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@AmanCreates Unrelated but I’m stealing this Garak meme...i will forever stand by this being one of the funniest lines from this whole movie
Retweeted by Megan Levens @jpalmiotti I started drawing a webcomic and 8 months later I’ve self-published a collection of the strips! It brin…
Try spending a Christmas alone in LA, 2000 miles from home because your retail job won’t give you the time off to s… other less scary news, it’s cold and rainy and Ozzie is PISSED. BFFs. @RonDanChan You are completely correct. @andymarso @GovParsonMO Thank you. ❤️ @wastedwings Thank you. My mom’s family are tough fuckers so we are hoping he pulls through but it’s been a rough week worrying. @andymarso Central Missouri. Where @GovParsonMO refuses to introduce a mask mandate or any statewide safety protoco… is the second of my mom’s siblings to get COVID, and unlike my aunt who I wasn’t really close to, Uncle John i… uncle (and his entire nuclear family) tested positive for COVID last week and today his blood pressure dropped s… we experience poverty, it’s not because we’re not working hard enough. It’s because our system, our government…
Retweeted by Megan Levens @Jody_Houser The algorithms are learning which of us are spending our quarantine single. 🤨the only good thing I saw on the Internet today
Retweeted by Megan LevensMay he walk with the Prophets!
Retweeted by Megan Levens @f_francavilla Oh great, possums come in Sith now?? @adambomber_ That’s reassuring. And honestly I was thinking at least it’s over his nose?...never tell him the odds? Seriously though, the ghosts of Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew need to appear and yan… shot. Qui-Gon is concerned. #starwarsadventures #StarWars #jedi #quigonjinn #wip #makingcomics @Treestumped My boys are here for you. 💖
There’s also a super awkward new #thegoobies for my #webtoon readers today! I'm going to try not to be a massive hypocrite over the next week because yes, I am going home for Thanksgiv… travel home will involve one bathroom stop (I don't need to refuel & I'll pack plenty of snacks/drinks to elimin… *am* making the 4 hour drive home to spend Thanksgiving with my parents, but it will just be us 3, they keep the… Goobies once again set out on the Furry Road! WITNESS! #thegoobies #webcomic #dogsoftwitter #indiecomics’all I actually accomplished both of the things I needed to do today. Do I still have a million other projects I’… people to stay home, cancel rent and mortgage payments so people don’t lose their homes, and pay for those who…
Retweeted by Megan Levensthe mandalorian is a tv show about a tiny green puppet that makes me cry every time it makes a sound and a big sexy…
Retweeted by Megan Levens @SarahSerioArt I would’ve traded Vic Fontaine for this to be a recurring holosuite scenario with Garak and Julian..… my Star Trek rewatch again and this rainy Saturday night is perfect for “Our Man Bashir”...combining my bigg… @Christosgage @f_francavilla That cat is all of us reading the news these days. @TBonvillain Weirdos! @andeparks Damn, be careful!! @TBonvillain I put mine high just because it was the only logical place to put it after I arranged my living room t… @Cattifer Happy gotcha day, Sally! 😍
Australians: receive $1,993 a month Canadians: receive $1,433 a month Germans: receive up to $7,326 a month Amer…
Retweeted by Megan Levensartist alley do you feel me
Retweeted by Megan Levens @ArtofNickRobles YES this is the correct answerIt’s Martial Arts night on @SooDLee Twitch stream so I went with Michelle Yeoh from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon…
Retweeted by Megan Levens @cheffresco I didn’t spoil! I mean ok I spoiled that there are macarons.
