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Writer, runner, seeker. Queer/bi & nonbinary trans guy. He/him. Black Lives Matter. Abolish ICE & Police. Indigenous Lives Matter.

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Happy Ida B. Wells and Assata Shakur Day! What I want is justice for Breonna Taylor and for the Michigan authorities to #FreeGrace!
Retweeted by Simon A. CrowHey poetry twitter! We are crowdsourcing a list of poetry full-length 2020/2021 debut collections for our website!…
Retweeted by Simon A. Crow @samforbreakfast Yes please! How much?Everybody, we need to talk about what is happening regarding the Federal occupation occurring in Portland, OR. Thi…
Retweeted by Simon A. CrowToday's gender is tired.
Retweeted by Simon A. Crow#quarantinemeishmael folks - see, not just Ishmael being melodramatic! book is far more compelling than the idea of making dinner. Damnit.
@AMayna57 Yes, I do the bulk of my tweeting during the workday (easier on a laptop), but it's gotten busier at work… @AMayna57 Oh yes, I'm all for it. Whether it's Master & Margarita or a different work. @AaronPhion That's awesome! @AMayna57 I am! And I think I know what I need to do to stay that way. (Has to do with my timing.) @LibraryMelissa @AMayna57 Oh boy"We going to fight racism not with racism, but we going to fight with solidarity." - Chairman Fred Hampton Black In…
Retweeted by Simon A. CrowTonight!! 💥💥💥
Retweeted by Simon A. Crow @romansdegare *salivating* @LibraryMelissa @AMayna57 Oh my gosh yes.Ch. 103 cont. Also, the largest vertebrae is 3x4 feet?! Holy smokes. #quarantinemeishmaelAnd I don't think I'm far-fetched in thinking Melville is also talking about studying God (or the universe, or howe… this continues the critique of armchair naturalists (vs. being out on the sea, seeing the whales in their glor… 103 "Measurement..." "How vain and foolish... to try to comprehend aright this wondrous whale, by merely porin… @AMayna57 @LibraryMelissa Yeah, and it really felt like a big FU to a lot of people. The editor stepped down at tha… @AMayna57 @LibraryMelissa I shouldn't say "finally breaking their silence". Poets had been talking about this for a… @LibraryMelissa @AMayna57 Yeah, I hope so too! But it's also prompting a lot of discussion about how poetry is pub… @AMayna57 @LibraryMelissa A letter to PF was drafted with many signing on. (I can find that for you if you want.) T… @AMayna57 @LibraryMelissa Yes, it's an actual place, with SERIOUS money, so a lot of weight in the poetry world. T… @e_savova No, really, but do you get it? @LibraryMelissa @quicunquevult @AitchTee22 Wow. @LibraryMelissa @AMayna57 I'm sure it wasn't big news there, it was only barely news here, but I follow a lot of poets. @LibraryMelissa @AMayna57 And then they published that poem. I've canceled my subscription and am continuing to wat… @LibraryMelissa @AMayna57 As a self-taught poet, they were my classroom. As a trans person, it was one of only a co… @LibraryMelissa @AMayna57 I'll tell you, I was so disappointed. PF is right in my neighborhood, I've done workshops… D15: Outline? Sometimes, depends on the length of what I'm working on and the complexity of my argumen… D15: Stage at right now? Transcribing work from April, some new words on my side project, trying to ge… @AMayna57 @LibraryMelissa So you all haven't been following the news about them? @queer_reader Yay for toads!Gruesome murders taking place across 1920s London draw Lew and Alec together through the desolation of the East End…
Retweeted by Simon A. Crow @LibraryMelissa @AMayna57 What is Poetry Spin? @LibraryMelissa @AMayna57 Update: I maybe bought them both used online *ahem*. Will save the commentary on Whitman… @MrLaRue138 @ZyBurton83 Oh, the darlings! Thank you! @ctullbane Aw, thank you!Happy #InternationalNonbinaryDay to all my wonderful non-binary friends, followers & readers! A reminder that lan…
Retweeted by Simon A. Crow @LibraryMelissa @AMayna57 Seriously I don't have time for the job which I am also very grateful to have. @LibraryMelissa @AMayna57 I have only read individual poems, not any collection or his memoirs. Trying to decide if… IS A HUGE FUCKING DEAL ⚡️ As we're getting a chance to look at more COVID clusters, we're finding cloth masks…
Retweeted by Simon A. Crow @LibraryMelissa @AMayna57 Yes, I've moved Whitman higher on my re-read list since starting MD. In part so I can th… TRANS WOMAN NAMED ANGELA GOMEZ, A 15 YR EMPLOYEE AT BURGER KING WORKED FOR A WEEK STRAIGHT WITH SEVER SYMPTOMS AF…
Retweeted by Simon A. CrowThese proposed regulations will basically eliminate asylum for children, LGBTQ folks, many others. But if all of us…
Retweeted by Simon A. Crow @LibraryMelissa @quicunquevult @romansdegare @AitchTee22 @e_savova That would make sense!😆 @LibraryMelissa Mm-hmm. I suspect I'll need to read it again and again. Maybe with a different companion book each time. @HelenInFact How lovely! Thank you! @LibraryMelissa @quicunquevult @romansdegare @AitchTee22 @e_savova Seriously, some of the comments this day were just *chef's kiss* @ZyBurton83 Oh the cuties! And the view. Thank you! @ssfontana5 Oh, thank you! Daylilies are my favorite flowers. @jo_just_jo_ok Heehee. I love watching cats watch things. Thank you! @AitchTee22 The cuties! Thank you.
