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sadie dupuis \\ @speedyortiz & sad13 frontdemon, “the logan echolls of indie rock” \\ author of MOUTHGUARD \\ label EIC @waxnine \\ @NoMusicforICE @UMAW_

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@stefschwartz i was coming back for that drink stef!!!!! i’m not like the other boys!!!!!! @audreyotherway they all feel like möbius strips lol @putnam39 it was sarcastic when i wrote it but at this point i think i would enjoy experiencing any of those just to play a safe show @audreyotherway i think it started in baltimore when i cut my hand badly loading out an amp because people simply w… @katie_dey i said “why god” out loudme + a random note on my phone @biancaxunise wow!!!!!!! 😻 @audreyotherway the song is called “epic” but i also think the video is epic....and.....have an epic bday lol @festivalfreak i said so in another reply, but i regret giving up on mine! it started crashing onstage a lot 3 year… I'm of the opinion that artists can be excited by the prospect of new listeners and by their progress visualize…
Retweeted by speedy ortiz ÷ haunted painting @ashdeanpoetry MODERATE TO HEAVY NOTES! shit i’ll add some of those to a new copy for a tax of $2 @SuperYakiStuff Well?????? @ruby_wand @cloudnothings there are not very many left so if you want one from this pressing i would say yes 😹 @cloudnothings wow i know you're asleep but i love how bad some people's replies to this areit’s 2020, it’s @audreyotherway’s birthday again, and this is still a problem , so i let my phone make a video mont… @nicolesnyder love that album too!I don't usually talk about serious "trans issues" bc (a) by my psycho New York authenticity standards I haven't bee…
Retweeted by speedy ortiz ÷ haunted painting @cloudnothings first you start writing grass is green guitar parts and now random temporary key changes in your son… @cloudnothings guess this is just what starts happening when you live with me @greatmouthfeel_ @noahyoo that's praxis @beaunoise i think during my session with @spacemoth__ she mentioned metric and i was like "ah interesting that is… @nicole_rifkin i saw them in boston when that album came out it was a seated show and i fucking loved it!!!! @seething_coast that video is very good too @RedHiller commit to number 1 jared!!! @beaunoise i knew i could count on you!!! @xtine_files this album provides a very specific cocktail of feeling every emotion that i just don't find anywhere else!!!!!are there other people out there who think emily haines & the soft skeleton's 2006 album is like the pinnacle of recorded musici have a wall calendar and that's how i know it is currently october of 2018
@parshally_there @theuptownfive 😭😭😭😭 i'm just a snack enthusiast and want to share my hobby with the world lol @kentuckychrome the phasing out of USB ports is perhaps my least appreciated technological "advancement" in history @FRINGEMUSICFIX the only way to win is to use a tape machine i think!!!!! BRB rethinking my entire life @JuliaLebow also, i legit think the 2015 and earlier ones had much longer lifespans than the newbies @JuliaLebow that's very possible, i think they can have a much longer life if you aren't using them to constantly d… in my life ranked in terms of how long they lasted/how much trouble they gave me along the way: - 2004 - 2… @JillKrajewski @nikostratis it's a better computer than the ones they make now!!!! i would maybe kill for my 2010 back @CitrusCityy my ultimate luxurious fantasy is to get one of those for everything else in my life and then get a mac… @halal_bitch @aint_sebastian i think it's a good idea! and honestly, if the tour was short enough, you might even b… @halal_bitch i obviously did not have to tour on the new sad13 record lol but if i HAD, i was gonna get a cheaper n… @CitrusCityy if it's truly just sitting in a box, i said this in reply to someone else, but they once completely re… @halal_bitch i had a 2014! it kept crashing in the middle of shows to an unsustainable point of liability, i got it… @nikostratis i think for every year you live with a 2017 macbook pro you should get 2 free shares of apple stock lol @ouxband @wearehxxs however i think most of my problems are due to I Do Too Much High CPU Shit, but like, why do i… @ouxband @wearehxxs you probably do but if you don't already i would get a keyboard cover - i guess the way the 201… @wearehxxs i did have that happen once - took it to mac for a cheap-ish diagnostic, apparently they have to confirm… @wearehxxs do you also have a dreaded 2017 :( @Laura_Studarus @pamshaffermusic i have a 2017 too - apparently they're like the worst year for macbooks ever bc of… @David_Browie unfortunately i'm too comfy producing in logic and i like having all my devices sync! @pamshaffermusic 2015s are golden i wish i had one :( @ColinHagendorf HAHHAA that would be a really unfortunate typo @abbey_simmons i’m a year behind you, i’ve almost pulled trigger & replaced 3 times during quarantine (the keyboard…'s plenty to like about macs & i've used them for so long i feel stuck but having your overpriced computer die… @Marcissist the thing i find more confusing is the popularity of vlogs. looking and listening at the same time is....such a commitment2020’s most steeped
