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I was born. I am currently living. One day, I will die.

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@crazycanuck1985 THEY HAVE THIS BUT I CANT UPDATE CLOTHING COLORS OR ADD EMBLEMS?!? @eviltwilight4 @PGATOUR2K EA failed miserably at the golf genre with Rory. For all the shortcomings of this game,… @Vernon_Martian Ah shit, I should have said no. I’m not good at business. @Vernon_Martian Yeah lolApparently, not nearly as many people like these as I thought would. 🤷‍♀️ @EASPORTSNHL why doesn’t my eashl club logo appear on the ice? Stanchion colors aren’t updating, either. @PGATOUR2K these are things yet we can’t put emblems on or change the colors of clothing items?!? 3 more days to order the ZipEmUp Troll T! If you know of anyone that would want to get one please let them kn…
Kokrak!!!please continue to follow @muskiefan3 for more golf fashion takes
Retweeted by Saint Ledgewood @JoshProhibition @Erik_WWE @Browns I was wrong.Baker said his injury didn’t effect his gameplay at all today. If that’s true, he needs to be cut immediately.So the Browns took a good ol’ fashioned pink socking from the two most hated divisional teams. Have to beat the lo… @Browns Steelers came out there and played this like a rivalry game; hard-hitting, emotional, tough. The Browns troute… @Gause__ Nothing worse than seeing Browns fans posting dumb “Pittsburgh sucks” memes on Facebook or wearing some du… @Dameshek My god.Putting Mason Rudolph is a total power move. Steelers laying a huge degrading insult on the Browns today. Browns… @adamg1224 You were correct. @Dameshek Baker Mayfield Cycle
Retweeted by Saint Ledgewood @Dameshek What a jerk. @Browns @Dameshek Lol I’m sad @Rambo16 Baker was obviously too hurt and shouldn’t have started, he’s been struggling anyways. Putting him out th… need to rage quit this one. @MaryKayCabot Shut up, Karen. He was trying to motivate his teammates. He’s not there yet, don’t try to will it into existence. @Rambo16 They’ll still have a much improved record. Lotta winnable games left. But they just aren’t anywhere near top tier. @Gause__ I’ll be rooting for him. But. Ya know... @Gause__ It’ll take the entire window of this current teams makeup for them to make a decision to move on. Browns fan life. @Gause__ This team needs him to just maintain competency to compete. He struggles to do this. It’s not ideal. Ev… @Gause__ Horrible game from coach.Browns fans straight up remember every time the post ‘99 Browns beat the Steelers vividly. @Gause__ 100% getting pointsShutting this off. @adamg1224 Blow a leadBrowns getting embaraased. This was over before it began.Steelers own our souls so hard.Pondering how crazy we will all act if the #browns win today.
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@muskies34 Good kitty. @Justme10000000
Not to brag but we’re ranked 301 in the world right now. #QUXup
Retweeted by Saint Ledgewood @podjohnnyringo @GolazoDan Yeah that was goldbergs only good match. It shoulda ended it.Any XU pals or I guess any unclean twitter friends of mine play NHL? @QUXHockeyClub would love to fill out the squ… anniversary to one of the all time greatest tweets.
Retweeted by Saint Ledgewood @Official_WMI Put it back.For the haterz. @PollyannaDIY So much of whiskeytown is like ehhh ok, but the best like 20 songs are the best songs ever.
What odds would you give for Baker Mayfield playing the whole game vs. Pittsburgh? @jonnybgood09 @brucejo16565281 @cpbearcat @Williams_Justin K.... @bradwolfdesign @UniWatch @Reflog_18 @PumpkinNation @PhilHecken @VintageBrowns @BenAxelrod @addicted2helmet
@513_Sportss @brucejo16565281 @cpbearcat @Williams_Justin @Epfourteen @JPinTheNati @Williams_Justin This is simply untrue. @cpbearcat @Williams_Justin What a dumb, dumb tweet. You’re just no fun.Isn’t a preference based on what your disposition or orientation already is? What am I missing on this whole thing? @stephens_ben @maziehirono Forgive my ignorance but isnt preferring something different than choosing something? I…
@Ivar_WWE Get well soon, dudebro. Not sure @Erik_WWE is safe all by himself.... @BradJalovec @JerryLawler @Browns Most movies and TV are fake. You watch any of that? @kylegriffin1 EPISODE OUT NOW 🎉 Having looked at many of the real life inspirations, Kefin & Jo have another swirl into the…
Retweeted by Saint Ledgewood @marianoysfan @JeffreyGuterman @realDonaldTrump @OANN Acknowledging and celebrating are two different things. @muskiefan3 @mcmurrayjt You could always just get your account permanently banned like I did. @SedinaKinder @clepublicpower @CityofCleveland They’re just gonna get mad at you for asking this. @waterwithlemonz @clepublicpower @CityofCleveland Lol yeah right @RazorSharpe21 @clepublicpower @CityofCleveland That’s just what they do. @juliakanzig @clepublicpower Same. @clepublicpower supMy @TheSmugSaints bandmate and I are playing an acoustic gig Saturday. Go there. @Danagardens Cats are cool though, right?
@dawnkeedix1990 @NC5_RSchleicher @NC5 @CPrizzy2512 @Ayyeeedrian__ They play the Eagles though.... @Danagardens I think it’s time to update the website. @maskedbabyface @MrGMSI_BCage Possibly the most underrated and under appreciated wrestler ever. @redsteeze Sounds a lot like a description of all politicians. @DawsAngeles I’m sure you get lots of people telling you to listen to all kinds of stuff, but if you had free time… @Dameshek Never thought I’d see the day again. @JoshProhibition @Erik_WWE @Browns The Browns are never going to lose another game ever again. @AlexVilleneuve @billburr Sunday night baseball ruled. He was definitely a big part of why I enjoyed watching whatever game was on. @Dameshek excited for an actual meaningful Browns/Steelers game???? @XU_Xtreme_Fans Also there’s these for anyone interested lol but really though orders are up til oct 23rd at… @CraftBSports Joe was one of the greatest baseball personalities to ever live.The Browns were just never going to be good in those terrible uniforms they recently had. I credit the change back… @Robert_Freeman_ @ProFootballTalk The Bengals, The Washington Football Team, The Cowboys, and The Colts. @dfeust @Duhman23 @RapSheet And they lost.A good strat to get people to vote for you is to email them pretending to have a check for them. That really makes…
Retweeted by Saint Ledgewood @God_Son80 I am not mad @ u.
As long as the owner doesn’t announce his plans to move the Browns to another city any time soon I like where this season is going.When is the last time the Browns and Steelers played where they have both been this good this late into the season?… are broke. Fix it.Won’t find a better uniform matchup than Colts at Browns today. Dessert for the eyes. @VeganBrisket @TomHorsman Really is shameful. @Swanny1875 @VladB004 @NFL @bakermayfield @Kareemhunt7 Looks like it.What a play by Mayfield and Hunt. Sexy AF. @NoContXBB @DFluckesFans Jimmy Distance. @MikeyTkacz @jimmy_issa @clepublicpower @CityofCleveland Exactly @drumstyx216 @clepublicpower @CityofCleveland Lol