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#Atari has tapped architectural experts at Gensler for cyberpunk-styled hotels. Photo: Atari Learn more:…
Retweeted by Safir @Anuduped @Asgardian756455 @TheNationDunno Pl stop tagging me. 100 times you have said this. This is called spamming @nikhilpiyu Not once watched twice. Read book. Watched YouTubeGuys do watch this. Great points here. #1992scamHarshadMehta Candid talk by the real man @virajmehta16 @EquirusGroup @Equiruswealth Congrats @SandeepParekh Well done. This is wonderful @myvaluepicks CongratsAstraZeneca Plc's COVID-19 vaccine trial in the USA is expected to resume this week #AstraZeneca #COVID19
Retweeted by SafirSmile moment of the day @SanjoyRoyTWA No!Another good one @shuchi_nahar @shuchi_nahar Good one Shuchi @ashishaggarwalh Even I don't know @SandeepParekh @SBHAKKAD T-1 @ImranSh29436201 Call money rates were as high as 20 pct. besides why are you wasting time on a court fact. I share… @keshaw69954795 Google search suggests the same name as a Gujarati chartist trader @krishnasamhith2 @EquityMarkets_ Well I've no where said business is not good. Promoter holding at zero cost virtua… @ImranSh29436201 Send me your matter and then you will know if I do and what @ImranSh29436201 You must know, FD rates then. Similarly at one time during morarji Desai time tax rate was 97 pct.The second time saw #1992scamHarshadMehta Saw it first on release and still learnt more on 2nd watch. Very well do… @shobhitsahu Manu Manek @latajag Any reasons? @deepakdp1989 Ah! Must watch. Thanks @vivekbhimrajka @Truth31338471 @1shankarsharma As if I don't comment back to Shanker. You seem to be in some la la land @SBHAKKAD Not feasibility given time diff for world investors . @SandeepParekh have you shared a note for reading to educate us all? @EquityMarkets_ Businesses were more protected then than now. Quotas, entry barriers ruled. Liberalisation hasn't h… @ImranSh29436201 We handle a case a day. You forget I'm a lawyer @Truth31338471 All your tweets prove you pee everywhere. Needlessly. Blocked. Brainless @Truth31338471 1. I sold pvr and inox and it's in public record. 2. Both at profit. 3. Who are you to advise me. I'… @ImranSh29436201 You really need to start reading beyond twitter. Also your info on 12pct is completely off. I've s… @ImranSh29436201 Absolutely wrong fact @ImranSh29436201 If you don't read the facts pl read. @tumblingweed6 Pl watch it. And read I said pvt banks to cartels. See the episodes to know who planted who where @hirenbhojani Well life needed balance of both wrongs not one. Why one sided?Interesting episode 5 of scam1992 has a gentleman who worked with Black cobra (you know who) saying they short scri… not just Nalanda, Emam too. Thanks @iamrakeshbansal @ImranSh29436201 Don't forget compounding was on both amounts principal and interest @ImranSh29436201 Sit with a calculator and compound 18 percent pa @Shail591 Sir let's not make someone whole sole of others sins too. He dared to take them on. They hated it. He too… @suchetadalal @Moneylifers @RBI True. I read that bit and wrote in a previous tweet few days back saying both of yo… fact- in a order by court, federal bank was instructed to refund a 6 cr amount to HM's widow with inter… @BS_6 I felt bad for him @WordsAreEnough9 I felt bad for him too. Plus he honoured most of his payments. Paid highest taxes. True he did wro… @madhavranade MRF. Mgt integrity, ability to grow on low capital. No foreign acquisitions called in called off. No… it boiled to this quote- “The whole game is one of perception. Everybody was in the scam. In the end, w… 1992- while Harshad took many wrong turns, I respect his intelligence n guys n dislike the fact that the whole… @madhavranade MRF is the best Indian tyre co. On 2 cr equity they build the biggest co. Don't like Apollo as an investmentSept shareholding data shows Nalanda aggressively added MRF @sh_riaz Good one @deepger I always share @P54736265 Commented enough. I believe good cos can't be bought at insane valuations @di_kukreja I always doIT catches up, market inches towards 12,000. @sumitkm80 This was my talk with my friends at 33 bucks. I tagged them @sh_riaz Firstly sir, your photo is very nice. 😊 Pl share views on why you like kingfa, cmi and aksharA big thank you to all those who reached out and shared beaten down ideas. 👍
