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Always in an oc mood but never in a draw mood why
I'm in that mood to design clothes for Edelgard again.
Retweeted by reina 🔜 resting @meiyuji_ Mmm @meiyuji_ NOT ENOUGH TIDDY @meiyuji_ Broo pls make so i can join... WE CAN REUSE SETSUNA AND CHICKEN @meiyuji_ Dorkfmeofnekfme its a pretty inclusive project imo theres a lot of good cards!!! But ye i agree whoever… to save a cosplayer like honestly WTF
Retweeted by reina 🔜 resting @jjiellyfish MICAH IN THE CORNER THO @hazel0217 Hotdog suit doko200+ pieces of art from 100+ talented artists Take a scroll down the digital art gallery of Anna's Roundtable!…
Retweeted by reina 🔜 restingheatstroke #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by reina 🔜 resting @mirshroom Love interest oh dok- jk i voted u for comedy relief @Yenerie MEEEFang & Whit🐺⚠️ #acnh
Retweeted by reina 🔜 resting @shohje suddenly i really want gladys UM @lumiboshi I LOV UUUU
had a lot of fun with this!!! #sailormoonredraw
Retweeted by reina 🔜 restingas heavy as a watermelon 🥺🥺 fav food includes his mama’s pudding 🥺🥺🥺 lives in a basket 🥺🥺🥺🥺 as tall as 5 puddings 🥺…
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@ice_witch_13 WHAT THE.... DANI WHERE DID THIS COME FROM夫人收到了群友制作的超轻粘土,真的是很可爱忍不住画了一张。
Retweeted by reina 🔜 resting @hazel0217 Gamba hazel! Lemme know if u need helpDamn u know thqt feeling when u realize a mistake and u already uoaded it @jiujube HELL YEdecided to hop onto the band wagon and do a #sailormoonredraw !! i learned a lot haha
ok i did it
Retweeted by reina 🔜 resting hoi hoi hoiSailormoon redraw on stream today 😱 @catsgomao Im legit over the moon still @littleteafox TY NOELLEE AAAA @crooelle Im cryin in the club everytime roo i keep staring at the pics @Whimsiiii TYY WHIMSIII HOW ARE UUU @BrotherMingGame Where is fire emblem MING NII @Vandraios Thanks so much van!! AAAA @kurimboys TY RIII!! IM SO HAPPY🥺🥺 @chewbeary Sobb TY EDDIEEKbrr
Retweeted by reina 🔜 restingJust fanart of @sgrimp_ 's kbrr son drawn some days ago
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AAAAA IM SO STOKED!! My cards are tangible- they’re real!!! 🥺🥺’s spotlight: Saizo and Kaze by @SaikoAkarui! Fun fact, Saizo and Kaze are actually the Cain and Abel archety…
Retweeted by reina 🔜 restingPasses away @hazel0217 Uwah wuahw dkekfmeof HUWAH-?!?! WAIT I GOT DOUBLE NOTICED IM —- SO EMBARRASSED— tysm for the follow back…’s house and resting area 🐺🍃 #acnh #animalcrossing
Retweeted by reina 🔜 restingngl i look at all of the likes individually and sometimes they make me so happy - like i found a rarepair account i liked because of it omgoh my gosh when someone you really admire likes your art post im.. GKJNSFKJNSGKJNSDFKJ s-sob senpai noticed me-- I…
@babycatsofa I hate people 🤡
@shitheadsenpai what a baby @shohje BLSSSS it was a doodle i did for that 6 villager meme @jisunshines YEEE IM GUCCI !1!1!1! Im glad you’re doing alright as well!! *_* will i see liefe sothe n micaiah?! @jisunshines im trucking alongggg hhh wbu liefeeee how are youu @jisunshines IVE SHIPPED THEM SINCE FOREVER AAAAAAAAAAAAA PLS JOIN THE CLUB LIEFEE
@ice_witch_13 UM???my mistake was buying rdr2 on pc but yolo, i guess lets test how texan i can be (not good) first time playing red… @SoundlessWind CUTE @kaijuicery That bush kills the man @kaijuicery This is so cursed conrad how could u do this to usshe was a poem but they couldnt read
Retweeted by reina 🔜 resting @shohje J!!! YOUR DOBIEEE 🥺🥺🥺🥺 love our old men dobie is old.. and tired.. and likes to sleep under the orange trees 🐺🍊💤 #acnh
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@Garudank THAT DISclaimer zIs so funny @ehrsheep Omg jayy!! Me gonna add ya!! DO U NEED TICKIES BTW @kharaxes Bro im gay @Darkknightvers1 JWNDOWNF YOU GUYS. PLS @kharaxes Yes pleaseeee maybe on disco?? @kharaxes Are there ppl being really salty 🤡 im... rp groups never change
@shitheadsenpai YEEEEEEAAA @wyxsteria AAA DOGGGG YES PLEASE @jiujube @larry240sx @buddha_dp I DID NOT BUY U ANIMAL CROSSING TO DO THAT @wyxsteria Dang i miss ya BROOO @_amaicandy @sachidraws HOLY SHIT BABIES @shohje Thank you for the meal @wyxsteria BABYDidn’t make it in- BUT 🤧 was good practice to get out of artblock ngl used reference for 20-30 min doodo @_amaicandy IF U STILL WANNA.,. Also na ri and in ho draw rp sounds cute 🤤 @_amaicandy maybe next... WEEK... @_amaicandy Omggg DRAW RP .. i dont have the energiii @_amaicandy WEHHH issoke amai we vibin together outside group cos the gates closed on me as well LOL @SeanVr1 hey Sean! You may not remember me, but I’m the small streamer who you raided last night !! 🥺💦 thank you so… @hakooties They are all so goooood @hakooties I still love these
@yuumi_0035 TROOOAnimal crossin be savin lives ngl @meiyuji_ 10/10 setsuna’s revelation too LOL @shohje Baby boyyyyy @_IYUSE_ Wow an isekai 👀 rip the au... but what if.,, it was just the future and we are now experiencing deja vu? @_IYUSE_ Oh my goodness!! Do not worry at all Iyuse!! Nice to meet you, I’m Reina! 😂💦 sorry I played along with you… @PepoDab Yea gucci!! @PepoDab I can come over in a few mins if u wanna!! @PepoDab I send to youuu @_IYUSE_ ENJOY THE STREAMMMM IYUSEEE o/ pleasure to raid! @PepoDab I dooO!!! @97sharks GOOD @97sharks marries them all @Yenerie @akkochi_ ty!! your kiddo is so cute too omg!! Good luck! @97sharks TYYY UR ISLAND WAS SO CUTEE @97sharks HUFFS AND Brings u tickets @97sharks Yeee!! Do you need anything?? Are you searching for anyone @97sharks UMMM RN??? 😳😳 @_H0NEYDROP bro... SURE LETS HC @azolitmin Your cherry is SO LOVELY AAAApls cherry... my island is waiting for you 🥺#AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
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