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Samantha Rea @Samantha_J_Rea London, England

Freelance journalist. 'The author doesn't mention the music but mentions herself in the first person 63 times' (London Jazz News).

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Bounding up the escalator at Piccadilly, getting lost in Shanghai & running with a French Bulldog on his back - I t… you send nice-but-dead-end messages like, "Hope you're having a lovely day"? Do you send passive-aggressive mess…
If you're on a dating app, is it time to give your messaging skills an MOT? I say, probably YES!! With thanks to… @allikesstuff No, but this does not sound as funny as last night’s roasting @JFAULEYHANCOCK @clarelynchred @sohoradio Hahaha! Glad to be of help 🥂 @allikesstuff Hahaha! The tweets were pretty funny, right? @JFAULEYHANCOCK @clarelynchred @sohoradio Hahaha! Will it come in handy John?Dear men-on-dating-apps, PLEASE take my advice on messaging (Ignore the headline about this being for novices - thi…
@allikesstuff Are you lolling?If you haven’t looked to see why Ben Shapiro is trending you’re missing out - tweets are comedy gold 🏆 @sarahditum I missed the Twitter beef on the day you posted this, but if this spider chart is about what I think it… if you want to read about my bring-your-own-bottle tour of London restaurants, you can find it here:… is my 4 month anniversary of chatting to @clarelynchred on @sohoradio & my 1st time in the studio! Today we t…! I'll be on @sohoradio at 9am talking about the dos & don'ts of #BYOB when you #EatOutHelpOut
@beckyinman Hahaha! I can't remember and I've deleted it now, but it wasn't a name I knew @johnwhalvin Hahaha! Well, as long as you're not sleeping with them... @Jackjon62181469 Erm, I’d be horrified by anyone going three days without a shower, regardless @VinceGormanMuso Hahaha! I fervently hope this is fabricated... 👀 @lfcrowther NO THANK YOUWHO ARE THESE PEOPLE
“I understand how difficult it will be for any young person out there, whatever their background” Nicola Sturgeon d… @frankiescar @clarelynchred @sohoradio That seems likely (according to Google's French to English)! I shall solve t… @frankiescar @clarelynchred @sohoradio No, I wasn't referring to a type of oyster, I was referring to the little bi… @frankiescar @clarelynchred @sohoradio Hmmm, well I've just put that into Google translate and it's coming back as "horse foot"?The show stemmed from this feature in which I chat to Soho based film producer @ColinVaines, Soho institution Lesli… I chatted to @clarelynchred on @sohoradio about clip joints, where men were lured to watch "sexy shows" b… if wrote them all Deere John letters after.
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GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! SEXY SHOW! I'll be on @sohoradio at 9am talking about Soho's clip joints...…
@paulpog61 I don’t know, I think some people are just grabby and they can’t/don’t see beyond grabbing as much as th… @paulpog61 I think it’s less to do with trying to keep busy and more to do with the company putting pressure on sta…
@curiousiguana @baby4danielle @bo_novak It’s not his fault - the company is probably pressuring their employees to… @curiousiguana @baby4danielle @bo_novak He definitely works there @baby4danielle @curiousiguana @bo_novak It’s not a charity @curiousiguana @bo_novak I don’t think they’re freelancing for another company. They have “volunteer” in their emai… @curiousiguana @bo_novak Thanks for this! Yes it certainly seems a bit off to get the government to pay the staff’s… @juanincognito That’s what I would have thought - seems a bit off to get the government to pay the staff’s wages wh… is this a thing? Companies can furlough their staff, but get them to work on a “voluntary” basis? (From an em… @TomFoxTom Hahaha!Today’s #PRgold 🏆
@Jonnystephens85 Hahaha! You’ve caught me! 🥴 @awedgewood Hahaha! (Hands on top of the covers...) @Jonnystephens85 Hahaha! Stockpiling reduced Easter eggs was my greatest achievement during lockdown @awedgewood They’re covered in it @awedgewood Hahaha! I’ll post a picture if you’re lucky!My lockdown diet has consisted of reduced Easter eggs while my wardrobe has centered around a pair of pink hotpants… @NolanExplorer Thank you!
