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Archaeologist, writer Bookworm, history nerd, Science fiction geek, nerd inept parent.#spnfamilyalso i am #actuallyautistic

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@robertberens good luck mate.excellent dig, with excellent people #Archaeology's storm? was flooded out in 2007 (and very nearly this week) it's a horribly expensive thing to clean up, please re-tweet.… is Gwydir again just now. Two further flood warnings over night. In all the years we've lived here we've never…
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖 @JoeTrippi @stevesilberman every single computer nerd ever *yes we told you repeatably, but what do 'experts' know*… @FylerWrites @upstarttheatre same. @upstarttheatre 10/70..suppose i better move to scotland @ProfSueBlack @wmarybeard nice scarf though..purple. @DrunkestArchae1 yeahhh somebody should take twitter away from meee @TheBrochProject insomnia again dear? @DrunkestArchae1 thank goodness they built the manor house in stone.. @DrunkestArchae1 no it's the slightly more red layer just under the topsoil. it's a peculiarity of the area that th… @JeriLRyan oh i could write that @DrunkestArchae1 i like your is a picture of the most ridiculous stratigraphy ever...there's a house… @JeriLRyan yeah you were pretty cool dear. Nice to see seven back @DrunkestArchae1 okay colleague over the ocean..i finished the wine do i open the whisky? @ISASaxonists @FlorenceHRScott don't feel bad guys. As an archaeologist in the uk, i pinball between centuries like… @ISASaxonists @FlorenceHRScott farrage is more of a Richard Layton, enriching himself and bootlicking the aristocra…
would be handy if they also stopped allowing new builds on the flood plain..but what do i know 🤷‍♀️, i am just a hu… @alexandertperry if i a partially sighted person, who once had an eye popped out and put back in again can watch w… @Zuma_Mlu well clearly you are an abusive idiot. @ISASaxonists thanks to brexit all the cheese brained idiots are coming out of the woodwork. @EmmaDabiri @MagicMagid @UKChange 2/2 hair is a part of cultural identity. While the courts don't have to follow th… @EmmaDabiri @MagicMagid @UKChange 1/2 if any school tries this quote article 8 of the UN rights of the child to the…
@thomaspluck you bring second breakfast and you have yourself a deal.. @RescueDadEU what was it Sir Terry Pratchett wrote about the mob? ah yes... 'the IQ of a mob is the IQ of its most… @thomaspluck can i be merry? @GabeMoshenska @archillu might know someone @james_b_f i've just taken a look at your timeline, i suspect the real reason you don't want to preserve the BBC is… @james_b_f the SDP? who gives a sh*t what they think. @james_b_f and what about say radio winchcombe, a community radio station that benefits from the license fee. @james_b_f okay..what about the fact that defunding the bbc also defunds a host of small local community radio sta… see #RIPBBC is trending, yeah it has it's problems, but you really want the entirety of the media controlled by m… @BatlethBabe @RealMuseumGuy unlike some i am perfectly able to resist posting spoilers until saturday.😂 @RealMuseumGuy @BatlethBabe i too have a theory, which is being reinforced..i wonder if we have the same one ? piece in @guardian on the insidious use of NDAs by Unis, how this is a serious safeguarding concern, and also pa…
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖I'm author on this article but was erroneously missed off when it was 1st published. A corrigendum has now been iss…
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖solidarity✊ is how they're planning to collapse the NHS of course. Ensure that the backbone of it simply doesn't exist by…
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖please stop raining,please stop raining,please stop raining,please stop raining,please stop raining,please stop rai…, just horrible.
