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@JennThorburn_ Oh god the list of MPs to trust to stick with at least a half-decent political agenda is quickly dwindling down to zero @kayes67 @DannyFiler @miketomillar Back in the days young Blairites thought they were in the West Wing, today every… @kayes67 @DannyFiler @miketomillar Classic Anglosphere pretend "special relationship we are all so similar" innit,…'s tweeted the CBIs take on the Govs immigration system in my TL (hashtag openandcontrolled 🤮) whilst the "j… day I will start my wholesale counter-hegemonic offensive against the British state and ruling class but until… @youngvulgarian Congratulations! I am also deeply jealousThat Trump and Netanyahu have launched a "peace plan" without Palestinians involved in its development just illustr… a feeling someone in my office will turn up with the stupid mug think the COU can be useful, but more if it compliments traditional organising and focuses specifically on… @npjgarland @dmk1793 @fionnmcgorry The book is very good David, read it, it makes your blood boil lol @miketomillar I also think you cannot just really measure the success of the COU in stuff like contact rate because…'d be interested to see a long-term strategy plan for community organising over the next five years which looks at… @maliharez @seematweets @dmk1793 lool I in fact did not, but 👀👀👀👀 @dmk1793 Put the Guillotine on it and issue it on the day we abolish the monarchy 🚩 @Fab_Newt @judeinlondon2 Apparently they chose it because of the Schiller poem @seandsmyth you're still a man, which always helps, whatever else your qualities on this app may or may not be (sorry lol)I know we're all busy trying to make the (boring) Labour leadership contest exciting for ourselves but this could b…’s actually so important to me that candidates engage with the @labfreemvmt goals. they were co ordinated. they…
Retweeted by Sabrina HuckI don't really know how it works lol but for some reason I never get Momentum text notifications but my paid-up Tor… rights allow people to move freely regardless of their usefulness to the economy, access services and benefits… on page 6 of the MAC report and already want to vomit over phrases like "tradeable points based on human capital… @han8y thanks for the recommendation, will put it on my reading list!Points-based immigration system probably my ugliest word of the year 2020 already and it's STILL JANUARYDo I want to read the MAC report or will it just make me too furious now @alidogan_uk predict what?Richard seems to only go for his base at the moment, given that his answer to all ills of the world seems "open selections" 🤷‍♀️Angela was able to do this too at the start of her campaign but since she's so far ahead as the front runner atm, s… is doing a good job building a compelling narrative about herself, linking it to changes in the party she wo…
@BennnyH I don’t have anything in the fridge or cupboards :<<< I go to the shop every evening to buy food for dinne… give Keir and Ian am extra point for replying to the LCFM questionnaire by the deadline, not that it matters huge… by my life choice to not get food when I walked home at 9pm and wasn’t hungry because it’s now 11pm and… @kira_millana Deffo get Pommes frites 🍟 with sauce andalouse. There’s a food truck by the European institutions tha… @steamedhamms Always a bit tempted to set up one of these because I’m genuinely interested to know what people woul… @dmk1793 I find this way too funnyI’ve seen people on the left who claim to be good at spreadsheets do stakeholder maps that were much below the stan… @bencsmoke Same! @mattzarb please tell us💥JUST IN: Ian Murray is the first deputy leadership candidate to respond to our questionnaire:…
Retweeted by Sabrina Huck💥NEW: Thank you for this reply, @Keir_Starmer. Keir is the first leadership candidate to respond to our questionna…
Retweeted by Sabrina Huck @bencsmoke At least spill the tea who deleted the bloody fileWhat the fuck is this @DannyFiler Would say it was a 60% success, it’s a start lolThe unions will not be doing brilliantly if they can't recruit a new generation of young workers in a variety of ro… from everything else, why is it so hard to grasp for some that there are a lot of young, even fairly well-edu… @christy___m @nealvinay @BenMcGowan_ @LabGND God knows! It doesn't really give any more clues as to what a socialis… @nealvinay @BenMcGowan_ @LabGND Lab 4 GND are properly incorporated so if they started up a proper membership syste… @nealvinay @BenMcGowan_ @LabGND And I assume in turn that means you'd need a proper organisational structure and a… @nealvinay @BenMcGowan_ @LabGND £1.25 per member due every December as far as I can see with regards to the ruleboo… @BenMcGowan_ @nealvinay @LabGND yeah after my grand idea of doing an immigrants for labour society I've dug into th… of today our co-founders are again unrepresented due to lack of funds. They desperately need to raise as much as…