A friend posted a semi spoilery thought that might’ve changed how I viewed this most recent episode of The Mandalor… your cat accidentally FaceTimes. 💙 Grudge!! red haired human had the silly idea she could ask me to move. WHEREVER I'M SITTING IS MY THRONE. #SpaceCatte
Retweeted by Megan Levens @alexgrecian @andeparks convinced me to move here after LA got too pricey. I’m a MO girl originally but I’m happy t… @kevindilmore You know, probably. 😂 @alexgrecian I have another week of quarantine and you can’t get liquor delivered in Kansas, I’m rationing my bourbon!!Tonight's gaming cocktail: I made up my own with the cake flavored vodka a friend gifted me for my quarantine birth…
I asked my patrons to help me choose more postcard designs! Want to weigh in on what art I should put on postcards?…
Retweeted by Megan LevensKind of a strange old hermit.’s a brand new THE GOOBIES strip for my patrons today! Patreon supporters get access to the entire catalogue o… @Franky_WebComic Yeah the entire show has been beautifully cast. It’s a delight.This is Khan. He’s the sneakiest shoe stealer on the planet. Has never ever been caught... until now. 14/10 (IG: kh…
Retweeted by Megan LevensOmg what's the first thing you're gonna do when YOU get the vaccine shot?? You're gonna go back home, wait a month,…
Retweeted by Megan Levens @AmanCreates I haven’t but now I feel like I need to...We’re all talking about how Gillian Anderson is giving us confusing feelings about Margaret Thatcher, and rightly s… feel like gen z wouldn’t believe this was an unedited image from a real commercial that played several times a da…
Retweeted by Megan Levens @MattMinerXVX The easiest one’s-gotta-go meme ever. @AH_AdamHughes @DavidNAtchison I already had HBONow and it just sort of...automatically turned into HBO Max? But no… @aaronraganfore Thank you!! I love her as Harley so much, she’s pitch perfect. @thortallmon I just love the characters of the sequel trilogy so much and I’m depressed that we’ll probably never g… @kevindilmore That was a good one.Oh and bored Padawan Obi complaining about trade negotiations made me laugh too.Y’all I think I’m legitimately angry that the LEGO Holiday Special just gave us Jedi-in-training Finn and more scre… @Oeming Yeah anyone stealing packages at my house better love non-photo blue pencils, dog food, and nail wraps.Bones in his backpack carrier and Ozzie. Me and the Goobies come as a set.
@charliekirchoff Yeah I remember getting similar notes about not drawing Yvonne Craig as Marta in the Captain Garth… order of two boxes of erasers arrived today and I’m queuing up the Star Wars LEGO Holiday Special so obviously i…’m behind on everything and really feeling it today. But if you’re waiting on a commission, you just might get som… @robintheherrera Oh no!!! Girl, I’m sending you virtual socially distanced birthday hugs, I hope you’re ok. @GailSimone I work in a major grocery store on the Olympic peninsula and can confirm. Everyone without a mask wants…
Retweeted by Megan Levens @thegarygraham owner here 🙋‍♂️ Just so everyone understands, it isn't the shutdowns that are killing us. It's the vi…
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Retweeted by Megan Levens @janetharvey for the evening crowd! Preorders for the second printing of THE GOOBIES are now open so be sure to grab… are late to the party today but there’s finally a new strip for patrons!
Let's be clear: Dolly Parton is a millionaire and not a billionaire because she *keeps giving money away*. Being a…
Retweeted by Megan Levens @AmanCreates I thought this was gonna be my quarantine vibe but I’m just a schlubby basic yoga pants bitch with unw… Jim, these are stunning! turnaround should be about 2 weeks. If we don't reach the printers' minimum quantity, I will refund everyone'… friends! THE GOOBIES is hopefully going back to print...if you would like to preorder a copy or two for holiday…'s Patreon GOOBIES strip will post later today! When it came down to deadlines yesterday, well, I let the Wook… @cullenbunn Right?? Thanksgiving in a normal year for us is just my parents and I. It’s great.What I’m learning from The Crown is that, when not wearing gowns, Princess Diana dressed like a child who murdered…
Retweeted by Megan Levens @ColleenDoran I’ve found in the past week that I’m most effective right now if I give myself those 2-3 hours of cre…😂
@Pishogue RIGHT?? I am a straight woman and Thatcher was terrifying but Gillian Anderson is still somehow hot und… is a really tough likeness which is why y’all have never seen any Starbuck fan art from me (it exists it’s ju… little warm up sketch of Bo before I get back to drawing her sister’s boyfriend. #ThisIsTheWay #BoKatan @GWillowWilson Oh man. I managed to consistently talk myself out of bleaching...I successfully stripped the permane… @wastedwings That all sounds like good busy!My first printing of THE GOOBIES VOL 1 is sold out, and with a little time left for holiday shopping...would there… @wastedwings Aaaah! Congrats, that’s so awesome. 🙏🕉It’s been a while since I had a comics deadline that meant staying up past midnight working. But I’m drawing Obi-Wa… would take a bullet for this cat
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Retweeted by Megan LevensThis is an accurate point worth making and it’s also a really, truly horrifying number anyway. It’s still TOO MANY…