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Citizen of UK/Australia/Nowhere. Lapsed lawyer and recruiter. Likes: travel, writing, politics, food, cats. Looking for new work opportunities.

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@ericboscia @JohnPenteros I don't buy that argument. Why don't Americans then pronounce all French words in accord… @vivamjm @scrkmr @tradegovuk @DamianGreen Just kill me now. @MrsAitchBee Hugh Laurie, George Orwell, Rory Stewart, Eddie Redmayne, Matthew Pinsent. Lots of others. Eton seem… @mrjamesob @YinkaBokinni Thanks James. A wonderful young woman. I will be watching tonight.Who is the incredibly impressive young woman talking to @mrjamesob at the moment ? @tradegovuk But we are supposed to believe that trading on WTO Terms is absolutely fine and will do no harm to the… @AnniHawk @bakerstherald @vivamjm @CaptainSwing666 Westley is smarter than Grimes or Harwood (both of whom make pil… @bakerstherald @vivamjm @AnniHawk @CaptainSwing666 I agree she is very dangerous. She is a useful idiot for some tr… @JohnPenteros Not pronouncing the 'h' at the beginning of the word 'herbs' is extremely weird. @vivamjm @AnniHawk @CaptainSwing666 Govt comms are run by 20 something Chloe Westley, a pretty dim but fiercely amb… Dyer speaking sense this morning. Not sure he’ll ever top this iconic 45 seconds though
Retweeted by Sam Malin and the boy cat LucyIt has come to something when Danny Dyer is the straight talking voice of reason....... @Guy_Stallard @BorisJohnson Morrison is entirely in Murdoch's pocket and we all know what Murdoch thinks about clim…
John Bolton, one of the biggest cnuts in US public life, being peak John Bolton on Newsnight. @fascinatorfun @SpanishDan1 @davidmorrisml @BBCNewsnight It was truly pathetic, wasn't it ? @IntegrityOK @RupertMyers Sumption's problem is that the clever and valid points he makes are often overshadowed an… @SheRa_Marley Welcome back. We have missed your wisdom. @RupertMyers As someone who admired Lord Sumption from an academic perspective for a long time, I have to disagree.… @thehill Says the escort married to Donald Trump. It would be funny if it wasn't so sinister.I like Lottie more and more each week. Funny but with a 'take no prisoners' attitude. As my sister says - 'I don't do fluffy'. #GBBOFor today's moment of music I invite you into my cottage. Hoping not to wake my newborn sleeping with her mother in…
Retweeted by Sam Malin and the boy cat LucyAgain, Chrissy Teigan proving what an extraordinary woman she is. deaths. #JohnsonMustGo @ImIncorrigible @LBC @ShelaghFogarty So many people with literally no ability to think rationally. @ImIncorrigible @LBC @ShelaghFogarty So many stupid people have been radicalized by Facebook. @IanDunt I love learning a new word. And that email is fucking brilliant. @dornerk Owen Meany is most definitely my favourite Irving novel. A masterpiece.I remember the sense of confusion and fear that surrounded the 2000 Election and, whilst I did not support him, Geo… those who have read The World According to Garp, the undertoad is very strong today. @vivamjm It is actually getting funny now. Either that or I am having a nervous breakdown.
@projectlumino What a gorgeous baby !!!!! @sajidjavid Not even remotely true. I detest cruel and uncaring people. The Cabinet is full of them. Some of the… @projectlumino Lucy was not originally mine - he just started coming around and did not leave. Because he is prett… @projectlumino Lucy treats me as his servant. However he adores Daniela, the cleaner. They are engaged in a major… @projectlumino Alice was ridiculously needy as well. She started singing as loudly as she could the second I picked… @projectlumino Best of luck Holly. I used to have a cat who visited me (I called her Alice) who would grab me arou… @cymrawes Have put the remains of the meatloaf in the freezer (I usually get 5 meals out of a 500g packet of mince)… @spiffchen I used thyme instead of marjoram and nigella seeds instead of caraway seeds. Google what substitutes wo… contestants on Only Connect are my kind of people. @spiffchen Yummy ! Great way to use up some bits.If Coney Barratt is sworn in, it will be a travesty. And the fact that she is prepared to take a seat in these cir… @beauchamp45 @fascinatorfun FFS. That is not food. It is an instrument of torture. @vivamjm @markrowantree Looks like I was right to be worrying about sea freight........Even I can't eat meatloaf 3 nights in a row. Chopped some up & fried it off, added a bit of mustard & some cream &… @ShipBrief Thanks. @vivamjm See why I'm thinking about sea freight issues ? @ShipBrief Do UK ports have the relevant depth to handle larger container vessels ? In order to increase container… @vivamjm @Pope_Urbane I try to. Have literally been lying awake at night worrying about it. Sea freight is the ar… @vivamjm @Pope_Urbane It's not jut customs. Lack of rail infrastructure at ports. Combined transport into/out of U… @vivamjm @Pope_Urbane I hate being Cassandra. It is horrible. Have all the upcoming port issues running around in… you can't watch this without crying. I couldn't. is Ruth. She’s 104 1/2. She was born before women got the vote in the US. Her first vote was cast for FDR. She…
Retweeted by Sam Malin and the boy cat LucyRe hospital food. Many will remember I was lucky enough to have my mastectomy done in a posh private hospital taken… @Duffycaramole @Mushen13 It really is an incredible noise. Well, it is when Lucy does it. @Mushen13 It would have been hard not to know about it. Lucy does not throw up quietly ! He is much improved now… @mrjamesob This is Dehenna Davison, yet another brain dead Tory from the 2019 intake. @iainlee Wishing her a speedy recovery.Finland has provided every child aged 6-16 with a nutritious free school meal since 1948.
