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15 f/a valorant // content @LimitGGs

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@StunnaValo @bobabonk vouch @333dun who we subtweeting
@whosmicheIa i dont chase. i attract @sashavalorant no problem @elluhval @thwifo im not gripping him as hard as it looks @thwifo @ApeX_VL i have ethernet and my internet to texas is good @notrxchel muting u fucksim so good at valorant i dont even need to promote to hit radiant🥱 @ignovercook king shit @Kyrokana BBG? or are u BBC @karxoo u deadass just filmed a guys ass @cloudyerin_ americans🥱 @KaedenVAL @crestsz pizza tasted a bit bad @ApeX_VL worst thing that happened was MAYBE a stolen hand sanitizer @Nanashiiz no but like a catholic one @SugarRoadFool LOL @cloudyerin_ they had some poutine and soup too @dogbackp6ck papa johns is overrated. expensive and ass @Agr0fps good what or bad @magnum69420 gripping dat @notrxchel yea the sauce may have gotten on my hnands @mangosmxxthie lolyou're 15 never looked a girl in the eye before relax and focus on school
Retweeted by lucas @Tiffae oh @TheRealPateK @ratevalorant @nerdstreet @Rano_ezpz @BearZ_VAL @SpazVl’s the school lunch slander??? mines good asf @AeroValorant @fluffyyFPS @cloudyerin_ Wym? @fluffyyFPS @cloudyerin_ 🏃💨 @ApeX_VL @ShiftyVAL @AeroValorant yea same I get out of work at 5 @ApeX_VL fix deez nuts @Eridani808 ok @Eridani808 do u know anyYOOOO THANK YOU SO MUCH @Agr0fps AND @ShiftyVAL FOR THE RIOT DAGGER. HE HAS 50 LEFT AND IS GIVING THEM TO THE FIRST… @dogbackp6ck i just dont give a fuck.🤬 @HK4RI relatable @magnum69420 shiver me timbers @magnum69420 sorry @magnum69420 but u actually suck😭😭😭 @wunjii sorry gun @Skrrtfps insane @wolfyval sorry @Ev3ly6 sorry @arxceli aerogotta start vod reviewing how I talk to valorant egirls now @okazyey @ShiiroQt @ShiftyVAL @playgirllashley sorry i wont dm u again @Nipozy1x @WasteManOP @WasteManOP u just lost a ranked game against him and he diff'd u. yeah. gl going pro shitter. @fairyfps @HitBox_Hiros @ValorCentral @rushdiff @yinzzzi sorry @sashavalorant @HanZFPS_ @0Ktinaa @rbecca271 @kayavlr fly me out🙂 @yaszuki @sashavalorant jordan fisher @CarbynVAL @florscnt @lucasgotnohoes 🥱🥱🥱 @florscnt @lucasgotnohoes ratio @eeeriomirg THAT LITWRALLY MAKES NO SENSE @okazyey Ong @hyjinxVAL no @mangosmxxthie @Toastedtw @dgitalrubx mango since when did u have the whole vinny hacker stan army on ur side @Toastedtw toasted after tweeting this @Senobuu L @MLGAnakin happy bday @magnum69420 common for u @Evs2x ur mom @Tiffae @nubstir first time @HanZFPS_ @sashavalorant @0Ktinaa @rbecca271 @kayavlr yup besties💅 @CarolineX0Val how u gon go 0-4 in a spike rush 😭😭boostedd @koalanoob @iGumdrop V @kayvalorant yea that’s a cop anyways where u from? @chaz75 markham @_novaVAL @weirdoliv yo she 13 @chaz75 where u from in Toronto @spoofzera @iamhcu @bobabonk ASKED @itbecloud this was a nuts flick @fairyfps crazy @spoofzera @iamhcu @bobabonk who? @iamhcu @spoofzera @bobabonk the deez nuts once @emmuhlol good shit @beaver_sky youve changed my life and shown me a different perspective on viewing the world @Klamran @CrownSGSC @DisciplesVal @ToozyVAL @StunnaValo @ShiiroQt u guys live in the shadow of next up @wahoooopunch making valorant hearts with somebody else. @wahoooopunch i consider edating for children and long distance (better term) for adults @CrownSGSC @DisciplesVal @Klamran @ToozyVAL @StunnaValo @ShiiroQt stunna is horrible lol @dogbackp6ck AHHHHHHHHHHHme and my gf put our clips together in VALORANT
Retweeted by lucas @DisciplesVal @CrownSGSC @Klamran @ToozyVAL @StunnaValo @ShiiroQt The roster is now finalized 🤖@CrownSGSC 🙂… @skpzyy no problem @ShiiroQt hey chakib
@whosmicheIa cringe @NotMatcheww jk what rachel said @NotMatcheww all these r wrong. give her a dick appointment @skpzyy everyone in the replys r fake this is sum assima have it one day in valorant
Retweeted by lucashow it feels // valorant montage (like & retweet)
Retweeted by lucas @924suzy LOL @vrofps ik whats the SETITNGNS @vrofps color settings send @spoofzera @florscnt @BetrayedFPS ur already dead bro daphne ended u. @florscnt @BetrayedFPS already playing @florscnt @BetrayedFPS 20 MINUTE VCS ROSTER🥶 @baileebboat u got games on ur phone