Retweeted by speedy ortiz ÷ haunted painting @noahyoo why was lost in space by aimee mann my most listened to album of 2020 @MondoDan these are the lists i love to see!! 🥰🥰 @audreyotherway i’m pretty sure this is truei'm not saying don't post your sp*tify wrapped i just think they should give you a discount if you do/and also pay…
Retweeted by speedy ortiz ÷ haunted paintinghey everyone you know if you get then you can access stats of what you listened to digitall…
Retweeted by speedy ortiz ÷ haunted painting @JoannaNewSum41 wow @johnnyalligator can’t wait!!!!!saw a twt characterizing folks being negative about sharing their spotify Wrapped as "contrarian" and called Wrappe…
Retweeted by speedy ortiz ÷ haunted paintingthey’re both perfect but @johnhowa @clppng my take was more “shame on spotify” lol @rachsyme ooooh!!!!One thing about all these Spotify posts—this was the first quarter as a band where our Spotify royalty payments tot…
Retweeted by speedy ortiz ÷ haunted paintingwe will reveal a new trans celebrity every day until our demands are met.
Retweeted by speedy ortiz ÷ haunted painting @mindyisser i reported the account, hope others do too! sorry you’re caught up with this shitty person :( @meghin_ mine does that too! like doesn’t scribble when connected to sonos and then when i play something not on th… @maxiecaulfield 😭🥰😭🥰😭🥰i'm not saying don't post your sp*tify wrapped i just think they should give you a discount if you do/and also pay… @ronking3232 that rules!!!you can even use it to keep track of what you listened to on bandcamp :) :) :) :)hey everyone you know if you get then you can access stats of what you listened to digitall… @raspberryjones @markyarm @motormouthmedia DM ME THE GOSSIP ALSO @ZacharyLipez @Clarknova1 seriously same @illuminatihotts that’s interesting because actually my album of the decade is free IH
@theechrisoc that’s the haunted part of the painting @zackruskin thank you zack!!!!Not to be a copycat but same on both counts 💕
Retweeted by speedy ortiz ÷ haunted paintingtbh my album of the year is probably haunted painting by sad13.....clocked a lot of time with that one"I’m so buff when indignant" is such a funny/accurate expression of that feeling 😄
Retweeted by speedy ortiz ÷ haunted painting @thenurtureboy take that back.....i do not want 2021 snow lolnew poem up at @haydensferryrev today w/ special thanks to @thenurtureboy! yesterday @cloudnothings was like "it di… @charliexxx yessss!!!!!!Thanks to @KennethAWomack for having me on Everything Fab Four. I spoke about learning to love the Beatles as a Bla…
Retweeted by speedy ortiz ÷ haunted painting @jaclynulman noooooooo 😭😭😭😭on the many many days i feel bad about myself like "i suck, i didn't really get anything done today" i will simply… out to my haters, i have been in brooklyn vegan news posts SIX TIMES in the past four days (thank you… @whataloadaepish best believe i have already been using every soundtoy on everything for years 😹It's a good morning for a new haunt! Up on the website today is @sad13's "Be My Valentine"
Retweeted by speedy ortiz ÷ haunted painting @lindsayzoladz @mychalsmith @JeffTweedy @DarceySteinke @NatalieGDiaz @haymarketbooks @Tin_House @GraywolfPress books! coming in hot for the end of the year! especially recommend the @mychalsmith @JeffTweedy &… @lindsayzoladz @jeremypgordon this tweet made me finally seek out the bodega tweet and i really can’t believe how innocuous it israbbit rabbit @ellomelissa 👏👏👏 @wearehxxs @yt_sur @cloudnothings interesting! i had a lot of the same problems with season 2 i did with season 4 a… @yt_sur @wearehxxs @cloudnothings 1 and 3 are about equal in my eyes!!! wow @wearehxxs @yt_sur @cloudnothings why did he have to go home at all / the milligan transformation made much more sense if he’d stayed away? @wearehxxs @yt_sur review to @cloudnothings was essentially “a lot of people are dying, but somehow, i am bored” @hoodinternet oh i absolutely did not buy it!!!! just needed to know how much he spent to get the custom color lol