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Robots&romance🖤horror&fields. Artist for Two Against The World @fictifgames 🇵🇾🇨🇱✖️ ✖️Portfolio:

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@delcasca smaller tasks. Doing gesture studies for bodies or portrait studies where you time yourself is always a good idea! @delcasca I’m an artist for a living so honestly maybe I’m not the best person to give out this advice since I basi… @GertrudeThePale just my self indulgent oc whom i adore ❤️ @AmalasRosa These are so gOOD oh my god @Hilariouswar sometimes I'm like... i wish deviant art was still a thing lmao @bogboogie SAY NO MORE!!! @EndoWrites DKSFHSDJSHFK IM SO PLEASED BY THIS REACTION YOU HAVE NO IDEATone got warmer, i got better at not overdoing doodles. Somehow he never managed to find a shirt 😔I found the first picture of this oc I ever doodled. I need to remind myself what a big difference a couple years i… @AmalasRosa Hes just a humble guitar man except not humble at all 😭❤️ @EndoWrites it's present as soon as he walks in the DOOR"rockstar" I say as if I don't just mean the absolute shrine to Slash that is Mars's inspiration pinterest board as… in the mood to draw my oc Mars so I did some guitar rockstar gesture studies that of course got out of control…
You mean police used force and tear gassed and shot rubber bullets at the people peacefully protesting? Please fix…
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It's been a year trying to decide if I need to accept that I feel better when I'm not on social media 24/7 or accep… @sweatyandupsety OH N O was it priced with the one you need to create and post content to get? It breaks my heart w… @completelycathy HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHY :,)!!!!I HOPE ITS BEEN A GREAT ONE FOR YOU!! @sweatyandupsety I BELIEVE IN YOU GET YOUR HATI'm excited to announce that the Kickstarter for Death's Diner, a film I wrote based on my thread of a similar stor…
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@jawsum_art Ty 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤! @jawsum_art FAIR FAIR FAIR @KingGuro I remember when I was like im gonna learn how to paint water, made this picture and then never painted water again lmao ty!!Anyway I miss #BOTW 🍃🍀🌿 I've never felt "Ugh this post again" about anyone other than myself and honestly I'm so sick of The Mean Artist Shame voiceIs anyone actually annoyed by people reposting their work for hashtags to participate or is it just an innate dread… @zoeragez God these scenes are STUNNINGOh wow love this hastag #ArtsOfVibrancy ! I am Fairuz love to draw interior and neon things!! ((Also sorry for re…
Retweeted by Dri.... I like purple a lot xD #ArtofVibrancy
Retweeted by Dri @T4KESH1 Thank you so muuuuch
Howdy! I'm looking to move to a new studio gig in the near future✨Background Painting and colorscripts are my jam w…
Retweeted by DriThe Ruthless Gods paperback is out today; it is my favorite of my books. 🖤
Retweeted by Dri @glitzandshadows @NicoleDealArt @PhantomRin9 @angelaanimates 😍😍Did 20min studies of some Shiny Shoes today 👞✨
Retweeted by DriFast+Furious+Found+Family 🖤🔥// @mstiefvater #cdth
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@sexydemonspawn YEEEEEESS CONTRAST @istehlurvz God queen YES @sweatyandupsety HEY!!!!! HEY @morningwitchy Any 👏 time 👏 @sabattons Ohhhh 🥺 I forget that Mello Death Note dresses this way
hey #drawingwhileblack ! 💖 im dalia, a nonbinary mixed black/latine artist, and i love portraits, my OCs, and pokem…
Retweeted by DriMaybe??? 👀 kinda want to draw some cartoon characters just to force myself to draw more stylisticly.
@alexdoeswriting **Answer not ask sorry @alexdoeswriting like there were so many world building things about the politics and magic system that weren't exp… @alexdoeswriting I'm gonna be honest it's a little hard to ask because I've never read the grisha trilogy (And hone…
@deathandmilk_ A DAY IS A GOOD DAY IF I GET TO SEE YOUR ART ON MY TL TBHMonsters and frights!
