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doctor: i'm afraid i have some bad news me: better than having fox news ;) doctor: hahahaha :) me: i'll be here…
Retweeted by sabler @MollyJongFast @IAmJohnAles His plan is "Let them die"45,500,000 Americans have lost their jobs in the pandemic. Meanwhile, NASDAQ just hit an all time high. If that d…
Retweeted by sablerBREAKING: In big victory for voting rights, Minnesota court ORDERS for November 2020 Election: 1. Ballots postmark…
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/thread @IAmJohnAles
@damnyouwillis BREAKING: Man changes name to “Optimus Prime”
This is basically Nero fiddling while Rome is in flames.
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— Attempting to delay the election — Attacking the USPS — Railing against mail-in voting Trump is setting the stag…
Retweeted by sablerMike Pence in minor car accident with large metaphor spent his entire life fighting for justice and equality––and now he has left behind his marching orders for al…
Retweeted by sablerIt’s 5pm on a Thursday. Time for my weekly deep dive into imposter syndrome panic! (It’s important to keep the wor…
Strange bedfellows, etc. @parkermtweets @EWErickson And we’re done here. It’s only divisive if you’re a racist.I hear some of you complaining but I’d advise you to check your ticket stubs and note how much you paid for this feed.
Retweeted by sablerMac OS 8 came out in 1997.
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[At the doctors office] Me: I feel sick [Doctor holding up photographs of brand new fighter jets] Doctor: Feel b…
Retweeted by sablerOur civil liberties are on brink. This is not a drill. There is no excuse for snatching women off the street and t…
Retweeted by sablerIt's National Vote By Mail Day. Voting by mail is easy and safe. Take a few minutes to request your vote-by-mail ba…
Retweeted by sablerI cannot stress this enough. My short story Unauthorized Bread - in which smart appliances are a slippery slope to…
Retweeted by sabler @jtwestbro No worries at all, it’s a great article! ❤️ I ate up any news updates on that fight back when it was reg… @jtwestbro "Infamous?" Christ, will all of you shut the hell up? I'm trying to enjoy TikTok while high in peace
@Yamiche I WISH it was *just* his personality. @hoooks That soon?Cuphead’s available on the #PS4 now, eliminating literally the only reason I kept my #XboxOne hooked up. Or even in… trending hashtags were illegal, Trump would’ve stopped us, but he didn’t. Because it’s not. #ImpeachTrump
Retweeted by sabler @BillKristol @ThomasTkalinske What soul? @trychemistry Love the single origin tinctures, wish there was just as much variety there as in your vape carts. An… think about this constantly.
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Dear America: God does not permit evil to govern, unless the people have earned it by their wickedness, I am told.
Retweeted by sablerHome-made chocolate-covered coffee beans and coffee is breakfast because I’m a grown-up and I say it isplay outside they said...
Retweeted by sablerRIP Regis Philbin, who gave us one of the greatest moments in television history
Retweeted by sablerWHO DID THIS
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Feds pepper sprayed this Vietnam Veteran/photographer right in the face. His name is Mike Hastie. He was an Army me…
Retweeted by sabler @realDonaldTrump @Yankees The current state of the country is your fault, not China’s. Own it, own a mistake for on…’ve been cooking every meal I’ve eaten for, like, the past two weeks and holy shit it felt so good just to order s… genuinely rocked so hard and this is very sad. I think about this clip a LOT.
Retweeted by sablerI believe that Our friend George Carlin was actually a Philosopher disguised as a Comedian
Retweeted by sablerthis is the President of the United States his job is to manage this country through crises. you go to work every…
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Even Reagan is tired of Trump's bullshit and the man's been dead for 16 years will own up to being in the bathroom when the Instacart delivery tried to buzz into the building, but leaving the… TV just recommended Deadly Friend to me and I haven't felt this seen in awhile.
