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Retweeted by சாய் 🎼Convinced house cats don't fear anything
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼 @jilaba99 😂😂Workout from home. So far so good 👍🙌💪 5 year old niece asked me. Mama inniku enna diwali aa
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼பட்டாசு எல்லாம் வாங்கி பக்காவா ரெடி ஆகி இருக்காங்க போலயே🙃என்னடா வெடியெல்லாம் வெடிக்கிறீங்க?!’ கரோனா ஒழிக கோஷம் வேற
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼Hearing crackers 👀 @SunOfGan Takku 😂😂 @balaji3179 😇😇 obviously 4 years back @mpgiri Huh that’s scaryBest times together!! Jammin ! Raja sir music ! Friends ! An evening well spent ! Thanks everyone for making it pos… @thachimammu @tcsprasan @seevin @iPammal @balaji3179 2016#throwback pic @ImJames_ 😷😷😷 @tekvijay @suryaceg @venkkiram @emmariyappan @BChidam @ravinat @isai_ @ir_bakthan @Raaga_Suresh @meerasndr @ImJames_ Insta came other way. So did it ! 👍💪 @narasimmansp 👀 already did it though @cricgenie Super. Enjoy 🙌
Should I workout tomorrow or skip ? 😏 @cricgenie Super 💪👍🙌 I did my today’s dose of gravity ! Workout at home sessions that they post are good 👍Morning dose of workout 💪
@ImJames_ @cricgenie @RAnirud @MotwaniSuhas @vindytalks @sumangbcn @Appuwits Thanks Ani. Have sent her a DM.Possible!
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼 @SunOfGan Yes actually it gives more hope than fear ! 🙌 @cricgenie Me too ! @cricgenie Moving plank தெரியும். இதென்ன புதுசா இருக்கு? 😏
Laughing for the last 4 hours!
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼Done with today .
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼Choose one.... காதலும் பேருந்தும்.....
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼#NEPV Best album of the decade 🚶🚶🚶🚶
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼Yes ! Burn calories ! don't have the heart to tell him that he is not a dog!
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Retweeted by சாய் 🎼 @poopoonga @jamozhi @ChainTweter @sri_94 @TamizhRatsaschi ஆபீஸ் வேலை, Exercise காலை மற்றும் மாலை இரு வேளையும், டி… @cricgenie Me too done with it ! @cricgenie Haha. You should join that one then. Anna Nagar no option 😇😛 @cricgenie Oh she is from Nungambakkam F45 rightThe pictures depict a Raja song. Let’s see how many you can find.
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼
Yes evening workout done ! Repeat mode ! 🙌👍💪 #stayhome #stayfit #fitness #motivation @bharatmatrimony Work from home. Work out at home. House party with friends. Zoom with team 😇Bonding with family? Learning online? Playing music? Share how you are managing social distancing by staying at hom…
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼 @roflmaxx 🙄🙄🙄 முடியலDone with the morning workout ! Working from home doesn’t mean we should skip workouts ! #fitness #motivation
@idhanya That’s the case with me too 🙌Just for fun
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼Do you think working from home avoids unnecessary meetings and makes you more productive ?
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼Music Composition தெரியாதுன்றது அறியாமல் இருந்த புரியாத காலத்தில், Compose பண்ணது. To be perfect, Yamaha DGX505 Key…
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-ஆத்தா... நாலு நாளா வீட்டுக்குள்ளேயே கிடக்குரியே சாப்பிட்டியா...? காட்டுல கிடக்கிற ஏதாவது பழம் பறிச்சிட்டு வரட்டா?
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼From where else, WA. As usual, Tamil meme world rocks applies.
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼March is no longer a month, it has been reclassified as an era
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼Do you think working from home avoids unnecessary meetings and makes you more productive ?
A komodo shows off its dance skills by Woe Hendrick Husin via Caters.
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼After 19 editions of Raaja jammin sessions at homes, on trips and studios, gigged our first Raaja Jammin Virtual Se…
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼டிவிட்டர் விட்டு insta, house party பக்கம் எல்லாம் போனால் ரொம்ப வித்தியாசமான உலகமா இருக்கு! #parallelworld @cricgenie :( where is social distancing !!Who all using house party app ?
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼 @mem_boss 🙄🙄🙄 @cricgenie 👍👏 that’s super cool. Keep inspiring !💪💪💪 all using house party app ? @cricgenie actually I am copying your style now. Doing two times gravity 😬🙌💪👍when work from home is possible why not work out from home !
The name is #RatanTata The unsung hero among the A's Thank you for the 500 Crs. Towards relief of #COVID2019india
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼 @cricgenie 😷😷😷எது ... குருவா @antojeyas 😂😂😂 @cricgenie Celebrity celebrity 😎#fitness #workout #stayhealthy #stayfit is alarming ! Guys please stay at home.யாரேனும் டயாலிசிஸ் சிகிச்சை எடுத்துக்கொள்ள வேண்டுமென்றால் 108 ஆம்புலன்ஸ் சேவையை அழைக்கலாம். உடனே அவரை மருத்துவமனை…
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@cricgenie 🙌👍 @kaavaali HomeYes done with the workout 💪 @cricgenie Me too.. twice since yesterday ! @SunOfGan First Amala then Rekha now Simran 😬 @cricgenie 🧐🧐🧐 @cricgenie @bossgirlslays And many shops are refusing card and asking for cash 😷
Check out my progress today with the Activity app on my #AppleWatch. almost 4.5 years taking a break from paleo ! Thanks to the #21daylockdown now working out daily to earn those… @vrsaran @cricgenie @cricgenie 😇😇😇Workout in repeat mode 🙌👍
A British national, who was administered HIV antiretroviral drugs for treating his coronavirus infection, has teste…
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼பிரபு😂😂😂😆
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼முதல் நாள் இரவு 9 மணி - ஷப்பா ஒரு ரிலீஃப் #21daylockdown
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼 @CMOTamilNadu sea lion..
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼Showing his genuine concern on people's life and their well being. Respects to you Sir and @chennaipolice_
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼 @Sandy_Offfl Nuts @SunOfGan I know you r Rekha fan 😉 @cricgenie Oh ok. இங்க work from home over time ஆகி போயிட்டு இருக்கு 🙄 @cricgenie How is it going ? அங்க all ok ? @cricgenie 😂😂😂
Grocery shops and medical stores will be open, but going out is a punishable offence, and delivery services have ha…
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼ஓ மை காட்
Retweeted by சாய் 🎼Please Tamil Translate contagion (2011) and telecast 2 times per day in @vijaytelevision next 21 days…
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