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In 2021, our goal is to collaborate more with our fellow women, LGBTQ, POC, Indigenous, and Black creators. We have…
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestCan you recommend any Queer indie musicians with a spooky bent?Well this was completely unexpected and pleasant news- I'm now an RT Top Critic. 🎉
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestI Met Joe Dante virtually at @salemhorrorfest and this is how it went: #HorrorCommunity
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestWe are sending best wishes to anyone who has to visit their dumb as shit republican family members this holiday season. Satan bless.December 2019 December 2020
A new @FacultyofHorror episode is live! I loved this film - big thanks to @salemhorrorfest and @GaylordsOfD for tur…
Retweeted by Salem Horror Fest"...Cold Wind Blowing is a promising debut from an up and coming talent who clearly loves and understands the genre…
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestHappy Birthday to Thom Mathews. Celebrate with our epic reunion from @salemhorrorfest featuring the cast and crew o…
Retweeted by Salem Horror Fest @KillerfromSpace To shamelessly self promote, my film @WantedRoommate is doing the fest circuit. Started…
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This is an incredible panel featuring the original LOSER'S CLUB from the 1990's IT mini-series. I had such a blast…
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestChecking out the audio recording of @ScoredToDeath's Virtual Composer Panel from @salemhorrorfest 2020. #horror
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestJust finished watching @ScoredtoDeath’s horror film music panel at the @salemhorrorfest, featuring five incredible…
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Back in September, @randallcolburn and I spoke to the original cast of 1990's IT for @LosersClubPod as part of…
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestIt was SUCH a pleasure to rewatch @TragedyGirls, led expertly by Brianna Hildebrand and Alexandra Shipp, a beastly…
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My @salemhorrorfest 2020 coverage continues!!! @ErickLorinc , Writer / Director of THE LAST THANKSGIVING joins me…
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestA @salemhorrorfest mail day is a GOOD day! Thanks @encyclophobia for my autographed @joe_dante poster with original…
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If you live in or near Salem, MA make sure you preorder your JASON VOOHEES donuts by @speakeasydonuts to celebrate…
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2020 just submitted .@frazer_lee ‘s Edgar Allan Poe Gothic Filmmaker Award winning folk horror film #TheStayMovie to…
Retweeted by Salem Horror Fest[@HorrorQueers Podcast] @bstolemyremote and @TracedThurman are joined by @salemhorrorfest director @encyclophobia t…
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2020 Conway releases a statement’re gonna need a lot of @PURELL
Not only can you still check out Cold Wind Blowing at @salemhorrorfest but Dionne and I debut our latest Work in an…
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestCounting the ballots
Shocking. @SpookyBoi2127 @geocitiesonline We explicitly say that Trump supporters are not welcome.🌈 ☑️ we are not talking about getting out of the woods, we’re just hoping to get out of the Blair Witch’s actual house
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestEveryone relax. We all know more than a few idiots with college degrees. The point is that access to education is t… @geocitiesonline @geocitiesonline Please tell us where it says that. @geocitiesonline Lol Jesus. @geocitiesonline No. Literally anyone could do it. At no point did we mention IQ.Being less educated doesn’t make you dumb. Being more educated doesn’t make you superior. The goal should be for ev… @kingjinkerton Just an observation. Everyone deserves the best education we can provide. @StephenRayGarza We just pointed out the percent educated. You called them morons. @kingjinkerton Not going to pretend that education is bad.The least educated states in the USA Mississippi - Trump West Virginia - Trump Louisiana - Trump Arkansas - Trump… most educated states in the USA Massachusetts - Biden Maryland - Biden Colorado - Biden Vermont - Biden Conne…
Salem election results: Biden 75% Trump 23% Senate Markey (D) 74% O’Connor (R) 22% House Mouton (D) 76% Moran (R) 21%Election Day in America're comin' at ya this week with our @salemhorrorfest episode on Jon Amiel's vastly underrated (and under-seen) 19…
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Republicans are doing everything they can to prevent you from voting. Tell them to fuck off and prove to the rest o… the love of Satan, GO VOTE.