Retweeted by Sabrina HuckI would like to move more towards making things from scratch and less meals of whatever vegan meat substitute I can… rely a lot on stuff being easy to make and quick to access because I am out and about a lot and don't have the ti…'s four days left of veganuary and honestly I don't really see a pressing need to go back to something else. It f… @pennyb @secondshelfbks lol that's exactly what I did when I worked at my Uni library, tbf most students didn't nee… @Archimbaldo I think we already have a "culture war on immigration" in this country and not sure the Labour left is… @StuartBudd1 here you go @thatinterlace All we realistically can do is develop our own policy of visa liberalisation across the board (eg lo… @JohnReid51 The reason why it's a hostile environment is because policy measures to "catch out" "illegal immigrants… @thatinterlace When I say trade deals I mean trade deals with non-EU countries to incorporate free movement rights,… @thatinterlace we could have gone for SM membership which includes FOM, or at least pledged to make it a negotiatio… @thatinterlace My initial proposals was to keep existing rights and explore ways to give more people access to free… @Yer_Ma2020 cheers, will pass on to the person in charge of the mail account! @derJamesJackson @Mc_Heckin_Duff Maybe that's something you talk about more in Berlin, like we obsess about it in L… @Yer_Ma2020 Hey - is supposed to say Monday 27th January at 6pm. Some reminders have gone out too - but of course i…'s also one thing to engage in grandstanding on immigration now that a) Brexit & end of FOM is inevitable and b)… devil will very much be in the detail for Labour's future policy but I doubt most Labour members care enough to…'d put money on that no Labour leadership contender will substantially divert from the points-based immigration sy… @minnierahman Feel like a lot of the immigration reform looks like slightly amending and re-branding the existing visa categories @minnierahman How different is it actually from the old Tier 1 visa other than removing the numerical cap?Tbh I am so tired of having free movement and migration used as a political football I am beyond the point of carin… how free movement is the flavour of the month right now I'd expect a lot more engagement tbh so if you are a… mean it's cool obvs I get it that people are busy but some form of acknowledgement, even a holding email, would have been nice folks.Labour Campaign for Free Movement sent out our questionnaire to leader & deputy leader candidates and asked for a r… @lukecooper100 I think the difference is that we are a federal republic rather than a highly centralised form of go… often wonder about how we talk about what the working class values & priorities and how I don't recognise this at… don't think anyone at home ever discussed or cared much about where a political leader was born & raised. Is… more on the towns vs cities vs "real Britain" vs "not real Britain" discourse and wonder what I would ha… today is to focus exclusively on my work rather than spent so much time arguing on Twitter about Labour, trying to have a chill day.
@Amentesfay1 @alexsobel @OpenMemes @OpenLabour Love the shirt @alexsobel such a strong look @_Sobieski @JohnReid51 @Fab_Newt @dmk1793 It’s clearly a labour comfort blanket answer because labour members would… @john85foster Actually think that despite the “brave choice” pitch she’s the comfort blanket - accepting we lost be… @Fab_Newt @dmk1793 She’s just genuinely a character and honestly none of the other candidates are big personalities lol @Fab_Newt @dmk1793 She actually does what Jess Phillips thought she was doing but failedRLB is doing a solid job in doing what we expect her to do and I’m still voting for her but more on the hope for fu… have to stop watching now but from what I’ve seen my view remains unchanged that I’d pick Emily to have a drink with over all the others @DannyFiler I want her to read me an audiobook, she's got the perfect voice for it @AnaOpp Emil'y's answer was the best imo because it actually committed to something concrete that would make a diff… @dmk1793 @freresheureux @AnishaFaruk You can also please all untag me out of your conversation on this, because I a… @AnishaFaruk @freresheureux Everyone has been shit on this, including the leadership and those associated with it.… @AnishaFaruk @freresheureux Brexit and the end of free movement is happening in five days. For her to come out for… know who has been there from the start? MPs like Clive, Lloyd, David Lammy, Kate Green, Ged Killen, Paul Sweene… know it's not popular with Nandy stans but I don't like it that she's now hailed as the big defender of free move…'m glad Emily highlighted No Recourse To Public Funds - it's a concrete policy which has not been adopted in our m… was not the first Labour MP to come out to say we should not abolish free movement - we had MPs sign our LFCM… least Emily Thornberry's got some fire in her belly, sometimes Labour hustings can make you feel like you need to go to sleep #OLHustingsI am pretty convinced that the Open Labour membership will back Nandy in their ballot, and seems the audience is al… think Emily should have talked a bit less about her just being the most experienced because I feel that falls rea… @ComradeCeeCee @OpenLabour when and where can I get my slice plsI am watching out for you my soft left friends, and your good critical questions 👀 @ComradeCeeCee @OpenLabour you made that yourself??????