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Former graffiti writer and now a TV writer. I also used to skateboard.

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@LizAlps That’s so sad.Not a bad idea. @everythingloria Naps.Some good info here. @AaronSerna 🤣While the Court has protected Trump from having his tax and financial records exposed before the election, he now k…
Retweeted by Sal CallerosThis is such a great local news piece on the growing graffiti in LA, including an interview/tour with anthropologis…
Retweeted by Sal Calleros @Charlot82094283 @SCVSHERIFF I stand by my previous comment. @Charlot82094283 @SCVSHERIFF If only face masks covered stupidity. @realoverheardla LL Cool J giving me a "what's up nod" while he rode on the back of a golf cart on the Paramount Studios lot.
@LHissrich God...This ad. THIS AD... @malkatz Unfortunately, no. I still have scripts (read one last week) and I've been neck deep with my own stuff.So many good things here. If you write, read this.
@StefanoBloch Ha, ha. Even in my subconscious they're trolling me.My heart skipped a beat.!!! @GailSimone Got my first gig at 32. Not advice, but a writer asked if I thought I was too old and maybe started too late.
The homey @StefanoBloch co-wrote this article about disproportionate violence when it comes to pets in Black/Brown… although I still struggle, a lot, and I live in a permanent state of anxiety and creative heartbreak... there a…
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Amazing! I so much love TV theme songs and this makes me sooo happy. @StefanoBloch @kanyewest I'd vote for that. @kanyewest You can’t even freestyle eight bars and you gonna be Commander in Chief? Eric B for president! @Amin_Joseph Homeboy...
Hip-Hop has been telling American history since Afrika Bambaataa hit the stage. Hamilton is the epitome of this. What an accomplishment.If this great nation were porn, I'd be hitting the fast forward button to November.
Put this super talented Mexican director on your list. Snowfall, The Chi, 9-1-1, Twilight Zone. @Klar91 WA and SCs are always more qualified than the 23 yr old wunderkind Hollywood usually falls in love with.What an honor to have my book included on this list looking at Judith Baca's "Great Wall of LA" on @KCET by LA's mo…
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Guess what? You can go through life without having to pull a gun on someone. FFS. @madpulpbastard @VJBoyd Right behind you. @madpulpbastard @VJBoyd Thank you for getting it. Often I feel like I'm shouting into the void. @theofficialword Dude, just watched the one about the alien abductions. Digging it. @VJBoyd This Tenspeed and Brownshoe remake sucks. @thetzechun Same.Guys! @myfriendadri Tu lo conoces. Snowfall.
Guys, it can happen. Just got off the phone with a Mexican director friend who was about to give up. Was going to p… @shawn_corridan @onlyarushi It happened because of the Disney Fellowship. They set up this "speed date" thing with… @shawn_corridan @onlyarushi Ha! @KLsnowdogs This part really stings. @KLsnowdogs Ugh. I've had this happen with one particular project. Felt exactly like you felt. But you'll find ther… @onlyarushi @shawn_corridan They used to be called Magnet Management but recently merged with a larger management c… @KLsnowdogs You never heard back?Brian Walsh argued that The Lincoln Project is “taking it too far. If you’re also grouping in Republican senators w… @shawn_corridan @onlyarushi Manager first. Then they set up agent meetings around town. @onlyarushi My agent -- She actually read my material and had smart notes. Small agency. Scrappy. My Managers -- re… @Mrozema To make that skrilla.
Just a cute little reminder that writers' assistant union minimums go up to $16/hr on July 1st, which is tomorrow!…
Retweeted by Sal Calleros @KLsnowdogs Nice. @sleepdeprivd @MurryPeeters @TheWRACGroup Truth. @theofficialword Ha!
Check it. @JoseGBustos Ha, ha. Thanks for getting it! @AlisonJ88333204 @ScottAdamsSays @ahmedbest Yes! @gaybonez Serious, man. Ever since I learned they remember faces I'm always on point when I'm around these cuates.Let me get this straight, conservatives think that wearing a mask at Olive Garden to keep people from getting sick…
Retweeted by Sal Calleros @ScottAdamsSays @ahmedbest Gary Larson used to do more in one panel than you ever did in a years worth of newspaper.Omg! This, this! Don’t be afraid to go hard after “general market” projects if you have a passion for the subject. @WhoThat_One_Guy @ElainaCScott Dream sequences, period.
@cpoliticditto Having a TV in a bedroom and not just the living room. @StefanoBlochOMG! I just realized it. Joe Biden, in Call of Duty parlance, is camping. Just sitting there, sniping. And Team Tru… got paid $0 for my sitcom pilot. When I sold my show, my white partner got 3 x more money then me AND an overall…
Retweeted by Sal CallerosSuch an influence on me growing up. I say this every year. Sneaky Pete was in the same office as Mel Brooks' compan… @CGasparino @JoeBiden Ha, ha, ha. Joe Biden being left wing is as true as Trump being a stable genius. But keep trying. @SparksAnthony Happy Birthday, Anthony! You are one to follow. @MatthewACherry @SabinaHasNoR And it shows in its execution. @jorgereyes Agree 100%.Always happy to see an old novel of mine get some more publicity... This is about TRIPLINES, an autobiographical no…
Retweeted by Sal Calleros @VinceGumina Not at this time. Still working on clearing what I have.
@kevryanperson In my personal writing process, I spend most of my time on the outline. Usually about 20 pages. The… via NYT: Citing the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, a federal judge in Los Angeles has ordered the i…
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Don't get caught getting shot in the face without one of these. #realmenwearmasks mask goes over your nose and stays there. If you keep pulling it down, just go ahead and wear a snorkle instead.Really good advice from @TerriKopp2it:
Retweeted by Sal Calleros @parscale @JoeBiden What’s a socialist? Seriously. Are you a socialist if you support the ACA? If so, a lot of Amer… to my buddy, @karterhol . Don't make him angry. You wouldn't like it when he's angry. @StefanoBloch Wow, nice.Buy this book. @leonardchang I heard first hand that he tried to take away The Unit writers' parking spaces because he was not hap… ending to The Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan has one of the most satisfying endings ever.
@ErikaSwyler #GrahamYost for just meeting with me and hanging when it was not about a job and just chatting about w… @stevel3000 Praying this is true.GOP needs a new candidate. is the clear choice when it comes to compassionate and decent leadership. In a battle of heart, mind, and cha…
Retweeted by Sal Calleros @hectorcortez Brother, I had tears in my eyes.Just a reminder that there is a great short documentary called Long Shot on Netflix about the true story of a guy r…
@leonardchang We don't get fail up. @radiofreerober Zero. I've been lucky enough to work on some cool shows with some great showrunners, bet there is a…'ve been writing since 2007, when my second daughter was born. She's now 12. In that time I've worked for only 1 B… 3 OF 3 I've independently verified they've deleted at least 1200 cases in the last week.They're only repor…
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They bought all the paletas so he can go home and relax on Father’s Day 😭😭
Retweeted by Sal CallerosSolid gold advice. When I got signed I had 5 specs and 2 original pilots. Then I was told I should build up my libr…
@shindotB The best.More discussion about #defunding that no reasonable mind could refute. By @DrPhilGoff Where the US protesters and…
Retweeted by Sal CallerosOmg. “I got plenty of African American friends — I’ve known 'em since I was 14,” said Miles... “ I have supper wit… @FINALLEVEL I can tell you're watching.OMG! They are legit cheering Trump for being able to sip water without using his other hand. What is going on?