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trying catch up to me it’s going be a whole lot of running $$$ ••• TU Alumna 🎓

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I might just die how I’m livingI want to go to ATL or Cali this year
@saditysyd You not wrong
Retweeted by 1of1 @GYA_Sean Idk it still don’t compare i look at the nigga more of a bitch once i see that. just like guys look at a… do guys flash guns on the net? like it doesn’t make you cute, you don’t look hard, and no one is scared of you 😂😂 you still a bitch😂😂😂 @Triggah0520 i hate you 🖕🏽I ain’t sharing no nigga cause ain’t no nigga sharing me !
Retweeted by 1of1I hate jeans I hate bras I hate panties I really hate clothes so much . 😭😭😭
Retweeted by 1of1 @HannabillLecter @amiwill1738 @whatifivy @deefeewee @phenomenallybri Don’t even bother with this dude. He probably dropped out of CC
Retweeted by 1of1300k pls 🙋🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by 1of1this not that and that’s not this @saditysyd They fail to realize that tryna prove whatever point to feel secure in they spot 😂
Retweeted by 1of1you bitches normalize getting cheated on to much😂 i need my nigga in love with me & me only.
Retweeted by 1of1like if he was worth keeping don’t you think I’ll still have him around ?? 😂’m the pretty ex a bitch don’t EVER have to worry about cause trust baby I leave niggas alone and if he was worth…
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females need to normalize That you don’t need a nigga to be happy
Retweeted by 1of1Delete the contact. Delete the chat. Delete the pictures. Move on. It never happened.
Retweeted by 1of1I love PDA. Eat my pussy at the club 😍
Retweeted by 1of1Bitches will literally fuck after you and know it!!😷🤮I passed my dumb bitch phase so if a nigga play with me he done. bye bye
Retweeted by 1of1Solid bitch til my heart stop.
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idc i want a pair of heelyslowering your standards gets you nowhere pls don’t be a victim
Retweeted by 1of1Bitches swear they not stalking you and then go on rants confirming they stalk you. 😂
Retweeted by 1of1like make it make sense! I don’t do no sharing seeing Meek Mill have a seafood boil made me laugh
lmao Taylore is def my inner childI’d rather be hard to deal with than be easy to play with
Retweeted by 1of1Remove me from yo search bar.
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I’m the whole loaf she da bread crumbs 🤣I know I’m changing because I be calm about shit the old me would’ve lost it & flipped tf out .. 🥴
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yea i think when i have a kid i won’t be letting them sit in front of an iPad all day... tolerance for people is gone
Retweeted by 1of1“You couldn’t pay me to respond” is my new fave
still receiving birthday wishes 🥰omg most of my great friends are Gemini’s i love theyyy crazy asses!! @thechancisare @liberianlois Right. Being a bm don’t hold no weight. Especially when you out here getting treated l…
Retweeted by 1of1Okay y’all it’s not that deep it’s my opinion.. y’all can spend ur good years fighting for a #1 spot in a nigga life. Not me tho be safe
Retweeted by 1of1Baby mother twitter found my tweet. Them having a child together does not matter 😂 y’all excuse is always the child…
Retweeted by 1of1Women who can braid their own hair, how does it feel to be superior ?
Retweeted by 1of1mood🤤
Retweeted by 1of1I doooo this all the time 😩If you not early you lateya diggggg dat!hungryyyy 🥺on & off line pussy hoe I’m raw 😈
You think people only need to heal from bad relationships? Truth is people are healing from hateful parents, academ…
Retweeted by 1of1I think I’m getting sick 😷I like ppl I can trust w my eyes closed and my back turned
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i know this a touchy subject... but if i got a girl none of u bitches swinging PAST ME to hit her and i’m allowing…
Retweeted by 1of1aw niggas really be fumbling the bag 👎🏽you hate me cause you ain’t meUgly & broke should never come out of no bitch mouth when they talking about me cause one thing about me imma keep…
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@__oounanaa lmao it’s on his IG 😂 go looki did sooo much for my bday this weekend & it’s not even my actual birthday yet. So it’s safe to say I’m over it 🥲lmao i can’t believe rollingray does horoscopes now 😂committed to you so I’ll never choose
I just want to go back to when this video came out😫😫😫😫
Retweeted by 1of1Rule #1 never be #2
Retweeted by 1of1Look what that money make a bitch dooo !!
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If you miss dat nigga tell em that you miss em if you fuck wit shawty tell her how you feeling might wake up tomorr…
Retweeted by 1of1hold up why i post one lil video on IG and now people on dicks😂wow I’m really getting fat this my second pair of pants i ripped
supposed to tell your gf everything so NOBODY can think they have one up on her period !!
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I don’t go looking for trouble and I don’t run from it either 😂 miss me with the internet shit 😂😂
Retweeted by 1of1For those who don’t have running water and need to use the bathroom, line your toilet with a plastic bag and handle…
Retweeted by 1of1I don’t need to look tuff on the net to look street i am the skreets 🗣Just noticed Post Malone face tatt says “always tired” 😂 moodi need some jerkpit wings soon 🥲def should’ve went grocery shoppingshit cancel my debt!! for Texas 🙌🏽
never been with the back & forth 👐🏽Ain’t no picking sides stay there ‼️‼️
Retweeted by 1of1Bitches will spy on your page to see why a nigga love you. I don’t even know sis...I’m mean 😂🤷🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by 1of1BIG vibe
Retweeted by 1of1Pisces season loading
Retweeted by 1of1Lmao i be having a hair appt set up with Krissy & change my hairstyle ideas like 5 times 😂some people just going die on your dickLeaving a person completely alone for good is better than matching their energy.
Retweeted by 1of1Take care of yourself, take care of all of you. 🌸
Retweeted by 1of1Marijuana needs to be as socially acceptable as wine.
Retweeted by 1of1I need a birkin 🥶Be a BETTER MOM instead of trying be a BETTER BITCH FOR A NIGGA 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Retweeted by 1of1If your nigga broke just say that 😂 who watching my Twitter imma stilllll say wtf i want 😂
Retweeted by 1of1I can’t compete wit nobody babymama, she gave you something that I would’ve killed 😭😅.
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but y’all not ready for this conversation
Retweeted by 1of1mfckas in relationships these days for what the nigga can do for em & it shows all y’all care about is the material…
Retweeted by 1of1yeah he love what you do for him but he know i ain’t doing nunnnaaa dat he know i ain’t having nunnaaa dat 😂🗣Once you act like snake you ain’t eating with meDon’t dwell on shit .. jus move on
Retweeted by 1of1no competition , i won 🤪🙋🏽‍♀️he look better with me and i mean that disrespectfully
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I love divorce court nowcannot make me mad with a nigga i regret fw 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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BEST VALENTINE EVER!!! 😍😍 thank you baby!!! #TelsaModelX
Retweeted by 1of1Omgggg he just told me everytime i pull up he never has funnel in the weed 😭 i feel bamboozled