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Co-founder of @Race2D & co-author of forthcoming WHITE WOMEN: EVERYTHING YOU ALREADY KNOW ABOUT YOUR OWN RACISM & HOW TO DO BETTER (@PenguinBooks)

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@SpideParker @Junior08218547 Thank you. Yes.Daily reminder white people still think Asians are a monolith and also think "white people" is "reverse racism." @Tinu Thank you!!
@mckensiemack 😍😍😍😍ALL white people: get yourselves a copy of this extraordinary work. It is my honor to have been included in Fred'… @FredTJoseph @JoelakaMaG @JamiraBurley @angiecthomas @rabiasquared @jemelehill @XorjeO @ldanielaalvarez repeat: if trans representation is only white, then it's not actual true trans inclusivity. It's just still uphol…
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@uzongwu It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us 🙏🏽❤️HBD to my stepdad Warren, he turned 74yo today. He's been deaf since he was 6yo. His disability has been stigmatize…
Retweeted by saira raoSo many white liberals sincerely think their work is done now that Biden is going to be President. They also thin…
To all of you who suggested to start with Season 2, THANK YOU. I am officially in love with this show and it has s… got an email from work that our hospital is full and all elective surgical cases have. Even cancelled. No tran…
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Announcing the next #WeAreHaven Virtual Event. Join our Co-Founders @CandiceFortin, @sairasameerarao & @tamilee2003
Retweeted by saira rao @Nadine_Writes Great piece. Thank you 🙏🏽
@Ring_Sheryl Really feeling this today. @soniagupta504 Thanks for sharing this excellent piece by @manavikapur. Watching Season One of The Crown now.
@phreedomNOW Yum!Every year I invite non-Native folks who are celebrating the colonial holiday to do something in support of Native…
Retweeted by saira rao @jackfrombkln @iamcardib 😍😍My dear friend just lost her sister, who was a mother of 5, to suicide last night. The situation is unimaginable, s…
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Diary of a Sad Woman - why I hate COVID. Sun, Oct 15th - my brother picks up my mom who has just spent 2 weeks i…
Retweeted by saira rao @Ring_Sheryl @britnidlc @MsKellyMHayes And I am thankful for you @Ring_Sheryl ❤️This is truly a horrific statement. With shockingly high infection rates and deaths, @GovofCO wields cruel and unus…
Retweeted by saira raoSomeone just asked me what my New Year's Resolution was going to be and I realize it is to survive, to not die. This feels like a big lift. @prisonculture Amazing.
there was a person in the grocery store asking others to respect the six-feet & when people looked at them askew, t…
Retweeted by saira rao @JTaylorSkinner I am so sorry. Sending all the love and peace Jenn. ❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽
This is for #TravisNagdy by his sister Sarah. Let's help his family bury him please. Even if you can't give please…
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@indica I love your articles - thank you for your work!On this day in 2014, Tamir Rice was murdered by the state at 12 years old for playing with a toy gun at a park. Tam…
Retweeted by saira rao @blackgirlinmain 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽A note from abroad: Realizing now that I've been 5 days out of US that many folks back home don't realize how other…
Retweeted by saira raoCharges of premeditated murder should be brought up against politicians who block universal health care.
Retweeted by saira rao @365DiversityLLC I was literally just googling old pics of Cloverleaf. And the Putt Putt on Midlothian was my favorite spot! @mochamomma 💥🙏🏽❤️
@365DiversityLLC No. This person. @365DiversityLLC Wish I could see the original tweet but I am blocked 🤷🏽Here’s MI Speaker of the House @LeeChatfield drinking maskless in the lobby of the Trump Hotel after meeting with T…
Retweeted by saira rao @_celia_bedelia_ VILE."A Democratic Party whose leadership is composed of complacent septuagenarians may be ill-equipped to deal with wha… would really, really like the Black Mamas Matter Alliance (@BlkMamasMatter ) to reach their goal of $100k this we…
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Michigan Republicans just landed in DC to meet with Trump. We were there to greet them. I asked @DanLauwers why he…
Retweeted by saira rao @ashleyn1cole Same. Episode 2.This coup attempt is extremely scary. The Democrats unwillingness to do anything to stop it is terrifying.At the top of the year I made it a goal for @teenvogue’s Culture section to elevate the experiences of Indigenous/N…
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@365DiversityLLC @TW_Haven Thanks!! @najjmahal @AmericanExpress Amazing 💥💥💥💥 @ruthannharnisch @TW_Haven Thanks! 🙏🏽 @DrSamiSchalk Going to start Season Two this weekend per so much of the advice here! Thx.You all actually think Schitt's Creek is funny? Many people I respect love this show. I don't get it. Tried aga… is nothing "micro" about a "microaggression."
