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thee mum friend

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iniii @lKlTAl_👁👄👁 hes fed up eye
Retweeted by ʀᴜᴛʜɪᴇ @_kittygal AMDHKWDJKAKSJANSJAJS I'M WHEEZING @DanielMunadi I hope you like it aaaa remini makes my contour invicible 💀 @lKlTAl_ @DanielMunadi HAH IYA JUGA YA👁👁 @lKlTAl_ BENER HAHAHAHA @_LadyMacaron awww thank you lena🥺❤️ @lKlTAl_ dua2nya cakeppppp @lKlTAl_ CHEEKBONES!!!🥵😍ISTG THIS MAKE UP FROM @DanielMunadi FINNA MAKE ME ACT UP 🥵🥵🥵 @kinkyprinxess I love you more princess ❤️ @kinkyprinxess baby you're so pwetty mwah 🥺🥰 @brigittAdnyana ga enak! hahahha aku gasuka rasa kelapa kecuali kelapa asli 😭😭😭sagittarius | i know things aren't moving as fast as you'd like them to, but know that sometimes taking the slow r…
Retweeted by ʀᴜᴛʜɪᴇ @fancynady ilym🥺❤️good morning from cute jesus-kun 😌
@brixanka thank you my love🥺 @sazsyshawty hahaha iyaa baru bikin lagi huhu ❤️ @_witchslut omg 🥺❤️ @cuankiluverz 🥺❤️ @Classivy YOU!! @hermajustea goddess ily🥺❤️ @zendaycha aaaa makaci dede sayank❤️ @inkandbloods I'm obsesses with pink eyebrows 😭 @moongoaway aww thanks Bulan 🥺❤️ sweet as alwaysI gained weight but I'm still dancing ❤️ @karinyoo nggaaa hahaha aku jg gatau pada nonton aku baca komik😶 @yinfutang I'm stealing this line 👀 @seducctress sorry S4 episode 17 gave me butterflies 😌look at him tho, deserved. way I haven't written poems in forever but I literally wrote this in 3 minutes for Kuroo Tetsurō 🤡🤡🤡 @seducctress MY 2D MAN 😌❤️ @karinyoo lmao same here @DiajengLrst nooo he's mine 😤 @DiajengLrst deserved @yinfutang he has 1 girl and 1 boy so it's enough 😌 @yinfutang he's mine sorry ❤️today marks the day I change my wedding picture lockscreen into a hot 2D man called Suna Rintarō 🥰 @inkandbloods precious babie @bataldemihukum the way I'm smol and loud like him 🧍🏽‍♀️ @nevaaland it means you're cool af @lukeawp aduh yuckkkk aneh bangettt trs ada campuran cherry nyaDescribing myself using my 2D biases. Zuko's character development, Nishinoya's wild & spontanous nature, Nobara's… @badgaIdidi besok yukk klo weekend rame bener rumah hiks @badgaIdidi nangis kangen banget @badgaIdidi I love you @anggeeladivya OOF 💔💔💔bae got me a coconut-flavored beer.... this is the first time I wanna destroy a brewery 😌😌😌 @saintrhea girlllll eagle???? you may eat me anytime @budakyesus damn bro cool ones @R_FauziN speaifik banget ya mz @cicibercerita pterodactyl got me 💀💀💀 @hallucin4ting finally another trex lmao @akhibaka gila gila gila @DanielMunadi HOW TF @akhibaka jir kepikiran ajasiheveryone's answers are so good and here I am 🧍🏽‍♀️Trex? chicken? my brain.... @menggurah ouch🥺 @kevin_muffin my actual self is a chicken 💀 @Cocolla_ OMG ALL CUTE @kevin_muffin why no one is mentioning Trex @lovethesolitude damn the consistency @Theseaster that mosquito 💀 @yuujibae long click on the video then choose tweet video bro @yuujibae use tweet video bro 💀 @yuujibae bro why are you revealing my main bro.... @_gladhys all of them are cuteee thoI answered dog, Trex and chicken SKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKS HELP @euphotria that baim wong👁👁i’m finna act up
Retweeted by ʀᴜᴛʜɪᴇit's 11am thobeer for breakfast ❤️I love it when black women
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@gitadine look away 👀 @badgaIdidi didi anjing ya akshakaks bisa lucu juga qm @wowindaa OMG YASSS🥰🥰🥰 @wowindaa DINGGA BAGUS BGT MENANGOS @spesdelune SKSKSKSK I'M OBSESSEDif you know what otome is, no you don't 😌 cheerleader for Halloween! art by my fave @rae_thyterios #NewProfilePic @novissan aku ngga soalnya aku kristen sksksks @novissan SUBAHANALOVE @yuujibae HHHHHH YA GAK SALAH SIH @lavienrevs here you go love aku anaknya chaotic mom when she sees my ✨instagram feed✨
Retweeted by ʀᴜᴛʜɪᴇIf I say "Ah!" please read it in Megan Thee Stallion. @PolarJade_ lmao you can't read that differently know @virgaynity yuh 😌If I say "yuh" please read it in Ariana Grande. @anggeeladivya @personaIititz ISTG IF WALTER ACTS UP WE'RE REALLY GOING TO THROW HANDSLOL FELT! I'm a different person based on my make up 👁👁 @personaIititz OH TO BE WALTER AND EAT MANDA'S COOKING EVERY DAY @kevin_muffin harus premium! @kevin_muffin di 4anime gt ga ada? aku kmren ga sengaja subscribe crunchyroll premium aksjkadjsSaturday is my favorite day of the week because new episodes of HQ and Jjk ❤️Good morning, repeat this with me: I will stop self-sabotaging and take the first step, no matter how small it is! ❤️