Retweeted by Dri @mvgitek "I'm gonna be ok this is cool it's gonna be just good andI wont OH MY GOD MY KIDS'- @shadowandbone_ STOP IT SHADOW AND BONE TWITTER I CANT HANDLE ANY OF THIS @SaintDri
Retweeted by Dri @glittergoblins IT WAS TOO MUCH TOO FAST I wasn't even done getting excited about a frame of jasper for them to imm… the DREGS IN THIS ARE PERFECTLegitimately was being so calm about this until jasper showed up and then immediately started hyperventilating?
@myu2k2 Oh my god why do I actually see that I’m DEADThat's what I look like when I come at you with my final formPost an image of yourself as the final boss without downloading pics.
@ning_yingying nvm found it in the replies 😭 can't wait @ning_yingying Have this worry at least once a month it's my biggest distress as a reader oh please give me this rec? ?? @alexdoeswriting Thank you!!! i'm enjoying this wip a lot 😭 @Blanze_art His name is Artemis!!! I'll call him artie hehe
@eah_creative HH thank you sm!! @mermeag he hides them in the big cloak but sometimes ... just sometimes they get to see the elements 😈 @sweatyandupsety might hiss prooobably won't bite?? Haven't decide how feral he wants to be. Let me get back to u… @mandarinetto_ god that is a DELIGHTFUL IDEA @armouredescort It FEELS like he wants cat ears I can just FEEL IT @sweatyandupsety He will NEVER walk. EVER. He only levitates Soft, plush beansI can't believe there ever was a me who was like "Fantasy? pf I like robots only" and now I've been neck deep in fa… OC is going places 💜🎩🌌🔮 I just need to decide if I wanna indulge in cat ears or not cause honestly who can judg… Verbo transitivo e intransitivo (del latín "plorare"). Derramar lágrimas por dolor, pena, angustia o porque…
Retweeted by Dri @sweatyandupsety Oh a... good thought @_luckynumberme @mstiefvater Csp!!
@completelycathy @bogboogie WOOOOOO YALL GET ON THIS ASAPAHH!! Ep 2 of BONE MARROW is out for Early Patreon Access!! A ghost, a random meeting & a plate of shawarma 👀💥 Kwo…
Retweeted by Dri @v_0_3 Sasuke wishes he was this cool tbh he wishes ! @b___wu My LOOOOVEEE FENRIS 😭😭😭i'm so tired square enix
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❤️🖤🔥 @hobbitmullet Tysm!!! @kvndayyy You’re so sweeeet thank you 😭😭 @miraclealignex Hhh thank you @bogboogie I was so intimidated by this I’m just glad I’m DONE W THIS IMAGE AND KNOW I CAN DO IT @SilkAPEC That’s my BOY MY SON ❤️❤️ @kojotei_ ❤️😭😭😭😭😭 @ning_yingying The 3d model I used for the car had the wheel on the other side and I almost left it that way just to honor her 😔💪half of these people are actual family so idk what I'm talking about really💗full res + step by step @ 💗 🖤🔥// @mstiefvater #cdth
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@_emnays I really cannot stress enough how badly I need your book to be my problem ASAP @rfarrowster I LOVE THEMMThe Blind Wolf 🗡
Retweeted by Dri @hunksbiceps IM SOBBING
@explodikid ily lysandra honestly IM DYING @kitaoroshi IM CRYING. GOD You're such a big support for me and have been for SUCH A WHILE It'd be my honor if it ever happens 😭💗💗💗Conversion I had today: Me: if I ever were to write a story, there is an artist I would love to request a commissio…
Retweeted by Dri @Celestial_Fang oh my gooooooood im in love with him!!!! @Marceline2174 it's loving shepard hours 😭💗 @BS_artsss the mood in this... i wanna know more instantlY @completelycathy GOD CATHY THIS ISNT EVEN FAIR. I’m ESCAPING MY BODY RN ❤️❤️💕💕