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If someone who tried to overthrow the government invoked my name on the Senate Floor as he rifled through my papers…
Retweeted by sage"If you increase the minimum wage the cost of living will go up!"
Retweeted by sage @OwlLeeCec Absolutely stunning.A genocide is happening. (Forced sterilization of a population because of who they are is genocide, and defined b…
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Looking through Etsy for Taylor Swift apparel and I found this gem back of the quilt is completed!! I've been taking my time with this as to not compromise my mental health, & I'…
Retweeted by sageThe back of the quilt is completed!! I've been taking my time with this as to not compromise my mental health, & I'… @nataliecsolomon YES PLEASE😭😭😭 @nataliecsolomon 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 you are the nicest and coolest and I just love you okay @calliopeep Thank you wow! @srslymagenta Cringecore lol I love it🥰 @nataliecsolomon 😭😭😭 thank you!!! Your comments always make me feel amazing! @mcjeppy I saw it as an angry teen and it still messed me up @abrampberry I knowww😩 @lauriestradling Oh man I feel you on that
Minimum wage is old news. Can we start talking about a maximum wage already
Retweeted by sage @cami_mich97 Thank you!! @katwils0n Thank you! I feel so good! @FatsoCatso_ I voted for tonight but I could do tomorrow too!! @courtsaysnoice Thanks😍😍 @sisyphussage Thank you😭😭😭 @cohayuh_Lee I love it too😭 @ObsoleteGinger Thank you!!! I'm overwhelmed with how happy I am. I've wanted a second piercing for YEARS and I've…*heavy breathing* @artzeemask 🥲When there are no more stores there will still be doors. And that's something that I live with every day
Retweeted by sage @buggtweeter 😬😬😬 @caradactyl_ @kaleniewienie Thank you! @mcjeppy 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 @bayoulejeune Please I'm so uncool I don't know what that even meansThe end. I'm going to throw up now. wrote this before I decided to serve a mission. Lol is this foreshadowing??? places labeled on the globe is where a lot of my friends went to serve. I send this coloring book across the wo… little girl is based off of me and the boy is based off of my childhood friend. I cringe looking at the art (I… @shaddup_boynton I'm prepared to be humiliated on a large scale. @nataliecsolomon Okay fine🥲 give me a moment 💓Abolish the death penalty.
Retweeted by sageGuys I wrote and drew a coloring book for missionaries when I was in high school. It's cringe. Itsssss bad
Retweeted by sagemeanwhile during all the chaos and drama in the richest country on earth:
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My favorite thing about Daniel Kaluuya is that he always looks like he just saw something untoward, but it ain’t hi…
Retweeted by sageThis is genocide. Prisons are congregate living facilities just like nursing homes. The only difference is the valu…
Retweeted by sageI’m so sick of seeing Christians in America claim persecution. You aren’t being persecuted for loving Jesus you a…
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Retweeted by sageDear GOP: You wanna talk about rushing a process? Amy. Coney. Barrett.
Retweeted by sageHere's a self portrait that reflects how I'm feeling. Trapped and tangled. How are you doing?
well well well look who suddenly thinks voting should be as easy as possible
Retweeted by sageRepublicans: “This impeachment is being rushed” Republicans the week RBG died:
Retweeted by sage @sierrabwitchin 😂😂😂 @this_is_gibby My husband and I are cackling I almost inhaled a cheese andcracker🥲 @shaddup_boynton Hell yeah
all i’m sayin is if you DONT follow me on instagram you’re missing out on the chance of winning alllll of these goo…
Retweeted by sagePelosi said her young staffers knew to barricade the door, turn out the lights, and be silent, because they learned it in school.
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Retweeted by sage"Is it not violent for a child to go to bed hungry in the richest country in the world? I think that is violent. Bu…
Retweeted by sageHe watches over the fabrics @VanPeter88 @shelbylwells I do a little bit of everything! It depends on the project. I think I'm going to use my m… quilt for @shelbylwells. She chose the pattern and fabrics. Almost complete 💓 day I hope to have a sewing room that can fit both a quilt and myself was in 8th grade when we watched footage of the aftermath. One of the students was Japanese and was weeping throu… leaving Ken for a woman is the plot twist 2021 needed
Retweeted by sageIt’s not just the Capitol: Folks tried to run the Biden/Harris bus off the road in Texas. In Michigan, people tri…
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I drew so much last night
Retweeted by sage @sarah_tonin_bby 😍😍😍 only love the college experience because it's the only time in their lives they live in walkable communities
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@VanPeter88 I'd like to dream🥺I just...lmao
Retweeted by sageThis week I’ve talked to a lot of members of @Ch_JesusChrist who said their families are being torn apart by Trump…
Retweeted by sage"DC statehood wouldn't actually help Democrats that much!!" What if I told you that giving 700,000 people equal re…
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This is a tale of two Americas. 💕T
Retweeted by sagefirst they came for the fascists and, well, I was immediately concerned
Retweeted by sagethe people in these pictures who’ve been identified: a lawyer, an employee of a marketing firm, a millionaire music…
Retweeted by sageNo, YOU try making a cartoon in the middle of a pandemic and an attempted coup
Retweeted by sage @gimmeplants Some screenshots 🤭Congrats to Trump on his first ever consequence
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MAGA TWITTER: “The cops shouldn’t have used lethal force on an unarmed woman!” Me:
Retweeted by sageHow we can get rich quick: 1. Sign up with my referral link by midnight tomorrow - 2. Make…
Retweeted by sageI watched police arrest more nuns at the Capitol in 2018 for prayerfully protesting the end of the DACA program tha…
Retweeted by sage @sisyphussage You are ethereal 😭I'm sorry, but Olive Garden publicly revoking Sean Hannity's "Lifetime Pasta Pass" is the funniest thing I've seen…
Retweeted by sageTo give you a sense of how 2021 is going More Americans died from covid in the last 3 days than on 9/11, the Iraq…
Retweeted by sagewhy is no one talking about this?
Retweeted by sage. realizing there are…
Retweeted by sageCan we have a little journalism chat? Our job is to report facts. Here’s the thing though. Facts without context me…
Retweeted by sageI want Trump to be removed so that every 5th grader who asks “why was Mike Pence President for 2 days” hears a stor…
Retweeted by sageWithout repentance, “reconciliation” is manipulation.
Retweeted by sage"this is not who we are." -americans every 2 to 6 months.
Retweeted by sage @liminalmist Thank you
Okay I am filled with more anger than my soul can handle. I'm peacing out from this app for a while. Love you all.Just in case anyone forgot about this energy in June. For a VIOLIN VIGIL.
Retweeted by sageAfter seeing several people on social media share this photo claiming it showed the crowds gathered today in Washin…
Retweeted by sageremember when the FBI found and arrested a girl at a BLM protest based on what etsy shop her shirt was from? yeah…
Retweeted by sageHere are a few pictures from one of the last times I attended a protest in the US Capitol. It only took 60 minutes…
Retweeted by sageWhite woman shot by cops while storming the Capitol building: "an air force veteran" "owned pool supply company" B…
Retweeted by sageonly 13 were arrested for BREAKING. INTO. THE. CAPITAL. AND 14000+ WERE ARRESTED FOR TRYING TO GET EQUAL RIGHTS?? HELLO??
Retweeted by sageOur republic is in great danger, and it is imperiled further without swift action to protect it. The President inc…
Retweeted by sageI was protesting in the streets of DC four years ago this month and when I got back to Utah I got chastised by Morm…
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