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@ItsANewWorld4 Me too, lol. @ItsANewWorld4 Yep.#metvlostinspace Fun show tonight. @ItsANewWorld4 I saw that on New Years day.#metvlostinspace Helps gas and discomfort? I need to mainline that shit!#metvlostinspace Murder! @bloodybeautymfx Never! He doesn't like a bush anywhere! #MeTVLostInSpace#metvlostinspace They are having trouble with rocks this episode.#metvlostinspace For a moment, the pastel went to my head. Why is everything pastel?#metvlostinspace Who is his 3X great grandmother, Will?#metvlostinspace Wearing his lemon colored space suit.#metvlostinspace I wonder what they are really eating? @bloodybeautymfx Oil everywhere! #metvlostinspace @ImbrugliaJim What does that say about will?๐Ÿค”#metvlostinspace That rock looked WAY bigger on the cliff.#metvlostinspace Yep, exploding fruit, Gillian screwed things up again. @bloodybeautymfx Lol.#metvlostinspace Gilligan's Island!#metvlostinspace In the 1990s, you would be using Kilometers.#metvlostinspace It's not hard to have a brain smarter than yours.
@OlliHey Yes! @OlliHey Not me, they cut me a piece before the blowing, or I don't eat any, which is okay if they didn't cut me aโ€ฆ
#allstartrek I bet these days Vic is running around with a holloemitter.
@fmfagan @MisophonicSpree Does it actually cut people off? I thought I saw someone getting in trouble for using too many rations. @fmfagan @MisophonicSpree Why hide? @Mirror_Ayako I'm Irish, that's my specialty! @Mirror_Ayako Poof, look in your microwave. @MisophonicSpree Is she eating more than her allotment? #allstartrek @JanelleWaz ๐Ÿ‘ @JanelleWaz I always liked, Michael.๐Ÿ˜‰ @MisophonicSpree @Mirror_Ayako Crap, Alexander pissed in the mud bath. #allstartrek#TheExpanse Nice to see David Paster asking the Queen for help, and not trying to do everything on his own.#TheExpanse That is some big jewelry, Your Majesty @SAghdashloo!
#LateLateShow Hey James, you look good in the long hair and white!#allstartrek I would still need the mall map to show me where the X is and where my quarters are. @JanelleWaz My mom loved that show. @JanelleWaz He learned it from Hawk.#allstartrek#allstartrek I've never had rice work on a wet phone.#allstartrek A few years later picture frames like that were around.#TheLionKing If he can't take down Nala, how can he fight anybody else? And before anybody bitches, I am all for woโ€ฆ @AndyRichter Lol.
#allstartrek Adjust the rabbit ears.#allstartrek A bathroom fan cover.#allstartrek Why is Maihar'du there? @Eddie_NYC Maybe they did it to hide it until they were away.#allstartrek It's on a bed of Latinum
@ShanJeniah I agree, but considering how they treat others he was only guiding her by mildly touching her back. Belโ€ฆ At least the guard taking the child back was gentle.#thesimpsons At least the kid will grow up with money.#thesimpsons Don't fall for it CB guy!#thesimpsons Ha, I was watching Deadpool earlier tonight.#thesimpsons Comic book guy knows Bart, so who are they trying to fool?#thesimpsons We know what he was going to do in the bathroom with that picture.
@TheRekhaSharma I actually binge Disco, so I don't know what happened to your character. @BingeWatcher7 Some of the Marquis were not Federation, or Starfleet. So if you were going to say Neelix and Kes sโ€ฆ @BingeWatcher7 What I was saying is that a few were never Starfleet, I would think they would absolutely have to aโ€ฆ @BingeWatcher7 Neelix and Kes? And not all of those people are even Federation citizens#allstartrek Young guy must spend a lot of his time playing video games#allstartrek They aren't Starfleet, as long as the follow work protocol, they should have some leeway in their dress.#allstartrek Ha, a few of them should have kicked Chakotay in the head and said it is their way.#allstartrek They can use the holodeck, but they can't replicate food.#allstartrek Hey Vic, what about people playing video games, and being on their phones all of the time?#DoctorWho I crave an end to masks!#DoctorWho Still has his squareness gun.#DoctorWho The face of Boe.#DoctorWho I would have dumped the whole thing without touching it, but that's me.#DoctorWho You should have killed it yourself.#DoctorWho John's true hair color is white, now#DoctorWho Where did he hide the bubble?#DoctorWho That is a lot of light years!#DoctorWho Everybody just crapped their pants.
#allstartrek Absolutely, Kira.
@JamesPMorrison One good thing happened in 2020, let's hope it isn't stolen in 2021 by Voldemort, and his minions.I imagine Tina will be around for a few more years, but I think of the ending of Titanic, and all of the people onโ€ฆ @salilbhatnagar0 Maureen is weeping. She's still alive by the way. @OlliHey Enjoy it in peace.#allstartrek Danger Wi, oh, nevermind @OlliHey Keep it up there!#allstartrek Nog is hooked up to a small alternator. @Mirror_Ayako That's kind of far from you. @Mirror_Ayako Oh, okay.๐Ÿ˜‰ @Mirror_Ayako I see you are hanging around outside of my house again!
#allstartrek Uh oh, it's THAT guy.#allstartrek I'm watching the show picture in a picture on my computer with @Mirror_Ayako Yeah! @Mirror_Ayako Wait, he is spelling something with the Leola roots! #allstartrek @Mirror_Ayako Lol.#allstartrek Time to put him in stasis, now! They can thaw him out during Endgame. @Shackleford34 That's what I was thinking.#allstartrek There is a crazy lady in the house, run!#allstartrek I hope it was a vintage worth his name! @Stonefree63 Lol. @Shackleford34 @JanelleWaz Can you imagine the internet 400 years in the future?! All kinds of information to learn from! @Stonefree63 That traitor, Baltar!
#allstartrek Lies.
#allstartrek They might not be poisonous to human, Neelix.#allstartrek How stupid are the crew for not putting a manual lock on the outside of the door. @Mirror_Ayako Lol @Mirror_Ayako If you notice Jack and Patrick don't have a filter on their actions, so maybe they need looking afterโ€ฆ What, they don't have a security procedures to get on the station, where you can kill thousands of people?