@jayelawrence Aw, thank you! @miawestwrites I love these, thank you! @romansdegare Gorgeous! Thank you!Oh it's been quite the 24 hours here and it isn't over yet - will take any and all good wishes (or pictures of plan… @AitchTee22 And the better living conditions! Other than having to chase down, kill, drag in, and then cut apart a… created a new crime in the midst of a pandemic and then targeted Black people for it.
Retweeted by Simon A. CrowPlease help make sure Black transwomen creators see this!
Retweeted by Simon A. Crow @ctullbane I will take that thought with me into the process! @ctullbane Just gotta find a place now...😬 @AitchTee22 @romansdegare Bless you! @AitchTee22 @romansdegare I attempted to open it but my laptop is not playing nice with the internet today, so perhaps not. @LibraryMelissa Oh, that's a great article, thanks for sharing. I do love this chapter, the description of the jun… @AitchTee22 I've been amused reading about the differences between whaling ships and merchant ships - I realize it'… @quicunquevult In all fairness, they were being obnoxious with the insider jokes. @AitchTee22 Same!Behind and just catching up, grateful for everyone else's thoughts on Ch. 99 (The Doubloon). This line seemed to su… @AitchTee22 Oh Pip makes much more sense in light of @romansdegare's exchange earlier. This is a chapter where I'm… @romansdegare Okay, this made me spit out my coffee. And then much appreciate your convo below, I will take it as… D14: Character/plot? In thinking about this, I realized I usually start w/either an internal feeling o… D14: Progress? Doing CampNaNo but super casually. Hitting my time marks, in a good place with the chap… you’d like more info on eponymous * cough racist * excuse me .... bird names 👇🏾 the website is live!
Retweeted by Simon A. Crow @CKnightWrites Sending!(1/4) I am a trans woman, physician and employee of @LurieChildrens Hospital. I categorically stand against the med…
Retweeted by Simon A. Crow @CKnightWrites Crossing my fingers for you all!Check out this thread of today’s action w/ @chitorture demanding @SAKimFoxx stop enabling JonBurge cops, free inc…
Retweeted by Simon A. Crowcommunity work includes self-care because you are part of said community :)
Retweeted by Simon A. CrowThe gender of the day is a gaze of ghastly eagles.
Retweeted by Simon A. CrowGood night my darlings. May you be as strong as you need to be. As tender as you want. And hold your vision of freedom ever before you.
Friday // July 17 // Buckingham Fountain // 5 PM #decolonizezhigaagoong #defundcpd Video by @rebelbettyarte
Retweeted by Simon A. CrowToday's parking lot music (this time while at Kid 1's socially distant track & field): Sleater-Kinney's The Woods.Daily question: what does it mean to be a poet working in a language, a medium, a nation, that can produce this?
Retweeted by Simon A. Crow✨Roseate Spoonbills ✨ Their bill is spoon shaped to help them scoop up invertebrates! & I mean look at that colorat…
Retweeted by Simon A. CrowProtesters leading Midnight Yoga to help keep mental health in check #BlackLivesMatterPlaza #DCProtests
Retweeted by Simon A. Crow#SandraBland died in police custody 5 years ago today. She was found hanging in her cell 3 days after police viole…
Retweeted by Simon A. Crow#SmoreWords D13: Goals? Format chapbook New writing, transcribe work from April Catch up some on reading Catch up… D13: Goals? I think I've mostly figured out the order of my pieces, so I'm sending it to a friend and… @AMayna57 @AitchTee22 *snort* @AitchTee22 Not nearly enough about sperm whales (focus mostly on the baleen ones), but overall just fascinating, t… Just finished watching a very cool show from PBS, When Whales Walked, about crocodile, bird,… of Local School Councils meeting this week in Chicago Public Schools
Retweeted by Simon A. Crow @itsjacksonbbz Out at age 46.Yesterday’s in Oz Park ,Violin vigil for Elijah McClain.
Retweeted by Simon A. CrowThis was a hard—and ongoing—one. 'How Do I Write About My Identity Authentically?' by @yanyi___
Retweeted by Simon A. Crowif i knew then what i know now, i would have gone to eat at way more buffets
Retweeted by Simon A. CrowFavorite plants? Lilies, sedums, mosses. Lichen though not really a plant. But it's only recently that I'm admittin…