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they/them or she/her / 26 / high INT low WIS / alleged mathematician, occultist, synthesizer enthusiast

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@DyingCacti @freshhel I'm not from 538 bc I'm sexy and cool, but I have thought about econometric statistical model…
@BraveArcanine You're better than this.... @necromantiic I wonder if I still have mine....This from @AOC is the truth.
Retweeted by Sam St. Leviathanhave not stopped thinking about this... it rules.!
Retweeted by Sam St. Leviathan @disco_socialist i really enjoyed it. it's, uh, buckwild, and the interface is sort of janky and some of the voicin…
@autechrefan The chemicalSee: medicare for all, marijuana legalization, even defunding the policeStill blows my mind how you can look at polls for any issue and find that a majority of Americans have an opinion t… @SenSchumer Can you give me one example of how you tried to block this beyond just voting no? Just one. @gapingmaws surely if we don't ever put up any tangible resistance to them, they'll do the same for us and we can e…
@vitaminintake i HATE you i had to think about this
@blaseball 😔🎉 @byraymondarturo if i catch you wearing that no promises i'll behave @byraymondarturo Gucci Guilty 🥺 @byraymondarturo this dude i used to see in college always wore a specific cologne and years later I (purposefully)…
I don't think there is anything that gives me such pure contentment as when I'm lying in bed and feel Roz curl up n…"incogmeato" is when you never post your face on your alt but also show shaft
@Maxxi_Pad Forgiving your other tweet to speak this one into existence @Maxxi_Pad Don't.... don't do this @_ynnekenny @slimmetra Me
we here at the Park Theater are proud to announce our next residency, from a band whose wildly influential brand of…
@muddaub i'm sure one day with sufficient time, distance, and therapy you can move on from the crushing blow this must be to your psyche.
@BraveArcanine generally accepted way of interpreting it. Basically this comic. My degree is in math which doesn't… @BraveArcanine I mean, the proper order is left to right when it comes to things of equal importance in PEMDAS or t… @blaseball noticed the magic wasn't on here, anything you can do to correct this grievous errorThe Dwemer after installing the Heart of Lorkhan into the Numidian
Retweeted by Sam St. Leviathan @adamjmoussa I wish it weren't
@larsaddams I did it and it vanished which was the only spooky thing that ever happened regarding it @kamilumin fuck n forget bbyGet in loser we're slouching toward Bethlehem
Retweeted by Sam St. Leviathan @cry_twombly Have you been to Boston? This tracks imoPersonally I am petting Roswell
@ryanpequin See I misread it as him NOT wiping when he should have @Maxxi_Pad Not Taylor Sw*ft up next to Emotion.... Taylor is desperate for what CRJ has effortlessly @jbfact0ry This you?? bugging me recently when people say like "America survived one Trump term... but it might not survive another.… @Maxxi_Pad Chromatics mayhaps
Retweeted by Sam St. Leviathan @cuckoo_king Yes but my rates are extremely prohibitive @IanABoyd Okay wyd Saturday
Me: *gets back from getting coffee* Roswell: my palanquin has returned why is my mood so good; what's going to happen
@slimmetra Keep the dog next timeReviews are in
I REALLY want one of the prophet-5 reissues but I'm not about to sell a kidney bc they run $3500....
i cannot shake the feeling that the sun has grown stronger of late, that i must carry a parasol to protect myself f… @necromantiic bad news: twice#KnownMonster 235 Fallen Angel Level43 Roswel On July 2, 1947, he was the slowest of the angels to fall to eart…
Retweeted by Sam St. Leviathanat one point a demon is like "you guys realize this is fucked up, right?" and your character responds "i just don't… will say the best part of paradise killer is that what would be a huge twist for any other story is done in the f…
@OrangePaulp Okay but I already follow you I'm already trapped
@jpbrammer But NOW we said itSHARE: HOW TO IDENTIFY POLICE INFILTRATORS IN PROTESTS WITH FAKE ANTIFA IDs. Police Infiltrators usually lack their…
Retweeted by Sam St. LeviathanHAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSWELL!!! she is 3!!
@leftyotter I'm a pg stan but this is a bad take and says much more about your tastes than it does about queer culture @disco_socialist This place is not a place of honor... no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here... nothing valu… have yet to figure out why Pete is putting out a book? Like "here's how I ran for president and did okay and then… @jelly_pack It'll somehow still be more topical than the usual "in 2011 you said your burger at McDonald's wasn't v… sexuality is basically "a wife and a hundred boyfriends" @Maxxi_Pad Roswell! thee stallion with Debbie Harry rt if you agree
Retweeted by Sam St. Leviathan
@IanABoyd Sexy jung singles in your area!you inking my tober right now bro?
Retweeted by Sam St. Leviathan @IanABoyd I would watch a Clint Eastwood movie (Unforgiven) starring Nicole Kidman
Last year, I started going to DC eviction court and was shocked by how many tenants lost their cases simply because…
Retweeted by Sam St. Leviathan @yacobg42 Poor baby. Glad she's coming home!! @cuckoo_king IcedLove to scamper down to the coffee shop in the morning, truly. I feel like a parody of myself but really all I know… @IanABoyd freak. @karlmorx I think.... Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime? @slimmetra ok i played it and i didnt pee but i DID hide in the van when things got crazy
@slimmetra The meat is good but also you are hot, fool @slimmetra I am buying it tonight. If I get so scared I pee I'm gonna be so mad @mattyglesias It would really behoove you to do, like, any research on this rather than just stating your opinion a… @autechrefan Why did this show up as promoted for a secondatoms are too small. not enough people are saying this. they should be larger. @vitaminintake really makes u think @yeehawrley sam
@spacetwinks'm having a Halloween horror sale! Get Quietus: the roleplaying game of melancholy horror and Videostore's 80s gr…
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happy halloween jim steinman's 'total eclipse of the heart' is canonically a song about vampires in love which he o…
Retweeted by Sam St. Leviathan @avery_terrible That would do it tho they would be goopedHave to put together an outfit tomorrow to gag the baristas
@UnburntWitch @KissboyJohnson Oh well we just meant THIS individual, sorry for the confusionLeviathan I've been such a good girl this year I don't ask for anything please please pleaseCalling in some favors think we deserve a little cosmic irony in 2020. The good kind, for once. @Joanocean In the sense of "can be muted" or "not fixed, changing over time"? @adamjmoussa It's called the bird box sandwich because looking at it makes me want to kill myselfseason of the witch, baby
@necromantiic Omg.... legendaryOn one hand I really don't give a shit if you play the new Harry Potter game, and on the other, it's just interesti… @chimeracoder If you're one of the 5 people on earth not using it to describe the software, yes @jpbrammer Hope he sees this, dudeBlack/Latin ball scene: invents voguing Madonna: