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#metvlostinspace I would have killed Smith so many times over the years.#snl Jesus, this is a bad skit.#snl It took me a minute to recognize Kate!#LivePD Ugly tat. @ZippityZeus Lol.#LivePD I wonder if you dehydrate yourself, and inject urine up you urethra into you bladder , and take your drug t… That guy is like: That chicken sandwich wasn't worth it!#LivePD At that point if I weren't going to answer the door, I would go take a long shower to block the noise.#LivePD Come to the door, we can't make you, but we will threaten to get you kicked out if you don't.#LivePD How much is the bribe, Comrade?#LivePD Methsom salt.#LivePD Please let there be a semi chase!#LivePD It's salt, lol.#Svengoolie His shirt is ripped, but not dirty.#Svengoolie That wasn't an ELE?#Svengoolie saw the wire pulling on him.#Svengoolie They could take the virtues of many women, yet they are willing to die for one, fools.#metvwonderwoman Did I miss something, doesn't she just have to get to any telephone?#metvwonderwoman Now the poor company is going to have to pay to fix the dozer.#metvwonderwoman You can see the squib burns.#metvwonderwoman Oh look, the blow torch works.#metvwonderwoman Damn Steve, it's not 2019, get a clue.
#LivePD Lol, how does he always get in there?#LivePD Wasn't he on the other week?#LivePD Don't worry, she broke her neck after you left.#LivePD The neighbor was like, oh shit.#LivePD Yeah, he's not rubbing his hands. @Eddie_NYC Yep#allstartrek Poor Jake, always waiting for his dad, even in an alternate timeline.#allstartrek What kind of crap is that, Kira.#allstartrek He didn't take his ball. he's coming back.😉#allstartrek Starting on Sunday, a damaged Commander Sisko.#allstartrek The best love story, Odo, and Kira. @herbt56 Ha, that was on tonight. @Eddie_NYC Whoops, I got that one wrong sorry, I am a little out of it, I'm running a fever of 102.#allstartrek Even they don't want you, Winn. @Eddie_NYC Insurrection was in 1998, DS9 finale was 1999.#allstartrek I have a jello mold to fit into on my home world.#allstartrek Sloan is turning over in his grave.#LivePD He'll be licking it up later. @rawwdog99 @danabrams @OfficialLivePD He has to make his millions somehow.#LivePD It's white Himalayan salt.#LivePD Nice of them to leave the bathroom doors open. But why are the closed on a Friday night?#LivePD Cow is like: Land shark.#LivePD Not a bad looking place.#LivePD Younger than I thought.#LivePD He doesn't care. @David_A_Goodman @MTumarkin It's on a time delay, we would never see it.#LivePD Pretty late for nobody to be answering their doors.#LivePD As the suspect uses a fire ladder to go out the window.😉 @echo369ss There is a delay.#LivePD He must drive around a lot.
#LSSC My neighborhood would have drones taking pics of the taint bathers. @SteveSpiffy I'm talking about the Dominion.#allstartrek At that point, why would they have any Cardassian with them?#allstartrek That's a deep basement.With the little yellow white ear piece. #allstartrek#allstartrek I always listened to my transistor radio when the electricity went out. @Mirror_Ayako I know. @Mirror_Ayako And that is the face she will make as she rides her mobility scooter in the other direction. #allstartrek#allstartrek You know her stamina, Dukat.🤢 #allstartrek @Mirror_Ayako Hopefully for her, not where it counts! @Mirror_Ayako Lol.#allstartrek You still don't, Worf.#allstartrek She loves her little man. @Mirror_Ayako Nice. @Mirror_Ayako How did they look in the bowl after you barfed?😉#allstartrek A little ginger might help.#allstartrek I guess he didn't give her an exam when she showed up on the station.#YoungSheldon What would Sheldon have done in the old days when they made kids swim naked sometimes?#YoungSheldon I wonder what Billy is doing these days, did he drown while looking up at the sky during a rain storm?#YoungSheldon Mothers little helper.#YoungSheldon Music slightly off key, we know why.😏#YoungSheldon He couldn't have been anybody else but Spock.😉#YoungSheldon Missy: Thank you Jesus, lol.#YoungSheldon Because George can't find a better wife than Mary, that's why, Georgie.#YoungSheldon How are chickens as friends?#YoungSheldon Hi neighbor, hi.#YoungSheldon Lol, aww.Have yet to get a satisfactory answer as to why we have United States Senators spewing Russian GRU propaganda talki…
Retweeted by SahHtownguys it's ok to cage kids and it's ok to take healthcare away from kids and it's ok to saddle kids with school lunc…
Retweeted by SahHtownIMO some people (MAGAts) don't realize how close to a dictatorship we are. We are at a tipping point. How much do…
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@Mirror_Ayako Lol, I know.#allstartrek It will be 1/4 Prophet.#allstartrek Watch out Rom, Brunt wants to give you Oomox!#allstartrek At least Quark never tried to kill Rom.Rush Limbaugh called Chelsea Clinton a dog on his radio show when she was twelve. MAGA laughed. Professor Karlan m…
Retweeted by SahHtownSending 14,000 troops to the Middle East even though Saudi Arabia has the 4th largest defense budget? It doesn’t ad…
Retweeted by SahHtownImagine if your town had a crime problem and your police chief asked the mayor for money to hire more cops. Now, wh…
Retweeted by SahHtownBREAKING: The Democratic Coalition just filed another House Ethics complaint against GOP Rep. Devin Nunes, for conf…
Retweeted by SahHtown.@RepJerryNadler did an excellent job running a fair, substantive and important hearing. Our report found Trump wi…
Retweeted by SahHtown#thegoldbergs Will Rick and Morty show up?
@mirrorborg @Mirror_Ayako At least she didn't forsake you.#allstartrek Since there is no money in the federation, I guess everyone gets a primo apartment like Harry?#allstartrek I think 5 seconds of pain was worth it. @Mirror_Ayako She will wonder how much Latinum insurance he bought.#allstartrek The should have ordered Nanoprobes from the Amazon Seven Of Nine store. @Mirror_Ayako And Julian should expect Sloan would have a suicide pill.#allstartrek Hello, again again, Sloan.