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Mermaids! LGBTQ+ history dude. (He/Him) 🌈 Queer folklore, videogame tours & Escape Room builder. Lifts heavy things for attention. Currently #MuseumFromHome

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catching dragons @thegeckogods #madewithunity
Retweeted by Slasher Crow-scarred 🔪☠️🩸the icebreaker captain Kem Liard #criticalrole I've never seen a dwarf/elf character before. I tried to go for a…
Retweeted by Slasher Crow-scarred 🔪☠️🩸 @ben_vs_life Christ that is awful love, I’m so sorry'Well it's the same room, but everything's different You can fight the sleep, but not the dream Things ain't cooki… 3 years ago I worked with a choir in Greenwich called 'Hearing Voices' they were made up of service users fro… you have a song that has gained a surprising or distinct layer of meaning because of a memory or an experience?… is part of the #YouSeeAll immersive game's grand finally but all are welcome. This will be a live Zoom tour wi… October 5PM join 3 emissaries from another universe at @PetrieMuseEgypt as they try to save their world. (Play… @Cem_Res Awwwww I love thishey everyone!!!! this year i didn't want to participate to inktober but i needed a challenge to make some illustrat…
Retweeted by Slasher Crow-scarred 🔪☠️🩸 @alsheard They just need a little halp @DrCarpineti Thank you big doctor man @DrCarpineti And some cheese please x @ElliotDee Today am baby mouseI’m a very very little mouse and so even if I’m being obtuse everyone has to be very very sensitive to my every whimHow I am feeling this morning Busby: how Britain's first black female publisher revolutionised literature – and never gave up
Retweeted by Slasher Crow-scarred 🔪☠️🩸 @TheCut Us gay men, we're the worst. @JohMyWord Forgive me sister for I have gayed @JohMyWord Forgive my sister for I have gayed @JohMyWord True.... a few times in my misspent youthTwo gay penguins with a reputation for trouble stole an entire nest of eggs from a neighboring lesbian couple at th…
Retweeted by Slasher Crow-scarred 🔪☠️🩸 @JohMyWord My brain went several other places! @nuggets84 I think Gateur is old French @LadyLiminal1 I have and loved it!
@CA_AstroComm I might do another thread tomorrow, but they are slightly different words as they are more focused on… @JohMyWord H word?!17/ DERANGED The old French 'desrengier' means to take out of order or to move out of a set pattern. Deranged there… CUCKOO From the imitation of the bird and thus it's name. 'Cloud cuckoo land' was used by Aristophanes way back… TOUCHED From the phrase 'Touched in the head' used in the late 1800's. Often associated with those who returned… WACKO From 'Wacky' and therefore the onomatopoeic sound word 'Whack', meaning to hit hard on the head. This bec… GAGA From the French 'Gateur' meaning bed wetter. This became associated with the elderly and senility. Changed… CRACKERS Nothing to do with the food originally, but about being 'cracked' and therefore broken, or damaged. Th… MAD This was born from an old English word 'Gemæd' which itself comes from a Germanic word meaning 'to make wor… NUTTY A nut, a food with a tough shell but a soft interior, has long been associated with the human skull. In 1… LUNATIC This one is probably the most well known. 'Luna' from the Latin for moon. The belief being that the moon… DEMENTED Again this uses the Latin 'mente' for mind. The prefix 'de' means to undo, unravel or take apart. There… INSANE Formed as the counterpart to 'sane'. This comes from the Latin 'Sanus' meaning healthy, but later also cl… CRACKPOT This one originated as two words 'Crack' and 'Pate' around 1898. The word therefore literally meaning to have a broken head.5/ MENTAL The Latin 'Mentalis' and earlier 'Ment' means mind but also soul. (It probably originates from a term als… BONKERS 'Bonk' has had the meaning of hitting a surface and doing damage. It is an incredibly old 'echoic' word;… CRAZY The word 'Craze' originally meant something diseased or damaged. In particular the cracking of an inanimat… The purpose of this thread is to think a bit about language; how we use it, particularly when it comes to peo…, bonkers, mental, crackpot, insane, demented, lunatic, nutty, mad, crackers, gaga, wacko, touched, cuckoo, de… were black Romans in Britain. No arguments. If you do, I WILL take you down.
