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he snooze

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i miss playing volleyball ;-;
Retweeted by nad.i want mentai 😩😩feeling myself!
Retweeted by nad.ok but what if... i ask him to be my valentine or sumn 👁👁karl is so good at meowing wowhis friends are way more attractive but thIS MAN LOOKS SO GOOOOOODDDDgod he looks good plsHE LOOKS SO FINE AND FOR WHAAAATTTTT
all auras are pretty
Retweeted by nad.Life Hack: If you can’t remember an answer on a test, just have a near death experience so that your life will fl…
Retweeted by nad.。 o ○ ╭◜◝ ͡ ◜ ͡ ◝ ╮ ╭◜◝ ͡ ◜◝ ͡ ╮ ( piercings ) ( tattoos ) ╰◟◞ ͜ ╭◜◝ ͡ ◜◝…
Retweeted by nad.spock is so damn thick and for whatttttw // abuse , graphic images , violence . . . . the fact that he cooked dinner and just sat there while she was un…
Retweeted by trek: discovery, season 2 ep. 8 hurts so much holy shit i wanna crywhy do humans need jobs why can’t i just exist & make art and chill with my cat
Retweeted by nad.the way iphone alarms wake you up is so sudden and aggressive
Retweeted by nad.pressuring someone until she/he opens up publicly isn’t normal either btw
Retweeted by nad.sir deddy I know you’re not qualified at all to be one of the judges but can you at least please not treat INTM lik…
Retweeted by nad.goodnight
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Retweeted by nad.mau nangis
ok now what if tommy dies of radiation?Tommy: you’re telling me if Nihachu who lead me here I would have been blown up? /dsmp
Retweeted by nad.ok time to study... tommy aint deadomg... the nuke... no...pog thru the painhe cannot die istgistg if tommy dies i will cryi'm gonna cryTUBBO EVERYONE HOLD HANDS
Retweeted by nad.TUBBO IS STREAMING OH NOA KJFLAS;KDFJLA;SKDJFLASKDJF"tubbo, hold my hand. i'm gonna yank you and you're gonna run with me, okay?"
Retweeted by nad.i literally told him i sleep for like 11 hours and i just... slapped his hand to his face jJAJAJAJAJAmaybe cause we can be gay together idk man,, i just love his energyal*ss is my new bestie omfg i love him alrdyyk what,, i'll just watch it after the exams i can catch up thengod idk what to do if any of the dsmp members stream on twitch tonight i need to watch but i also need to studyGood morning! (via @jujutsu_kaisen_)
Retweeted by nad.remind me to never ask how his exams went again... we've been on call for an hour now pls i wanna go and studyHey so..... I am asking for help right now because I don’t just want too surgery at this point, I need it. I’ll be…
Retweeted by nad.You run into him on Omegle wyd?
Retweeted by nad.#Efteling #avondklokrellen Tf this is so random, what has efteling done to y’all? Bruh😂
Retweeted by no jokeit's so funny he always calls me when i'm taking a piss HAJAJAJAmans keeps getting his heart played with lmaoooo“i know if i tell you guys my secret i’ll loose you all for good this time...” . . #TALESFROMTHESMP #feraltwt
Retweeted by nad......
Retweeted by nad.this makes me so proud 🥲 osiris app definitely needs to be updated 💀💀💀im gonna watch all the tales from the smp vods once im done w/ my exams frKARL’S LORE OMFGGG GOOSEBUMPSSSSSSif you don’t have a valentine open this thread ! :))
Retweeted by of the ppl in my friend group is like this plsss the fuck is going on with men
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Back when it all seemed fine
Retweeted by nad.can't believe i'm listening to edmtommy's doing a mediashare so i guess it's now time time go and studyTUBBO AWTubbo: Ponk I regret to inform you that you have got Alzheimers - this all happened a LONG time ago, you’re 90 TUB…
Retweeted by nad.i'm watching this like a netflix show except it's more amusing i love thisPONK HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHATommy: I just got used to taking the blame /dsmp
Retweeted by nad.PONK HAHAHAHAHAHAi'm supposed to be studying aaaaaaaaaaa instead i'm watching tommy's stream istgggg @fujinsyumi i'm genuinely struggling,, so many streams to watch manSAM NOOK SAM NOOK SAM NOOKnah who said colourblindsmp in the chat
Retweeted by Sam Nook? [throws phone]
Retweeted by nad.Tommy: is Sam Nook gone then? Another adult figure is gone tommy :[ /dsmp
Retweeted by nad.i want a grilled cheese rn hmJSJAJAJJSA NOT SAM AND HTE DOG ASDHSDHHASDFH PLSSSSAMMM T_TTOMMY HASHSHHSHASHAHS PLEASEEE @traitorxwilbur so much painNUUUUU SAM SAM SAMShe deserves everything ❤️
Retweeted by nad.AAAAAA RESCUE MISSION ASDLFKJAS;LDFKJASDFHAHASFHAHDSHFSLDKFJSDFok now waiting for sam's stream ^-^tubbo's chat kinda unfunny nglI REALLY WANNA WATCH KARL'S STREAM PLStubbo is literally yawning 🥲i’m waiting for puffy’s stream shshshsbdhenckenoenfnsofnroxnejxnfniki is so cute ;-;esp with the unfunny media streami feel bad for tubbo he seems tired :((instead of rlly just watching tubbo mine a tunnel...SHDHAJDJAJSJAJ am i supposed to study bruhmust... watch... @axreun I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THEY DO IT ESPECIALLY IF THERE’S MEMBERS STREAMING AT THE SAME TIMEok watching karl’s vod and bbh’s vod tonitehOW DO PPL KEEP UP W THE DSMP PLSS 😭🤚🏻🤚🏻period when? and dying