@JTaylorSkinner THANKS! @JTaylorSkinner @CandiceFortin @tamilee2003 @TW_Haven Thanks! Please follow and share Jenn!I am over the moon to announce the launch of HAVEN, a NEW community built for & by BIPOC Womxn rooted towards aboli… unpopular opinion. Please stop mocking Donald Trump. Stop w the jokes and memes and talk of a small whiny man.…
Not sure why people think there is an infinite supply of health care workers. Today, we lost about 1/3rd of our usu…
Retweeted by saira rao @blackgirlinmain Sounds like you have had a day since we spoke?! So sorry.
Donald Trump isn’t insane. He’s a fascist. Naming that matters.
Retweeted by saira rao @blackgirlinmain Best chat I have had in ages. Thanks for having me @blackgirlinmain !
@mckensiemack Aw your concern just made me feel better! Thank you ❤️❤️ @JTaylorSkinner ❤️🙏🏽 @mcarlaura ❤️I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss levity and laughter. This morning feels heavy. @ItsDanaWhite Yes!There's been lots of finger pointing towards the "Green New Deal" and "Defund the Police" as reasons why Democrats…
Retweeted by saira rao @KickBrainTumors Yes. @FerazShere Amazing 🙏🏽
The mental health crisis in this country is spiraling. Sending ❤️🙏🏽 to anyone who needs it right now. @classdisrupti0n @365DiversityLLC Just seeing the nonsense from this white lady and her cronies. They never take a day off.The Capital during the Hunger Games while the districts starve.
Retweeted by saira rao @ShanaVWhite @classdisrupti0n Toxic white woman award for the day! Which says a lot, considering the competition.Happy Diwali ❤️🙏🏽
@luvscoconut @suuvi1993 @1stladyofsports Btw I cannot see the original racist comments bc they are from an account… Congressional orientation, several Republican leaders thought @CoriBush was Breonna Taylor.
Retweeted by saira raoVoted to apologize. After 35 years.
Retweeted by saira raoMany of the same white folks who have been screaming about racial justice for the past six months have little inter… @lexir 🙏🏽❤️ @eshaLegal I am not yelling at anyone. Was just suggesting a conversation.At some point we need to have a national conversation about why so many Americans would rather die than wear a mask.
Excellent piece on authentic storytelling by @nationsfilm. So honored to be quoted! @nationsfilm Thx for quoting my tweet! @THR So honored to be quoted! @afrosypaella True.There are actual men on here defending Jeffrey Toobin's Zoom dick. What. Is. Wrong. With. Men. @chelseahandler I suspect all their family gatherings are awkward!Hey @IAImpactFund: @RoKhanna is a great progressive leader and should stay in Congress. @KamalaHarris should be fil…
Retweeted by saira raoDaily reminder that you don't have to be white to uphold white supremacy.Get the rest of these Dems together and demand your GOP colleagues stop this. DO SOMETHING. Who are you tweeting at…
Retweeted by saira rao @DrSamiSchalk Both. @soniagupta504 Send me food vibes!Democrats need to spend more time fighting for Medicare For All, eliminating student loan debt and abolishing ICE and NO time dragging AOC. @washingtonpost The media sympathizing with hate, per usual. @JTaylorSkinner Still!It is truly wild to watch the mainstream media cover Donald Trump like a normal politician. STILL. Complicity comes in all forms. @mackmittens I am afraid that I think all of the "seems" and "is" are the same including Colorado!Colorado. are still acting like it is Trump and Trump alone that is the problem. 71 MILLION PEOPLE JUST GAVE HIM THE…
Why isn't #QuawanCharles trending? Why isn't #QuawanCharles trending? Why isn't #QuawanCharles trending? Why isn'…
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