We've all acquired dubious habits during lockdown (I have anyway) here's how to get back on track as we emerge from…
@NolanExplorer Sorry to hear that Nolan, I hope it gets sorted!Feeling this pain two-bed flat in Holloway with a SWIMMING POOL is indeed ** one of A kind! ** what the fuck
Retweeted by Samantha ReaAbsolute shitlords have cancelled my engineer appointment, only without actually acknowledging they’re canceling (“… @Loudbasket @TomFoxTom Ooh, lovely! @Loudbasket @TomFoxTom Well, I'm not sure I could accurately refer to it as filling, as it's not usually between br… @TomFoxTom @Loudbasket Hmmm... not that I’m aware of, but if there is I’m #WINNING 🏆 (Thank you Tom, I shall be re… campers! I'll be on @sohoradio at 9am talking about shedding the dubious habits we've acquired during lockd…
@glosswitch Surely that should be Lawless Lucy and Deadarm Denise?
@EmmaGritt Oh my God that would be AMAZING!! @EmmaGritt Oh my God I love Tanya Turner 😍
@TLVenue You should look into it!And this is in relation to *restaurants* you say..? Today’s #PRgold 🏆
@guy_herbert Dear Guy, don’t you dare diss Mr. Motivator, he is a living legend.What’s *really* in @MrMotivator’s bum bag? I talk to the super hero of breakfast television for the July/August iss…
Men on dating apps @frankiescar Hahaha! No worries Frankie - I know you are a stickler and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🥂 @JumpingBackward Hahaha! @frankiescar There you go! heard it here first! #VivienneWestwood
@SwedishRealEst @sohoradio Haha! Well I think it's a fair assumption to make - and if you're married, you shouldn't… @SwedishRealEst @sohoradio Haha! Twitter is a different kettle of fish because you don’t know if the person is sing… morning on @sohoradio I talked about #datingapps & how to write a first message that strikes like Cupid's arro… @frankiescar @sohoradio @clarelynchred Aw, thanks Frankie 🥂Morning lovebirds! I'll be on @sohoradio at 9am talking about dating apps and how to SEND BETTER MESSAGES oh sorry…
What the absolute Dickens?! 👀 #CelebrityGogglebox @allikesstuff Hahaha! You're too kind ;-) @allikesstuff Hahaha! Probably better than I would ;-) @allikesstuff That sounds AMAZING! @frankiescar Crikey! This is starting to sound like a scene from Ab Fab The Movie!If I ever set up a TikTok my first video will be an Adele cover, "Should I give up? Or should I just keep chasing p… @frankiescar What, 10ft in the air? Is this a flying cab?Crikey! Definite winner of today’s #PRgold 🏆 @mikejessica Thanks Mike, noted! I've spent most of this week on the phone to them, so right now, the prospect of c… you missed Monday’s chat with @clarelynchred on @sohoradio you can listen back here! A belated link due to… you’re feeling a little jaded because you never hear back from matches on your dating app, here’s how to send a…
Loving the responses to this @DasWoolf Hahaha! I'm not really sure what your logic is here, Alexander..."Don't match if you're not going to message!" If none of your matches message back & you've resorted to writing thi…
@cheltenhamross OK thank you - they are ringing me tomorrow to see if there’s been any change so I’ll see then 👍 @britpokergossip What are you even doing there?Actually I prefer a cashmere jumper
@TLVenue It sounds like it might be something that would be helpful to bring in. I’m sure that if you explain why y… @cheltenhamross Oh I see (sort of) - no, they didn’t mention that... @PeterLeven2 Ooh! We could be a great team 🥂 @TLVenue I’m really sorry to hear this. Would it be possible to take deposits which are forfeited in the case of a no-show? @britpokergossip Hahaha! Are you counting? (And yes of course - is that more or less likely to drum up offers?!) @cheltenhamross They sent me a new router about a week ago but I didn’t get round to setting it up. When the intern… @guy_herbert Thanks Guy, I might take you up on this. However, I must warn you, I run a tight ship. There is no tal… @colin_mayes1 Nice... @Jsoosty Throw out the entire fridge. It’s tainted now. @robertrea Hahaha!!! @danohagan Crikey, it seems like longer!