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@Louiseontwitr at first I thought you were learning Chinese opinions ! Good luck at The National and don’t feel gui… for a reminder of the Jacob Rees-Mogg vision of plenty as translated by Private Eye... @john_lichfield Excellent as ever , John @DominicTkaczyk @john_lichfield @jilliebinfrance You will almost certainly feel safer here than in , say, the UK to which I have to return!
@RNational_off @MLP_officiel Et vos pensées sur l’intervention de Youssef? @jmullinjourno @Telegraph @TelegraphSport Good luck wherever, John. @rodjgrimmer @KayBurley Perhaps she shows Stasi’s human face @JamesKennedyUK At some point you need to explain how that might be achieved. Be careful: the NRA may be looking on @chealie @frasermatthew @kimwillsher1 I’m long gone from those days, David. And have not bought the DT since they g… September 1932 | French Jewish girl Helene Zeligfeld was born in Metz. She was murdered in a gas chamber at…
Retweeted by Colin Randall @frasermatthew @kimwillsher1 Not sure what he knows about broadcasting, and I strongly oppose his politics, but he… @TheRealMaghribi @BFMTV J’accepte vos excuses @TheRealMaghribi @BFMTV Grande déception pour vous et tous les anti-journalistes: son avocate a reçu 200-300 appels… @LucieSimon94 Lucie Simon: cette histoire merite un public bcp pls grand. Je suis journaliste pour The National (EA… @Cpass12David Raab’s sheer charisma, and his belated appreciation of the importance of Dover-Calais, makes him the… @ThatEricAlper Hasn’t been released yet but ‘Biden Just Won’ would make me happy
@neilwallis1 @BBCNews @BBC No wish to encourage all those right and far right BBC-hating Trumplovers to suspect Cha…
@_toosb Could this be a Britain First member (no intended pun)? @ChrisPhil1992 @craighooper8 And we all thought Trump had a total monopoly on stupidity @drnatalie_ @SunderlandAFC @IpswichTown @CPFC I was driving in France and had only sneaky looks at… @drdavidbull I’d say you sound Trumplike if I wasn’t so sure you’d regard it as a compliment. Do you not realIse th… @drnatalie_ A win today would cheer you up! @19Hope60 So thank heavens for the ‘fragile peace’ - Mo Mowlam’s phrase - Blair, Hume and others incl thinking Tories worked so hard for @19Hope60 Must admit 'the Democrats helped Tony Blair+Co cobble together the GFA which gave IRA bombers get-out-of-…
@19Hope60 Now that I know you oppose the GFA, I feel I know a lot. Gosh @19Hope60 You’re necessarily pinning so much hope on that deal that you’d better hope Biden doesn’t win. The Democr… @19Hope60 Gentle banter. And I like your Freudian slips. No need to start using American English (practice as a ver… @19Hope60 In my manifesto, however, that common ground will exclude civilised Europe. Your EU travel will be confin… not. I do not recognise Brexiteer as a word. Brexiter is quite bad enough, thank you. But I share your di… @19Hope60 @rodjgrimmer Rarely for a Brexiter, you did get the apostrophe right so I believe you. @19Hope60 @rodjgrimmer Long live the Brexiter version of “write”. @sharonp38154527 @ThatEricAlper My elder daughter’s ‘come and take me home’ moment involved a letter from France wi… conversation (2): une patiente franco-britannique: “On dit que Boris n'a pas complètement récupéré.” Médecin… @ThatEricAlper Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah by Allan Sherman about a boy’s changing view of summer camp (an experienc… conversation (1): “Notre président est nul!”. Réponse d’un britannique: “Puis-je vous offrir Boris en échange?” Fin de conversation.
