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Misspelled सदसत्. Remote SWE @AzureSDK. Types Scripts. Likes Twitter polls. @dll32exe's. Not a work account. Provided as is. Also @sadasant_drafts. 🇻🇪🇨🇴🇺🇸

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Assignment: Find a low-information Democrat and tell them the Hunter Biden laptop story but replace Hunter with Don…
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻What if _ was right? @Adron Putin is a troll 😅 @Adron Also: @Adron humor Media: All the dirt on B is Russian dis-info. Meanwhile, Putin: I really hope B wins. The Democrats remind… fun meets education, that is when true progress happens! @Barnes_Law
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Amid all of this, Hunter Biden was clearly an unregistered foreign agent Remember they went after Flynn for a FAR…
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻One of the hardest truths to accept is that most evil is caused not by malevolence, but by a perverted pursuit of the good.
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Not content with their usual propagandizing on the Moments tab, Twitter doubles down on trying to wrest control of…
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Not to mention, Twitter would be trending the topic as #1
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Cold Brew ❤️This is interesting. Didn’t know one could do this.
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Internet is crazier than usual today.’s an outrage that @nypost is still locked. And it’s a disgrace that more journalists are not outraged by this.
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- My candidate is worse! - No! MY candidate is worse! The rest of the world: ಠ_ಠInovator.
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Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Joe Rogan Experience #1554 - Kanye West // He’s brilliant.The Plot Against the President
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻It is finished! With great pleasure, I present “Leitmotif” Pen and ink 20” diameter 2020
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻My dog’s favorite toy 🐶 ✨ @RudyGiuliani should give the hard drive to Netflix since they're into that sort of thing
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Another work of fiction by @politico. The @DHSgov intel bulletin does NOT identify the Boogaloo movement as left-wi…
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Bottom line
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Plans for today: - Write something. - Watch an interview with ACB and Amul Thapar. - Watch Chappelle’s and Kim Kard… blocked every person who wrote "Borat is parody", don't be a snowflake, etc. Yes, I know it is parody. My point i…
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Ideological capture often looks like insanity. “Many people who are not women menstruate”? Menstruation marks the…
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Turns out this was the way to fix twitter all along: Stop going to the trending page or your timeline. Make private lists. Own your bias.
I’m excited! Amy Coney Barrett and Amul Thapar: ND Constitutional Studies Conversations // Sounds cool so far @meyerkenny sip sip, el pro. Es hermoso! No sabria decirte que mas todavíaDon’t mind the nails. Home-spa day will happen over the weekend.Here in my garage is this even remotely acceptable to threaten any journalist in this way in the United States?
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Boogaloo Suspect Arrested for Hamas Terrorist Links Had told BLM 'We're on Your Side'
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Shortly after that attack on the Minneapolis police precinct, Attorney General Bill Barr said: "In many places, it…
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Peace in the Middle East!Rappers Delight First Ice Cube, then 50 Cents and now Waka Flocka Flame #Woke
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻News according to Twitter's trending: Look at how horrible are our least favorite people. Don't look away! There's… American should get the talk *regardless* of race.
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Can we all stop pretending that every Trump supporter is a racist fascist? It’s disingenuous and just completely fa… world is sufficiently big for us to enjoy every culture, and just as well it’s big enough for us to feel pride… @pattyneta Feliz cumpleaños!!!! 🙌❤️also, Jackson - Beat It (Official Video) a century.I hereby declare the winner of tonight's debate:
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Am I wrong, or did Democrats not control both the Senate and House majority in 2008?
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Serious question for someone who doesn’t know the answer: who built the cages?
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻The Debate wasIt’s him, obviously is looking good tonight.I appreciate this moderator... for now Was expecting a lot worse
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻The Debate will be
This should be very concerning to everyone.
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Wolves everywhere. @amandaksilver Yes 🙌❤️Celebrate diversity. That’s it. That’s the tweet.
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Will there be a presidential debate today?My face this week's clear to me (and I think I've said something like this before) that the real reason they stopped making House… is now fact that Twitter and Facebook suppressed a groundbreaking political scandal that is confirmed by numerou…
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻😆 if the other side has enough evidence? Time will tell.“a giant when it comes to understanding the law”To watch the whole ACB experience has been extremely interesting! @jongalloway thank you Jon! @sadasant You still can, they just made the UI confusing. On the RT dialog, don't enter any text and hit Retweet, you'll get a standard RT.
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Twitter is a/b testing no more rts only rts with the extra message. I can’t rt anymoreDog: You’re going out! It’s happening. Me: Debunked.My dog thought I was going out, I think. He demanded me to open the garage and to open the car’s door for him.…
the lights!Meshuggah - Live at Summer Breeze Open Air in Germany 2019 Flawless.Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) for Go ( ) (@Microsoft + @Azure + @golang)
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻 @AhmadNassri “... weeks ago we detected signs of life on the moon ... the moon itself seemed to be breathing ... we… is disgusting. Politicians are disgusting. @x_Ale My name is Angelica Mohamad and I’m here to explain why Momentum Effect funds are stupid.
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Am I wrong in thinking Discord is a good front for free speech online moving forward?Tough decision, but my dog really had to poop, so he decided to go outside despite the mild rain. Brave pup!Assume you lost the election and find ways to be emphatic with the other side. That’s what I’m trying to do.The year is 2020, and it’s not even going to make sense in hindsight @TheBabylonBee @Adam4d
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Tweet endógeno sci-fi: En mi cabeza, “El Hombre Bicentenario” lo asocio como un Übermensch del bicentenario bolivar…👏🤯 Using @github Codespaces to build @code in the browser #HappyCoding
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Tyranny always comes cloaked in benevolence. It’s only a matter of time before the censorship of online”hate” inclu…
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻Remember to disconnect.Now this is sinister. And for those who say, it is only Twitter, remember that the Rwandan genocide was encouraged…
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I started this year watching only one side of the news, then I moved to watch the other side for the last couple of…“A slight majority is on favor of” lol @ivanacostarubio @jorge_codes that also sounds good! @jorge_codes Easy: If you’re already in a communist regime, the better choice is to adapt.I don’t think I can fully disagree with any ideology. I do believe some are better than others in some specific contexts.
none of these convey the same thing
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻A list of post mortems »
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻It's never too late to honor one's agreements.
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻If you follow the other side only to discover the stupidest things they write or say, then you’re doing it the wron…
Retweeted by Daniel 🌻The first and still the best way to make the world a better place is to improve yourself and to help people in your community.
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