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@perksofstef What kind? @hegemonster TY!This is great read.
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If you haven’t subscribed to my @SubstackInc yet, please do!!!!! 💖 aka @EgyptoKnuckles listed my newsletter Hip to Waste as one of his 6 Things in this week’s @StarTribune. I’m i… july i made a 45 second remix of in my pocket by mandy moore lol
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Retweeted by safyEverything I wanted came true for me this year. 💓Pinterest is the only safe space in America#JusticeForShukriAbdi
Retweeted by safy @Remember_Sarah I have a q for you“Next to the shifting and dated definition of millennial pink, the green-blue spectrum is perhaps my favorite color…
@dvnots she's made music with purity ring!Hilarious and raw. An incredible writer on the rise. Make sure you read @mizpiggy111 new article on @Narratively!
Retweeted by safy @trustfundgoth I’m madDolls Kill ruined Delia’s @goodeggyolk molly we both did exactly what we aren't supposed to do @tayarisha 🦋💓💕sending u love
@EmmaSpecter @lanikaps Not if you opt out! I don’t pitch anymore because I hate it.I'd like to thank @SafyHallanFarah for normalizing audio messages for me because now I'm like you know what I won't…
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It would be funnier if you mocked people who use the phrase “scaling intimacy” since it’s such a ubiquitous phrase,… PINS FOR $10 -- THAT'S IT. THAT'S THE DEAL. 🔮✨ -
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@SafyHallanFarah Her sister agrees.
Retweeted by safyIm an adult, I am not ashamed of responding fast and double texting. I want to talk to you.
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jay ellis hiding his white wife like the nuclear codes so the insecure fan base doesn't find out is the funniest shit ever
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it’s kinda amazing how liberal feminists completely demolished Me Too for joe fucking biden of all people.
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this is what no morals does to a mf
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