@Sonic_Screwup Tesler, the pioneering computer scientist who worked at Apple from 1980 to 1997 and created computerized cut,…
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖 @unamccormack send the sun's a tad damp. also bring me back something tacky... @Jazzy_whizzboi7 @astlecw @RichardHiggott what ever it is it's unfinished. if it was a quern the ridges would be gr… is this so funny... @jens2go @CallMeAhmjusAyn @meyers_vlmhma lets not beat around the bush, at the bottom of every conspiracy theory is… @NickOwTee been using this gif a lot.. have to say radio winchcombe is the sweetest thing. #localradio are an island. the corner...
just emailed no. 10 with my application to fill the new ‘super forecaster’ role 👍 - Brexit fails badly - zero of 4…
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖 @TheCityOfJeff i'm getting serious valeyard vibes, especially after reading the rest of that byron poem. hold me jeff i'm scared 😂bb
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖 @katelaity wanna swap, the severn resembles an inland sea right now 😱i am not a fan of this graph.. mother nature, i beg of you; please stop raining...Please only drive into Tewkesbury if absolutely necessary, (walking and cycling is fine) and if there is a 'road cl…
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖nice @tigerroarcouk @robellis82 you too mate @tigerroarcouk @robellis82 longford, severn currently looks like a inland sea. @tigerroarcouk @robellis82 still rising, our brooks going over.bugger and it's still rising. #RiverSevern #floods @iwm21 still dry atm, doesn't help that part of our flood catchment area is covered in a new housing estate.okay thats ridiculous, i've lost count how many times i have stood on the monnow bridge and the river has never bee…
The view from the Prospect in Ross-on-Wye #StormDennis #Herefordshire #flooding
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖 @iStubbz @licenced2grill @DaveThroupEA mate i'm in longford, don't even try.aww fuck it. #floods better start moving stuff. @iwm21 it's really not good. like really not good.i used to live a mile away from the i can see it from my bathroom window.right suppose i had better wander over and see how full the fields are..oh no.
#DoctorWho was amazing..... @uk_locutus @UncleBeard1978 yeah but, the dumplings on a cobbler are from when people could not afford suet from the butchers f…'s gotta be said i'm much better at welsh and gaelic when i've had some Uisge Beatha. heads up followers i'm ever… @uk_locutus mate thats paler than my nana's pee, if lifes taught me one thing the only good whiskey is one that loo… @marcusjdl you spelt ruining wrong...😘FFS
@TheCityOfJeff the Doctor: *points and laughs at archaeologists* Archaeologists: clearly you didn't do the reading.… @TheCityOfJeff clearly the Doctor had not read around his subject, since he was only like 70 here. Vikings did not… @SocketedAxes these things always lack imagination as well as proper spelling @AstralArgonaut @Mjaynes87Barry @TrekCaptions @StarTrek on screen.
@dr_duncanwright @R1100GSBlueNose it does have that slight colonialist drivel laden bollocks in the style of writing. @R1100GSBlueNose @dr_duncanwright i think the person who wrote this also wrote my son's GCSE history text book.😃😃🖖 #Picard @Mjaynes87Barry @TrekCaptions @StarTrek roughly 100 people altogether die in TOS/NEXT GEN/DS9/VOY. personally, i'd… @preshitorian @morangles @ElledeSpretter @PeterReavill @findsorguk @SocketedAxes not good..even forgetting the mass…❤️ #DoctorWho for you! Wishing you a Happy #ValentinesDay with a heart of lava from Mt. Michael volcano lava lake, Saunde…
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖Crazy sunrise from the top of Padstow #Padstow #cornwall #sunrise
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well this suitably weird enough @LeaveEUOfficial yes because the colour of our passports is the most important reason for dragging us away from the… @jessiegender watching reruns of TOS when i was five or six with my dad. it was special cause my mom hated si/fi an… @jonathansfrakes @startrekcbs @TrekPicard episode was stunning, well done sir, loved it. @rashiduzzaman82 it's sooooooooooooo gooooooooooodddddddddddddddd @JeriLRyan @startrekcbs i'll be honest i squealed *just a little bit*New scan of the huge causeway at Horn Stairs, Rotherhithe. I had to wait for a VERY low tide to get this one. 3D:…
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖Someone play with meeeeee
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