@vivekbhimrajka @BenkO_pen Growth faltering with onset of digital is now showing up. View is current. @BBhasad @vivekbhimrajka @BenkO_pen So something that underperforms almost every scrip, discounts at 130 times, rep… @Ethical007 Trident is doing well. You must study hard, save some money and do SIP in front line names initially @KansCapital Then why not own cdsl only- btw which I do @Jai0409 @soicfinance Arey yaar, everyone knows that. Asking reasons @KansCapital But where's the volume on other shares? @Anand_shah07 @ASDATTA1987 Which one? NCC? @h_dusad Pl explain @searchingvalue I'll check. Thanks @bajajgagan09 Here I'm very apprehensive. Looking at the international AMC deal that Samir Arora tweeted on and I t… @soicfinance Pl elaborate on GAE @ASDATTA1987 Good thinking @Reeteshtiwary I haven't been keen on sun for nearly 4-5 years now. Used to frequent write how over valued it was @rdkriplani @Sanjay__Bakshi Hence asked the one man who has deep data and will enlightened us all. I have no clue @sourav_c_14 I don't know. Asking @abdulaffar Pl elaborate @ASDATTA1987 Good points @Reeteshtiwary Few is many here. Plus don't forget Indian pharma transmitting from pure generic to semi to CRAMS to API @prameshp1 Just for curiosity, why do you have 3 cities as your location? @hrithik786786 Reason? @N_Solanki15 Good coChennai super Kings losing many matches this season. Keen to know from @Sanjay__Bakshi in franchised sports busines… @subhajits18 👍 @prameshp1 I already wrote on itc and said it's very close to a great value @CHANDRA22197342 Safer to buy a basket. Better to buy staggered. Netflix included @iamanirbandas 👍 @PadhiyarKP @Zerotoone20 I'm not sure of coming qtr but beyond that co should do very well. I own it too and have not sold any share @neellhh Do share logic too sir. Plotting that too @Reeteshtiwary Sun had huge debt. Still has @CHANDRA22197342 Tech ones. But stagger them. PlatformsIs anyone looking at contra investing ideas? Beaten down in mkt valuation but healthy in cash and a slowdown but no… @Reeteshtiwary What was wrong with Divi, dr Reddy, Alembic ph, Suven...etc etc @2ayush @devanshu102 Then don't follow. Move on. Always believe in associating where there's logic. Make your own circle of ppl you believe @PadhiyarKP @Zerotoone20 No he doesn't. He sold off way too early @Reeteshtiwary I don't know. Now I got alert. First one I didn't @RamGEEH @devanshu102 F off @RamGEEH What an idiot you are. For since I wrote on Bharti it's still up. Plus only a man with cracks will ignore… the nature of the mkt in a very short term is that best result stocks correct ex infosys, tcs and weak re… @Reeteshtiwary Also while I answered you, my twitter usually doesn't detect or answered non followers as I remain busy with follower alerts @Reeteshtiwary Read McKenzie report on Indian pharma 2020. Besides who asked you to look at largest pharma co. By s… @RajeshGarud11 Get lost. I have ethics. And views. Not a cheat like you with a cheap thinking @Ritz80376803 First get mkt cap right. You are way off track @RajeshGarud11 What a stupid comparison. Why compare Airtel? Are you lost or what? Silly @mmshah777 @KalroRavi Life has taught me well to respect the fact that I will not buy out of sync cos showing Degrowth