thank you love @_Aralene_ Still struggling a bit but I’m gonna try to push through to work tonight @ShuruiMio @ichiigoma You know what I should hug you with…….. deez arms @_Aralene_ Mom said hi daughter in law and dad said congratulations on getting married son 🤣🤣When Genshin gets to the reruns I’ve decided I’m gonna pass until I see Hu Tao pop up @HistoriaLibra Got it @Oni_Giri_EN And that cute Oni Vtuber
@K3llyArt I need these in my life!! 💕💕💕 @SinnamonSucc Thank you Sinna
Had to drive myself to the hospital, my body surging with pain in several places and the nurses are just sitting around talking……..I am literally drop dead in pain today and idk why but I really just can’t exist today, sorry yall @_Aralene_ You’re beautiful, amazing, and a lot of fun to hangout with!! CONGRATS ON 2K!! 💕❤️ @ShuruiMio I’ll take it, full Anemo army @ShuruiMio Sad but true! But that 5* card! Hu Tao or Ganyu or Jean could come home @ShuruiMio Mio!! My love stop giving me hope 😭😭 I would die for that @ShuruiMio Amber needs a vacation to Liyue @ShuruiMio If only man, if only @_Aralene_ Aralene = witch = bewitching wife
@_Aralene_ I’d pick you up and take you to breakfast or lunch at a restaurant of your choice, then leisurely time at the beach until dark @_Aralene_ I have a list of possibilitiesWith how today’s stream went I think it’s time to go on official hiatus until I can upgrade my setup and properly s… back online!! We beat Ei but what’s next!?’re getting a scuffed Genshin stream started!! Please bare with the lag at @_Aralene_ She kept kicking me in the legs and cutely demanding breakfast though 🤣Quick question people, how do I awake? @_Aralene_ I dreamt it was still one of my days off and I was cuddling with my wifeWhen it finally hits you that you only have one image of your OC that’s close to full body. I need monies to get fu… @SinnamonSucc Of course I do!! @GengarLuvsU Shush your face 🤣🤣🤣Anyone else have that friend who will tell you the most random facts you don’t ask for? 😂 Because of this dude I ac…
@H0taruHikari Come here let’s snuggle into bed and get comfy then we can pick that story @SinnamonSucc But at what cost!? The bonks make my brain go brrrr! I can’t help but love it thoughThe bonking! It hurts!!! Thank you Sinna for this awesome emote!! @_Aralene_ I’m sorry to disappoint love 😭 @_Aralene_ I don’t drink soda at all 😅 @_Aralene_ Oh shit I fail then
@Oni_Giri_EN Ohhhhh that game you played last stream? @_Aralene_ Woo!! @_Aralene_ Willful @Oni_Giri_EN DD? @_Aralene_ Aralene @_Aralene_ @_Aralene_ *changes name in my phone to Daddy💕* I demand cuddles @_Aralene_ Ok ok I will @_Aralene_ How the hell can I possibly hate you? 🤣🤣 @_Aralene_ *saves in my phone as Babe (dingus)💕♥️* there we goWhen I made the realization that my current shift position is just a glorified version of this…….all I could do was… @Oni_Giri_EN You’re demanding this of me but yay! Thank you Giri!
@_Aralene_ Congratulations love!! @_Aralene_ I ok now I shouldn’t laugh but that is hilarious love @PsychoTeddyy It’s a very light brown with pink on the inside @_Aralene_ Since I don’t drink coffee I’ll just make it how you like then ❤️🤣
Totally didn’t order a pizza on my way home @_Aralene_ One of them that’s my favorite @_Aralene_ Can confirm @_Aralene_ Listen here you! I will hug you and cuddle until you flirt with me! 😈 @_Aralene_ I have the best wife ever @_Aralene_ Fuckin dare you @_Aralene_ My closet is just gonna be half cosplay and half normal clothes isn’t it? @_Aralene_ Ok ok *puts on the coat and changes job to professional cosplayer for wife* @H0taruHikari Of course Hotaru, there’s always room for you @ichiigoma That’s just strawberry jam or ketchup, still not scawy @viridimea I’m 100% Kazuha’all looking forward to a possible early afternoon stream? We gonna try to kick Baal off her throne
I keep getting asked by someone to show my bunny pics. This is my favorite video game bunny girl. Amiya from Arknig… @_Aralene_ Big surprise the first one I saw wasn’t to make breakfast @_Aralene_ The first tweet I see when I wake up 🤣🤣 I’ll take care of your feet