Reading about voter suppression and thinking about this moment:
Retweeted by Salem Horror Fest @SnakeDickFilm @darvood Everyone wants to see this turned into a feature!!!Thank you for an amazing festival @salemhorrorfest! The award we hold dearest to our hearts is the Audience Award.…
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestThank you @salemhorrorfest!! @SnakeDickFilm @darvood
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestBrace yourself, October #blog post recap incoming. @salemhorrorfest reviews: @deathdopgorge -…
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestWow. I pitched my lecture while bedridden w/ a broken back; I wrote & recorded it strapped in a medieval-looking me…
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestTHE HOUSE OF SEVEN GABLES is no available to purchase for a limited time. shit look at me and my #SalemHorrorFest lecture there in second place on the votes (and third in most viewed)…
Retweeted by Salem Horror Fest October. Rest In Peace.
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestDISPLACED is now available to rent for a limited time!!!!! Our Black Diaspora in horror panel was #1 viewed and top 5 voted!!! 🤎🖤 @IAMSadeSellers @MauriceBroaddus
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestWe couldn't attend @salemhorrorfest in person this year but that didn't stop us from dong a "live" virtual ep! The…
Retweeted by Salem Horror Festwell, this is dope (i'm a panelist on Jet Horror) thank you all for your views & votes! 🎃💚
Retweeted by Salem Horror Fest @salemhorrorfest Woah!!!! Thank you @salemhorrorfest!!! We are so grateful 🐍🐍
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestGoodbye October. Rest In Peace. hoping we can be there in person next year! Until then, thank you @salemhorrorfest for being you and keeping…
Retweeted by Salem Horror Fest😘😘😘 our greatest honour is working with @salemhorrorfest on these incredible events. Till next year darklings! 🐺🎃
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestLast broadcast of the fest streaming now. Thank you so much for an incredible month! We appreciate you. everyone who loved my @salemhorrorfest lecture: it was based on my chapter in SCARED SACRED: IDOLATRY, RELIGION…
Retweeted by Salem Horror Fest @deathdopgorge 🖤💜🔪
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestAw wow! Top 3 in both is fantastic news! We’ll try not to OVERreact!
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestWe 🖤 @salemhorrorfest!
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Coming up next: don’t miss this 30m stop motion film by Ben Wickey! #SalemHorrorFest greatest honor is hosting the @FacultyofHorror in Salem for their annual live show every year. While we were th… @bitchcraftTO Oops, almost. Faculty of Horror ranked first in both as well. @bitchcraftTO The only video in its category to rank number 1 in both views and votes! Congrats! It’s a great presentation.Thanks so much to everyone who checked out THE STRINGS and made it the most watched feature of @salemhorrorfest 🥰😲🥴
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestWowww thank you for watching guys 😭💖
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestThird most viewed feature is pretty fucking cool if you ask me. Thanks again @salemhorrorfest
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestI made the top 5 by views AND votes! Thank you to everyone who watched, supported, and gave me feedback about my pa…
Retweeted by Salem Horror Fest @salemhorrorfest Snake Duck changed my life. I'm a better person having seen Snake Dick. A stronger person.
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestOur final lecture from @SatanicTv begins now. #SalemHorrorFest shit our Jet Horror panel was 3rd most viewed at @salemhorrorfest! That is really rad, and I am stoked people…
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestYou all 🥺🖤
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestWow! Thank you to all who watched and voted!! Stoked to be in such great company! #SalemHorrorFest #TheStrings
Retweeted by Salem Horror Fest @HorrorQueers Maybe it was the guest 😕So honored to have had the opportunity to screen at @salemhorrorfest Thank you again for the amazing home for…
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestCongratulations to the SNAKE DICK team for winning the #SalemHorrorFest 2020 Audience Award - Shorts! this! 🖤🖤🖤
Retweeted by Salem Horror FestFESTIVAL COMPARISON - by votes Best one yet - 57% Better than most - 33% About average - 8% Not as good - 1%PODCASTS Top 5 - by views 5. We Hate Movies - Crypt 4. Purple Stuff Pod 3. Pure Cinema Pod 2. We Hate Movies - W… Top 5 - by views 5. Black Women’s Horror 4. Unmarked Graves 3. Jet Horror 2. Scored to Death 1. The Blac… Top 5 - by views 5. Salem on the Barents Sea 4. Feasts of Fear 3. Damsels in Distress 2. Found Footage… Top 5 - by views 5. Clean 4. Movie Night 3. Allergic Reaction 2. Snake Dick 1. Satanic Panic 87 Top 5… Top 5 - by views 5. Death Drop Gorgeous 4. Bleed with Me 3. Threshold 2. Displaced 1. The Strings T… Top 5 - by views 5. Retrospectives 4. Podcasts 3. Lectures 2. Shorts 1. Features Top 5 - by votes…