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Panel call tonight. Moderator goes around and calls folks out as dr so and so and dr so and so. Gets to me and call…
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Just now in Alta, Norway: Huge mudslide dragging several houses into the sea.
Retweeted by Nandita IyerHome grown ginger lilies (Hedychium coccineum) @madhu_gop Full youth look :) @panfusine For my own good :) I was allowed to be in waiting if I wanted @panfusine I waited outside the clinic @SSRPillai I will try :) @ChefTZac I’m only reading the pop up text, is that ok? 🤣 @rockyandmayur This is yum!! @dremtee Very true. Ours was covered in a PPE and then some. @gonsalves_r @krishashok Wow fascinating @dhanyarajendran How does it matter where it was found? Don’t quite understand thatAs someone who used to petrified of all creepy crawlies, I must say that having a kitchen garden has made me overco… is really sad. Please take care of yourselves- we can only do the best we can by way of prevention because the… @peeleraja May be some areas are @rajendrazore They made me fill an online declaration and a very thorough checklist for being seen by them. @rajendrazore no they did not.First drive outside the gates in 10 weeks. Had to take son to the dentist for a problem. Surreal to drive on near-e… asks for help, she waits ten minutes and she does it. Someone who doesn’t get off their butt to help should fee… @imtuhin15 Pl see my next tweet
📣Hello! My book The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian is now on @Audible_ind Listen, learn and cook along❤️ #audiobooks
Retweeted by Nandita Iyer @prats_39 Apparently getting squeezed while swallowing / biting - the change of pressure can set it off, is what I… @the_bongrel @sandygrains yeah most are roaming out all day - the explanation i have been given is 'they get bored at home' 😭 @sandygrains I haven’t seen one cat owner who keeps their cat at home :( @AboutIndia It was my least fav of these 4 :) @salonayyy You didn’t miss a single reason 🤣3 @abhi2911 I asked him the same question- it is for meat. @Prash72_ Of course it will. But do you think people care @dhanyarajendran No one can FEED an animal in the wild. Incorrectly reported by nearly all websites. Good you guys put it correctlyApparently it’s common practice to leave pineapple pieces stuffed with bits of dynamite that the wild boar eat and… news websites are reporting that the wild elephant was ‘fed’ the pineapple. Discussed this with a friend who’s… @dhanyarajendran Discussed this with a friend who’s also an expert in wildlife- he said no one can feed a wild elep… @monikamanchanda Good luck to her. keto even for a vegetarian is tough let alone veganGet the entire fuck out of here. I am Chaédria LaBouvier, the first Black curator in your 80 year history & you ref…
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@raggedtag Not killing any more people @blogeswari Great!📣Hello! My book The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian is now on @Audible_ind Listen, learn and cook along❤️ #audiobooks @ItemMom a terrible optimistCan someone please help in this area? #wadala #mumbai evening in Bangalore @fauxfleur I like C @swastika24 That’s not nice, that’s stunning ❤️We humans deserve to go extinct quickly. @monikamanchanda dont think it is doable at all
@WhiskAffair Their twitter bio itself is a joke @rachnaparmarA lot to understand and process here - thread on @reddit’s Delivery Service ❤️ @instaghibli a beautiful lockdown collaboration by Mahesh Kale and his students - the Thaat song describes the characterist… @nisheethchauhan Check out bedmi puri on yourfoodlab youtube channel - followed that recipe @Google An account i created 10 years ago with an old number and now-defunct email id for back up, how can i regain… @saffrontrail @Mint_Lounge Thank you so much for writing about our avocados 🥑! We are now shipping fresh avocados…
Retweeted by Nandita Iyer @Rusty_Engg 5 hours / 29 degreesMy favorite of the three I tried was this one... (made from Tirumala whole milk) Breakfast was yogurt + mango + pin…
Dear people, I appreciate the importance of the protests but anyone sharing the “shitting on car” pic on my timelin… @rachnaparmar Glad to hear that :) @YearOfRat @vyasshruti I used a lot of soaked methi @venkataramki It has ground urad dal with spices mixed with Atta in the pooriDid a fun comparative exercise today in setting yogurt using three different whole milk brands. #bangalore You’ll f… @probablytrippy I don’t have that! Heard of it @physio_twtr That sounds perfectSunday #lunch This dish has been on my to-make list for a long time and I finally made it today. ✨Bedmi Puri and… na ho payega
Retweeted by Nandita Iyer @rockyandmayur Who doesn’t have a crush on Julia Roberts. Now that you say it it’s obvious :) @rockyandmayur Don’t know the girl or the mother but the singing is superb no doubt :)🍃 🌸
@raggedtag @MANISHNIFT That is the perfect word here @iPrash Here same thing in fancy supermarket it will be some 300 bucks 😫 @iPrash So cheap 😫 @krishashok Looks epicFew days ago, a neighbour shared a pic of kadhai paneer made by her mom in law. Something about that photo screamed…
Retweeted by Nandita IyerThis is beautiful @raggedtag Seems unnecessary @keyamadhvani @ChefTZac @ranveerbrar @Finelychopped @poojadhingraa My few reccos- Raita Ea… @prithinarayanan This is where the sister in law role is usefulMade this again today. Did not marinate and sauté the paneer this time and it still turned out great. Recipe in thr… na ho payega @Shobu_ @HarvestingFN @Mint_Lounge Pl do :) super easy if you have a nice ripe avocado @garudsp @HarvestingFN @Mint_Lounge If you are a big residential complex you can connect with HFN and place orders @sabaatahir Need to try this trick on my sonTwo weeks ago, we got boxes of avocados direct from farmers in Nilgiris via @HarvestingFN. This was the inspiration… @Abuinsaan @ShivAroor @HarvestingFN We got it from them and they’re mentioned in the story :)On Bengaluru's outskirts, @SaffronTrail procures 'pandemic' avocados direct from the Nilgiri hills, helping farmer…
Retweeted by Nandita Iyer @calamur @calamur The articles on forge are so good- even I’m thinking @thebooksatchel Hai na! @swatichopra1 @BookLuster My mum has always done this with her sarees. Or keep under pillows - this works for blouses and lighter stuff :) @aparnanadig1 My kinda retail therapy :)Filed under ‘Gratitude’ calm @smitaprakash This is called lounge wear- most popular category right now @girishmallya Plus if I have to start asking for feedback from random people on social media, I might as well quit social media @girishmallya It was a joke Girish!International & interstate travellers arriving in Karnataka by air and rail will have to shell out Rs 650 for pool…
Retweeted by Nandita Iyer @panfusine @monikamanchanda Hilarious and ridiculous! But if a non Desi can make a proper phulka and make it fluff,…
@Apurvasrani @SidPill Lovely reading this! Congratulations @RushinaMG 😇😇😇❤️Want to get started on gardening? Here's a beginner's step-by-step guide to growing 9 types of greens in a tray. It…
Retweeted by Nandita IyerRest in peace, #BejanDaruwalla 💐
Retweeted by Nandita IyerWhenever I worry that I tweet too much nonsense, I see tweets from certain very powerful and influential accounts a…