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The dream @hoIyfire I never said anything of the sort @YouRealiseThat Like monsterminecraft is just animal crossing for people who smelloh to have the body of charlotte awberyHE IS TRIPPING BALLS
Retweeted by amberbisexual shoplifting
Retweeted by amberAre you KIDDING ME our cat has a therapist.... AND I DONT
If I have a baby ASAP technically they could date grimes babyI know Lana has lost her singing voice and had to cancel the tour but she could still come for a pint
Retweeted by amber @_claire_turner_ It’s ganna be wildI have strategically pre ordered the animal crossing switch so I pay when my student loan has come in .... genius I knowNot my headphones dying ... with 2 hours of a megabus left . No plugs . SCREAM!You had me at Sarah Paulson
Retweeted by amberFinally, colonization in Animal Crossing
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I’m going to kill Lana del Rey
Retweeted by ambernorman fucking notwell
Retweeted by amberwhy did teachers always put ur name on the board when u laughed or talked in class ?? lmao free clout ??
Retweeted by amberEye test man stop flirting I can’t see I HATE IT HERELana del rey cancelling her tour is, and I’m not being dramatic, the worst thing that has ever happened to me
Retweeted by amberLana said no songs for miss amber 🥺 @smut1997 I’ll join u
nintendo showing us new villagers during the animal crossing direct
Retweeted by amberMy work placement sending me to a beautiful town in Romania to complete some training ?? Literally love to see it
Harry Styles on the The BRIT Awards 2020 red carpet.
Retweeted by amber @txmmm Nooooo my brain didn’t think that far :(Bucket list: Get job Afford switch Play switch
On this day, 30 years ago, Keith Haring, brilliant artist and iconic activist, died of AIDS related illness, aged 3…
Retweeted by amberMe trying to figure out if it's ABBA or Madonna but not caring because they're both bops
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Thinking bout 🥺🥺 employ me I’m so sexy aha xno thoughts just renegade renegade
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Can’t believe a couple broke up on the table next to us yesterday lmaome for a week after someone takes an ugly candid photo of me
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Valentine’s Day the one day a year I love my boyfriendPutting aside £176.78 a day is over £64,500 by next February. Only achievable once you manifest it😌 Forfeit your r…
Retweeted by amberWhy did I just say to my hairdresser he can blow dry my hair straight ‘as a treat’
Need to see parasite now or I may dieme in my eternal mind prison
Retweeted by amberwho said that jesse eisenberg is just an evil version of michael cera
Retweeted by amberSlowthai what an absolute creep lmao
Retweeted by amberdoes she want ... a you know ...........wife
Retweeted by amberI'm a techno man myself.
Retweeted by amberBernie Sanders at the stonewall riots 1969
Retweeted by amberi don't know what he's saying but he's right and he should say it
Retweeted by amberwhy is this person at Kim Petras filming on his 3DS
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@elljito He knows me more than I know I know meThis is the most ME thing I have ever seen in my entire life
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Found out something worse than turbulence! A child experiencing turbulence for the first time :)
One Direction members’ debut album first week units in the US: @Harry_Styles’ ‘Harry Styles’ - 230k @ZaynMalik’s ‘…
Retweeted by amberDoing my dissertation proposal in the airport on my phone, I really did say catch flights not feelings (feelings be… you remember when Bridget Jones was considered a loser for having a full-time job in PR and having our own flat…
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vroom vroom is so good. i’m still not over it.
Retweeted by amberi’m gonna say it girls have the worst taste in men...
Retweeted by amber @hoIyfire Someone shag this boy🔒
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idk how i feel about this new test format :/
Retweeted by ambermy sims talking shit about me
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This is not funny this actually is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my academic historyGoing on holiday with my boyfriend tomorrow: 👋😜 Dissertation proposal that I haven’t start due on Monday: 😳🤞Never more embarrassed than when I willingly get in the Greggs line when it’s out the door
@Skymeryy @frank_tyler102🌸 Animal Crossing Switch Giveaway 🌸 Hi, I'm giving it away to someone who would enjoy the Switch and AC so GLHF!!…
Retweeted by amberI’m just so upset that I don’t have money to pre order the animal crossing switch I’ve actually never been so serio…
the tips of your plant’s leaves turning brown is perfectly normal. it’s just your plant saying you will never be a…
Retweeted by amberI decided that this year, every day, I would knit a row on a scarf to mark the corresponding daily temperature/weat…
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to this day I will forever wonder how lil bro went down so mf fast
Retweeted by amberif i see someone stealing feminine hygiene products of all things from a huge chain supermarket, i’m minding my bus…
Retweeted by amberWhat would I do without Megan Cumley... die I think?I would do anything for the animal crossing switch someone give it me NOW
Brexit how epic
Retweeted by amberRT & Follow for a chance at winning an Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nintendo Switch (Special Edition). Giveawa…
Retweeted by amber @DJ_Jazzy_Jon Had to google, blocked @lewizsz Thank YOU !!Stained faced emo matter how much you hate your younger siblings, they’ll never be as bad as that lil piece of shit edmund from th…
Retweeted by amberDrastic hair change day ... sounds absolutely yummy xHarry styles has been more of a constant in my life than my dad hasfriend: i had a dream where i married my crush! my dreams:
Retweeted by amberOmg I’ve never loved anything MORE
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Interesting time to remember the North West exists.
Retweeted by amberI love my air fryer as much as I imagine mothers love their new born child
@lostvillagefest @BombayBicycle @si_bonobo @FourTet @thedjangos @floatingpoints @HONEYDIJON @BenUFO @DavidRodigan the history books state, 2020 will be our most incredible year to date. Brace yourselves friends, the future is…
Retweeted by amber‘AJ Tracey at park life omg, isn’t he that PC music guy?’ LOOOOL okay Sam x
This is why billionaires turned you against Corbyn. You gullible fucks.
Retweeted by amber @Parklifefest @hoIyfire @rosiethackeray @frank_tyler102Parklife 2020 is here 🚀 @ tag 3 mates & RETWEET for a chance to win x4 Weekend VIP guestlist. Presale 9am tomorr…
Retweeted by amberDear the boy singing next to me on the bus, I’m not going to give you a record deal so stopIf Rebecca Long Bailey was the widely acknowledged favourite to lead the Labour Party, this poll would be used to t…
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Album of the year isn't a lifetime achievement award and the idea that Lana invented or even pioneered any kind of…
Retweeted by amberLMFAOOOOOOO
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Great pottery throw down said I can have some serotonin .... as a treatThe poet. The poem.
Retweeted by amberi wonder how often harry and zayn think about this performance
Retweeted by amber @araxiee 🥺🥺🥺