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@mayuhri_x1 Fr maya don’t deserve this fuck off who y’all think u r harassing others? Fuck you all
@dogbackp6ck @aEvilcat @notrxchel Support him on his come back? Who said I’m supporting him on what he did to Rache… @pinkk_gg @KillerMillerGG ^ @venture_fps @1HUNNYU 🥺🥺
@scrollval @kolhr_ @joshpwo @Unholykid3 @kar_ie vouch @Dark3stVal @scrollval @Unholykid3 @tasyiu @wafflenomster12 @kar_ie @joshpwo Ly bb darky @joshpwo @Unholykid3 @kar_ie i mean shit if you want i got plenty on deck @LouVAL_ @LennyTime still have it in discord ahaha2-0 vs @LennyTime. we make day 2 of the Rival 5k ggs to all the teams we played
Retweeted by sae ❄️2-0 vs @LennyTime. we make RO8 of the Rival 5k ggs to all the teams we played
Retweeted by sae ❄️2-0 vs @LennyTime. we make day 2 of the Rival 5k ggs to all the teams we played
Retweeted by sae ❄️
@DanimalVal @KenEmpowered @Add3rTV @AikoKamu @OkeanosQT @KingFPS__ just cus they got announced today @VIRTUOSOVAL @KingFPS__ @OkeanosQT Omg Anthony okeanos Nguyen…. And kingfps wow! I had no idea!After a long hiatus, we're finally back and ready to compete. Welcome our final two to the VIRTUOSO squad. 🌹…
Retweeted by sae ❄️ @Unholykid3 niceshot @1mehzy @starriebun @Zellsis Vouch. @seshiriaa_ thats my duo? @1mehzy @seshiriaa_ @PrincessIcyTV Exactly I learn from master Mehzy @OkeanosQT @shoukrrrr It’s cned @Add3rTV Is that @kxtieoh dog u got her? @shoukrrrr Omg IS IT TENZ? @PrincessIcyTV Need a hype man like chamber. @seshiriaa_ why cant u be this hype man @VIRTUOSOVAL I wonder :O
@AIMPNCH Wow thanks aimpunch!! @seshiriaa_ Wdym 😈Shoutout to @LouVAL_ for making this video. I apologize for all the instances where I yell...…
Retweeted by sae ❄️First Video! / @PlayVALORANT Like & RT appreciated💙
Retweeted by sae ❄️ @neT_valorant Vouch ^ gotta be in mood for it tho @1mehzy It’s aight
@kanatouu @v1c_cs you with me @saamanthanguyen It’s in the viet blood to get hurt goodluck soldier. @ChurmZz @in0Xfps :O @itzmegan88 @nateschanker @johnnypulatie @venture_fps “Unrated”. @DanimalVal @kxtieoh @Add3rTV <——- @ImposterVAL Val is cursed @Neon76VAL @TeamBasiliskGG @KnightsGG Take it home back 2 back
@Add3rTV @juliaaiis @kxtieoh @Add3rTV @kxtieoh @xRosey99 :( @AeroValorant @seshiriaa_ Agreed. Look good play good. @seshiriaa_ Change ur crosshair 1-3-2-2 or 1-4-2-2 @worseBESTNA @ex_Serenity @Add3rTV jack what is happening
@xRosey99 momma rosey, papa cruncy. Its in the genetics. @Add3rTV that second shot was cap.Highlights and voice comms from the past two weeks! Like and RT is cool
Retweeted by sae ❄️ @Dark3stVal Say no u next time @Add3rTV @ex_Serenity Wow! Thank you!!Stop asking what game I came from. Isn't it obvious? its Warframe. @1elvis__ @LouVAL_ 😘😘 @Pix_VAL @LouVAL_ :D @cozyjozie @LouVAL_ ❤️ @seshiriaa_ @LouVAL_ :) @JoBahh @TealSeam LETS GO JOBSTER @NickIsNuts_ @TealSeam Sounds ab right trash internet @AikoKamu @TealSeam LETS GO AIKOKAMU @Add3rTV @AikoKamu @TealSeam LETS GO JACKKKK @NickIsNuts_ @TealSeam LETS GO NICK
@480wrap Remember Alan. Alan supremacy. @480wrap BigggggLowkey lookin at this these marshal shots be reminding me of @agmFPS @Yoshii_TTV No problem. @fireballops @LouVAL_ The cam vibesThank you for 700 love all of you so so much🤎🤎 credit to @LouVAL_ for makin this ENJOYYYYYYY @BlackHeartVAL I love u hasan ❤️ @AIMPNCH @dignitas LETS GOOOOOOO
@1mehzy 1v1 odin rn @Yoshii_TTV 🥺🥺HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOCHI HE TURNS 3 TOODAY!!🎂🎉🥳🎂🎈🎊🎁🎊🎂🎈🎂
Retweeted by sae ❄️
@scarI2t @1mehzy @LouVAL_ I gotchu @ZenOXsd the young goat @CarbynVAL My slump is my 50 crosshair profilesAre slumps a mental thing or what @Add3rTV @ExSerenity @nickisnuts @AikoKamu @Neon76VAL @DanimalVal VOUCH automatic win ong @venture_fps @itzmegan88 Ya bro thanks for the helicopter u sent me
@xRosey99 :D @Bjorlulu Bjor diff @seshiriaa_ ?!?!?!???? @regan_travis @Bjorlulu LMFAO unlucky :( @regan_travis @Bjorlulu LMFAO was he? LOLidk how these teams are fair but @Bjorlulu diff. @Add3rTV 😈 @Add3rTV Hella blue n red Jacky @1mehzy 💀💀💀💀 legendary coms but blue? Pls don’t cancel me Twitter :( @Yoshii_TTV Red blue gray pink and a lot of red @keaIani No @InshaneTM More motivation for you to grind to radiant now eh? @InshaneTM I barely play comp but when I do I’ll hyu but there’s usually a time u play w pros it’s not always pros @seshiriaa_ Am not I ain’t ever touch a girl in my life no cap. @InshaneTM K fuck u Shane @shftVAL #1337 @nothinval Blue @Unholykid3 Daddy. @alitheowbot A lot of reds lil Ali @chavez_nae Red blue @JPARKJMC blue :D @Dinxpt 😘😘😘
@DanimalVal Coach diff. @Unholykid3 Where’s the rest of the clip Jake @Critical_Val This lft post ain’t gon be up for long dude boutta be signed in 2 seconds @FrostySquid_val NO UR NAME UGLY @linkFPS On the way bruddalink