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i’m obsessed. loaded redfish avocado toast ✨
Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆 @dendriticknit Ruler of the fourth would be Saturn and I gave him Saturn in the 1H conjunct mars, trine moon/Pluto Lol @dendriticknit Lol I only say that bc it’s conjunct Pluto and in the 9th and he really has that control over his fa… @dendriticknit Exactly lol you gotta look at the whole picture here to get itWOW this is a 2H Neptune mood if I’ve ever seen one just wanted to come to the TL real quick so we can all admire our beloved Tai Soleil cuz she was shining very bri…
Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆 @gustavclit_ Yeah owning things almost feels like I’m adding things to my plate lolOhhhh I love 2H Neptune stories omg @eeeicaa Omg!! My mom throws my stuff away all the time 😭😭 “I thought you didn’t need it anymore!” Like what???? @doomwitxh I see Saturn for sureIndividuals with 2H Neptune: were you forced to share your things with others in childhood? Even the things you val… @SCREEEROLL See he looks so Moon-y to me hehe @PHEAUXBIA That’s what IM sayin @LivvieH Bc unfortunately humans aren’t planetary archetypes 😭 and Saturn’s nd Jupiter don’t have a comfortable rel… @sagistarbb i like this take a lot i think i’m gonna start turning my internal struggle with malefics n power into…
Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆 @SCREEEROLL For sure Saturn is definitely prominent in his chart. I could even see him having a Scorpio Saturn as w… @Videotapescars It’s the way he tries to avoid conflict using truces and social games instead of confronting it hea… @kddayton I say cancer bc he would be part of the cancer Pluto generation and that would give him a Moon/Pluto conjunction! @Iunarcanyon No exactly! That was the perspective I was coming from as well😌WHY DO I KEEP SEEING THESE LEAVE THEM IN 2006
Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆 @_naadiiyaa_ I think the combo is what’s most importantAnd to really get into it, I also think he has Cancer Pluto conjunct Moon, trine Scorpio Mars in the 1HPossibly unpopular opinion, but Thomas Shelby is a Libra sun / Cancer moon / Scorpio Rising @drugofvenus Yes. And I like those, they’re different ✨Goucho pants walked so yoga pants could run and yoga pant ran so leggings could sprintOmg guys help me, idk which ones to get @thetribegoddess 💀💀💀💀 I just like the pouffey pantsMen’s Fashion in the 1930’s is a vibe @earthdomdirtbag I know how terrible for him 😪*cough* *cough* the great conjunction 👀saturn as destruction is something I never see talked about, honestly
Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆Saturn and Jupiter make a great pair, Saturn teaches lessons and Jupiter applies them.Saturn doesn’t provide you with wealth, power, or love, what it does provide you with are lessons. It’s YOU that cr…, I just think people want saturn to be jupiter and talk about saturn that way, and disrespect both saturn and jupiter in the process
Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆2021 goals
Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆 @Avalldar My 1H Jupiter reading the OP’s bc Venus and Mars are sexy and it’s bc this country’s Virgo Neptune refuses to see Bernie’s greatness for what it is bc it shatters the ✨… No. @mimamsic This is me!!“i’m a gemini” “i’m a sagittarius”
Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆 @bitchyvenus Hehehehe sounds good😂💕“Let’s unpack that” — Sidereal Scorpio Pluto Gen @bitchyvenus It’s so difficult to just let it go, but worth it for our mental sanity 🙃❤️Fuck this is where my sister lives rn 😰😰😰😰 omg @Avalldar @SCREEEROLL I just feel like it’s difficult with luminaries bc they’re so can’t really de… @Avalldar !!!! Well when you’re ready I’m ready! Lol I’ve also been thinking about this. Jupiter makes the most sen… @SCREEEROLL @Avalldar Meh idk, the moon does not give me those vibes but who am I to say what is the right or wrong… @SCREEEROLL @Avalldar Why do you say that?🧐Benefics are actually the ones in power 🧐 malefics tear it down.... @Avalldar Our** hehe I’m white af too I shouldn’t be counting myself out of this statement 😭 @Avalldar Wowwwww SO TRUE. Sometimes I think of white people as jupiterian bc of their lack of boundaries and their… And that’s why forgiveness and release is the theme this month 😌🙏🏻 @Avalldar Ugh yes, like maybe try helping the community that is right outside your front door instead of trying to… have to separate them from their parental duties or I will never forgive them, and I need to in order to move on with my damn life lolMy New Years resolution is to stop hating my parents and start trying to love them as individuals who aren’t inhere… @Avalldar God this sounds like some shit my high school would do @Avalldar It’s didn’t even know where the Asian community you were trying to become a “part of” were f… @mimamsic Exactly 😂😭It's funny that people are getting so mad about this, and saying that Jake is the one who can't deal with Saturn. B…
Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆 @Avalldar I’m disgusted. @mimamsic Ofc😌🙏🏻Goodfellas but keep their wives @mimamsic He’s sad about incest but at least he knows I’m not incest so that’s good. incest everywhere.It makes me sad inside too, Jerry @jupxter_ruled Yes!! Definitely. @lagudka Yayyyyyyy😅i can’t whisper for shit😭 i be slandering people too lol
Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆 @silkythroat Exactly!!! This wasn’t supposed to be an insult lol some are taking it that way 😭
12H is our subconscious fears 4H is our conscious fears @lagudka Omg yessss it was wild how it all synchronized lolI had no idea and yet I did💀💀💀Just remembered this tweet lmfaooo @rosegoldtears_ I can’t trust you 😑 @rosegoldtears_ I fuckin knew IT @softdiscolight I’ll make some playlists for house synastry maybe 👀👀👀I have Capricorn Venus sextile Saturn and I was going to say “but I enjoy cuddling!!” And then I realized my “cuddl… @_TaBoris @angelKat31 I like this one
Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆Y’all love the spiritual accounts on here that teach you nothing but narcissism.
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Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆Damn....RIP 😭
Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆 @m4ketotaldstroy I had the google pixel in so pissed I switched....but it was a free phone so🤷🏻‍♀️ @earthdomdirtbag HELLO 😍😍❤️✨✨✨✨ @Twisted_Frogger I’ll fuckin piss on them idcSo many fucking cops out here today....filling your quotas boys????TELL ME HOW AM I TO FEEL? am obsessed. signs do NOT get enough credit for how incredibly supportive they are of the people they care about
Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆 @corporealcancer Ty💕 yours too🥺❤️very you.🥺🥺🥺🥺 @beratings 🥺❤️❤️❤️ @saturnandhoney Omg yesOmg my auntie she get on my fucking nerves with that! She can’t even text me from across the room because she is so…
Retweeted by Mr. Flintstone🍆I’m so so sorry I tried to warn ppl 😪😪😪 @demonbellion I’m 💀💀💀And then you’ll be like “shhh!!” And they be like “what! It’s not like people know I’m talking about THEM🙄” 😂😂😂😂Sagittarius risings are loud ass whisperers 😂😂😂 @silkythroat Virgo Moon conjunct mars/Uranus/Pluto Lol