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I would like to see JT Realmuto and Trevor Bauer in orange and blue. whispers: you don’t have to like a player and… time: white wine or red wine?Don’t give up your vote just because you live in a “red state.” Every vote counts.
Retweeted by samantha ivyTomorrow is October and I’m watching Halloween High when dude from American Horror Story & Ratched comes on my scre… you’ve got a blue checkmark and a platform and you’re not calling out the moment the president refused to denoun…
Retweeted by samantha ivyKeep your livers intact because we need you to vote. Vote blue.People who aren’t voting or say they’re gonna vote third party: wake the f—k up. Instead of sitting there on your a… @KelenicMVP @Pete_Alonso20 that’s a good idea. @KelenicMVP My sister is raising my niece to be a Mets fan. I’m thinking about getting her a @Pete_Alonso20 jersey… a Giants fan, I’m voting for Biden. @KelenicMVP Oh wow. That’s pretty awesome. I was basically born a Mets fan. I practically popped out wearing a Keit… @KelenicMVP My favorite actor was a fan and I wasn’t into hockey as much then so I put on a Vancouver game and even… this organization has been the biggest source of pride and joy in my life. I’m so grateful for the opp…
Retweeted by samantha ivyFrom a Canucks fan, you will always be the best. My mom loved you so much. 👑 #NYR’m not even surprised Trump changed the subject of white supremacy. They’re his “very fine people”. He is absolutely terrifying.I know, I know but I still can’t help but feel old seeing Oliver Perez nowadays.’m waiting for Kamala Harris to embarrass Mike Pence. LIVES MATTER BLACK LIVES MATTER BLACK LIVES MATTER BLACK LIVES MATTER BLACK LIVES MATTER BLACK LIVES MATTER B…
Retweeted by samantha ivyGerrit Cole is the... - 1st pitcher with multiple postseason starts of 12+ Ks & 0 BBs - 1st pitcher with 3 posts…
Retweeted by samantha ivyGerrit Cole joins Tom Seaver (1973) as the only pitchers with 13+ Ks & 0 BBs in a postseason game.
Retweeted by samantha ivyIn all seriousness, vote blue. Biden may have not been my first or second choice but I’m settling. Just #voteMichael Conforto 2029. That’s the tweet.I don’t know who needs to hear this but the rivalry between the Mets and Yankees are dead.
Both TNF & MNF gonna be boring as hell. Packers, easy win. Broncos or Jets? I’m going with Broncos.i repeat, it’s not too early to start drinking and @ashleymarie2422 when we find out you get a free coffee from @dunkindonuts (We deserve free coffee for a yea… Coney Barrett wasn’t ever and won’t ever be a feminist icon.To all of us who have Patrick Mahomes as our starting QB, we won. Regardless.Not fasting this year because I feel like God is the one who needs to atone
Retweeted by samantha ivyThank you, Patrick Mahomes 🙌🏽 #ChiefsKingdom
Only reason why I’m curious is because I wanna have more off-season discussions. Like, should the Mets trade Edwin… fans, just curious: would you want Steve Cohen to trade for Joey Gallo, who not only plays first base but can play third and outfield?Your mistakes do not define you.
Retweeted by samantha ivythanks tiktok. can y’all keep playing more old songs? because it’ll be nice to turn on the radio and hear actual mu… just saw an American on Instagram say ‘healthcare is not a human right’ and I just . . . cannot understand this s…
Retweeted by samantha ivyLet’s talk about more women in sports and how they’re so much better than the white men who think they’re superior by writing awful takes.1) October 12th is Indigenous Peoples' Day! Start planning now, to give friends, students, and family members acc…
Retweeted by samantha ivyWith that being said, go #BlueJays make my dad happy. @nbamlb of course. anyone on baseball and mets twitter can still DM me and add me to groups so we can all keep in touch over the off-season.It’s been a blast, baseball twitter. It’s been fun. Really. Baseball twitter is so fun and y’all really made me fee… got no baseball jokes left in me. Sorry, Mets fans. I’ve been watching football so much that I’m in on football T…
y’all can now RT thisJesus. Giants suck. Plain and simple.Brandon Nimmo throwing shade at the Wilpons made my day. “I’m glad someone who’s a lifelong Mets fan ended up getti… for your chance to win a ball signed by @JdeGrom19.
