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Journalist. France my specialist subject, Brexit my specialist hate. Love SAFC, folk and folk-rock ( Ran 2007/19

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Macron, Muslims and a forlorn search for le vivre ensemble
Great stuff. I’m on holiday thousands of miles away but heartening to read of another fine win @SAFCLadies @Bob__Hudson I’ve avoided using the word, 1) out of respect for misguided but decent leavers and 2) because with eg…
@FraserNelson Centrist as viewed, perhaps, by Genghis Khan. Brexit is already a right wing project, Boris’s very li… @Neil_Mcbeth The pressure’s on . I wish I could blame Brexit but that would be premature hot air.Good tweet but always remember, media bashers from the left, that the right screamed BBC bias just as shrilly
@Pabloboltonio @TheBoltonNews Quite like Bolton and have even seen Sunderland win there. Le Mans is obviously my wi… @CFXFIX @Ian87811693 @ChrisHarrison @paulafr68963440 And part of the foreign muck you’ll soon dispense with, I supp… @lisaocarroll It is insulting & a lottery, probably as intended. My wife arrived from France in 1969 & paid decades… @TheBoltonNews Another place to be avoided. Cannot believe Bolton is twinned with my city-in-law, Le Mans @paulafr68963440 My comments reflect the respect I have for house-trained leavers. Would I sooner be in a Paris dis… @CFXFIX @Ian87811693 @ChrisHarrison @paulafr68963440 I’ve been saying for some time that once Brexiters realised wh… @CFXFIX @Ian87811693 @ChrisHarrison @paulafr68963440 The sort of arrangements Brexiters consider repugnant now! @CFXFIX @Ian87811693 @ChrisHarrison @paulafr68963440 I respect decent leavers, though not no dealers. I fully accep… @FanaticBrighton @Ian87811693 @ChrisHarrison @paulafr68963440 You have unusually competent command of English for a… @sunderlandsmile @RipperKeith @JamieMarshall @reid6peter @BorisJohnson Do you agree at least that denying our young… @sunderlandsmile @RipperKeith @JamieMarshall @reid6peter @BorisJohnson The world awaits the first glimpse an allege… @CFXFIX @Ian87811693 @ChrisHarrison @paulafr68963440 It’s a cliche but has some truth. Not all Brexiters are racist…
@franunsworth Are you as proud of your squalid decision to shut down a shining light of BBC radio current affairs.… @Ian87811693 @ChrisHarrison @paulafr68963440 Yes I’m a bad loser but I try to be lighthearted about it. You self-ev… @Ian87811693 @ChrisHarrison @paulafr68963440 Upset along with the rest of the Great Washed, but conciliatory. This… @paulafr68963440 I would sooner volunteer for medieval dentistry than join you in your destructive mission, fuelled… @dinkydonk5 @CarolineFlint Lazy, often fraudulent attacks on journalists please the rabble but are a refuge of many… @historykev @simon_schama @DrAndreKeil 1) easy mistake given right/far right support for Brexit 2)of course; few ed…
@dinkydonk5 @CarolineFlint I take it you worship Trump @anarchopupgirl Voyous ou la petite sœur de Daech? @historykev @simon_schama @DrAndreKeil Warm words from a cold Brexiter ! Chilly winds from the right (of which you… @HannahAlOthman Hated having to learn it and was never as fast as I wanted to be . Not essential for all journalist… @pmdfoster @Telegraph @FT You are a superb journalist ( and terrific bloke) and you’ve found a nicer home for your… @alexwickham They could start by explainlng the correct use of ‘literally’ to undergraduates hoping to become right-wing journalists
@MartinDaubney @LBC Utter nonsense. Like me asking if every Brexiter voted leave because they’re racist or anti-foreigner @offshoremackem @darrengrimes_ Darren did set himself up for it by posting an inaccurate interpretation of the Reuters article @darrengrimes_ ´will help mitigate ´ losses going the other way doesn’t sound like a complete triumph for Brexit
She’s utterly wrong, of course, and our children and grandchildren will live to regret and suffer this rotten proje… @Bob__Hudson It’ll all be the fault of diesel or Remoaners
They’ll blame remainers or diesel done @SAFCLadies on season hat-trick v. Fylde thus emphatically extinguishing their previous jinx role. Congr…
Retweeted by Colin RandallThese lasses are brilliant ... @PickardJE Peter Postlethwaite delivering his passionate speech at the Albert Hall in Brassed Off. @melaniejhil Hil… @TheIanHalstead @tom_watson Out of interest, is it rightwing to want a democratic socialist Labour that is electabl… @usmntonly Bravo, Lynden. Fabulous strike and I’m sorry Salut! Sunderland is no longer around - as was - to acclaim… @EmreOngun_ @_ericblanc Returning the compliment and checking your profile, you obviously do know the GJ started as…
