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Pro Mountain-Ultra-Trail Runner at @hokaoneone @corosglobal @camelbak . 16th place at Boston Marathon '15. Coach at @SageRunning

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@ModernTriDad @hereinpeace Yeah I’m pretty sure health care workers/hospitals desperately need those masks the most…
@RunFrankfurt @maddenam still I agree....we should all errr on the side of extra caution (And I wish more Americans… @RunFrankfurt @maddenam Although we don't know the stats of full COVID spread (lack of tests/testing in the US) I'd… @RunFrankfurt @maddenam it seems like it would be dependent on what kind of Concentration of RNA/particles can infe… @RunFrankfurt @maddenam Thanks for the link...I read it. First time I've seen that one. Obviously I'm not a medical…“The Mountains are calling...🏔[but maybe you can’t go right now...]...” I feel you! #socialdistancing is a challeng… @RunFrankfurt @maddenam It appears you're not using the word/term "Airborne" as we would in the US/medical definiti… @hereinpeace again, Obviously I know that it can spread with a sneeze/cough. The question was if that was the main… @RunFrankfurt @maddenam Taking "airborne precautions" within the environment of certain aerosol procedures in indoo… @RunFrankfurt @maddenam Again I have seen no reputable evidence that COVID19 is an Airborne virus (by medical defin… @maddenam @RunFrankfurt Exactly! That's why I posted this WIRED article because it brings up the Semantics. Of cour… @maddenam @RunFrankfurt This was also my whole point to. Most people don't seem to understand the definition of wha… @RunFrankfurt @maddenam I'd like to see where your source for this statement you made is coming from? "spreads thro… @Persist_Runner not when it is attached to a respiratory droplet (via a sneeze/cough or even strong exhale)...well… @RunFrankfurt Source that says it is “airborne” by the medical definition? I have never seen that. We all know it… @randar68 and SARS and MERs (while having much more in common with COVID19 obviously) are also not like the "regula… @randar68 I'm not covering anything up. I fully admitted in my first Tweet that I was surprised to find out that mo…
@randar68 Considering this is a totally different virus (from the "Regular Flu") I simply won't compare it. Just li… @MattNoonAU Are you a scientist or medical professional? Want to dispute what was written in that article? Of cours… in reference to my latest tweets, this is what I was really getting at: . The differen… @AlpineAthlete @NatCollinsDPT yes and we are speculating more on it: . This. I know there… @mschlos good article. thanks for sharing. This is exactly what I was getting at! @NatCollinsDPT I know the technical definition of "airborne." Measles is airborne (obviously a much smaller particl… just to follow up on this: I fully endorse CDC recommendations and don't doubt these facts. My main point: A lo… @randar68 No, I think the idea of possible "airborne" contamination is scarier actuallyCall me ignorant, but I thought #COVID19 spread mainly by contaminated surfaces (that had been coughed/sneezed on/t… see food wrapper/packaging and touch contamination (from grocery store food items as well as take-out food) as a… countries rank globally in Math vs taking action against pandemic Countries that have seems to respond quic…
Retweeted by Sage CanadayWARNING: I’m a Pro Runner and Coach (and obviously NOT a Pro Musician 🎼!). I mean no disrespect to the great Leonar…
@ctfdtambuatco @AlpineAthlete Yeah, I'm just thinking of the Physics of transmission (and how I breathe when I run… @AlpineAthlete I imagine theoretically the vapor carrying virus particles drop fairly quickly in most… @AlpineAthlete I think some people dont realize how contagious this thing is! The issue: If someone coughs and snee… Experts: So #COVID19 is not *technically* "AirBorne" transmission, right?- BUT if I'm running/walking by s… Top 3 Tips for Beginner Runners ( #HOWtoStartRunning ...or how to start running again after a long-break!):… I guess there was/is an "official" #ColoradoShutDown ("lock down?") starting around today/tomorrow? Hmmm that's… @NamtrabGraphics Hey nice work! You're really good with the graphics! Glad you like the channel!
Thanks for your support! Hope you two are doing well also! we are donating 100% of Training Plan Sales from @SageRunning to the charity @UnitedWay for the "COVID19 Reli… is my new favorite Hip flexor Stretch for Psoas (and variation to target the Rectus Femoris):… to support local food business thebumblingbeeboulder on this #takeouttuesday ! Really good #vegan burger and…
Why I'm in "Maintenance Mode" when it comes to Running Training right now. It can be a time to work more on my weak… Running will be supporting @UnitedWay on Wednesday, March 25 by giving all proceeds from training plan purchas…
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#SpringEnergy challenge (with Prizes!) made another "POV style" Trail Running Video! Perhaps if you are stuck inside on the Treadmill/Trainer you can fo… @TheVargo @amysproston Okay, I can kind of see where you are coming from. Fair enough. However, I think it is good… @TheVargo @amysproston I think worrying about hashtags should be the least of one’s concerns nowadays....but I thin…
@amysproston I’ve been totally solo, but if people had to go out in pairs (which the vast majority seem to do in Bo… it dawned on all the people "social distance" running with friends that even if you're running behind them by 6…
Retweeted by Sage Canaday @TheVargo @amysproston Why does it matter if people hashtag #SocialDistancing or not? I think its goodIn this episode of "Cooking [errr...'Baking'] with Sage" I make up a #vegan #cookie recipe with limited at-home ing… @JamilCoury @CoryLew see if you can do a 7:30 at 15% uphill grade! Otherwise just 1-2% (if your belt moves fast eno…
@ameliaboone Yes, go single file to pass other people (esp elders) because we should respect clean air space (perso… of #Boulder: The multi-use paths and trails are often barely 2m (6.5 feet) wide (if that).That means to prac… (by Coach @SandiNypaver ) #AnySurfaceAnyDistance @SaraKristie @HOKAONEONE @runinrabbit @HoneyStinger hey hope you are well and thanks for following along! glad you liked it! more to come!