Retweeted by samantha ivyI asked G-d to forgive me for not fasting today. I’ll atone next year. #YomKippur2020Apology accepted, Rick Porcello. Y’all forget that athletes are human beings and they have bad games. Here’s to nex… tomorrow is #YomKippur, are we fasting or because this year has been rough we’re just gonna ask G-d to forgive us?Alabama is back, baby #RollTide @Gman0830 you’re not wrongJulio Teherán has a 9.49 ERA and hasn’t won a single game. I’m gonna have to let this process since he left Atlanta.i want ur attention pls
Retweeted by samantha ivy
Goodbye Wilpons. Hello Steve Cohen. wish my mom were alive so she could post me for National Daughter Day. Oh well. I can’t always get what I want.Amed RoSTARio #LGMBUFFALO 🐃 #LGMSomeone put the 2020 Mets out of their misery. Their playoff chances are giving me a headache.The Mets must have an angel or a ton of angels on their side right now. you to #SFGiants fans for treating Wilmer Flores with love. I will be rooting for y’all in the postseason. I…, it’s true. I tweeted that I missed Noah Syndergaard. I still miss Noah Syndergaard.If the Giants are in the postseason, I’m rooting for Wilmer Flores and only Wilmer Flores.I wanna get high and watch this episode of Rugrats again just to see something real quick. Handmaids Tale is about to be real life and I don’t want to do this. #Vote
Congratulations to @YaraShahidi! The actress will play Tinkerbell in Disney’s upcoming live action ‘Peter Pan and W…
Retweeted by samantha ivySo, what you’re saying is the Mets will be home during the postseason? See y’all next season. @KelenicMVP Technically, Siakam is but Miami & Boston are growing on me after watching last nights game. @MLB @BlueJays @budweiserusa hey. thanks for making my dad happy, toronto. he’s a blue jays fan. i’m definitely get… It In The Meaningless Books #LGM
I’m thinking we keep Robinson Chirinos and sign JT Realmuto. Steve Cohen, do that good lincoln. Sign petitions. Call out racism. Educate. Unlearn any information and learn new information. Read books. Li… it takes less than 2 minutes to register to vote.Keep speaking Breonna Taylor’s name.
Retweeted by samantha ivySomething tells me that the Mets are gonna be the envy of every team. @KenBorsuk1 something tells me Trevor Bauer is already a MetSteve Cohen extend Michael Conforto, re-sign Noah Syndergaard and Marcus Stroman, and sign JT Realmuto challenge.and you can unfollow me. black women deserve better and black women matter. black lives matter. black trans lives m… of how many followers you have, you should still use your platform to inform others that a black woman w… if you’re part of the Dom Smith Stan Squad
Is there an Andres Giménez stan squad? If not, I call stan squad leader #LGM #LFGM“The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black wo…
Retweeted by samantha ivyAbolish the whole damn system. Start new with Breonna Taylor at the center. With Black women (cis, trans, gnc) a…
Retweeted by samantha ivyJustice for Breonna is abolishing the systems that kill her & us.
Retweeted by samantha ivyJustice for Breonna TaylorWhat was found while cleaning. Remember the 1990s @Mets ???? #LGM’all bullied a legit music artist (which is know for being one of the harshest industries) off tiktok in under a w…
Retweeted by samantha ivySociety continues to regress as racial inequality remains prevalent. Prayers for the family of Breonna Taylor. I ca…
Retweeted by samantha ivyReminder that Black Lives Matter is a movement, not a spirit week or a moment. You’re either with us or you’re not.…“she prefers women over men, she must be a lesbian.” “he prefers women over men, he’s definitely straight.” they’re still bisexual.It’s #BiVisibilityDay and here’s a reminder: if a woman says she’s bisexual and prefers men over women, she’s still… her name.
Retweeted by samantha ivyMegan Thee Stallion covers @TIME Magazine as one of “The 100 Most Influential People” of 2020! Congrats,…
Retweeted by samantha ivyFavorite Halloween candy. Go.apologies for this. some days i feel ok and other days i don’t know what i’m feeling and i guess that’s ok. @nbamlb I mean, how else am I supposed to eat chips?I can’t stand when people tell you to eat chips quietly. What do you want me to do, swallow them whole?stop telling people they used to look better
Retweeted by samantha ivyI just finished this and I can’t stress how bad y’all need to read this book. This is worth the five stars. Read it. deserved better? Wilmer Flores or Travis d’Arnaud? Or both? Because I feel like both deserved better & I’m happ…
@nbamlb Thank you 😌 I appreciate that 🙌🏽