We've reached the point of HBO marketing tie-ins for edibles. Can we just legalize pot at the federal level already…’s your day going I just got dunked on by a food app
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I really miss the Open Apple/Closed Apple keys 😭
Retweeted by sablerTHIS IS BIG: Breitbart, which inspired the original @slpng_giants campaign, has continued collecting ad revenues by…
Retweeted by sablerNearly 150,000 US citizens dead because we have a President who thinks we should be impressed that he passed a test… portraying passing a cognitive test at the hospital like he just discovered the theory of relativity is compl…
Retweeted by sabler"Man, this insomnia's been brutal lately," he says over his 6pm cup of coffee @MSipher, all this winning is exhausting
@WEMOcares Sent @mattl Thanks, but kinda got my eye on @meeteve 🙂I'm done, @belkin @WEMO. This thing was working fine up until about a week ago and no amount of setting tweaking, r… check: False.
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Pretty striking scenes in Portland tonight via @Sol_Luna_Xi
Retweeted by sableroh gosh wow I am just as surprised as I can be
Retweeted by sablerI can’t believe how impossible it is to get stormtroopers off our streets. Unmarked little green men is not a new t…
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Today's the kind of Monday where I need silence for the rest of the day and the stash of books I have between… think I got my daily 90s quote filled just by looking at this cover
Retweeted by sabler @RandPaul If only you could’ve done something about this inevitable escalation of authoritarian action sometime ear… Taylor's killers -- Officers Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove and Jonathan Mattingly -- have still not be hel…
Retweeted by sabler @WEMOcares DoneWelp. My @belkin @WEMO smart plug decided to just stop working. All the limited troubleshooting you can do with som…
I have long said that customers no longer view service workers as humans. I’m increasingly being proven correct.
Retweeted by sablerImportant to note that protests here at the justice center have recently seen a resurgence in attendance and a gro…
Retweeted by sabler @fark If only they had some kind of warning this was coming!
@hoooks @albertxii Three apartments, two coasts, one job ago.🤮 does this woman fucking sleep at night? always laugh when the updater launches and get confirmation that the updater has been the updater. reuters photographer jonathan ernst got this shot today of press secy. kayleigh mcenany's briefing materials wh…
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@colvinj Christ I'm happy I live in a state with completely legal, recreational weed..@senatemajldr, who nearly lost a leg due to polio as a child, has a lot of fucking nerve demanding that children g… White House Press Secretary on Trump's push to reopen schools: "The science should not stand in the way of this."
Retweeted by sablerthis is a masterpiece
Retweeted by sablermike dewine not imposing any new restrictions but just asking ohioans to wear a mask and love each other
Retweeted by sablerNeed to know who made this because I can't stop laughing.
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Retweeted by sabler“...The Aristocrats!” (3,271/3,271)
Retweeted by sablerNebraska’s very own Brock Turners only get three months in jail for sexually assaulting a girl at UNK in her own do…
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Retweeted by sabler @HoarseWisperer God, seriously? Who fucking cares.Do not take deadly pandemic advice from people who don’t care if your children are gunned down in their classrooms.
Retweeted by sablerscreens are now being placed over the inmates windows to keep them from holding up signs
Retweeted by sabler'murica, 2020 h/t Fipi Lele
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Jeff Sessions need to win the primary tonight just so other members of the GOP can stop cowering in fear of Trump and his base. #Alabamavia @NYTimes: Poster design by Dr. Jonathan Zizmor @hoooks Christ. What did I miss?
@TheRickWilson Why does it seem like everyone of these assholes doesn’t know, or care to know, how to spell? Or wri… Redskins Change Their Name To The D.C. Redskins
Retweeted by sablerMy county’s back to school plan:
Retweeted by sabler @JoeBiden Please make Dr. Fauci director of the CDC on day one. #IStandWithFauci @FortNinety At a certain point you kinda just have to let people go on their hot date with Charles Darwin. @inthefade That shit is dangerous. Don't.Did you know the old Infocom text adventures would let you print out a transcript as you played? So you could save…
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