Retweeted by Slasher Crow-scarred 🔪☠️🩸 @J7urn Injects it, so sort ofThe party just defeated a reverse vampire and now find themselves in an abandoned prison with a group of freed conv… @mattieartemis Of course I do!!!!Rain 🌧 or shine ☀️ our #LGBT+ Advisers are here to help. Thank you to the #Soho community for being so receptive to…
Retweeted by Slasher Crow-scarred 🔪☠️🩸 @GabrielVanca @richie_rich77 The other half: @waji35 OMG!!! This explains what I’ve been feeling so well!!!I’m excited for #DnD tonight!!! @aburoker I really appreciated your message, no you haven’t x @aburoker Thank you sweetheart xxxPatrick spent 25 years caring for 800,000 fish specimens before becoming Senior Curator of reptiles. Our Libraries…
Retweeted by Slasher Crow-scarred 🔪☠️🩸Secret storytelling adventure live in Nunhead this Sunday. (RTs welcome) Five spaces only.
Retweeted by Slasher Crow-scarred 🔪☠️🩸 @PolisLoizou Itsa justa me alosing my mind! Waaaaaah! @turpywurpy Hesa has a GNVQ ina Mycology @PolisLoizou Thatsa gooda joke wahaah! @leharve80 I was proud of my Milo (pokemon gym leader) and I did a rather good Gambit @BenPaites Ben I’m so far down the rabbit hole I wouldn’t know how to stop @leharve80 Thank you. I shall add to my CV accordinglySacha: Tries to get respected as a queer historian and complains that others don’t always take his work seriously… @richie_rich77 I’da probably aflood the kitchen. Not a euphemism wooohoo! @BpdBryan I know at 19 I was biphoboc, transphobic and even internally homophobic because of sheer lack of knowledge. @BpdBryan I think a lot of us were until we met people in beautiful loving open relationshipsWaves dancing with the moon.
Retweeted by Slasher Crow-scarred 🔪☠️🩸 @iconoclastbear Ima not areal aplumber woohoo! @arsenben80 Itsa time for a therapist Wahaaa! @angryspacewolf Itsa toxic amasculinity weehee!Next Zoom call is gonna be confused AF... I’ma professional wahoo! @78_cowboy Could be appendicitis 😬 @owenblacker Ima bairly aqualified itsa liability! Wooohooo! @nintendomad888 I hate the world. Still. I can mince around... my room... for... absolutely no reason 😭 @rainonme85 Itsa Thankio @nintendomad888 This was bought for the associated tour. You could have been Luigi. We’d have been so cute. 😭 @TheTabbyLamb It is not no. It never will be!Before lockdown I was doing videogame tours (a marvellous excuse to wear cosplay and mince around a museum) and I h… was just on a Zoom call. Halfway through a little black kitten appeared. Reader, I completely lost it.
Retweeted by Slasher Crow-scarred 🔪☠️🩸 @nintendomad888 Beat me to it! @SherlockyTweet I adore him 😭 @MehdiOmais @MeltingSwans @ruidiaz_ddhh In all honesty I would probably do the same @imamodernman @ADB110 Turning of the screw is fantastic, also recommend the adaptation ‘The Innocence’ it makes the… @imamodernman @ADB110 So it’s not as good as HOHH but I enjoyed it. I really liked the last two episodes in particu… @aburoker Awwww I’m pleased I was a kind dream-me
Being a gay 🤝 Bly Manor in a pandemic She would sleep She would wak… @LGBT_Collector @BpdBryan Awww, no credit for me you did that yourself love x @brocopolis @craigy_xo It's the people that were born beautiful that I feel for... they never even had to develop a… @LGBT_Collector @craigy_xo I just wanted to reassure you that this is the human condition, we all do this, you are… @LGBT_Collector @craigy_xo This never goes away I'm afraid... never... @GetMeADragon @DanNouveau @SheldonKGoodman Sadly, I gave Dan and Sheldon first pick. So Dan is Red, Sheldon is Blue… @LGBT_Collector @craigy_xo It's a tightrope. I have friends who point out if I'm getting a bit full of myself... al… @LGBT_Collector @craigy_xo It's a drug; attention, flattery, I think we all feel it a bit. It is unfortunate when p… @craigy_xo Very sweet, but not true. I have my vanity and pride, definitely a lot to work on X @craigy_xo Being seen as attractive when you’ve spent most of your life feeling meh... well it’s intoxicating. The… @craigy_xo For some suddenly being ‘accepted’ and commodified can go to their head, it’s a sad thing but whilst I w… @KonFot *coughs* Tryexplainingescaperooms @mattieartemis Thanks mr large wealthy stakeholder sir for my small paycheck, my mum says its very nice of you to w… @c_leews Yeah she had to teach on the side for years, so I get it... it still cuts deep!