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What’s the actual point in hidden replies on twitter. Everyone can still see them and it makes me wanna click on it…
@Beccagib09 🤢Nah what the fuck is this. I’d rather sleep outside than sleep in some peoples uni accommodation. Animals @bishoppdanielle @cashcartiliv Park a car in the gap of them teeth back in the day @bishoppdanielle Nah don’t 😭😭Didn’t know Sam was on CBBC, he kept that one quiet
Retweeted by ☞ S̴A̴M̴Bollocks, he’s trying to take the the search off him. This kid deffo has a fat grow in his loft and 40 oz of coke u… @Nicole_Cummins1 Need some translator 🤣🤣 @BillyNellisV2 I’m just jealous she’s getting attention @leequilter4 @JackJeffrey96 @ReeceMadd3n Compliment saying his whips a rental 😭 don’t be mad cus you’re broke
I’m done with Facebook did January drag for so long but it’s March in a weeks time ? @brennan_67 ‘ CLEaRly JoKiNG’ it’s still racism @ABurnerAccoun No it’s a boyMade her make an apology video lool sket @KungFuCantona_ Would love to run it over @bartek_smolis Up the wadebridge @dylanlewis_ A bloke 😂😂😂😂Honestly watched this 3 times and it’s just hurt my headWhat the actual fuck have I just watched. What a creep
@RichardsonFinn 😩😩Only 4 months time till everyone’s gonna be sat in beer gardens again drinking in peng weather
Retweeted by ☞ S̴A̴M̴ @emreulukus Trust me know some weirdos from there 😂😂😂This video will always be up there for the one that smells like cat piss & monster the most
@ems280204 2 months estate agents experience still going strong Emma 😂 @ems280204 Moving in May again.. can't even settle; Constantly buying houses and selling them after a year @ems280204 Fucking molesworth in wadebridge never going again ahaha. She was chatting away to me whilst her dog was attached to my legSwear im never going to my local again went down there and 20 mins later some woman brought 2 dogs in and one start… sake just tried to go the new pretty little thing cafe but couldn't find a space in the car park. Gutted
This is the type of girl at a house party that fingers the cat for 2 hours then gets picked up by her parents at 9:…
Katie Hopkins is gonna be sat there deleting all her tweets in the back of an ambulance if she ever needs to go hos…
A tweet from someone who deffo got picked in PE last every week
@loudandclair3 😂😂😂Me trying to string a story together in English at school @WadeMitchell7 @KeverneGeorgina @EllieMitch14 Nah she’s acc deleted her twitter 😭 at school whenever I got a new book I used to try and make it neat but it only lasted a week before someone drew dicks all over it
This weather is fucking wank. Getting sick of it
2020 @lwrbbz @MaisC29 To Sarah @lwrbbz @MaisC29 Sorry I’m engaged @JessiccaaaS_ Just another day 😭 @JaackHandley Init I saw that 😭😂😂😂😂Deffo wants a shag later @RichardsonFinn Cheers mate. Put on a bit of weight too @Tylerross_ Me neither mate @Cccccavth 😭😭😂😂😂 you love it @KieranWal25 Thought you’d like this one @JaackHandley Blessing your timeline broShe’ll be coming out like this at the end of them minutes @charlietaylorxx @sarahashton31 Cheers bro hope she sees this 😭😭
@JJBeattie10 @maletoesucker Documentary coming soonIf someone could message her telling her I have a big present waiting for her behind Abergavenny village hall tomor…’s gonna be a hard day for me as I’m gonna be reminiscing about Sarah a lot. She’s blocked me now and won’t… @Scotty1a 😍This is the only time it’s acceptable to clap when a plane lands. Any other time then you’re a nonce
Still makes me wonder who the fuck said she was worthy of replacing the sound of Big Ben @_ScottJonesy Init 😂😂😂What the fuck? Whose paying over £1,000 to look like they’ve had their shoes spunked all over 😭😂 @DonmanStuart No commentRumour has it this is jay from the inbetweeners in his younger years
Retweeted by ☞ S̴A̴M̴This guy thinks he’s a hoover
Retweeted by ☞ S̴A̴M̴
@Mollyfivey Init😭😂😂Low key tempted to start a go fund me so I can go wales and do a documentary on herSket anyways joking a side now yeah this is actually worrying. Whose fucking mum is going round telling people in her villag… @alicebrigs Such a scam isn’t it @missellarose_ They’ll be banned soon loolBottom set everything walking home from school ...
Retweeted by ☞ S̴A̴M̴Omg can’t believe it storm ciara has just blown me and the girls into Waitrose & forced us to buy all the echo fall…
@dejonpiere Cheers bro @ReeceMadd3n Nah 😭😭😭😭 @missellarose_ 😂 @laurennich0lson After I said ‘ I’m 15 next week tho ;) ‘ but couldn’t get all the emails in lool @charlietaylorxx 😂😂
@bishoppdanielle Deffo is @dvsk_ I gave it to her lkle a month ago not expecting her to actually email me @telfordqpr 😂😂😂😂 @ellgibson11 The spelling hurts my headOkay this is now the final communication I will ever have with this woman. She has now been blocked on emails… have just received an email from Sarah and I can’t fucking make out what it says @telfordqpr Still waiting on my email I sent to her she hasn’t replied 😭
@_fxspxb Just waiting on Netflix to email me @arranwalton 😂😂😂😂😂literally just thought thatScared to go out tonight Incase Sarah drives down and throws me into the back of her car and feeds me to her sheep in wales @VarnellVb What with shoes and shit ? @elklien Heard mixed opinions on it already 😂😂 @Marco_Oswald90 I gave it her like a month back as a joke. Didn’t think she’d Actually do it @JODEE_X Don’t 😭😂😂 @page_ross Not fucking Sarah is it 😂😂 @flickhillxxx 😭😭😂😂Omd Sarah has been having an affair with me 😭😂😂what a naughty girl
@JaackHandley @T4RAMIA 😭😭😭😭Right that’s it. I’m putting a restraining order on her. to my attention that another lad is trying it on now. @tyravix15 Got to far she started emailing me 😂😂😂😂Sad to say this but today is the day I’ve blocked the Middle Aged woman named Sarah from Wales. It’s gotten too muc… @lonelyguyuk1 I’ve had it before and it’s fucked me up too. I never really dream only if I drink milk
Chris If I’m a bully victim then what are you ? Your teeth look like Stonehenge has been pissed on. Shut your ging… @quisharose Typical me isn’t it 😭😭 @JJBeattie10 Sucking big Tobs off for a roast