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@s_cidambi @amitvelo I didn’t like the Joanie thread or her character in this season though @amitvelo I so agree with you. One of my fav series, so layered complex- did dip in season 3 but came back with a bang #theaffair @moonsez Also love your DP💕 @moonsez I love this plate“Their fur is sort of sizzled like human hair when it's burnt.” 🐨 A hospital in Australia says up to 350 koalas ar…
Retweeted by Nandita Iyer @sarnakhao @ViolentVeggy Height of ridiculousness @sruthirk May work for onion kootu (though not sure such a dish exists) 😂Healthy breakfast ideas using oats @YaavanoObba Killed itAddress in US : 8 Grant St Waco TX 76633 Address in India : No. 3231 Krishnarajapuram Marathahalli North Ring Road…
Retweeted by Nandita IyerCoimbatore 1C Private Bus Message for women. How misogyny writes placards to shame women :)
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Today’s card. The ability to choose a value & direct your efforts there even in the face of distraction requires pr…
Retweeted by Nandita Iyer @scarysouthpaw They’re too stuffed to their gills with ego to ever say that @YOs_Twit_Bits It's embedded in the cheese#dinner last evening was this salad with cucumber, kiwi, carrot, micro greens, cheddar cheese with rose petals (Kas…“I paint myself because I am often alone and I am the subject I know best.” — Frida Kahlo
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Retweeted by Nandita Iyer @moonsez @moonsez @moonsez Yes both different flavors - sumac is sour and zataar has thyme, sesame seeds etc so they go well together @moonsez Also any flatbread topped with zataar and olive oil tastes delicious @moonsez Make hummus and generously sprinkle both of them over it with some olive oil @raggedtag 10rs for hostel fee is beyond ridiculous @nandinisushil Well said! @GabbbarSingh @sowmyarao_ Haha love this @sowmyarao_ I give what I have made, but Do Bandar (blr based) and Common Oxen are both superb @sowmyarao_ Plants, forest essentials stuff, handmade soaps @ivyaskaushal But you true potential can be gauged only from YouTube @varun_vaithy 😇😇😇You will know my potential if you watch me on YouTube @Meetasengupta they are a proper cult @kavitharao here are some posts on my blog @kavitharao Some weeks I do and mostly I cook on a daily basis as it’s hardly any prep to cook for two of us @kavitharao Haha this is proper activism @zibijamal This is a known thing, first time im experiencing it 🤣🤣A certain method works for you, good for you, use it. Why this desperate urge to convert everybody? #OPOSThey see a post anywhere on the internet and the cult leader will be tagged etc. #OPOSactivismBelieve me when I tell you, this OPOS is a scary cult. They’ll come after you with a heavy ass (pardon language,… @vyasshruti Don’t even understand how this works. In my sister’s area, there was no BJP candidate because there was… @vjchandra DMed you @prats_39 yes yes, we will meet soon, it is one of the things I am looking forward to! Like our mad fabric shopping on a scooter :*The harvest
Retweeted by Nandita Iyer @prats_39 thank you <3 went to richierich yday, wasn't half as fun without youI am really worried about the Metro projects. 😫 Dear Maharashtra, You might have 10 issues with Devendra but one…
Retweeted by Nandita Iyer @vjchandra Sure! Whereabouts in Blr will you be?
Pls RT, It's a Big Thread. PerfumeAddicts Top Picks For Winter 2019 for Women: Winters are when you require heav…
Retweeted by Nandita IyerSo we're in 75% agreement. (@ishaantharoor's post didn't ask about #Tamils-- if it had, I'd have included them un…
Retweeted by Nandita Iyer @JonahBlank @ishaantharoor Haha Tamil and guilty as charged 🙏🏽Agree with 1, 2 and 3 🤣 @SuryaSadasivan Having lost my dad a few years ago, this picture made me tear up instantly. A beautiful capture. @krishashok Haha or must be a wholesaler#NewProfilePic with the reprints of my book The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian of the feedback for the previous edition has been incorporated and the pages are a brighter white with darker…
Retweeted by Nandita Iyer @ShivAroor @rahulsinghx Happy birthday, Rahul! Wishing you a great year ahead. @eatanddust Can’t wait to get myself a copy @alok_bhatt So happy to see this! Sending her all the love and good wishes @iPrash Thank you! 🙏🏽 @OneRockCity @HachetteIndia Thanks Shyam @itsmeneelesh @HachetteIndia Thank you! @Rennie_Mathews @HachetteIndia Thanks Rennie @darthdevi @HachetteIndia Thank you so much!📣The happiest feeling for an author is when the books get sold out and the publishers say that WE ARE GOING FOR A R…
Retweeted by Nandita Iyer @YaavanoObba Hahaha good one
Congrats @saffrontrail . Wishing you many more success stories ahead.
Retweeted by Nandita Iyer📣📣📣The happiest feeling for an author is when the publishers tell her that the books are sold out and WE ARE GOING… @anindya0909 Thank you my friend @lzafeer @HachetteIndia Thank you so much! Do share some of your creations from the book here :) @barvesindia @HachetteIndia Thank you sir 🙏🏽 @raggedtag So true! I clicked a pic of me from the DSLR camera and I end up scaring myselfSome of the feedback for the previous edition has been incorporated and the pages are a brighter white with darker… you need another reason to grab my book... The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian won the Gourmand Award 2019 in the Ve…📣The happiest feeling for an author is when the books get sold out and the publishers say that WE ARE GOING FOR A R… @NakulShenoy Thank you 🙏🏽 @poppyjptweets @HachetteIndia Thank you sir @curiousgawker @HachetteIndia Very funny! All this was ordered for my neighbours to buy 😊 @taprichai Oh man yum @Mint_Lounge @aninditaghose I so hate the keeping the eating for the end. After all the slaving, I want to see my g… @raggedtag hahahaha love it @raggedtag She's made herself so cozy! happy sight for us parents <3 @kunalvijayakar Why does ERRYTHING happen in Mumbai 😭 @raggedtag 😄🤐 @cbm1963 Lol sure byeMastodon is tweeting ask people to quit twitter - boss, even you are not using your own social network 🤣🤣🤣I had to google this, and apparently it’s a slur it just me, or is mastodon trying WAY TOO HARD?Ok this is funny 😂 @lzafeer Ha haha hope you found it - here’s the link there is a learning too...that we are conditioned to honk in all kinds of driving situations like stressed, ang… my neighbour advised me, if your horn is not working, you just have to use the brakes instead. #drivingwithouthornI had to find alternate ways to vent my anger (like gritting my teeth) over helmet-less two wheeler delivery guys z… took me 2 mins to reverse at a parking lot because a couple of women standing right behind my car & chatting, wi… to patiently wait behind cows until they had a change of mind about standing in the middle of a lane and decide… 35 km in Bangalore last evening without a working horn felt like going to war without a weapon.
Word of the Day: “geosmin” - the organic compound, produced by soil-dwelling microbes, that gives the rich, earthy…
Retweeted by Nandita Iyer @PedestrianPoet How wonderful it must have been to experience this in a foreign country - love the serenity of the shabad kirtan. @raggedtag 😘❤️ @BDUTT Hearing about capping follower count for the first time though I have been wondering why there’s pretty much… @s_cidambi You should be happy I only posted a pic and not a video calling you ‘you know what’ @iyer_higher She once whacked me hard on my wrist