@Charlie_Hebdo_ Avec vous à 100 per cent @The_LockeSmith @putey_pute My last word (but you can continue if you wish): we could sort this out over a beer and be content to disagree @The_LockeSmith @putey_pute We could even argue about whether la politesse was more than one way. @The_LockeSmith @putey_pute It’s what the French call a dialogue de sourds. Let’s leave it there and just blame Twitter @The_LockeSmith @putey_pute Twitter is as you say. I stand by this (from my site): ´I never say all Leave voters we… @The_LockeSmith @putey_pute You still haven’t read what I said and have always said. But I enjoyed the banter. Bonn… @The_LockeSmith @putey_pute So you miss, e.g., the influence of Jean-Marie Le Pen (his daughter, genuinely or not,… @The_LockeSmith @putey_pute Read the link I offered and my introduction, plus the preceding post, and then tell me… @The_LockeSmith @putey_pute First you tell me whether you think Marine Le Pen is far right (with reasons). She says… @The_LockeSmith @putey_pute You have a remarkable ability to read only selectively. Cheer up: you can press ahead a… @The_LockeSmith @putey_pute We both know of prominent Brexiter figures with far-right backgrounds. Only one actual… @The_LockeSmith @putey_pute I accept that many devoid of such tendencies voted, sincerely , to Leave. But deduct f… Tory sycophants are turning against their government of choice ... @The_LockeSmith @putey_pute But yes, i am open-minded and found a thinking Leaver. @The_LockeSmith @putey_pute These days, supporting fascism - maybe dressed up in a sanitised Brexiter form - might… @Bob__Hudson @davidbowman73 @Kevin_Maguire I yelled at him sometimes from the Fulwell end but he scored some cracki… @Bob__Hudson @davidbowman73 @Kevin_Maguire Yes . Didn’t he die at something like 46? @JeanMessiha Malgré la de-diabolisation supposée, afin faire oublier son co-fondateur, votre ‘parti’ est coupable e… La Séparation starring the incomparable Isabelle Huppert and Daniel Auteuil. On France’s excellent @ARTEfr.… by for a Brexiter parody account .. @davidbowman73 @Bob__Hudson @Kevin_Maguire Or Davison ‘picking his spot ‘ as Argus was fond of saying @Bob__Hudson @davidbowman73 @Kevin_Maguire Yes and I cannot honestly suggest anyone from the old world five-man for… @Bob__Hudson @davidbowman73 @Kevin_Maguire That’s a seriously tough choice to make . Anderson would just about get… @Bob__Hudson Get Brexit Done! Whatever the economic and social cost @_toosb The perils of living in civilised Europe, if only part of the time. Hadn’t seen that @moonhare77 You get the odd one. Some can even think ...! A thinking Leaver (he’s still wrong, of course, and we’ll all pay dearly) ... les Voiles de Saint-Tropez mais le retour au port du Lavandou des jeunes marins de l’Ecole de Voile @_toosb Where’s that reported, Anthony ? @BDegning @DrRobertZands @ladyhaja Classic whataboutery and therefore pointless @davidbowman73 @TheNorthernEcho @AmnestyUK @hopenothate @Bob__Hudson @Hepworthclare @Kevin_Maguire @ruth_wishart No… @davidbowman73 @TheNorthernEcho @AmnestyUK @hopenothate @Bob__Hudson @Hepworthclare @Kevin_Maguire @ruth_wishart Agreed, Dave. RIP
Woodbines, Shildon Tunnel and a boy's first kiss @Colin899Dean @andreajenkyns And blow the consequences for peace
Snatches of the inside story of De Gaulle's Non. A thinking Leaver's essay
@sarah_donaldson @missrandallc You probably never saw this. What became of that apartment...… @cjd2808 I haven’t but will look out for it. Thanks ChrisAnd for my @francesalut followers .. Beeswing the best song ever written or only one of the best 10 or so? And if not Richard Thompson’s original, wh… @LyndenGooch @marco_ten Praise from Marco is worth having! Bravo from FranceSnatches of the inside story of De Gaulle's Non. A thInking Leaver's essay up and be counted of you're a thinking Leaver (I never claimed they didn't exist) @juliesund Barbes has just said there is no commentary for away games. He says nothing to with BBC Radio Newcastle ans doesn’t know why @juliesund Audio worked first time, in itself something of a first
@sarah_donaldson thanks for following and for dealing with my much more talented daughter @missrandallc (actually b…
@missrandallc Well they were clean out of what I really wanted, a red velvet steering wheel cover
@petipaw @peterallenparis @ChrisInParis Stop at one red light I know in Le Lavandou and you can expect to be hooted… @ChrisInParis @peterallenparis I support Hidalgo in trying to bansih cars from citc centres. She has every right to… @peterallenparis @ChrisInParis I agree. But I also despair at the contempt cyciists often show for the rules of the… @NibblerRat @jude5456 People who prattle on about the wicked ´MSM’ - which right , far right and Brexiters routinel…
@DehennaDavison I’m from Shildon. I wish you well but you can never represent me. Sad to see so many spineless Tor… @Sillytees Check out @boris_get Mike . Sometimes funny @sueperkins @mrjamesob And if this sails through, let us salute our priceless democracy, laugh at the indignation o…
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@Sillytees If not too late , can you make Joelle’s navy blue not black (but still black for me)? No worries if too latePenguin Cafe Orchestra's Music for a Found Harmonium, a simple but startling piece, and its many interpret... recommended for Brexit Loons among my followers ...
Retweeted by Colin RandallInstruments of pleasure: (6) Music for a Found Harmonium by Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Patrick Street or Shar... @TheBigCons Respect the law
Not recommended for Brexit Loons among my followers ... @Sillytees I’m going to buy a his and hers of the one on the right (oops, far right) . DM on details as to how, mike @deb_king1965 @BorisJohnson And if Britain has gone from being. laughing stock of the world to rogue nation status,… @darrengrimes_ Think you’ll find breaking international law and reneging on a freely signed treaty come into it . U… @DanielJHannan does his best to defend the indefensible. What even he cannot escape is that the Uk’s squalid a…’t you just pity fall guys like Lewis? Ok , maybe not . Rogues together @Bob__Hudson @mudjokivis I’d concentrate on getting Farage and Tommy Robinson into government and signing a trade deal with Kim…