Want to follow @SageCanaday up one of his favorite trail routes in Boulder? Hop onto a treadmill and you can do a 2…
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I ran/powerhiked up my favorite local mountain in #Boulder today (#BearPeak). Thankful I can still exercise outside…
It may be my imagination, but it seems like every dog I saw today seemed extra happy. They were having a blast with… @Vietpdx @SethJamesDeMoor Depends where you are? Yes generally, if the air is clean and you can stay over 6’ (2m) a… @MartinArmbruste @M_muss_handeln Thanks for your support of @SageRunning !
“I take my running training seriously...but I take my RECOVERY Very Seriously..” 🤣. .... Honored to team up with…
Staying at home to drink @averybrewingco #beer (certainly don’t go out to bars!) I can’t emphasize enough that righ… rest of the nation needs to follow suit, NOW
Retweeted by Sage Canaday"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." -EinsteinAdapt. Evolve. Persevere. We're all on the Same Team and We all have to work together...NOW! I did another video o… @BillyYang That recommendation should be law! All races should for sure be canclelled/postponed for the next 2+mont… @emccann72 Good! Is that a ski resort? Ours all closed (as they probably should). Keep up the fitness journey and stay healthy!
This! Practice #SocialDistancing to #FlattenTheCurve. Slowing The Exponential growth/infection rate from #COVID-19… Pi Day (or is it Pie Day?!)😂. The responsible thing is to stay at home and eat your pie without crowds around…
Congrats @TimTollefson (and @MaxKingOR got 2nd!). article! #facts #science #COVIDー19
Thanks for your support of @SageRunning #AnySurfaceAnyDistance
My take on the #coronavirus #COVIDー19 and your #running training (fitness gains). Obviously pretty much all races a… believe times to great uncertainty can lead to times of great strength. We have to adapt. Evolve. Problem solve.…
We're putting on all our green gear for the @teamboulder St. Patrick's Day Fun Run on March 15th! Participants get…
Retweeted by Sage Canaday @immikehunting I’m not sure what “scientific evidence” you’re looking at?...but I’m pretty sure cancelling events w… But probably a smart move. I do feel for those student-athletes though @1captaincolgate @runcamille @kimwrinkle @JamilCoury @eLLiejG @USAultrarunning @NikeTrail There isnt much differenc… @1captaincolgate @runcamille @kimwrinkle @JamilCoury @eLLiejG @USAultrarunning @NikeTrail it exactly was and a good… my #RunningForm Tutorial Series: In this video I cover why Longer Stride isn't always better for Speed-efficie… @runcamille @kimwrinkle @JamilCoury @eLLiejG @USAultrarunning @NikeTrail No the difference is people know about Des… @runcamille @kimwrinkle @JamilCoury @eLLiejG @USAultrarunning @NikeTrail It seems like an event simply set up for y… can’t solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis and we must unite behind experts and science. This of cours…
Retweeted by Sage CanadayYeah probably the next few Months least. Any big public gathering is an issue at this point
@afastpacedlife yes, it is on my schedule!Running Form and Pronation. What it is and Why I think it's important (esp with shoe selection). We've got a lot of…
Congrats! #AnySurfaceAnyDistance #MUTRunning
Happy #internationalwomensday ! Honored to have an intelligent, thoughtful, strong and creative woman in my life li…
KAYTLYN MF-ING GERBIN!!! She is so damn awesome and deserving of this. What a year thus far!
Retweeted by Sage Canaday#cleansport man is a drug cheat. RT for AWARENESS, people.
Retweeted by Sage CanadayOl' throwback to the "pro" marathon road running years: The year before I ran a 2:16 marathon (and 1:04 half) this… @gandrejs @holistic_runner @corrinemalcolm @runcamille @walmsleyruns @MaxKingOR 2016 was also brutal heat condition…
@xempouk @corrinemalcolm @walmsleyruns @MaxKingOR Jono Wyatt also ran a faster marathon (besides the 2:17 for 22nd… @holistic_runner @corrinemalcolm @runcamille @walmsleyruns @MaxKingOR Why do you think the field was way deeper in… know the whole @aliphinetuliamu story? Check out the latest episode of Running Rivals: Listen:…
Retweeted by Sage Canaday @walmsleyruns Endlessly impressed at ultra-runners who make the shift to 'shorter' races…
Retweeted by Sage CanadayFirst time skiing ⛷ in about 20 years! Growing up far from the mountains and snow I only went skiing a handful of t… @SandiNypaver (co-founder of @SageRunning ) wrote this excellent article (and infographic) on Female specific…