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kath @saikisjelly21 she/her 18

| yagami light, saiki kusuo, levi ackerman and akashi seijiro supremacy | mostly inner thoughts

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maneskin lowkey got me into italian music im so obsessed i cant go on with my life
yall are scared of massive long dicks and it shows
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hey besties i cleaned the entire house today and now imma study because i want today to be productive
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@db_gmng I KNOW YOU DO BESTIE THANK YOUmy second name being "ece" lol bf and bff ditched me today so im all alone but tbh i missed spending time with myselfim sitting right next to the manga section at the bookstore&cafe and listening to girls talk about kaneki ken while studying maths @someanimeacc thank you♡
@db_gmng AWWWW @db_gmng you do make my day betterthere's this thing about saiki kusuo that makes him the one of the most relatable anime characters even though dude…
Retweeted by kathwhy is light calling me mf is so funny lol @db_gmng yeah bestie and it takes everything in me to get up and work out everyday..ive recently started to spend 2 minutes deciding on the things that normally take days to finally lean towards oneim also inactive here because of the stupid uni exam and my mental health isn't that bright either but anyways happy pride month 🎉my to watch list keeps getting longer and longer and i do want to watch and read a lot of things but only thing i c…
@db_gmng @KristeinJean yeah lolllPov: we're debating on the topic "boobs or ass"
Retweeted by kath1. Wish we got Light killing L himself, wish he had learned his name just to whisper it to himself knowing that vic…
Retweeted by kathwhat's your type? mine is fictional & dead.
Retweeted by kath @hangezoedaily they are looking at armin's glow up
@novayagamii omg thank youu @catpeopIe thank youu ! 9 is more than enough tho ♡ @db_gmng levi's shadow can be seen in the back i can feel the terror from here lollTHIS SO HOT THAT I CAN'T EVEN GET MAD AT HIM FOR KICKING MY SWEET POTATO @yagamint that's pretty good, thank you (*^‿^*)stolen it’s 3 AM and the anime episode ends with a cliffhanger
Retweeted by kathim gonna name my unborn son "attack on titan season 4 episode 14 levi vs zeke round 2 full fight hd"my favorite japanese artist released an album called please live forever on my birthday i feel so precious
life is too short to pretend you're not attracted to these two and light mentions piss me off they're literally the hottest characters in anime history
im extremely obsessed @db_gmng MINE TOO BESTIE @db_gmng it hurts tho;;;(((i hate being a girl once every monthchanged my layout again because why notjean... you don't have to be the main character baby
@db_gmng I LITERALLY CANTnot me doing nothing productive all day @wh1pIash127 IKR!!! YOU TOOi can't stop thinking about Jean and his mullet hair help @wh1pIash127 favorite: light.. and mello least favorite: neargood morning besties
@db_gmng it's 2.24 here and i couldn't close my eyes for a minutei adore him can't freaking sleep
no way @db_gmng THANK YOU I REALLY APPRECIATE IT @db_gmng thank you bestiee^^ @db_gmng sad :(armin.. i need a hug from armin the sun bothering you, king?
Retweeted by kathi believe in light's justice please lord kill the ones who broke my heart🛐
Retweeted by kath @sassygirlshit omg sounds so good thank youu @sassygirlshit what is fruits basket about and should i binge watch it? @auroraliqhts thank you so much :)a girl in my class, who btw i've never been near, is covid positive and i have to be in quarantine i hate my lifeguys i need anime recommendation preferably on netflix but anything will do. @mltshits_ happiest birthday 🎉im at a point in my life where i feel so pissed at everything
@kentokisses toradora
the first anime I've watched is doreamon but the one that got me into anime is death note a guy doesn't want to be the god of the new world then im good thanksi swear i expose myself to japanese more than my own language, it's surprising that im not fluenttwitter is so boring without interactions like what's the point of having followers if u tweet and get left on read by all 4k of them
Retweeted by kath @hoodgiyu none of them... @h1sok4sgf great choice bestie @asimpforyuki_ thanks you too ^^i genuinely miss saiki kusuogood morning!
@gloharps thank you!! @oikawakatsuki02 thank you 💝
@Firefoxisbette1 thank you so much♡♡♡ @asimpforyuki_ AWW THANK YOU SO MUCH ♡♡ and you too !! @kirsteinsdork THANK YOU SXNSNFKSNCA @innocence_red omg thank you !!!💝 @misaamaneoffic thank you so much 💝 @tenko78185925 thank you !!!💗 @vjeankirsch I LOVE IT TOO @vjeankirsch OMG THANK YOU SO MUCHHH ♡ @gojomegu thank you!!! 💝💝 @userenigmatic thank you so much♡ @yesyuri_ YAYYY @luseifah thank you !!! 💝 @CloudyyAlexis THANK YOU SO MUCH 😭😭😭 @mooniseren thank youuu♡ @whitesnowyy THANK YOU 💗 @auroraliqhts thank youuu :') 💝 @YagamiRlght0 omg light, thank you so much!!💘 @itisnotabelle thank you ! 💝 @sassygirlshit thank you so much bestie♡♡♡ @db_gmng OMG THANKS BESTIEW @jackamy91 sitting on the grass with my friends♡ what a plan isnt it :) @GulshanDharne OMG THANK YOU💖 @jackamy91 aww thank you bestieeee