Retweeted by Sam Malin and the boy cat Lucy @NursingNotesUK @Florenceofarabi RIP Emma. Terrible news. @sazdavy He knows she is voting for Biden. @DPJHodges @DavidHeadViews Because, our Vote Leave government do not have any understanding of what it is to govern… @Barwell2 Not this time. (I cleaned up the puke). He does vomit with furballs because he has such long fur but th… has had some chicken and some treats so, although his nose is still bone dry, I think Lucy is going to be fine.… strong leadership and a population prepared to work together, it is possibly to properly suppress the virus.… @wendycpack I really hate them. @suekerr99 He has had some chicken (his favourite) and is sleeping so I have my fingers crossed that it was just something he ate.Well, that was fun. Just been woken up by Lucy doing the most enormous vomit. Delightful. He is now hiding behin…
@DominicFarrell Just fuck off. Seriously. Fuck off. @rickygervais Look at Pickle's little face ! Of course you can't work when such a special baby is around. @ShipBrief I am just a dumb Aussie. What does SBS stand for ? @shushitssusan @DavidMuttering Bless her. You have, of course, made a rod for your back. It will be chicken for e… the trifecta ! Stripy just came around for a cuddle and some food. All my furry friends in one day.If I have any followers worried about feeding their kids this half term but feeling reluctant to ask for help, I kn… 300 meals made up and ready to go. If anyone in North London or Herts needs, or knows of someone who needs me…
Retweeted by Sam Malin and the boy cat Lucy @Chiclanagirl That is wonderful to read. Purring is always an excellent sign. Lucy still has his paws crossed. @shushitssusan @DavidMuttering Poor little love. I move Lucy's dinner time by about 10 mins a day over a week. He… @DavidMuttering Feed her !!!!!! @B37boy Definitely Tufton St related. He is a snake oil salesman. Formerly of Legatum and one of those Tufton St 'think tanks'.I would love to know who in No.10 made the decision that letting poor children go without food was going to play we… @jmemanc Thank you. @vivamjm Life is too short. @ShipBrief @taogeoghegan I used to quite perversely like a bit of a ship related drama on the weekend. I even atte… @ShipBrief @taogeoghegan Wash your mouth out with soap !!!!! Kidnapped ships are part of your bread and butter ........Unless you grew up outside the UK, you cannot possibly understand how much soft power the UK exerts throughout the… are pleased to announce that Guru Coffee House will be offering a free lunch bag to any child who needs it. No c…
Retweeted by Sam Malin and the boy cat LucyI have been pondering why Rashford has been so successful in his campaign. Then it hit me. He is providing leadersh… had a brochure providing an update on Covid from Tower Hamlets Council. As befits one of the most diverse bor… love this. Has had me in floods of tears. Sunday between 11am and 1pm we provide free food for anyone who needs it in Exeter. (Cowick Street, outside N…
Retweeted by Sam Malin and the boy cat LucySuch was the ferocity of this morning's stage of the war with the toy mouse that Lucy has collapsed on the battlefi… Lewis - another substandard non-entity inexplicably in a senior Government position.Dr. Anthony Fauci politely and firmly exposing the inherent weakness of people like Andrew Marr. He refused to play… now Lucy's BFF Tommy has come to visit. If Stripy turns up, all my cat friends will have been to see me in one day. @timonther6 Treat it like Christmas. In our family, drinking starts straight after breakfast on Christmas day. Of… @BenRigbyJourno What time is lunch ? I can bring chocolate cake.All of South Australia's power comes from solar panels in world first for major jurisdiction love that the local cats feel safe in my house. Little Fahran just came in, sniffed the food (not to his taste),… fabulous Susie Dent knocking it out of the park again.
@ghost_kitty @Daisybelll I am so very sorry.For someone who thinks he is a genius, Dominic Cummings has the political instincts of a block of cheese. It is ha…