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vaguely irritated archaeologist, writer, bookworm, history nerd, Science fiction geek, proudly confused parent of actual genius. Also i am #actuallyautistic

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@rashiduzzaman82 gin blossoms jealousy @LadyLiminal1 bring on the borg @bairdlet @LadyLiminal1 big fish little fish go dj lol @LadyLiminal1 @StephenMcGann orc: yeah elves are the worst, they are all lala the greenwood, blah, blah all life is sacred. say w… @LadyLiminal1 four rums ahead off you after the most ridiculous day i have ever had. come along pond. @MMSnodgrass brainless is more like it, as he also likes to eat bees.what's on my mind? glad you asked #SPN #StarTrekLowerDecks *insane giggles* @FinalFronqueer @MMSnodgrass my fluffy ginger git steals muffins..looks so innocent doesn't he..
@bairdlet ahh could be worse mate, connors first word was not mum or dad it was ASDA, which is a supermarket.
don't binge watch #Ghostsbbc i tell myself, savour it.. now i'm on episode 5 ...i love this show #ghosts @LadyLiminal1 ahh bollocks, that sucks mate. @jonathansfrakes i enjoy a good moon :) @bairdlet aww sweetie, i'm sorry.
@rodlux *eyebrow twitch* how about: @jost_hobic josh..mate..thats a lot of shirts
oh (and i say this as a non american) no fucking no. @Bexx_FLO okay i've been resisting for like two hours..but my asd brain has won,, its Vespasian, no other emperor h… @Durotrigesdig #GenX is existing with a certain dread, that we might actually be living in that dystopian future all our col… @constantwhine @JonathanMuseum maybe something on 'i had to give up commercial archaeology because i had the audaci…*itchy trowel hand* grr thats some nice geofizz.. #Archaeology @Herbieherbert10 does this mean you get to wear tweed with impunity? @bairdlet ah i remember those days, just give up and shave it off. when con was teething (freaky kid had a full set…
@PatrickHall @alexandertperry ahh fuck off, bye
@TommySheppard @iAntsaoir run scotland save yourselves..we are possessed by the ghost of maggie and it's only going… @PatrickHall @alexandertperry no they do, whether or not they are dressed in the same you even Shakespe… @StephenMcGann *keenly awaits fenris* @PatrickHall @alexandertperry anymore than one set and we are in 'writer hitting a deadline territory'. @RentzAllison i wrote today...shuttle craft crash fic anyone? @LadyLiminal1 @elijohnart i love thAT film @PatrickHall @alexandertperry call me old fashioned but the use of more than one set of 'twins' is a cliche as old… @ignatius_sancho heart breaking play saw it in cheltenham few years ago.
@alexandertperry yes, defo. but also swap shinzon for denise crosby as Sela, dump the sodding remans out the neares… @TheTrekCentral brought back some terrible memories😂 @LadyLiminal1 edge is rubbish, use firefox with duck, duck go.😂
@NeuroRebel books and little star ships @FinalFronqueer oh this cheered me up no end today, just the thought of the possibility of life out there..excellen… @FinalFronqueer well done dear, @FreeQuayBuoy no, brexit is a shit show. This was a careful long term study by multiple scientists, with quantifiable, repeatable results.trying to find a decent sixth form for the boy child like.. @RoyalAstroSoc possibly bugs on news of 2020. Ta very muchly. @Alrightpunk horrible histories. @alexandertperry sexy Ro laren, i was painting something..don't judge me lol
thank goodness, brain needs more content.
@Jazzy_whizzboi7 ahh don't worry about it, from time to time a few of mine realise exactly how batshit i can be and…
i think our @Lucy_Worsley will enjoy this :) @_Mrs_Finnegan ahh your dorian grey portrait..i knew you must have one @LEBassett get her a tablet we got my nan one (86), now she has a smart phone 😂 @TheCityOfJeff i'll be honest as a child i fucking hated mel. she was so perky and irritating. i was so glad when w… @Jizzjazz1980 @emmafpeterson 15 years...near as dammit, 10 of those wishing dean would just use his words with Cas… @kirst_archaeo thanks i made it myself lol @LEBassett look just think how much damage he could have done, if not distracted by the these, never fail to impress #Archaeology @albinokid not read that one *adds to list* thanks dear, may i recommend 'black top waste land' by @blacklionking73 it is most excellent.Retail workers, on the frontline of the Coronavirus pandemic helping keep the nation fed, have had to suffer being…
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cheeky, but i'll give you a retweet and i may peruse the latest volume 🤨 didn't know i needed to see dame judy Dench telling off @michaelsheen and david tennant..but i thoroughly enjoye… @NeuroRebel sarcasm is my primary form of communication. @jasonsfolly walked past a large local primary school on the way to work, yesterday. it was home time, 100's of par…
@HalstedMedieval ah yes all the things? @HalstedMedieval hur hur, welcome..tell me of your hyper fixations advised i'm having a fandom moment;normal archaeology tweets will resume shortly, i direct everyone to my pinned tweet.for those of you wandering where i stand on the whole destiel thing. #SPNFamily #destiel #dontcareforyouropinion d… @BatlethBabe @jonathansfrakes thats my boy @BatlethBabe @jonathansfrakes me.. @adoptatribble oh forgot #StarTrekUnitedGives @adoptatribble i need this...Q in #StarTrekLowerDecks #StarTrekDay
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖3, i like the hills in the distance #art Florida Man with his own cult Was far from a stable adult. Lashing out in his Tweets He just can’t take the hea…
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖 @realDonaldTrump I see it's going to be another #TrumpMeltdown day.
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖‘Brexit deal never made sense’ says man who negotiated it, signed it, prevented MPs from scrutinising it, campaigne…
Retweeted by waywardarchaeologist #wearestarfleet 🖖Every single Tory MP who voted against this amendment should hang their heads in shame.
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2020 workers, on the frontline of the Coronavirus pandemic helping keep the nation fed, have had to suffer being…
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@TTrekkie *high fives the engineering department* get that reference @startrekcbs #LowerDecks painting is now finished- the rowan has borne its fruit- those gorgeous scarlet berries like large glass beads.…
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@kemahbob South Devon: dartmouth, salcombe, Bantham. just wear a mask i got elderly relatives down there. here is b… @JimMFelton *stares at twitter*
@jost_hobic oh i hate that...
rewatching #StarTrek picard its gets better everytime especially @Marina_Sirtis scenes @thedavidcrosby sounds like munchies food to me @noddinggoth @theAliceRoberts @BBCR4Sunday @R1100GSBlueNose look i've been out of the field a while now, but archae… comics & literature, music & sports saved me as a teen in racist France. Transmitted that love of comics…
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digital arting..sort of #StarTrek your own nebula right in your browser. :) via @29a_ch this is kinda fun
@alexandertperry science @alexandertperry i love that episode
2020 *snigger* #Classics #ArchaeologicalSurveyjust in case anyone is wondering where i am..i'm writing. so no twitter for a bit.
@JudyCorbett @BBCWales @ITVWales oh bloody hell not again, stay safe cariad.
@Jizzjazz1980 @Stands
“2 blokes and a f***load of cutlery” I love this film so much😂😂😂
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