@EmreOngun_ @_ericblanc Problem is that the far left has far more in common with the far right than it cares to adm… @_ericblanc Do they want Le Pen? I realise the CGT want Stalin but he’s dead @DarrenPlymouth Voyous @andreajenkyns @Telegraph Sounds horrendous. But enjoy your day and prepare your apologies to children and grandchi… @oraubergine @oflynnsocial Judge seemed in little doubt about the politics of his main attacker. @Evs_Dubai @Tweed_Barnesy @JLauder_SAFC When I lived in the UAE we were in the Premier so I saw more of Sunderland… @HardingMike Utter disgrace. I’m always meeting people struggling with the insulting and haphazard settled status s… @Evs_Dubai @Tweed_Barnesy @JLauder_SAFC Suddenly burst in to sound for me after 3 mins @Gerry_McGregor @Tweed_Barnesy Suddenly Burst into life and soundAnyone else struggling to get @Tweed_Barnesy and Benno? If not, pse tell me which link you are using (I've paid so logging in should be OK) @filmercaroline Autocorrect rather spoilt that. It’s ´out of the way you f****** retard ‘ @filmercaroline The French writer Agnes Poirier once translated the English sorry as ‘out of my way you f****** regard’. @vingarbutt @macmillancancer @LoweJez @bobfoxmusic @flossie_singer @winter_wilson @KeithHancockBKK Never to be forg… @Sleazebuster @suesyly I’m not very keen on rapists or other violent criminals of any nationality or origin. Brexit… @F123dsa @liambyrnemp The crisis was not remotely as acute when I was writing mostly for a UK readership but your r… @GenericLogoCo I’m told they have all volunteered to help clean up Trafalgar Square on Feb 1. Face masks and nose pegs will be provided
@Pumpkinz16 Boils down to ‘getting our country back innit’ and not liking foreigners very much @anjamalkreativ @linoscjoh If only they’d have us back #RejoinEU @cliff_mcqueen @Scrafflad @JuliaHB1 Have a look: @john_lichfield is as fair and balanced a journalist as I have eve… @cliff_mcqueen @Scrafflad @JuliaHB1 No. Some Leave voters are racists, more are non-racist xenophobes. I have leave… @cliff_mcqueen @Scrafflad @JuliaHB1 Sorry but you did rather set yourself up with a silly comment suggesting that w… @cliff_mcqueen @Scrafflad @JuliaHB1 No one would expect you to know but xenophobia has roots in Ancient Greek, its… @cliff_mcqueen @Scrafflad @JuliaHB1 Come on Cliff. Just think about it for, say, a quarter of a second. You may agr… @RobboK1984 @GentlemanGeorge As a Sunderland supporter, I obviously know loads of people who voted leave. I’ll get over it. @GentlemanGeorge Brexiters not already too old will struggle to explain their rotten act to their children and grandchildren @gabyhinsliff Settled status is insulting & a lottery. Some, here for relatively short periods, have received their… @Adam_SH69 Are there any reliable statistics on how many of them are on the run? @DehennaDavison My deepest sympathies go out to people in the constituency of my childhood @benhabib6 Civilised Europe will doubtless be glad to see the back of you @Life_Disrupted Maybe he just can’t count, challenged as he is in so many other ways @SocialM85897394 Heroes they are. They are also real resolutely anti Brexit , or were when last we met, and if they…
@thequentinletts No, Quentin, but he’s still right @peterallenparis Is it safe to say I used to quite fancy her ? I once wrote something that unwisely suggested as mu… @ClaireHammond We both know Brexiters still count on the White House oaf riding to Lil Ole England’s rescue with a… @liambyrnemp I agree Liam and even have a radical solution - not suitable for a short tweet - to… @jacqdodman @bzjane @Mylastrollo Tell them they are still welcome in Europe but maybe only Magaluf ... @cliff_mcqueen @tony_waltho @JuliaHB1 You’re obsessed with odious crimes committed by Pakistanis. Horrible as they… @MailPlus_ Stephen is good company and a lovely writer even when writing nonsense, as here. I strongly doubt he rea… @DailyMailUK Stephen is good company and a lovely writer even when writing nonsense, as here. I strongly doubt he r… @dominiquetaegon A simple croissant with double espresso on a French cafe terrace. I love full English - minus such… @cliff_mcqueen @JuliaHB1 Some garble in that for which I apologise. Should have read: ‘There is plenty of evidence… @LordMarescaux @JuliaHB1 Point me to where I said any such thing. I haven’t your powers of invention. It’s abundant… @m1ddleton @JuliaHB1 I didn't even think it was a controversial view. I know plenty of Leavers who are embarrassed… @JuliaHB1 @indy38195936 And is the threat to UK involvement in Erasmus just Project Fear? Even with your unblinkere… @LordMarescaux @JuliaHB1 But you did draw it, just for a different reason @LordMarescaux @JuliaHB1 You’ve essentially made my case. You seem to be saying yes, many people voted leave becaus… @LordMarescaux @JuliaHB1 But who really does that? Of course many Brexiters, while unable to offer a compelling arg… @AndyfromNewHamp My younger played for QPR ladies. When I’d take her to see SAFC I’d warn her to be prepared for a sharp drop in standards @AndyfromNewHamp Trump will deny it did. Is your daughter up for a place in the SAFC men’s team? @_toosb The mind boggles at what Brexit beer must taste like. @GreensladeR @guardian @ObserverUK The Observer is by far the best national newspaper in the land. Keeps me going until Tuesday @TomMillerUK Wilson was my hero and his victory in 1964 (I was not eligible to vote) was like a dream. But the hard… @TomMillerUK His spectacular misjudgement apart, Blair was the most successful Labour PM in history. I wanted polic… @cliff_mcqueen @JuliaHB1 That’s just empty what-aboutery @MickGreenhough @JuliaHB1 Even in Orpington, it must be clear foreigners are being made to feel deeply unwelcome. T… @cliff_mcqueen @JuliaHB1 I’m from Shildon. My belief is that hatred or distrust of foreigners generally, not always…
@cliff_mcqueen @JuliaHB1 No, Cliff. We can but guess - and yes, I know some house-trained Brexiters who may even ‘l… @cliff_mcqueen @JuliaHB1 What is your guess as to the proportion of your 17.4m, as opposed to mine (1975), who disl…